Review: Coaster 900256 Round Accent Table With Glass Top And Cappuccino Base


Hey there guys! 🙂

This post is dedicated to one of the most interesting furniture pieces I’ve seen lately, the Coaster 900256 Round Accent Table With Glass Top And Cappuccino Base.

I’m not very sure you heard of it before (though you may have, I think it’s an Amazon bestseller right now), but in any case it’s a very cool coffee table. You can notice this just by looking at it, I guess. I’m joking, of course 😛

Anyway, if this coffee table is a product that you don’t know much about, here are some things that would come in handy:

Product name :  Round Accent Table with Glass Top and Cappuccino Base

Producer :  Coaster Home Furnishings

Item dimensions: 17.8 x 17.8 x 23.8 inches

Price : $51.50   (At the time I’m writing this review)

Cheapest place to buy :  AMAZON

My rating :   9.60 /10

Worth buying? : Totally


As you can see, the price is pretty good, the item looks nice and it has some perfect dimensions for a coffee table. But let me put things more clearly and show you which are the most important things I liked about it and which are the ones I hated.


  • The design it has is absolutely gorgeous, it looks like a modern, sophisticated piece from an expensive collection
  • I pretty much like the “Cappuccino” color and how it matches the top, transparent part. In my opinion this combination is the main responsible for the elegant look of this table
  • It’s much sturdier than it looks. At first I had the impression that it was just a decorative piece, but it turned out to be much more solid than I expected. I guess that’s because of the wooden part, that seems to be made of an authentic fabric
  • The assembly isn’t a big deal, you can put it together in less than an hour
  • I don’t think the price is too high, on the contrary, it seems extremely low for the great aspect of this table. Plus that the quality is also very good, you don’t risk to get it broken or damaged easily

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  • I wish it was a bit larger, so that I could have more room on top of it. You probably noticed that it’s not the largest coffee table you could find on the market
  • I do consider it pretty sturdy for its dimensions, but it couldn’t really hold something heavy, like a laptop or another bigger electronic device (I say this because I know many people like to place those on the coffee table, or just work there with their laptop)
  • Maybe it’s a bit too small for people who prefer regular coffee tables, that are 3 or 4 times larger than this one
  • International shipping is (once again 🙁 ) not available


These are the most important things that you should know about this coffee table, as these are the main facts you should consider before buying it. That is of course, if you’re interested in buying a coffee table. 😛

This Coaster piece is an amazing coffee table that would surely impress through its elegance and glamour, so if you’re seriously thinking about getting this item, the full review from below will probably help you. 🙂


Modern piece…or just a $50 bargain?


The first thing that caught my eye when I first saw this coffee table was its gorgeous design. I mean, it really had a fabulous aspect, and I never thought it was just a piece that I could get from Amazon.

I told you before, to me it looks rather like those sophisticated, unique pieces made by designers. And those pieces don’t sell in regular shops, no. To find one of these, you have to go to certain brand shops and pay thousands of dollars.

That’s why I was so shocked to see it cost just $50.

After all, even if the quality was extremely low, it would still be worth to pay $50 for this beautiful piece. Just for aesthetic reasons. 🙂

But it’s not even as low-quality as I thought…I’ve had it for about a year and…it seems to last pretty well even after this period. So I can only consider it such a huge bargain!

I would pay $50 for such a beauty anytime. Even if I didn’t necessarily need a coffee table like this, I would still get it as a decoration. Even after a year since I have it, it still seems so gorgeous to me…

And I’m so curious, is it only me that sees it like that? 😀 Or it’s a general opinion? I know my question sounds silly, but I’m really curious. If you can, leave a comment at the end and tell me how you consider this coffee table.


I’m satisfied with its sturdiness


I guess that when you look at this small table, you get the feeling that it’s pretty light, am I right?

At least that was my case…

But besides the quality, I was also impressed by its sturdiness and how solid it actually was. You might think that it wobbles at the slightest move but that’s not the case at all, on the contrary.

Review: Coaster 900256 Round Accent Table With Glass Top And Cappuccino Base

The only thing I don’t really like about it is that it can’t hold too many items. Or maybe I should rather say, it can’t hold items that are too heavy.

Just like I said in the beginning, this coffee table isn’t strong enough for electronic devices. I usually work in the bedroom but sometimes I prefer to change location and move to the living room, therefore the best place to put my laptop would be the coffee table, right?

And I’m sure many of you are in my situation, that’s why you prefer coffee tables that are large and solid. Well, this Coaster piece isn’t what you’re looking for, in this case.

You can place enough small objects on it without fearing that it wouldn’t hold them, but… they have to be small. You still don’t have too much room available anyway, so…

So when it comes to sturdiness, I can both praise and criticize it. Praise it because overall it’s very solid and strong, and criticize it because it’s not sturdy enough to hold electronics. And that’s a shame 🙁


It’s not just a coffee table, it can be more


Yeah, you read it right.

Just because this Coaster piece is (on paper) a coffee table, it doesn’t mean that you have to use it as such. Do you agree? Let me give you an example.

I have this same in my living room, but not as a regular coffee table. I told you that I work there sometimes, so obviously I need something larger, where I can put my laptop and stuff. And you probably guessed that this piece would never allow me to do this. 😛

So I decided to try something else: I thought about using it as a decoration rather than as a “real” coffee table. I placed it in a corner, close to the kitchen door and added some nice looking souvenirs on it.

And to my surprise, it didn’t look like it didn’t belong there. On the contrary, this table made that whole part of my living room look more interesting, and it was like all the other items would blend so well with it.

Not to mention that, thanks to its elegance, it looked like I had invested a lot of money in it, when in fact it was totally different.

So that’s exactly what you should also do: I’m not saying that you should add it in that exact spot where I placed mine, all I’m advising you is to find a special place for it, where you can make it look as a decorative object, not as a support table.

That would change a lot, believe me. 🙂


So in my opinion, it is a “must see” product


Instead of concluding my review with a question or something of this type, in this case I will try to give you 3, only 3 reasons why I recommend this item (because I do recommend it 😛 ).

  • The modern design makes it a great solution if you want a decor that would impress your visitors, but most importantly, it would make YOU feel like you have a glamorous living room
  • As long as you won’t use this piece to store heavy items, you’ll never have any issues with this coffee table. It will always stay sturdy and solid
  • I really believe you should take advantage of the price, because this item looks much more expensive than $50. I always say this to people; I did take advantage of it, and I’m not sorry at all

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So that’s my Coaster 900256 Round Accent Table With Glass Top And Cappuccino Base Review, and I hope that I was clear enough to answer all your questions. In case you have any that I haven’t said anything about, you can leave a comment below or send me a message privately.


Would you buy this Coaster Coffee Table? Or would you choose another one instead?

Tell me your answer in a comment. Anne 😀

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4 Responses

  1. Jonah says:

    Wow! Nice article and great designs. I and my family have been dreaming to build a mansion and actually, we haven’t planned the details or the design yet. It is very helpful to have sites like this as this gives us ideas and option for our house. I will share it with my family.

    Thanks for making.

    This Coaster table looks like a pretty good buy to me. I have a friend who’s looking for some furniture for his new flat, so I think this one may be a good option for him, right?

    • Anne says:

      Hi Jonah, thanks for your words.

      It’s a great satisfaction for me to know that you can inspire and use the advice and recommendations from my website, that’s why I made it for. 🙂

      Yeah, this coffee table (I call it a coffee table because it is one, even though it’s stated as a “Accent table”) is actually one of the few that has a great quality for its price. That’s why it’s one of my top recommendations, so yeah, I also believe it would be a good option for your friend. The colors it has can match a lot of different shades, so I’m 90% sure that there won’t be any problem when it comes to this.

      Thank you for reading my post 🙂

  2. Garrick Breaux says:

    Awesome information. I have been looking for a table like this to give to my mom. She has been wanting a round table for a couple months.

    Your review is quite impressive and it put me in the mind set to purchase due to your experience.

    Thanks again for your great feedback.

    • Anne says:

      Hey, I’m really happy anyone can get an opinion about a product from my reviews.

      And I really like this coffee table, so I do recommend it for your mom, I’m sure she’s like it.

      Thank you for reading my review :

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