The Best 3 Patio Furniture Sets Under $500 That I Tried


Interior furniture was always more important than outdoors pieces. And if we pay lots of dollars for our interiors, our patio only gets less than 10% of our budget.

But even so, you can make your patio look incredible with very little money. Here are the best 3 patio furniture sets under $500 that I tried in the last 5 years. Considering their quality, I’m surprised they cost less than $500.

(I work as an interior designer so I have tested out most of the furniture pieces/brands on the market. The products I recommend are based exclusively on my experience with them. )


1. GoPlus’s Grey Wicker Set ($218.99)

Judging after the price/quality ratio, this is the #1 patio set I tried. There’s no surprise it’s also my personal favorite.

I’m a huge fan of GoPlus products. They do have a lot of affordable furniture pieces, but they also have some bad quality items. I’ve seen that myself. 

However, this Mix Gray set seems to be the exception. It’s much sturdier than most GoPlus products and I can’t complain about its durability either. 

So here’s what you should know about this patio set. 


Appearance: 9.8 out of 10 – Expensive Look

When it comes to looks, this set is my favorite of these 3 ones. The reason why I say this?

Well, it really looks expensive, considering how much it costs. Just look at the line pattern and you will understand.

Besides, it gives me a feeling of exotic furniture.

One big reason why I chose this set is that it can easily hold 4 people. The sofa is a bit larger than you expected, so 2 persons could have plenty of room. Unlike most patio sets, GoPlus’ product has enough space for an extra person, maybe even for two. 


Comfort: 9.50 out of 10 – More Solid Than They Seem

As I tried this set myself, there’s one thing I have to warn you about. This set is far sturdier than it looks.

Once I finished the assembly, I was somehow disappointed because the set really looked light. 

However, the 2 chairs were by no means light, in fact they were feeling pretty strong. Strong wind wouldn’t blow them away, though they seemed easy to blow at first sight.

When it comes to comfort, I can’t complain. The wicker wasn’t a harsh one, like in most sets. In my opinion, it seemed even better than BCP’s set that I reviewed above.

Laying on it didn’t scratch my back at all. And though it wasn’t any soft, I was feeling at ease laying on it. On the other hand, the cushions were as soft as I wanted.


Assembly: 9.90 out of 10 – Easier Than Most Furniture Sets

When it comes to assembly, there isn’t much to say.

The instructions were very well made. Besides the usual text, there were also pictures for every piece. They would explain you what things to put together first, where to put each and even how long it should take you to finish every task. 

That was pretty impressive for an Amazon set. If you want a number, I think me and my 3 persons team finished in about an hour, more or less. 


Price: 9.90 out of 10 – More Than Affordable

The Best 3 Patio Furniture Sets Under $500 That I Tried - My Recommendations For A Properly Furnished PatioThis GoPlus set receives the maximum grade from me once again. When it comes to price, it’s really hard to beat.

I believe $220 is a pretty low price for the facilities it comes with. In my opinion, it’s not far from $500-$600 furniture sets, which have a very similar quality. 

The only reason why I didn’t give it the maximum grade was because Amazon asks $9.99 for shipping, which doesn’t really make sense. They have by far the best offer on the market for this set, I can’t deny that. But they ship much heavier stuff for free, so I can’t understand why they have to ask you some extra dollars for shipping.

But other than this, I’m very satisfied with the price.


My Final Verdict: 9.75 out of 10 – Really To Buy

Judging after the grade I gave to this set, it’s definitely my top recommendation. 

It doesn’t look cheap, it’s really easy to put together and lasts for a pretty long time in good conditions. Besides, the wicker fabric they use doesn’t feel too harsh for your skin, but it’s harsh enough to make the pieces sturdy. 

What else could I wish for? 

So if you’re looking for a quality furniture set, I really advise you to take a look at this one. You’ll get convinced by yourself.


2. Best Choice Product’s Black Rattan Set ($349.94)

The Best 3 Patio Furniture Sets Under $500 That I Tried - My Recommendations For A Properly Furnished Patio

BCP’s wicker rattan set is a real example of a quality product. That’s why they’re one of my favorite companies. They have a wide range of products with a pretty high quality.

Besides, their items are some of the most affordable ones I found.

I’ve worked with this furniture set about 4-5 times when I decorated different houses and apartments. So I think I have a pretty good idea about pros and downsides.


1. Appearance: 9.60 out of 10 – Unique Design Of Chairs

I love the combination of colors and the contrast between the light seating and the dark brown material.  But the main features of this set’s look are the chairs.

They have a taller base, and even though that’s not really visible in pictures, you can immediately notice it when you sit on them.

That’s a really cool feature in my opinion, as it makes this set a bit more “uncommon”. I wouldn’t have bought it if it had the simple, regular design that 85% of patio sets have. 

This taller base of the chairs makes this set unique and original, plus that it gives it a feeling of elegance. They definitely look better with a taller base than with a lower one. 


2. Comfort: 9.00 out of 10 – Harsher Fabric At The Beginning

This set does feel comfortable, nothing to complain about. That light seating is really soft and it makes you feel at home.

The rattan wicker fabric also feels okay, though at first you may have the feeling that it’s scratching your back. But this feeling goes away after a while, either because you get used to the fabric or because it gets softer. 


3. Assembly:  8.30 out of 10 – Not Hard, But Took Too Long

If there’s something I have to criticize about this furniture set, it’s definitely the assembly.

I didn’t put it together all by myself, as I had the whole team with me. But even with their help, it still took us almost 2 hours to get this set assembled.

The instructions weren’t extremely clear, but if you’ve assembled furniture before, you would probably handle it. So that wasn’t the bad part.

The problem was that the pieces were pretty hard to assemble each. We stayed about 30 minutes to put together all the small pieces that would make one major piece. There are 4 big pieces, so this means we assembled everything in about 2 hours.

That’s probably the biggest downside of this set, but don’t imagine it’s so hard to put it together. It rather takes much time, but it’s not difficult. And once you realize how it goes, it gets much easier.


4. Price: 10 out of 10 – Really Affordable

Every time I bought this set, I chose Amazon because they have by far the best price. I honestly don’t advise you to get it from somewhere else. Considering some sites sell it for even $900, I think you can judge by yourself.

But overall, the price/quality ratio is definitely a very good one. When I bought it last, it came with a one year warranty, which is more than great for this price. 


My Final Verdict: 9.40 out of 10 – To Buy

I have a lot of praises for this BCP set, that’s why it’s my #1 recommendation for a $500 budget. It looks better than most, because of the taller base of the chairs, it has a really nice seating, the fabric is good enough even for bad weather. And the price…well, the price is more than good.

The only possible downside would be the difficult assembly, but as I told you before, it only takes much time. So it’s not technically difficult.

All the clients I bought it for were satisfied with it. No one ever complained, and some told me that it lasts in good conditions even today.



3. Wisteria Lane’s Dining Set ($319.99)

Wisteria Lane is surely not the most popular furniture brand, but this set is among my favorites.

I’ve bought it for the clients that preferred asymmetrical pieces, because it’t the best option I found.

So if you don’t like clear lines and classic furniture, this set is definitely meant for you. But let me give you more details about it. 


Appearance: 9.40 out of 10 – 2 Different Nice Designs

I’m not a huge fan of asymmetric furniture. It does make an impression in certain cases, but I usually prefer the classics. 

But there’s no way I could dislike this set. 

The first model of chairs looks very similar to the other 2 sets. It’s simple, pretty basic in structure and follows the same patterns. 

On the other hand, the stools are pretty unusual for patio sets, at least for elegant ones. However, they don’t make this set less elegant, on the contrary. 

I personally love the contrast between the big chairs’ style and the stools’ relaxing feeling. So it deserves a few extra points for versatility and originality.

The only possible downside is that there’s no sofa. So this makes it a bit smaller than the previous sets, which means it could only hold 4 persons, not more. 


Comfort: 8.70 out of 10 – A Bit Too Light Cushions

When it comes to comfort, there was something that could be improved in this set.

Although the cushions look great and match the dark fabrics perfectly, they are a bit too small and too thin. Sitting down on the chairs doesn’t feel as comfortable as it should, because you can feel the harsh bottom sometimes. It’s true that this only happens if you’re over the average weight, but it’s still a small downside.

The chairs do feel really comfortable enough, even if you’re sitting for a long time. But if I compare them to other sets, I just wish the cushions were a bit thicker. That would make the chairs feel perfect.


Assembly: 9.30 out of 10 – Easy To Medium Difficulty

I can’t say it was extremely hard to put together this set, but it wasn’t as easy as others either. 

The instructions were pretty well made. There were a lot of photos besides the text. That was enough to help you understand what piece you had to bring in next.

The package also included the tools necessary for the process, but unfortunately they didn’t have the same quality as the set. So I recommend you to use your own tools, if you want to save some time.

If you want numbers, it took about 1-1.5 hours to my team to put it together. We were 3 persons in total, so for a 5 piece furniture set, that’s an average time, I guess. 


Price: 9.40 out of 10 – A Pretty Good Deal

The best price I found for this set was on Amazon, $320 including the shipping taxes. Considering the design it has and the good quality of the fabric, I would say it’s pretty cheap.

I haven’t found any discount in any seller yet, but I will keep the post updated. I also tried to look in other online shops, but I haven’t found such a good price anywhere. So if you’re interested in it, choose Amazon. 

 Therefore, when it comes to price, Wisteria Lane’s set really deserves a high mark from me.


My Final Verdict: 9.30 out of 10 – To Buy

I had the chance to try out Wisteria Lane’s set several times, as an interior designer. In fact, it was the set I recommended most to people who wanted an unique, different kind of decor.

When it comes to quality, I only have good things to say about this set. I kept in touch with my clients, and none of them complained about its durability. In one case, even the heat from Arizona didn’t damage the fabric, so for me that is a good example.

So if you’re bored of classic pieces and crave for something unusual, this set is definitely my #1 recommendation. Plus that it’s one of the few that fits a $500 budget, just to know. 


My Final Thoughts

These 3 furniture sets are my first options whenever I have to decorate the patio of a client or my own patio.

I‘ve had enough experience with each of them to be sure they’re worth buying, so that’s why I dare to recommend them.

Now it depends which of them suits your taste better. If you prefer classics, BCP’s set is probably the best for you. If you like elegant but exotic pieces, I recommend you GoPlus’ product. And last but not least, if you want to make an impression with a different furniture set, try Wisteria Lane’s option. 


So what do you think about these 3 patio furniture sets under $500? Which of them would you choose?

Let me know your answer in a comment. Anne

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2 Responses

  1. Melissa says:

    I loved your honest and thorough review of these three patio sets. I like that you included that the one had several people working on it and it still took a while to assemble-that’s great stuff to know as a woman who would probably be putting it together by myself so, thank you. Nice looking site, too, by the way and easy to navigate. I can really appreciate that.

    • Anne says:

      Hi Melissa, thanks for reading my post. I’m glad you liked these furniture options.

      Yes, the biggest downside of Best Choice Products’ set is definitely the “hard” assembly, which isn’t necessarily hard but rather long. But anyway, it is indeed much easier if you have someone to help you assemble it, if not to assemble it for you.

      However, my #1 recommendation is the second set from my list, the one from GHP. That one really has a lot of advantages and an amazing price, so it would be the first one I would consider if I were you.

      Hope this helps :

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