Traditional Vs. Contemporary Bedroom Vanities – Which Are Better?


Hi guys! In today’s post I want to make a detailed comparison between traditional and contemporary bedroom vanities, because there are a lot of people looking for vanities in these days, and they don’t know what type they should choose.

Traditional and contemporary vanities are pretty different, considering that they have a distinct appearance, quality and even price. And I can’t necessarily say that one is better than the other, because it depends of the situation.

However, I will try to compare them generally and show you why I would choose one instead of the other in certain cases. So all I can hope is that this will help you decide on what kind of vanity you need and which one is better for your bedroom.

Before I begin, please remember that this is my own opinion and you don’t have to agree with everything I say. I may not like a certain feature of a vanity, while you may love it. So these conclusions that I will show you are just my opinion, and they don’t necessarily have to be your too. But I’m sure they will help you make an idea about what you should look for in a vanity.

Therefore, let’s start the competition! 😀



1. Appearance – WINNER: Contemporary Vanities


I can’t say I’m completely sure, but when it comes to appearance, I think I prefer 60% contemporary vanities and 40% traditional ones.

If you asked me a few years ago, I would have definitely chosen classic ones, because they were much more beautiful and elegant, at least that’s what I thought at that time. Besides, modern vanities didn’t look that well back then, so it wasn’t hard to take a decision.

However, things have changed in these years. A lot of companies started producing contemporary vanities for bedroom so right now you have a very wide range of options. And to be honest, all these modern vanities are so gorgeous that they look much better than traditional ones.

Glass or very fine wood are some of the most popular materials, and they really look amazing. And even though traditional vanities don’t look too bad either, contemporary ones have developed so much in these years that they are much more elegant right now.

It’s true that this can’t apply to all these furniture pieces, but on the whole contemporary vanities are my pick when it comes to appearance.


2. Quality – WINNER: Traditional Vanities


Classic items will always be the ones that have the best quality. This is something I learned from my own experience, and it turned out to be true in this case too.

Traditional vanities are made of much sturdier fabrics than modern ones: the wood is much superior in old-fashioned pieces, as these ones are created after different rules.

And just like I said a few lines before, contemporary vanities tend to have lighter fabrics, like glass or thin wood. I guess there’s no point comparing these 2 with hardwood.

And as you probably know, the sturdier the fabric, the better the quality. You can’t really expect from a light furniture piece to last as much as a solid one. Sturdier vanities also last in better conditions throughout the years, because they have more stability and less chances to get damaged, thanks to the hardwood.

So if I had to choose one of these 2 kinds of vanity after their quality and durability, traditional ones would be my option, without any doubt.


3. Comfort – WINNER: Traditional Vanities


I can’t really say that comfort is a major factor when choosing a vanity, but it can definitely help you when taking a decision.

So what do I mean by “a comfortable vanity”? Well, I don’t necessarily think about the regular comfort that you notice when you sit on it. Here I mean rather how practical and easy to use it is. Because that’s what makes the comfort too, after all.

Why do I prefer traditional vanities when it comes to comfort? To be honest, I can’t say it’s something I’m very sure of. I would give 55% to classic vanities and 45% to modern ones. So they’re very close of each other here, in my opinion.

Traditional vanities are easier to use, as they are sturdier and you don’t feel like you could damage them easily. I can’t say it’s true in all cases, but from my experience I noticed that people always prefer traditional ones when it comes to their practical use. And they’re also my preference, so in my opinion they win this time.


4. Price – WINNER: Contemporary Vanities


In this case, it wasn’t very hard to choose the winner, considering that modern vanities can be found in a lot of patterns right now.

Traditional vanities may last longer and in better conditions, but this only makes them more expensive. Higher quality means a higher price, so don’t expect to find big discounts or deals in classic vanities.

Besides, traditional pieces are often collection items, and you probably know that you have very small chances to find regular prices in collection pieces.

On the other hand, modern vanities have pretty simple fabrics.

Even though some of them are made of glass and other sophisticated materials, many others are made of a light wood or similar stuff. So you can imagine that their price is much better than traditional pieces.

Therefore, if price is an important factor in your decision, you should know that contemporary vanities are better from this point of view. They come in a lot of patterns and fabrics, so you can find a lot of discounts often times.


5. Popularity – WINNER: Traditional Vanities


Even though modern furniture pieces usually win when it comes to popularity, vanities make an exception.

Traditional vanities have been the only available choice for so long, that many of us became so familiar with them and we couldn’t imagine going for another type of vanity. It’s like you lived all your life in a certain place and after many years you had to move far away. It wouldn’t feel too nice, would it?

That’s the only possible reason why people still prefer traditional vanities. Maybe modern ones haven’t been around for that long, so that we can trust them as we trust classic vanities.

But in my opinion, this will change 5 years from now, when modern vanities will be a rule for every home.

However, for now traditional vanities are definitely the winners, as their higher price doesn’t prevent people from buying them more than contemporary ones. If this will change or not, we can only wait and see.


So Traditional Vanities Are The Winners


Although I couldn’t say for sure that they’re better when it comes to comfort, traditional vanities are definitely the better choice regarding quality and popularity. And even though contemporary vanities have a much better price (and maybe even a nicer look sometimes), classic ones are still people’s favorite choice.

Therefore, if I had to give you my opinion about a contemporary or traditional vanity, I would say to choose the traditional one. Let’s say I would give 65% to the classic one and 35% to the modern one. 

I told you before, it’s just my opinion and you may or may not agree, this is totally fine. But you saw my arguments and I believe I judged correctly. I choose traditional vanities because of these reasons, you may choose contemporary ones, it’s up to you. All I can ask you is to judge wisely and take the right decision for what you need.


So tell me, do you prefer traditional or contemporary bedroom vanities? Can you also tell me why? I’m really curious to hear your opinion, no matter what it is.

Let me know your answer in a comment. Anne 😀

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