REVIEW: Gifts & Decor Ivory Baroque Candle Chandelier, Iron and Acrylic


Guys, in this post I want to present you the Gifts & Decor Ivory Baroque Candle Chandelier, Iron and Acrylic, one of the pieces I recommend you to check out when looking for an original but still affordable decoration for your home.

What did I find so special about this lighting fixture?

Well, the first thing you should know about it ( if you don’t know it already) is that it only uses candles, not electricity. So it’s not a regular chandelier. It could actually be used as a decoration rather than a real chandelier, but that’s something we’ll talk more about below.

I really love the luxurious touch it gives to any room, no matter how “common” it looks. Then there’s also the pretty good fabric and the really cool design it has, but I shouldn’t forget the great price that you can get it for.

Anyway, before entering any details, let me show you some general facts about this really good-looking chandelier.

Product name :  Ivory Baroque Candle Chandelier, Iron and Acrylic

Producer : Gifts & Decor

Price : $42.95   (At the time I’m writing this review)

Cheapest place to buy :  AMAZON

My rating : 8.80/ 10 

Worth buying? : I say it’s pretty much worth buying

As you can see, the price is pretty low so I would say it’s a really affordable piece for almost any kind of budget.

Anyway, I thought the best way to tell you why I recommend this chandelier (and what are the things I would change about it 😛 ) would be through a PROS & CONS section. So, here it comes.



– I know I said this before, but I absolutely love how it looks. It makes me think about that ballroom from “Pride and Prejudice” (you probably saw the movie), where there were so many elegant, antique lights and chandeliers. This piece could easily have been one of them

– A great advantage is that it comes already assembled, so there’s no need of any other small work. You simply receive a box and the chandelier is placed inside, with all the pieces assembled together

Hanging it is also very easy, it has a hook that can be hanged to the ceiling, but you will probably need a ceiling hook (It’s like you get a chandelier hook in the package, but you need a ceiling hook in order to hang the first hook from it. A bit complicated way of explaining things, I know 🙁 )

– Getting back to how it looks, the crystal are my favorite part of this chandelier. I really love them because they seem to show this piece in another light, I don’t know how to say it…They can also be removed and added back, in case you don’t like them that much or if you simply want to change the chandelier for a period

– Candles aren’t included in the original package, so instead of getting classic, wax candles you can get some with battery, as they would last much longer (and remain dirt-free :P). That’s what I did 😉

– Anyway, if you don’t like it with candles, you have another option: adding an electric bulb. I haven’t done that myself, but I know someone who did and it seems a pretty good choice for people who prefer a more modern lighting piece

– There’s International shipping available in many countries

– Honestly, the price is pretty good, I mean it’s not an expensive piece (though it could be, considering the regular price of Baroque or Antique items)

Click here to see this product on Amazon



– What I really don’t like about this chandelier is that it doesn’t have any plug, in case you get bored of the “candle feature”. And if you want to add an electric bulb, you’ll have to plug that one itself, not the chandelier.

– Therefore, I would have loved it if it was a normal chandelier, with electricity. I think it would have looked much better…At least I believe it could have this option too, besides the candle one.

– And last, maybe it would illuminate better if it had space for more candles than just 4. Even on the official site it says that it’s not made entirely for large rooms (without using any other source of light). So I guess more candles would solve this problem


And now, let’s get to the review

So once again, I really loved this Gift&Decor chandelier and I would really recommend it to others, but only if they’re ready to accept that this item is not a real chandelier.

I guess that if you’re reading this, you’re already aware that it could be used as much as a decoration as a lighting piece.

As an interior designer, I had a lot of clients that wanted to give their living room or bedroom an antique touch. My job was obviously listening to what they want and trying to decorate appropriately. And one of the pieces that helped me transform a regular decor into an Antique one was…guess what?

This Gift&Decor chandelier 😀


It’s ready assembled!

I think I’ve said this before, but I consider the finished assembly a really huge advantage of this piece.

I remember that, when opening the package (it was actually a box, not something else), I hadn’t really expected to see anything else that a bunch of different small pieces and a really long list of difficult instructions.

Gifts & Decor Ivory Baroque Candle Chandelier, Iron and AcrylicSo you can imagine how surprised I was when I took away the folding stuff and saw a ready assembled chandelier, which looked fabulous besides. The crystals were each also in their place, except for a few who had fallen out, but they were still in the package.

As I said before, the crystals can be added and removed without any damage, so you can do this how many times you want (you can see the crystals in this picture). So as you can guess, I had no trouble putting the fallen crystals back to their place on the chandelier.

I don’t even remember the last time I bought an item that was ready assembled, as most objects I buy have either easy or medium assembly instructions (so I don’t care too much about this aspect). But a ready assembled product is definitely something I’ll remember (and recommend, in this case :D).


How exactly you should hang it from the ceiling

If you read the Pros and Cons section, you probably had a really hard time understanding my short explanation about hanging this chandelier of the ceiling.

Review: Gifts & Decor Ivory Baroque Candle Chandelier, Iron and AcrylicSo I’ll try to do it better this time. 🙂

The package with the Gift&Decor chandelier also includes a hook, that is designed to hang the item from the ceiling. Let’s call it Hook A. So far, everything is clear, right?

Now the problem is that you can’t really hang the chandelier from the ceiling just like that. You also need a hook (another hook than the initial Hook A) that would hang the first hook. To make it clearer, Hook A is hanged from Hook B, that is hanged from the ceiling.

And that Hook B is the one you have to get by yourself, because it’s not provided in the package. You can get it from a regular shop, I guess most have this kind of hooks. This Hook B can easily be hanged from the ceiling, and after that, you can hang the Hook A from it.

I really hope you managed to understand how it works, at least mainly… And sorry for my confusing way of explaining things. 😛


Any type of candles would do

Another great thing about this Gift&Decor chandelier is that it doesn’t need a specific type of candles.

I remember I was a bit worried about this at the beginning, but after searching for different opinions and reviews, I found out that I could even get electric candles, which would make my work way easier than I initially thought.

(Yeah, I was so fool as to believe that I could only place wax candles inside, that’s why I was about skeptical about buying this chandelier at first…).

Anyway, I don’t really recommend you to go for wax candles, for the same reason: they finish really fast, don’t have a very high illumination power, plus that they also make the chandelier dirty of wax. Electric ones are much better, both for you and for the item.

Besides, I know someone who added an electric bulb on it, so it became just like any other chandelier: the light was much stronger and illuminated a much lager area, so everyone was happy. I’m not sure how exactly he did that (because I don’t think it was very simple), but if you’re curious and you want to know, you can write me a comment below and I’ll try find out the exact procedure.


What I would change about it

Until now I guess you’ve been wondering “So is this chandelier the best item I could get? Is it really so…perfect?”. And the answer is…guess what? NO!

Although it’s a great piece with a lot of advantages, I have to admit that there are some things I would change about it if I could.

Adding a plug would be the #1 thing, because it would give me the possibility to switch between the electric and non-electric option. I would sometimes turn the bulb on (for a better and wider illumination), while other times I would prefer to go for the artistic candles. That would make it really perfect…

– If the plug option isn’t available, I still believe that it would have been nice if this chandelier had some space for at least one electric bulb. Using a bulb besides the 4 candles would change a lot of things, from the light to its aspect

Some extra candle space would also come in handy (and a lot actually!). I’m quite sure this would make the chandelier illuminate a much larger area, so the “space problem” would go away

Except those 2 things (that are quite major actually), I can’t say there was something I didn’t like about this chandelier. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything to do about these 2 things, but I’m really satisfied with the many other that are great about this product.


My opinion – To buy or To skip?

I’ll try to give you a really brief conclusion to this review, based exclusively on my experience with this Gift&Decor chandelier.

The beautiful, antique design with the sophisticated look make it a perfect choice for people who love luxurious pieces but they don’t want to spend a lot on them.

On the other hand, its inability to use electricity could make a lot of people change their minds, and even though this can be solved (see above How exactly you should hang it from the ceiling ), it remains the main downside of this product.

Review: Gifts & Decor Ivory Baroque Candle Chandelier, Iron and Acrylic

And regarding the price…all I can say is that it’s pretty good, both for a decoration and for a real chandelier. I think I mentioned before that generally, furniture pieces with an antique look cost quite a fortune, so I wouldn’t be surprised to find a similar piece for a few thousands of dollars.

It’s true that the quality would probably be in the favor of the most expensive one, but it’s actually a chandelier so there are very small chances that it gets damaged or broken (that’s why I didn’t insist too much on the quality of this product).

So if you need my final opinion, I say you should give it a try!

Unless you could never get used to a non-electric chandelier or at least use it as a decoration, I’m sure you have all the chances to love this product and be satisfied with your purchase.

But it’s your decision, so all I can advise you is to choose wisely. 🙂

Click here to see this product on Amazon


What do you think about this lighting fixture, would you buy a non-electric chandelier? Would you prefer to use it as a real chandelier or just as a decoration?

Let me know in the comments below. And if you have any other questions, please leave a comment and I will gladly help you. Anne 😀

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