Review: Bobkona Manhattan Reversible Microfiber 3-Piece Sectional Sofa Set Red


Hey guys! 😀

As this month is dedicated to indoor furniture on our site, I will begin it with a review of a sofa that is pretty popular right now, the Bobkona Manhattan Reversible Microfiber 3-Piece Sectional Sofa Set, Red.

This couch isn’t a really new product, so you may know several things about it. I’ve also asked a lot of people, and their opinions about this item are very different, some say they would recommend it to anyone, while other consider it as a bad investment.

Anyway, I’m not here to tell you about how other people see this Bobkona sofa, but how I see it. 😀


Product name :  Manhattan Reversible Microfiber 3-Piece Sectional Sofa Set, Red

Producer : Bobkona

Price : $480.89 + Free Shipping   (At the time I’m writing this review)

Cheapest place to buy :  AMAZON

My rating : 8.00 / 10 

Worth buying? : It depends on what you need


What I liked about it

  • It’s the perfect couch for small rooms or for apartments, because it’s not very large and doesn’t take too much space: I placed it in a smaller room and it looked great there
  • I didn’t have a very hard time with the assembly: it was pretty easy and it took me about one hour, considering that I did it alone. So one person can handle it
  • Regarding this assembly process, besides the furniture you also receive some tools to put the pieces together: I think there were about 2 smaller wrenches and one or 2 bolts
  • It’s a really light piece, you won’t have any trouble moving it aside or around your room
  • I really love the look of those 2 accent cushions, they’re really nice and suitable to almost any kind of decor
  • The covers of the cushions can be washed, though I pretty much avoided to put them in the washing machine because they don’t have the best quality so I was afraid of damaging them. That’s why I preferred to wash them manually instead
  • There are also 2 other options when it comes to color, Chocolate or Saddle (but they both have much higher prices, I still wonder why…)
  • The price is very good, especially for this red version (just $480 right now). Plus that the shipping is free anywhere in the US

Click here to get FREE SHIPPING for this product on Amazon


What I didn’t like about it

  • I am definitely not satisfied with the comfort of this sofa. I was expecting it to be much softer, but in fact it turned out to be pretty hard
  • Actually, in the first weeks it felt pretty nice and soft, but once the time passed, it started getting more harsh. So durability isn’t something I can praise about it
  • Cleaning up the pillow covers was okay, but cleaning the couch itself wasn’t as nice. The spots don’t go away completely, and regular products only manage to hide them instead of destroying them. Maybe I should try with more expensive products
  • After a few months, I had some problems with one of the springs: every time someone sat on a certain side, he could feel it and it was a bit uncomfortable. I never managed to solve this problem, though it probably would have been possible
  • I hated that I got 3 different boxes, each containing one part of the furniture item. That wasn’t very disturbing itself, but the fact that one of the boxes was only delivered the next day, so I couldn’t assemble the sofa because I was missing an important part


Its dimensions make it great for an apartment

I bought this Bobkona sofa more than 4 years ago, because I needed a smaller furniture for my narrow living room. At that time, I didn’t want anything very expensive or made of a great material, simply because I didn’t need anything of this type. I was planning to change house soon, so I just needed something…temporary.

And if you live or ever lived in an apartment, you probably know that (unless you’re very lucky) you won’t get a living room that it too spacious.

If this is your case too, I really recommend you this Bobkona sofa because it will give your living room a pleasant aspect without taking away all your space. It won’t occupy your whole living room and it won’t make it look overcrowded.

On the contrary, its dimensions make it an excellent choice for a smaller room, as they will match the dimensions of the room. So everyone will be happy, you won’t have any crowded room and space won’t be a problem! 🙂


The assembly was pretty easy

Just like I said before, I’ve had this furniture piece more than 4 years ago, so things have evolved since then. But even in that period, I remember the assembly wasn’t extremely complicated. I mean it wasn’t the easiest product to assemble, but generally it was more than okay.

The product was delivered in 3 different boxes, each containing a certain part of the sofa. One of them also had the 2 cushions that are offered as an accent decoration. Something that I will always remember (and it’s not something good) is that the 2 of the boxes were delivered normally, while the third box arrived with a delay of one day.

You may think that one day isn’t much, but believe me that it can be extremely frustrating to receive half of a product one day, and the other half the next day. It simply makes no sense…But anyway, that was only something that happened to me, so I guess it’s not available in the other cases.

The assembly itself isn’t very complicated, all you have to do is to put together the pieces from the 3 boxes. They also send you some tools (like wrenches and bolts) which are enough to assembly it correctly. So, it’s no big deal, just follow the instructions and you won’t have a hard time with the assembly.


It’s definitely lighter than normal

That’s something I also see as an advantage, especially because this furniture piece is made for smaller rooms.

Just imagine, how would it be if you had a really heavy sofa in a room that is extremely narrow? Like, every time you wanted to move it aside, to change the decor and make your room look larger, you would have to give up this idea, just because it would be literally impossible to move the couch. I bet it wouldn’t feel very good…

And that’s exactly why the Bobkona couch has an advantage over its opponents: it’s extremely light, maybe a bit too light for a furniture piece of this type, but at least you can move it anywhere you want, anytime you want.

So you’ll never have to worry about not being capable of screwing it aside. Its light design and simple fabric make it perfect for small rooms (and small people too 😛 ).


That fabric ruined my good opinion about it…

At least that’s what happened with mine…

I remember that in the first weeks after buying this Bobkona couch, I was so surprised of how soft and comfortable it felt. I could literally fall asleep there at any time, that’s how pleasant it felt. And I wasn’t the only one that had this impression, all my friend who came over and sat on it were absolutely delighted with it.

I was actually thinking what a great deal I had made, paying just around $500 for such a great furniture piece. But this dream didn’t last too long…

Review: Bobkona Manhattan Reversible Microfiber 3-Piece Sectional Sofa Set RedOnce the time passed, it started getting a bit dirty (it was my fault here for not taking care of it, I admit it) so I had to clean it up with different products.

Not only that they didn’t clean up the spots, but they also made the fabric feel really harsh and unpleasant.

Now, I don’t think it was because of the products because it wasn’t the first time I used them, and they always worked good and cleaned up the dirty spots. But with this couch, they didn’t have any effect. On the contrary, the fabric became horrible…That’s why I think it’s because of the material itself.


…and it became less comfortable with time

Besides the problems I had with the material, the comfort that I praised so much started disappearing too. 🙁

I think it happened in about the the same period (though the lack of comfort can’t have anything to do with the fabric), and month by month I noticed that my sofa wasn’t as soft as it used to be, instead it felt even harsh after about 6 months.

You can imagine my disappointment…But this wasn’t the only problem.

One of the springs that this couch had got damaged (or I can’t imagine what else could have happened with it) and it immediately destroyed the little comfort that was left.

There was a certain part of this couch where, if you sat on it, you would feel like there was something hitting you. It’s hard to explain it, but I guess you know how a damaged spring feels if you sit on it…That’s how it felt this couch too.

So I suddenly had an uncomfortable furniture piece, that also had a damaged spring, right in the middle of my living room.


However, the price remains one of the best

Despite the harsh material and the comfort that goes away with time, this Bobkona sofa has one of the best prices for this kind of living room furniture.

$480 plus the free shipping sounds like a great price for me. Not that I’m praising this product (which you saw that I didn’t necessarily), but it really comes with a pretty small cost. Even the other colors of this Bobkona sofa, Chocolate and Saddle, cost over $500, which could give you an idea about the prices in sofas, in case you’re not very aware of them.

So I do believe that this product is worth the money. You couldn’t even ask for a really high-quality couch for $480, nor for the most beautiful one. But costing less than $500, its features don’t seem so bad to me, on the contrary.

Here is a screenshot of this product on Amazon, which remains the cheapest place where you can buy it. You can see that free shipping is offered anywhere within the US.

Review: Bobkona Manhattan Reversible Microfiber 3-Piece Sectional Sofa Set Red


So, do I recommend this sofa?

I couldn’t necessarily say that I recommend or not this Bobkona couch. I say this simply because my answer would be more complex, according to what you need.

If you live in an apartment or in a small house and need a lighter furniture in your living room, this sofa could be an option.

Also, I totally recommend it if you need a temporary piece and you don’t want to spend a fortune on it, because you plan to change it with something better. In this case it would probably be my #1 recommendation, because it’s a good looking sofa that would last well enough for a shorter period.

However, if you want a long-lasting, high quality furniture piece, this Bobkona sofa is definitely not for you. In case you afford a better sofa of similar dimensions, I really recommend you this daybed. Even though you may want a “real” sofa, you can use it anytime as one, so it’s just perfect for this purpose.

But however, if you want to stick to this Bobkona sofa, here is a link to get free shipping for it. 😉

Click here to get FREE SHIPPING for this product on Amazon


That was my experience with the Bobkona Manhattan Reversible Microfiber 3-Piece Sectional Sofa Set Red. I hoped you found some useful info and that you also enjoyed reading it. 🙂

If you have any questions about this sofa, or about any other topic related to Home Decor, please don’t hesitate to ask me and I will gladly help you.

Would you buy this Bobkona sofa or would you choose a furniture piece that is a bit more expensive? Let me know your opinion in the comments below.

Anne 😀

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8 Responses

  1. Emmanuel says:

    What a beautiful website this is!
    I love this Bobkona sofa, I never hear of it before but I really liked what I found out about it from your review. I see it doesn’t have the best quality you could find, but for this price I wouldn’t even expect it. A few years would be enough for these money.
    So the price is the cheapest on Amazon?

    • Anne says:

      Hi Emmanuel, thank you for your words 🙂

      Yes, in case you need a temporary sofa at a lower price, this Bobkona piece is definitely a great option. The best price remains on Amazon, I checked out on Walmart, Home Depot and other shops and they all have either higher prices, or they have a very expensive shipping, so they have around the same total price. While on Amazon the shipping is free, and the price is under $500, so much lower.

      If you decide to buy it, I suggest you to use Amazon. Hope this helps 🙂

  2. Sunewako says:

    Hello Anne,

    I like the sofa. it looks very comfortable. I seem to have enough space for a person to lay down while watching television. I love the color too.

    The price is not bad, and it is nicely big Do they have other colors ?

    And if yes, do they sell them at the same price?


    • Anne says:

      Hi Sunewako, thanks for your comment 🙂

      Yes, for a smaller or medium room, it’s more than perfect actually. They do have 2 other colors, chocolate and saddle (which is a shade of beige) but they have different prices for each. I don’t really know why, but I’ve seen this situation in a lot of furniture pieces on Amazon.

      The prices aren’t much higher for the other 2 colors, but the red version is the cheapest. Anyway, I pretty much liked the red one because it’s a focal point and in many cases, it makes the room more interesting.

      I hope this helps 🙂

  3. Angela says:

    Hey Anne,

    Thanks for the great review on this Bobkona Manhattan sofa set. I like the fact that you definitely gave plenty of details both pros and cons. I have been looking for something on the smaller size, and I thought this might be it, but then I have to factor in the fact that I have dogs and what you mentioned about spots and cleaning, and troubles with the springs, I think I will keep looking.

    Love your site and I will be back to visit again so keep up the good work.

    • Anne says:

      Hey Angela, thanks for your kind words.

      Yes, this sofa could be everything you need for some people, while for others it will be quite different. So if you belong to that category of pet owners, I think it’s better to try something else. If your dogs aren’t really quiet, stains will become a big problem, and considering that the fabric of this sofa doesn’t clean so easily…you get my point.

      I would recommend you this daybed, because you can anytime use it as a sofa, but it’s also a bed in case you need this. I can’t complain about its quality, so it think it would make a good acquisition if you need a furniture piece of smaller dimensions.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  4. jschicanha says:

    I have seen this sofa as suitable for me but after reading your review, I kind of understand why it has such a small price. So after reading some of the other reviews I found on Amazon, I decided not to buy this furniture piece because it would probably be a loss of money.

    So at your recommendation, I’m thinking to try that daybed from Poundex. I’ll let you know how it feels if I decided to buy it.


    • Anne says:

      Hi Jose, yeah, I pretty much advise you to try that daybed instead of this sofa. Making a comparison between these 2 furniture pieces, the daybed lasts much longer and in much better conditions, so in my opinion it’s far more superior.

      You can do as you want, but if you want my recommendation – go for the daybed, not for the sofa.

      I’ll wait for your opinion, if you buy it after all:)

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