Review: Steve Silver Nelson Lift Top Cocktail Table Casters Cherry


Are you interested in getting a new coffee table or you’re just looking for some ideas for your future purchase? In any of these cases, the Steve Silver Nelson Lift Top Cocktail Table (Casters Cherry) might be a piece you want to check out.

Why am I reviewing this item?

Well…Many people have lately asked me to recommend them a certain coffee table for their living room, so I realized this topic becomes more and more interesting for everyone. For this reason, I decided to call the following 4 weeks “The Coffee Table Month”.

It will be a month when I’ll try to focus on review, advice and recommendations of coffee table, but also on what kind of coffee table you would need for a certain decor.

Also, if there is a certain subject about coffee tables that you want me to talk about, please let me know and I will gladly do it. 🙂

But until then, let’s get to the review of this Steve Silver coffee table.

Review: Steve Silver Nelson Lift Top Cocktail Table Casters Cherry


Product name :  Nelson Lift Top Cocktail Table, Cherry

Producer :  Steve Silver

Item dimensions: 26 x 48 x 18 inches

Price : $342.37 (At the time I’m writing this review)

Cheapest place to buy :  AMAZON

My rating :  8.40 /10

Worth buying? : I couldn’t say

As you may have noticed already, this modern coffee table brings together the sturdiness of wooden furniture and the good looks of elegant pieces, leading to a very beautiful, stylish item.

But is everything so good about it? Is it really the best coffee table you could ever get? To be honest…not really.

And you’ll find out why in the following lines. 🙂



  • It’s an extremely elegant and solid object, that looks like it’s made of authentic wood, not just an imitation 
  • The “shiny” aspect it has really made me love its design
  • I love the lift-top feature, it makes this table really modern and it gives it a different look within seconds. You could actually say that you have another coffee table after lifting the top
  • It’s very easy to lift it and put it back
  • The dark cherry color looks good on it, plus that it has a special detail that isn’t noticeable in the photos (I don’t think the detail is visible just on mine 😛 )
  • Regarding the assembly, I would say it’s medium, not very difficult but not extremely easy either. In my case, we were 2 persons and we did it in about 45 minutes, which is pretty good (but not amazing 😉 )
  • Shipping is offered for free

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  • Its price seems a bit exaggerated for me. I understand it’s a solid and sturdy piece but $350 seems a bit too much
  • I’m not very sure if the fabric is authentic wood… It says to be oak and cherry, but I’m not 100% sure
  • The quality isn’t the best, because my table gets scratched pretty easily. A good solution would be to cover it with something, although this would hide its nice appearance


These being said, let’s go into more detail


Now that you saw my mini review by reading the pros and cons of this coffee table, you probably have a better idea about this product.

But I’d like to make things even more clear, so I’ll try to give you some more details, in case you want to know more from someone who still has this coffee table.

All in all, it’s a pretty interesting product ( at least at first sight 😛 ), so I say it’s worth checking out.


Its aspect and design are absolutely gorgeous


If there’s something I have to praise about this coffee table, the first thing I have to start with is definitely its appearance.

I really loved that it looks like those antique pieces of furniture that you can only find in specialized shops, for thousands of dollars. I’ve had some myself, that’s how I know enough things about them.

So at first sight, if someone told me that this coffee table was an expensive antiquity, I would have immediately believed it. It looks really elegant, with smooth fabric and that gorgeous, shiny color.

Review: Steve Silver Nelson Lift Top Cocktail Table Casters Cherry

Yeah, that shine is definitely a plus for me, because it makes that dark brown color look so glamorous and luxurious. I don’t think it would look that good without the shine, really.

I don’t think you can notice the special detail it has in these pictures. I took a look at the photos from the official site and there I can’t see anything, but in reality it has a really cool pattern on its surface, that makes it even more original and elegant.

So when it comes to the general appearance, this Steve Silver table is definitely on top, nothing to say about it. I just wish it was on top when it comes to other things…But we’ll talk about this a bit later. Meanwhile, a few things about the lift-top feature.


Lift the top and get another table


Did I tell you before how easily I get bored of coffee tables and how fast I feel the need to change them? No, I don’t think I did…

And that’s exactly how it would have been with this one…But luckily that it has a feature I absolutely love: you can lift its top and make it look like a totally different piece.

The bottom part remains the same, it’s just the top that changes. So you still have that sturdy, wooden base, only the patterned side becomes different.

And you can cover it with something to give the impression of a totally different table.

Imagine, a friend comes to visit you one day and admires your elegant coffee table, and next time he comes…boom! you have a different one, still as sturdy and good-looking as the other one, but with a different appearance. Isn’t this so cool and funny to try? 😀

So if you’re just like me, the kind of person that gets bored of furniture pretty fast, you might have a really good chance with this coffee table. After all, you’d normally want to change it 2 times later than usual, right?


The quality really could be better…


Review: Steve Silver Nelson Lift Top Cocktail Table Casters CherryI know that until now I pretty much praised this coffee table, but things are far from being perfect about it.

And now that I started criticizing it, the first thing I should start with is probably the quality. 

I know that elegant things should be taken a lot of care of, and I also know that it’s important to keep them in good conditions, but…I did all these and my table is still slightly scratched. 🙁

I don’t really know how it became like this or who scratched it, but from what I noticed, you don’t have to do too much to get it scratched. Just drag a line on it with something sharp (car keys are good) and tadam!: you made a little scratch.

It’s true that these scratches aren’t very visible, unless you take a very close look but…they really shouldn’t be here at all. It’s also true that you can keep an elegant cover on it and get rid of all these issues, but… you should have the right to keep in uncovered.

And I don’t think that a coffee table that costs $350 should have this problem…Really.

That’s why I say I’m not very satisfied with its quality. Yeah, it is a gorgeous piece with a very beautiful design, but the way it’s made also matters…And it seems it wasn’t made in the best way. Or with the best materials.


…so why does it cost so much?


I admit I don’t agree with this big price.

It’s true that, when it comes to appearance, I’m not surprised to see a huge amount of money because let’s be honest, it really looks like a very expensive piece. But the quality really falls short.

Review: Steve Silver Nelson Lift Top Cocktail Table Casters Cherry

So after thinking and reading a bit more about it, my opinion is that it would be worth about $250, let’s say even $300, but $350 is a pretty exaggerated price. They should offer a discount just for the care you’ll have to take of it, seriously.

I cannot tell you about its durability because I’ve only had it for about 6 months. Yeah, it lasted well until now but I didn’t even expect something else for this price…From how I see it should be pretty long lasting, but you can never know, right? I’ll try to keep you in touch with it, in case anything changes.

So getting back to the price, I really wish this piece lasts so well (and long 😛 ) that it makes me feel sorry for criticizing it. Seriously…Because until now I really have to criticize it for having this huge price, when it could be at least $50 cheaper.

And summing all its features up, that would seem a fairer price to me. Well, at least it ships for free…


Conclusion – So Is It Worth Checking Out?


I guess you might be a bit confused after reading this review, because I said a lot of great things about this coffee table, together with some less pleasant ones.

So now you’re probably wondering what you should do, if you should take a look at it or simply skip it.

Review: Steve Silver Nelson Lift Top Cocktail Table Casters Cherry

Well, I advise you to check it out. There’s nothing to lose if you do this.

After all, it has some really nice features: you can get a gorgeous item, which I could almost call a “work of art”. It would surely impress all your visitors with its elegance and glamour. You’ll also get a 2-in-1 coffee table, that you can switch hourly, in case you get bored or in case you want a decor change.

Scratching may be a problem, so if you decide to buy it, get ready for an “extra-care” in order to keep it in perfect shape. The eventual scratches won’t be that visible anyway and you’ll probably be the only one who knows they exist, but…it’s better if they’re not. 🙂

So if you have a few extra dollars that you’re willing to spend on a coffee table, I guess this Steve Silver Nelson Lift Top Cocktail Table (Casters Cherry) would be a pretty good investment. You’re already imagining it in your living room, aren’t you? 😀 I know how that feels. 😛

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That’s quite the end of my review. I hope you found the right information here, and in case you didn’t and you want to know a certain thing about this coffee table, feel free to write a comment below and I will do my best to help you.

What do you think about this coffee table, is it worth buying?

Let me know your opinion in a comment. Anne 😀

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