What Makes The Best Balcony Furniture For Small Balconies?


As more and more people decide to live in an apartment rather than in a house, the balcony remains the only “outdoor space” they have. For this reason, in this post I want to talk about the things that make the best balcony furniture for small balconies.

So let’s suppose that you found the perfect apartment, with spacious rooms and large windows. You’re extremely excited that it has an affordable price and you immediately decide to buy it. But…there’s a little problem.

The balcony isn’t as large as you wished, so you would have a really hard time decorating it. In fact, you don’t even know what items you could add here, because the lack of space is something visible immediately.

What Makes The Best Balcony Furniture For Small Balconies?

So what can you do? What kind of furniture items should you get? What pieces should you choose in order to enlarge this balcony?

Well, I will try to answer these questions and give you a few tips about the items that make the best choice for a small balcony. Stay tuned! 😉


1. Painted Pallets

I want to begin these ideas with a very interesting kind of furniture: pallets.

You may be surprised, but pallet furniture is more and more popular among all categories of people. The reason is simple: it is organic, natural (more or less 😛 ) and very original. Plus that it goes really well with plants. A seating made of pallets will definitely not escape anyone’s attention.

So how can you decorate a balcony with pallet furniture?

The secret is that you don’t even need to spend your money, as you can create this furniture by yourself.

  • Think about the dimensions that your furniture piece should have. Considering that you don’t have too much free space, this is a very important step
  • Choose a pallet that has around these dimensions. If you can’t find any, get a larger one and try to cut it at one edge
  • Paint the pallet in any color you want, but I would recommend you something brighter like pink, red, blue or green. It’s an outdoor seating, so it doesn’t necessarily need to have a light or a neutral shade…but you can also let it like this 😛
  • Use a larger cushion or a matress to cover it. Otherwise it would be pretty hard (and uncomfortable 😛 ) to sit on it

That is my method for a small seating.

If you want a larger one, I have a much better solution. I found a really interesting video on YouTube that explains very well how to make a pallet sofa. And the result looks much better than mine, I admit it. 😛


2. Wicker Seats

Just like pallet, wicker is also a very popular fabric, but the difference is that wicker is specially made for outdoor spaces, while pallet is rather an improvisation. 

If I had to make a choice between those 2, I would definitely pick wicker because it looks much better and you can tell it’s a fabric designed for outdoors.

Besides, I wrote a lot of reviews about wicker storage boxes. I used enough items made of this fabric, so I know what I’m talking about. 😛

Anyway, there are a lot of options on the market when it comes to wicker seats. Suncast is one of the companies that I personally used, and they have a lot of products made of wicker.

However, I noticed that most of their wicker products are 2-in-1, both storage boxes and seats. That’s a pretty interesting approach, and I think it would bring a lot of benefits on a small balcony, where space (or the lack of it :P)  is already a problem.

So if you want to take a look at one piece, here is my recommendation for a small balcony. And don’t forget that wicker pieces remain one of the best options for a balcony. 😉


3. Hanging Shelves

When it comes to creativity, hanging shelves are definitely in top 3. What exactly are they?

Well, they’re some regular wooden pieces (or any other fabric, I personally used wood) that are tied together and then hanged on the balcony. They’re basically doing the job of regular shelves, which can’t be placed on the balcony because of the lack of space.

Therefore, hanging shelves are a really practical way to solve the problem of a really necessary storage item. Plus that they will bring you some extra points for originality.

You can create a hanging shelf anytime, as it’s not a very complicated process. However, if you prefer ready-made pieces, there are a lot of products of this type in decoration shops or even online.


4. Bistro Sets

The last furniture items that would perfectly suit a small balcony are nothing else than bistro sets.

I’m sure you know them very well, as they were very popular about 10 years ago and everybody had one of those on their patio. I remember it so well. 😀

They may have lost some of their popularity in the last years, but they’re no stranger to anyone. And when it comes to a small balcony, they’re definitely more than suitable.

Why? Well, Bistro sets usually have 3 pieces, 2 chairs and one table. So you can imagine that 3 pieces can’t really occupy the whole balcony, right? And if the balcony is even smaller than usual, this kind of set may be the salvation.

I’ve also seen Bistro sets that had 3 or 4 chairs, so if your balcony isn’t extremely small and you can afford a larger set, you could consider getting one with more pieces. Here it’s your own choice, as a set with 3 pieces would also be enough, so…it’s up to you.


So What Piece Would You Use Now For Your Balcony?

These are the 4 furniture pieces that I would choose for my own balcony. Even though the balcony isn’t exactly a regular outdoor space, you can pretty much make it one by choosing the right furniture.

Painted pallets are very original and easy to do, plus that they don’t occupy too much space. Wicker sets are definitely trending right now, so choosing a furniture piece like this will make your balcony both modern and classic. 

Hanging shelves win when it comes to originality, and they’re a very easy way to solve the space problem by storing some of the necessary things “in the air”. 😛 

And Bistro sets remain my favorite piece for a small balcony, because I know that I could never ever make a mistake by adding one on my balcony. It’s a safe and gorgeous solution for the lack of space.


So these are my 4 balcony furniture ideas for small balconies. Which of them would you choose for your apartment? 

Let me know your opinion in the comments below. Anne 😀

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2 Responses

  1. Jessa says:

    Hey Anne, I needed some ideas about balcony furniture, because I didn’t really know how to decorate my balcony. These pallet furniture tips really made me think about using this furniture on my balcony, I bet it would look so good!

    I absolutely love your site! There are so many ideas! I personally love to decorate and to find what works best within my home. Have you ever thought about doing a do it yourself section? It would be great and I personally would love to see some do it yourself ideas for some furniture. Refinishing and/or repurposing?

    Thank you for such informative read and love the ideas! Keep up the good work!

    • Anne says:

      Hi Jessa, thank you so much for your nice thoughts!

      I can’t say I’m a huge fan of diy stuff, considering that I’m not that skillful. Usually I decorate with furniture pieces that are ready made, they only have to be assembled so it’s not so hard to follow some instructions. That’s why I don’t want to focus on diy, I don’t know too much about these things and I wouldn’t like to simply take information from different people and then write them here as my own work, that’s all.

      I’m happy to hear you liked pallet furniture, it’s actually one of the trends of this year in outdoor items. If you need any other tips or advice about furniture, please let me know, okay:? 😀

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