My Sleep Number Bed Reviews – 9 Reasons Why It’s Not Worth Buying


It’s time for my Sleep Number Bed Review, as these mattresses are starting to become the most popular on the market.

My Sleep Number Bed Reviews - 9 Reasons Why It's Not Worth Buying

However, after testing several of their models, I realized I had much better options.

They are indeed some very good mattresses, but I could have got almost the same mattresses for even $1000 less. I actually did in the end, but not before losing a few thousand dollars with Sleep Number beds.

But that’s not what I want to speak about today. Instead, I want to give you 9 simple reasons why I don’t recommend you Sleep Number.

NOTE: All the facts I will state below are from my own experience, after trying out several Sleep Number models throughout the years


1. They Cost Way Too Much

Probably the main thing that disappointed me in these mattresses was their price. I could have ignored a lot of their downsides if they had a lower price.

For example, the i8 King cost me over $4000 but I agreed to buy it thinking it would be the best mattress in the world. Well, I was wrong.

So when it comes to price, I’m extremely disappointed by Sleep Number beds. Not only that they cost enormously, but they also have some big problems in certain chapters.

Besides, even the cheaper models are quite expensive for what they offer. Yes, it’s all about the brand, that’s the reason of their popularity. But if you analyzed the market a bit, you could get an identical mattress for less money.


2. A Big Per Cent Lose Air

You may believe it or not, but one of the most common technical issue of these mattresses is air loss.

This does not happen over night or in the first weeks. So don’t image you will wake up with a deflated mattress because that won’t be the case.

However, many Sleep Number beds lose air over time, meaning that in a few years you will have to inflate them daily. And considering how much they cost, this is absolutely unacceptable.

Surprisingly or not, this doesn’t happen with Personal Comfort mattresses, that stay in great shape for a longer time. I’ve owned 2 of these mattresses and I’ve seen many others in friends and customers. And believe it or not, no one ever complained about air loss.

But there were many unsatisfied customers of Sleep Number, at least I’ve seen around 15-20 from my acquaintances. So you can draw the conclusions.


3. Noise Is Louder Than In Any Other Mattress

The reason is the electric pump, that is supposed to adjust the mattress’s firmness and support.

The pump itself does its job properly, nothing to complain of. But the sound it produces it’s pretty annoying, at least compared to all the other mattresses I’ve had in my life.

In my case, I can’t say that the sound was extremely disturbing. At least, not so loud that it would keep me awake. But I’ve come across people who had this problem, probably because they were more sensitive to sounds while sleeping.

So the sound problem may not be a big issue for you, but it surely won’t be too pleasant either. Compared to most mattresses, Sleep Number’s beds make a much louder noise, and not only during inflation.


4. Dust Mites Can Be A Problem

Surprisingly, Sleep Number support admits dust mites can appear in their mattresses. Despite the big price, they didn’t manage to find any supporting fabric that would prevent insects and bugs.

Things aren’t desperate, that’s for sure. The company recommends keeping clean the mattress and vacuuming inside regularly. But this may be pretty annoying for any user, especially if you have to do it weekly. This depends of the region you live it, that’s true, but it still can be a waste of time.

Hopefully, Sleep Number will find a solution to this problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, they will surely lose a lot of customers, as many people complain about this on their website.


5. Heat Retention Is Common

Believe it or not, the most expensive models deal with heat retention a lot more than the others.

There is a pretty big per cent of customers that complain about sleeping hot, especially in hot summer nights. However, things aren’t better in the winter. Because of the same heat retention, the mattresses tend to stay cold in a colder atmosphere, so this couldn’t be too pleasant for the owner.

Although not everyone has this problem, there are enough people who do. And considering the price of the performant models, the company should try to do something about it.


6. The Smell Can Be More Disturbing

Smell is a very common thing in mattresses, at least everyone knows that all models have a certain smell if bought new. However, what happens if that smell persists longer than 2 weeks?

That’s not a rule in Sleep Number mattresses, but it was revealed that the smell is more persistent in their case than in other mattresses. Not everyone experiences this, that’s a fact.

But over 5% customers claimed the smell persisted after more than 1 month, while 3% said they didn’t manage to get rid of it ever. According to them, the smell is the same “mattress-like”, so it’t not extremely unpleasant for all users. However, it’s not too nice either.

Therefore, if you don’t want to risk supporting the smell, don’t go for a Sleep Number bed, at least not right now. Maybe they manage to solve the problem in the future.


7. Returning Isn’t So Easy

Despite stating that you’re allowed to return any mattress if you’re not satisfied, the company doesn’t agree with this all the time.

According to their website, you can return the mattress in the first 100 days after purchase, but not faster than 30 days.

However, I happen to know someone who wanted to return it because of simple personal dislike. And surprisingly, he received a very rude call from the company, stating that the product can’t be returned if it doesn’t have any technical problem.

That’s something very different of what they say on their website. And even though this didn’t happen to me, I’ve seen a lot of reviews online by people complaining of similar situations. So before you pay a fortune for a Sleep Number mattress, keep in mind that unless it has a real problem, you won’t be able to return it.


8. Complaints Increased Dramatically Lately

Even though Sleep Number made a great reputation in the last decade, more and more people started giving up their services these years.

One of the main reason is the bad customer service. Ordering online everytime, I didn’t experience this thing, but I read a lot of reviews where people complained about receiving the products much later or about the rude phone support.

There are actually a lot of complaints on Sleep Number website, but I don’t know if they bother reading them. Anyway, keep this thing in mind before ordering any mattress. It may not be a big drawback, but consider you might have issues with your order, so customer service could be necessary. 


9. Their Overall Value Isn’t Worth It

Judging after price, I’m quite disappointed with most Sleep Number models. Their quality is far from bad, but they still have some big issues. And even though these issues don’t necessarily affect the user’s comfort or sleep, they shouldn’t exist in a professional mattress.

So I don’t believe their overall value is worth so much money. They do have nice features, but their drawbacks should cut off the price with at least some big hundreds of dollars. 


So Are They Really Not Worth Buying?

I haven’t changed my opinion about Sleep Number and I don’t think I will change it too soon. As I said before, all the things I mentioned in this review are things I dealt with myself, so it’s about my own experience.

Other people may still be huge fans of Sleep Number, but I am far from it. The heat retention, loud noise, frequent air loss and the way too big price are all important drawbacks of these mattresses.

And considering you can get a mattress with the same features for $1000 less, I would really not advise you to choose Sleep Mattress too soon.

They may improve their products in the future, and I will be among the first to check them out, but until now I don’t recommend you to waste your money just because of their name or brand.

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  1. Felica says:

    Voila! What a goldmine this real-life account of Sleep Number mattresses has been! I’ve similarly wondered why all the hullabaloo around Sleep Number mattresses. I’d had an affair with them for some time before they performed below par and a break-up followed. Not sure about the mattresses’ smell since such senses are relative, but I can’t get over the issue of them being too much pricey.

  2. Iris says:

    This is actually helpful, thanks.

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