Review: Mainstays Shelf Floor Lamp with Off White Shade, Black


One of my blog’s readers asked me a few days ago if I had tried the Mainstays Shelf Floor Lamp with Off White Shade, Black because he wanted to get this item and didn’t know anyone’s opinion about it.

Although I haven’t used it myself, I took a close look through the documents and files of the clients I’ve worked with in the past years, and I was very happy to find that I had used this lighting piece once.

Review: Mainstays Shelf Floor Lamp with Off White Shade, BlackI ordered it for a family’s bedroom about 2 years ago, and luckily I still had enough details written down, so I will be able to tell you about the experience I had with it and what impression it gave me.

Before I do that, here are several things you should know about this floor lamp.

Product name :  Black Shelf Floor Lamp with White Shade

Producer : Mainstays

Item dimensions: 10 x 10 x 62.5 Inches

Price : $42.97   (At the time I’m writing this review)

Cheapest place to buy :  WALMART

My rating :  8.50 /10

Worth buying? : Depending on what you need it for 😉


Now let me tell you a few more things that I wrote down about this lighting piece, especially its good and its bad points. I also talked to my clients (the ones I bought this lighting piece for) and asked them for more details about it. So, here they are. 🙂


  • It has a really beautiful aspect thanks to its height and multiple shelves, that make it look like a modern lighting
  • At first sight it looks big and pretty solid (it’s not really so, but that’s another story) so you wouldn’t really say it’s a plastic lamp
  • When it comes to color, there are 2 options (black and white…yeah, I know it sounds so common 🙁 but at least you don’t have to stick to a standard one)
  • Regarding the lighting feature itself, there’s an on/off button and a chain, which make it a pretty cool item in my opinion. Both modern and traditional, if you get bored of turning that button on and off, you can use the chain (which I personally like better 😉 )
  • I remember that some of my assistants assembled it themselves while we decorating my clients’ living room, and the assembly wasn’t very difficult. I can’t remember the exact time it took, but I guess it was around 30-40 minutes
  • This lighting piece has 3 shelves on it, that you can use for additional storage (but only light things, like small books, souvenirs or regular nightstand stuff). It seems to me that these shelves also make it look more modern than it would normally look
  • I noticed that if you buy it from Walmart (where they have the best price right now), for some extra $3 you can get a 2 years warranty. That’s something I really recommend you, because this item can get broken it 2 years, so having the warranty would mean a lot



  • The biggest problem this lighting has is that it’s made of plastic. So obviously, it’s not very resistant nor durable
  • The 3 shelves can’t hold heavy items (not more than 5 pounds, it’s actually written in the instructions); however, the bottom ones can hold more than the top ones, so make sure you add heavier objects on them
  • It’s a pretty light piece in fact, not as solid as I had hoped when ordered it. I wanted something sturdier for my clients’ bedroom (especially because they also had smaller kids) so I can’t say I was very satisfied with its sturdiness…or lack of sturdiness 😛
  • And thinking about it now, its price seems a bit too high for what it offers. After all it does cost almost $45, so I would have expected it to be a bit more solid


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A combination between Modern and Vintage

Review: Mainstays Shelf Floor Lamp with Off White Shade, BlackAs I already said, I ordered it while decorating a family’s new home, precisely for their bedroom.

My clients wanted a combination of 2 different styles, Modern and Vintage in their home, so I had to find the appropriate items that would mix those 2 styles and still look well together.

This Mainstays lamp was one of the pieces I got for the Modern part of the bedroom, because it seemed modern enough to make the room feel original, but it also had some Vintage characteristics that would make it the perfect choice.

And I wasn’t wrong, this lighting blended perfectly with everything. The stools and the carpet brought a Vintage feeling, together with some of the photos and other decorations, but the bed and this lamp managed to balance the decor and bring in a Modern air.

Plus that this lighting was also very beautiful, so this great appearance was an advantage that solved everything. But the real problem was something I wouldn’t really have expected: it wasn’t as solid as I had imagined…


How I solved the “lack of sturdiness” problem

The first thing I would change about this lighting piece would definitely be its weight. I do believe that its small weight is responsible for how light it is.

And the problem is that, because of this light weight, it can easily shake. Imagine that if small kids came around and played with this lamp, it wouldn’t need much time to fall apart and it’s better not to continue here…

Review: Mainstays Shelf Floor Lamp with Off White Shade, BlackBut I know I can’t really change it, so that’s why I remember finding a way to improve it. 😉

In the instructions there’s a part that tells you to add stuff that has less than 5 ponds on each shelf. Therefore, the maximum weight for each of the 3 shelves is 5 pounds.

However, I noticed that if you add a heavier item on the bottom shelf (like a bigger book or I don’t know, something like that), the lamp would stay much sturdier than before.

But that’s only available for the bottom shelf, because if you place a heavier object on the top shelf, the lamp will most likely break… 🙁

So that’s the thing I used when decorating my clients’ bedroom, I remember placing some kind of rock on the bottom shelf (it was a souvenir 😛 ) and the lamp stood still, without shaking anymore. And that kind of solved the problem.


About the price

Yes, I do believe that this price is a bit exaggerated…

I mean, I’ve seen this piece for a much higher price on Amazon or Home Depot, and I still think that even the price from Walmart is a bit too high for the quality it has.

Don’t misunderstand me, it’s a really beautiful lamp that would give your bedroom a lot of additional light and would make it look really modern but…when it comes to quality, I can’t say I’m extremely satisfied about ordering it.

Review: Mainstays Shelf Floor Lamp with Off White Shade, Black

I talked to the family I bought it for and they could hardly remember about it (I decorated their home about 3-4 years ago). When they did remember a bit about this lamp, they told me it lasted for about one year, and back then there wasn’t any warranty like now.

One year isn’t very bad after all, considering that it cost about $55-$60 back then. But I guess that’s because of the care they took of it (I know them…:) ) and also because of the heavy item from the bottom shelf that kept it sturdier.

And without these, I’m sure it would have lasted a much shorter period.

Anyway, if you want to get this lighting piece, the best place is Walmart. They have the cheapest price (just $42.97 right now)  so I guess that’s what you should take advantage of, if you really plan to buy it.

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My final opinion

I can’t really say that I remember everything about this Mainstays lamp or that I can totally recommend you to buy it, simply because I haven’t owned it myself, just tried it for someone else.

But I can tell you my general opinion about it and the opinion of my clients, as I have also asked them a few days ago in order to write correct information.

So the modern look and the gorgeous aspect of this lighting piece make it a desirable piece for everyone, but the pretty high price and the light weight change these advantages a bit.

Although the sturdiness problem can be solved by adding a heavy item on the bottom shelf, the price remains a bit too high for an object of this quality.

Now you’re probably asking yourself “So is it worth buying it?”, and my answer is “It depends on what you need...“.

If you don’t need a very solid lighting piece and you don’t plan to use it as an additional storage space, then I think you should buy it. You’ll get a beautiful and impressive piece, by the way.

But if you need a sturdier lamp that would last for a longer time (and if you’re willing to pay more, of course 😛 ) I suggest you to try a different item. There’s no point getting a plastic piece when you have the possibility to buy a wooden one, for more money of course. 😉


So what do you think about the Mainstays Shelf Floor Lamp with Off White Shade, Black? Would you buy it for your home (or as a gift for someone :D) or would you choose a different lamp?

Let me know in the comments below. Anne 😀

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2 Responses

  1. Jolita says:

    Very detailed review with tons of information.

    I don’t think price is too bad though as it is lamp and shelves at the same time. As I see from the pictures it doesn’t have too much storage space but it’s still good just for small accessories.

    I think there are many ways how you can incorporate into almost any interior. Very nice!

    • Anne says:

      Hey there!

      Yeah, if you think about it, it doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars, so it’s not such a bad price. I just think it could have been a bit more solid for this price. But if you follow the steps I mentioned in my review, you can solve this.

      I agree, this Mainstays lamp could easily be part of almost any decor and style, so one of the biggest advantage it has is versatility. I’m actually thinking about trying it, just because it’s a lighting piece that I could use almost anywhere, anytime.

      Anyway, thank you for reading my blog and keep following it for more reviews about lighting fixtures 🙂

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