Review: Tadpoles Three Bulb Chandelier, Pink Sapphire


One of my clients asked me a few days ago to recommend him an affordable lighting piece for his small daughter’s bedroom. The product I advised him to get was the Tadpoles Three Bulb Chandelier, Pink Sapphire, which is probably one of the best pieces he could get in this case.

This Tadpoles chandelier was created especially for kids’ bedrooms, with bright and joyful colors that would make them love it. Its fabric isn’t very expensive, which means that the chandelier itself would be affordable for any regular budget.

That’s why it remains one of my favorite choices for families that want a story-like bedroom for their kids, but can’t afford to spend a fortune on expensive items.

So let’s not make it any longer and get to the review.

Product name :  Three Bulb Chandelier, Pink Sapphire

Producer : Tadpoles

Price : $46.34   (At the time I’m writing this review)

Cheapest place to buy :  AMAZON

My rating : 8.90 / 10 

Worth buying? : For a kids’ bedroom, I would recommend it



– It’s a really attractive lighting fixture for kids because of all the crystals and beads that sparkle, but also for the pink color (probably rather for girls)

– I really love that the crystals and decorative small pieces are made of plastic, even though they look like glass. This means that kids can’t hurt themselves in case they get it broken, so everything is great when it comes to safety

– You have 2 options: it can be just hanged from the ceiling and plugged in, or hard-wired by an electrician or just someone skillful

It comes together with some lighting bulbs already placed, but you can change them if you want brighter or gloomier light

– In case you’re not sure about the pink version, there are 3 other options: black, violet and white

International shipping is available in many countries, including several from Europe

– I believe the price is pretty good, considering that you couldn’t find too many lighting fixtures of this type that cost so little. That’s what I think, at least

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– It doesn’t look like the most elegant chandelier I’ve seen, actually you can suspect that it wasn’t more than $100 (though I wouldn’t really say it cost $45, I would say rather somewhere around $70)

– Although when it comes to kids’ safety I’m glad it’s made of plastic, this means that the quality isn’t the best. I guess you know what plastic items usually mean for everyone…

– Even though it can be shipped in Europe, it’s not dual voltage (from what I know). It only has American voltage, not European one too

– It’s not very large, so in a spacious room it wouldn’t provide enough light


And now…Let’s get to the review

The Tadpoles Pink Sapphire Chandelier could come really in handy to people who need to decorate their kids’ bedroom with a lower budget. Its story-like aspect makes it the perfect lighting piece for every little girl’s dream bedroom, so I can guarantee that your kids would immediately love it.

I say this from my experience, because every time I used this chandelier for the bedrooms of my clients’ kids, the little ones only had praises for it. And if I think about it, I guess I would have loved having a chandelier like this in my bedroom, 25 years ago.


The plastic fabric is safe for your kids

Once they saw this chandelier hanged in their kids’ bedroom, many of my clients started to get worried about it. “What if it gets broken and it harms the kids?” or “What if my kids damage it and they cut themselves with the glass pieces?” were some regular questions that I used to hear.

The crystals may look like glass, but they are actually plastic

The crystals may look like glass, but they are actually plastic

Well, in this case I could immediately calm my clients down.

Although the crystals and beads of this Tadpoles light seem sparkly and made of glass, they’re actually created from a special plastic that resembles glass.

Yes, plastic! A special plastic that has the ability to look like glass, even though it’s not glass.

You can feel this once you touch it, but as it’s a chandelier, touching isn’t the easiest thing once it’s hanged from the ceiling.

Anyway, the plastic fabric is 100% safe for kids, which means that they won’t hurt themselves or get cut with it, because that’s literally impossible. I even read an article before ordering this chandelier for the first time, where it said that kids safety is extremely important for Tadpoles, which is why they chose to make this chandelier from plastic.

So when it comes to your kids’ safety, there’s nothing to worry about. 🙂


Hard-wired or plugged in?

Another thing that I really love about this chandelier is that it lets you choose whether you simply want to hang it from the ceiling and plug it in, or you prefer to have it hard wired by an electrician. I haven’t seen this in many Amazon chandeliers, so it’s definitely a big plus.

When I decorated different homes of different people and used this lighting piece, I usually preferred to hang and plug it in, it was easier for me an my team.

Plus that hard wiring a chandelier it’s a pretty complicated job, and if my clients don’t like it, it would be as complicated to un-wire it. So I generally prefer to just plug it in and then let my clients decide how they want it.

Hanging and plugging it is a really easy thing to do, I won’t even explain the procedure because I’m sure you’ve done it before, and even if you haven’t, it’s not very complicated.

However, hard wiring it is a more complicated thing, which I don’t think you can do by yourself (unless you’re an electrician, of course 😛 ).

So my advice is to hang and plug it in first, see if you like it this way, and then maybe try to change and hire someone to hard wire it.


Lighting bulbs are included

It’s not like they cost a fortune or that it’s a great deal getting the lighting bulbs with the chandelier, but it’s something worth mentioning, in my opinion.

I say this because they company should know what kind of lighting bulbs are the best for this chandelier (like brighter or gloomier), so if they include the bulbs, this means that they already have the right power.

This was my way of thinking before ordering this Tadpoles chandelier. And it wasn’t very wrong…

The lighting bulbs I got were in my opinion the right ones, I mean the light wasn’t neither too bright nor too gloomy. I don’t even remember how many Watts they had, but all I know is that they were quite perfect. And if you’re not satisfied, you can change them with any kind of lighting bulbs.


Black, violet and white are also other options available

I know I dedicated this review to the Pink Sapphire Tadpoles chandelier, because that was the one I worked most with, and also because that’s the right piece for a kid’s bedroom. However, you may love this chandelier yourself and want to buy it for your own bedroom.

Of course that you can anytime choose the Pink Sapphire version, you are free to do it if you want. But if you have a more elegant bedroom and you want a chandelier that is “less childish”, the other 3 options (or rather just 2 of them…:P ) might be better for you.

First of all, we have the Black Onyx version, which seems the most elegant to me. It is also the cheapest at this moment (surprising, I know…), as it’s a few dollars less than the others. What could I say about it? It has the same design as the Pink Sapphire one, with all those beads and crystals, but in black.

The White Diamond version does look like having diamonds all over it, but they’re actually just the same plastic crystals. This chandelier is also a very elegant piece, so I definitely recommend it if you want to give your bedroom an glamour touch.

And last but not least, the Lavender Topaz or the violet version, how I called it, is also an adequate choice for a bright room, full of life and strong colors. It may not be the most elegant chandelier when it comes to color, but it could definitely grab the attention in any room.



It shows its price…or at least around its price

I know lately I reviewed a lot of furniture pieces that I totally recommended because they looked much more expensive than they actually were (see the Gifts & Decor Chandelier), that’s not really the case with this Tadpoles light.

Although it looks pretty nice and kids absolutely love it, you can actually tell it wasn’t a very expensive piece. I mean, just by seeing it you can suspect it didn’t cost close to $500…

It’s true that it doesn’t look like a $45 chandelier either, but I believe it seems like a $75-$80 one. So it’s not like you pay just $45 for it and you can tell everyone that you bought it with $300. You can tell it’s not that expensive just by looking at it.

Now don’t imagine that it looks like a really cheap item, because that’s not the case at all. On the contrary, for a kids’ bedroom (where I believe it’s not worth investing in luxurious furniture or light pieces), it seems quite good enough.

Even though it doesn’t look like a chandelier from a palace, I say it’s worth buying fora kids’ bedroom.


And even so, it’s quite a bargain at that price

You’ve probably seen even cheaper chandeliers, and I have too, I admit it. But even so, this Tadpoles piece remains one of the lighting pieces with a really good price.

Assuming that you’re not necessarily interested in the pink one, the price is still very good for the other 3. And there’s no big difference between them, so I would consider them as having around the same price.

Tell me, is $45 a high amount for a chandelier? I don’t think you can answer “Yes, it is”. This would mean that you’re not very aware of the prices from the american market, which I don’t think it’s quite the case.

$45 isn’t too much for a chandelier, on the contrary, it’s a really low price. Believe me that I bought many other items that cost around $100 and had a much worse quality than this, so now I really consider this Tadpoles chandelier as being pretty worth buying, with all its plastic fabric and American voltage.

Besides, I didn’t mention before that there’s a 23% sale right now for this chandelier on Amazon, so you can take advantage of it if you’re planning to buy this lighting piece in the nearest future. Every time I ordered it, it had a similar price so I guess this percent of sale is quite constant.

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So, is it worth buying?

To give you my final and honest verdict, I quite liked this chandelier. I believe it’s one of the best choices for kids’ bedroom, because it created the decor they want and we all know that kids love it when everything is they way the want. Isn’t this so? 🙂

So I do recommend it for rooms and bedrooms where small children sleep or spend their time, but I wouldn’t really recommend it for elegant (adult) bedrooms. At least, not this Pink Sapphire one.

But 2 of the colors I presented above, Black Onyx and White Diamond, would look great in an elegant bedroom, because they would match the other furniture pieces and would also bring in a sophisticated feeling.

Review: Tadpoles Three Bulb Chandelier, Pink Sapphire

So for an elegant bedroom, you could still get this chandelier, but I would advise you to choose either the white or the black shade. Believe me, it would look much better than the pink one, in these conditions.

Therefore, for a kids’ bedroom choose the pink color to give the room a story-like feeling, and for a regular bedroom, go for the black or white shade to make the room look even more luxurious.


So tell me, will you buy this Tadpoles Three Bulb Chandelier, Pink Sapphire? Or you prefer the other 3 shades?

Let me know your answer in a comment. Anne 😀

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2 Responses

  1. Lu Hall says:

    Hi Anne,
    I think the chandalier is reallly cute. I think I’d prefer it in classic white though. I’m a bit confused about the light bulbs though. At the top of the page, the picture looks like a chandelier bulb. But when you discuss light bulbs further down the page, these bulbs look different. Can you tell me how many and what kind of bulb does this lamp take? Are they of standard size/wattage in case you need to replace them?
    Thanks so much.

    • Anne says:

      Hey Lu, you’re right about the bulbs, I’m glad you noticed the difference!

      The light bulbs this chandelier has have a power of 25 Watts (I just checked 😉 ) but they are placed somehow inside the chandelier, so they’re not very visible in these photos. If they were taken separately, they would look just like the ones from the picture down the page. That’s why they look different, because you can’t see the bulbs clearly in the chandelier’s structure.

      I hope this helps 🙂

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