Top 9 Outdoor Furniture Trends For 2016


Hello everyone! As I was enjoying a cup of coffee this morning in my backyard, I thought about how should a modern garden decor look in these days. I haven’t redecorated my backyard for a long time, so I can’t say I was very interested in this topic.

That’s why, today I want to talk about the outdoor furniture trends of 2016, because these are actually the secrets of a modern decor.

If you’re thinking about redecorating your outdoors, I really recommend you to use at least one of these 10 trends because it will make a difference.

And even if you’re not necessarily thinking about redecorating, these ideas could help you refresh your garden decor and give it a new touch. 😉


1. Hammocks

They’re not just a furniture item trending this season, but hammock are also extremely beautiful and relaxing. To tell you a secret, they’re a great way to relieve stress.

So if you’re the kind of person that is always in the office, coming home and laying in a hammock for a few minutes could help you a lot.

If you don’t already own a hammock, I really advise you to get one. There are a lot of sales for this kind of items right now, as it’s the end of summer, so a lot of hammocks are really cheap at this point.

I have a personal favorite, which I can totally recommend you because it’s high-quality and it’s available in a lot of colors, so there’s impossible that you can’t find one that blends perfectly with your decor.

Top 9 Outdoor Furniture Trends For 2016


2. Canopy Pieces

If you’re not a huge fan of canopy, you really should try to give it a second chance.

This fabric is definitely trending this summer, as I’ve read and see a lot of articles about celebrities’ homes (and not only)…and guess what? One of the materials that I noticed in each garden was canopy.

Whether it was a chair, a bench or even a swing, everyone had at least one canopy item. And you know that trends are all made by population, right? So there’s no doubt canopy should be in the top 3 for this summer.

I also used a swing that had a canopy cover, and I have a lot of good words about it. It has a pretty good quality, it’s comfortable and I really liked the cover, it offered enough protection of rain or sun.


3. Garden Dining Sets

I’m sure you’re not surprised to see this trend, because dining sets will never go out of fashion no matter what happens.

And I have a lot of good news when it comes to dining sets. Whether you get a wooden, plastic or even aluminium set, you can’t really make a bad choice because there isn’t a certain recommendation for the fabric. My personal choice is wood, but you are free to pick whatever you want. 🙂

Depending on your needs, you can choose a smaller set or a larger one. I prefer to have larger sets in my backyard because space isn’t necessarily a problem here, and I want to have enough place for all of my guests.

Top 9 Outdoor Furniture Trends For 2016


4. Animal Print Patterns

Do you like animal prints? If you do, you will be so glad to hear that they’re one of the most popular patterns used in outdoor decor this summer. 😀

Personally, I am a huge fan of animal prints and I even recommended them a few months ago. And the good news about animal prints is that the pieces are very versatile. What does this mean?

That you can use a lot of items with animal prints both inside and outside. I mean, they’re not necessarily made for the living room or for the bedroom; you can anytime place them on your patio, without fearing that they won’t look good.

It’s true that this isn’t available for all the pieces, but many of them can be used in a lot of different decors, so keep this in mind the next time you come across animal print patterns. 🙂


5. Wicker Items

I already talked a lot of times about wicker and rattan fabrics in my last posts…So I either convinced you they’re great and made you love them, or I bored you terribly. 😛

Either way, wicker items are a great choice for a backyard or patio because of their natural look and simple aspect. And they’re not only trending in outdoor furniture, but also in indoors furniture.

So if you like this fabric and you’re curious how it would look on your porch, all you have to do is to give it a try. 🙂


6. Large, Bright Cushions

I haven’t talked too much about cushions on my blog, so it’s probably time for some progress.

When it comes to cushions, this summer I noticed an increasing interest in the ones for outdoors. How exactly are outdoors cushions? Well, they’re regular cushions, just that you use them on a daybed or on a backyard sofa.

However, I’ve seen that people aren’t very interested in small, pretty cushions, nor in light ones. Now everybody wants cushions that have strong colors like green, red or violet (and many others, of course). Besides, the have to be as large as possible. 😛

So if you like large, bright cushions and you’ve always wanted to bring them outside, this is your lucky season. 😀


7. Outdoor Daybeds

Have I told you about daybeds before? Yeah, I think I passingly mentioned them once.

Well, I should do it more often because they make one of the trends of this year when it comes to outdoor decor. So what’s so interesting about them?

Oh, where do I begin? 😛

They’re extremely comfortable and relaxing, they look amazing and they can impress everyone. Having a daybed in your garden won’t escape anyone’s attention, believe me.

The only possible downsides and the quality and the very high price. Most daybeds have a pretty bad quality. And if you want a medium-quality daybed you will have to pay around $1000. So you can imagine that high-quality ones are even more expensive. 🙁

However, inside daybeds are a much better solution, so you may consider them in case you really want a daybed.

But I promise to write a review about my favorite 2 daybeds soon and then you’ll see what I recommend you. 🙂


8. Lounge Chairs

When I say “lounge chair” I think about a pool, 100% of cases. And you may be thinking about the same thing. 🙂

Well, according to this summer’s trends, that’s not necessarily. More and more people use lounge chairs as sitting items on their backyard or patio. And that’s no surprise, as they have a great aspect and they’re much more comfortable than a regular wicker chair, for example.

I noticed that darker colors are a lot more popular than lighter ones, when it comes to lounge chairs. I saw a lot of navy blue shades and very few neutral ones.

But no matter what color it has, a lounge chair is in fashion this season so this is also visible in prices. I’ve seen a lot of sales in the last month, so I’m seriously thinking about buying one for myself. I don’t have any 🙁


9. Hanging Umbrellas

I’m sure you’ve heard of this items, and I’m also sure that you’ve had one at least once in your life.

Hanging umbrellas are a must on really hot weather, so they can’t go out of fashion anytime. Even if they looked horrible, they would still become a trend. 😛

Now, either you choose an umbrella hanged on its own support or one that has to be hanged of something else, there’s isn’t much difference. I had an umbrella with a support, and I also had one that had to be placed inside a special table.

Honestly, I don’t know which I liked better, so I don’t recommend you any of these, just choose the one you like better. 🙂



Some Final Thoughts

These are the most important 9 outdoor furniture trends for 2016, all of them inspired only from people’s buying and decorating habits.

I told you, if something is extremely popular one season, it’s very likely that it will become a trend. After all, people make the trends. 😉

You may not be surprised to find dining sets, hammocks or wicket items on this list, but the other 6 are pretty new, in my opinion. So if you want some inspiring ideas, any of them could be the thing you needed.


So what do you think about these 9 trends? Which of them would you try to apply on your backyard or patio?

Let me know your answer in a comment. Anne 😀

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4 Responses

  1. Linda says:

    Hi, Anne, I read your post “Top 9 Outdoor Furniture Trends For 2016.” I enjoyed it very much because I have always loved the different styles of outdoor furniture. I reside in Florida and we spend a lot of time outdoors. I am redoing my patio this year in hopes to include an in-ground pool, and I will definitely keep your recommendations in mind. Do you know which items hold up the best in heat as well as sunshine? Wishing you all the best. Linda

    • Anne says:

      Hey Linda, thanks for reading my post 🙂

      Wow, an in-ground pool sounds great, I’m sure you’ll love it. I’m very jealous of you lol. 😛

      Hmm, nice question, but it depends of what exactly you need. I could recommend you many items that hold up well in sun, but I don’t know what you need. It could be a storage box, a lounge chair, even a dining set for outdoors.

      By the way, you didn’t mention if you were interested in items for your patio or for your outdoors generally. That’s important 😉

      Let me know if you can. And I hope these recommendations be of use to you.

  2. Forrest BB Clem says:

    Hi Anne,

    I read your other article and was impressed. I see you’re in the backyard now. Those are some pretty nice recommendations. I especially like the wicker furniture and the over hanging umbrella idea. The day bed is nice but it seems like they would attract spiders. (but only the flying ones 🙂 I’m hoping to buy a house in a few months and I really want to put your recommendations to use.

    Thanks again!

    • Anne says:

      Hey! Yeah, I’m in the backyard now lol 😀

      I haven’t thought about the day bed attracting spiders, it never happened to me at the time when I had one of these pieces in my backyard. But maybe it depends of the region 😉

      Good luck for finding a new house, and in case you need any other ideas or recommendations, please let me know and I will gladly help you.

      Anne 🙂

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