Why Are Red Accent Furniture Pieces So Popular? – 6 Possible Reasons


Hey everyone! Today’s post will focus on a pretty original subject, I would say. Ever heard of red accent furniture pieces? I bet you did… Well, surprisingly or not, that’s what I want to talk about today. 😀

Anyway, to start with the beginning, in the last months I noticed that more and more people are looking for red furniture pieces for their home. But what surprises me is that they don’t necessarily love red and want to decorate their rooms using this color…No!

The reason is quite different actually: they realized red works great as an accent color so they want to take advantage of this element. And I pretty much agree, as red is one of the best colors when it comes to accent pieces.

So in case you’re not totally convinced of this, let me give you 6 reasons why red items are the best accent pieces.


1. They Draw The Attention Immediately


Red furniture pieces may not be the most elegant in the world, but they are definitely the easiest to spot.

This kind of pieces will never escape anyone’s observation, so as a focal point of any room, I think you couldn’t choose better.

I don’t really recommend large accent pieces because, as red is already a pretty strong color, having an item with large dimensions would be too much. Imagine having a bright red table in the middle of the room. Wouldn’t you have the feeling that the room is pretty crowded, even though it wouldn’t really be so? You would, believe me.

So that’s exactly what would happen if you had a large accent piece colored in red. For this reason, I always advise people to choose smaller red items if they want to use them as focal points. The difference is visible, trust me 😉


2. They Can Blend Easily With A Lot Of Stuff


Another great thing about red accent pieces is that they usually match any kind of furniture, whether it’s oak, cherry or cedar.

And it’s not just about furniture actually, because red is a pretty universal color…which means that it would normally blend with a lot of different shades and shapes.

Just think about it, if you had a living room colored in beige, decorated with dark wooden furniture…how would a red vase look on the central table? Pretty good I would say: it would work as the focal point of the room and it would create a connection between all the other colors of the room. That’s a psychological thing actually, so it’s not just something I say.

Therefore, a small red item could make a big bond between the other pieces of the room. And believe me, this would only improve your room’s look.


3. They Bring In Positive Emotions


Red is the color of love and happiness, so how could you feel sad or depressed with this color around?

It was actually proved that red furniture pieces have a good effect on people’s mind and emotions, driving away negative thought or sensations. So who wouldn’t want this kind of items in his living room? 😀

I can’t say I noticed I was happier after adding some red pieces in my bedroom, it wouldn’t make any sense. It’s not something I experienced, simply because it’s a thing that you subconsciously feel. But for me it does represent another advantage of red furniture pieces, so I actually advise you to try one. After all, there’s nothing to lose, just a lot of possible happiness to gain. 😀


4. They Are Really Modern


They may not be among the trending furniture pieces of this year, but red accent pieces remain an element of contemporary homes.

I don’t know if having a modern home is an aspect that matters for you or not, but I believe it’s quite a good thing to have items that will also look good 5 years from now. Do you agree? 🙂

Anyway, red is a color that has been around since forever and I’m pretty sure it will remain so in the future. And red furniture pieces don’t have that boring, plain design of the ’80s items, that had all the same shape. On the contrary, the actual accent pieces have complicated designs and unique forms for each.

So when it comes to being modern, red items are somewhere on top.


5. They Will Make Your Room Bold And Stylish


Red doesn’t only mean happiness, but it also means courage and glamour. Ever wondered why this color is so widely associated with fashion and style? Well, the answer is simple…they all began with red. 😀

And this thing is pretty similar when it comes to interior design too. Red is regarded as a color of style and courage, so if you have a lot of red items in your room…I think you understand what type of person you are.

Anyway, you don’t have to make your room full of red furniture pieces just to make it look stylish. Accent pieces are the best solution for this, as they bring in the advantages of red without overcrowding the room.

I know it’s a pretty complicated explanation (lol), but what I want you to remember is that a red accent piece, even a small one, can make your room feel and look really different. In the good way, of course 😉


6. They’re Available In Any Shop


If all these 5 reasons haven’t convinced you to get a red accent piece in your home, this last one surely will. 😀

If you visit any single online or offline shop, red accent pieces will be something you’ll surely find there. Whether it is a lamp, a small table, a painting or a decoration, I’m 100% sure you will find at least one thing that would look good in your room.

You don’t need the highest quality furniture in this case, as long as it use it just for accent purposes.

For this reason I can’t give you a recommendation about where to buy these items. There are a lot of choices available, so if you prefer to see them in reality before actually buying them, an offline shop would probably be the best solution for you.

However, if you’re totally fine with buying online, you can try worldwide shops like Amazon or Walmart. They have the widest range of products, so I’m pretty sure red accent pieces make no exception.

So no matter where you get these items from, the fact that you can find them so easily is a big advantage, in my opinion.


My Final Opinion – So They Are Worth Their Popularity


I personally love accent pieces colored in red because they really make my room unique, charming and personal. And it does seem to me that they bring in something of my own personality in my home, as I’m the kind of happy, positive person.

So I definitely recommend them to anyone, because to me they’re one of the easiest way to get the right accent piece in a room. Red items are practical, easy to find and they blend a lot of other pieces. That’s why they are more and more popular with every year. 

So if you decide you need a focal point in your unicolor room, I really advise you to try a red accent piece. There are a lot of different items to choose from, so whether you need a table or a pillow, you can find them pretty easily.


Now tell me your opinion. Would you use a red accent furniture piece in your home? Or do you prefer another type of accent piece? 

Let me know your answer in a comment. Anne 😀

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