My Review: SystemBuild Kendall 48″ Wardrobe Storage Cabinet, White Stipple – Is It More Than A Good-Looking Piece?


Hey everyone! At one of my reader’s request, in this post I want to review the SystemBuild Kendall 48″ Wardrobe Storage Cabinet, White Stipple, which is a really good-looking furniture piece, at least at first sight.

However, from my experience I know that the first impression may not always be right when it comes to furniture, so today I want to dig into this product and find out if it’s really what it seems as first or…not.

But before I do that, let me show you some general stuff about it. 🙂

Product name: SystemBuild Kendall 48″ Wardrobe Storage Cabinet, White Stipple

Producer:  Ameriwood

Price:  $268.99 (At the time I published this article)

Cheapest place to buy:  AMAZON

My rating:   8.50 /10

Worth buying?: Pretty much yes


So my general opinion about this wardrobe is a pretty good one, considering that it has a lot of advantages and nice features, and not as many convincing downsides.

But this was exactly where I wanted to get, because which is a better way to know a product than by reading its advantages and downsides, right? So here are mines 🙂


What I Liked About This Wardrobe

  • When it comes to general appearance, this piece looked really nice in my attic and the wooden fabric seemed pretty high-quality. I wouldn’t have expected to get the finest wood (and I didn’t :P), but this one was really okay for the price
  • There feet are slightly adjustable, so you can change them higher or lower (but there isn’t a really big difference). Anyway, for me it was still a pretty cool feature
  • Besides, there is an extra feet available if you have heavier things to store inside. This would make it easier for the wardrobe to hold all your stuff safely
  • I noticed it was pretty sturdy, especially the doors. You can see this just by touching it, it really feels solid and pretty strong
  • When it comes to the storage space it has, I can’t say it’s a lot, but it’s not too little either. Let’s say somewhere from medium to much. But for me it really was enough because I had enough room on those fixed shelves (there are 3 extra, in case you need them)
  • I really liked that the wooden fabric cleans easily with nothing more than a wet cloth (and doesn’t stain that easily :P)
  • Not to forget to mention that the doors don’t slam shut, but they close really softly and nicely. So even though I was worried about this, it turned out really well
  • On Amazon they ship it for free, so that’s where I bought it from


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What I Didn’t Like About This Wardrobe

  • I don’t know about the other pieces, but mine came with absolutely no instructions, which was more than horrible. I imagine it must have been a mistake but this didn’t make me feel any better. Luckily I found them on a website and this quite sorted the things out
  • It comes in just one package, which is really heavy to carry around. So if you’re not very strong…I don’t suggest you to carry it alone 😛
  • Besides, the package is really bad, I mean the pieces are just placed inside the box without any protection stuff around them. So it’s not so hard to receive them easily damaged
  • The price is higher on Amazon, I mean I found a better price on Walmart (around $50 cheaper). However, Walmart makes you pay $80 for the shipping so the total price is lower on Amazon. So it still remains the lowest price you can get…


Now Let’s Get To The Review

So guys, I liked this furniture piece, I want to let you know this from the beginning. It doesn’t look bad at all and it’s not a light item, and after all these are features that I want in a piece of this type. So this means that I’m more or less satisfied with this wardrobe from Ameriwood, at least generally speaking. 😛

I want to tell you more now.


There Is Enough Space For Storage

Considering that it’s a wardrobe, the space available for storage was one of the main things I was interested about.

To tell you honestly, I can’t say it has more space than I would need. It’s not one of those really large wardrobes, where you can leave 2 shelves empty because you don’t have what to place on them.

However, it’s not to small either. So I would say it has a medium capacity (only when it comes to storage, pay attention), it’s not too small but not too spacious either.

I bought it for clothes, because I needed something where I could store my winter clothes, which are heavier and take more space than summer clothes for example.

So I can pretty much say that this wardrobe was enough, I didn’t need to put some of the clothes in other places, they all fit in here. And I had enough winter clothes, so judging after this, I would say it has enough space for storage. 😀

It’s true that it depends of what you want to store in it, but if there was enough space for my heavy clothes, I’m pretty sure it will be enough for your stuff too. Plus that there are some 3 extra shelves, which you can use if you need. 😉


It Came In A Really Heavy Package!

To tell you honestly, I don’t know what kind of wood it’s made of, I was never curious to find out. It’s solid enough, and that’s all I care about. 😀

When I received the package, I was surprised to see it was just one box, I mean I would have expected at least 2 or 3, considering it’s a large wardrobe. At that time, I lived in an apartment so you can imagine that it would have been literally impossible for me to carry it to the third floor.

Long story short, I was lucky to have some really nice neighbors that not only carried it to my apartment, but they also helped me put it together. Which was no easy thing, by the way…

Anyway, the pieces had no kind of protection stuff on them, they were simply put there in the packaging box all together. I still think it was a miracle that they didn’t have any damaged parts, considering in what conditions they were placed.

However, after finally managing to get all those heavy pieces out of the packaging box, I decided to put them together straight away, after all I have my nice neighbors there, willing to help me with anything. 😛


But Surprise…The Instructions Were Missing

Yeah, can you believe it? I couldn’t…

Initially I thought they were somewhere around the pieces, so maybe I took them out together. I checked all those small parts, but I couldn’t find the instructions anywhere. The assembling method couldn’t be very simple because there were about 15 pieces, some smaller and some larger, so I couldn’t simply guess where to put each.

But it proved to be my lucky day. 😀

I decided to make a quick search on Google to see if I could find the instruction documents in one of the online shops that sold this wardrobe. And I did. 😀

Once I had the instructions, the job was almost done. My neighbors put it together really fast, in less than an hour if I remember well, so everything was good. Plus that the wardrobe looked really great, exactly as I saw it in the photos…I bought a lot of items that were totally different in reality, so you can imagine how delighted I was seeing it was identical to what they showed online.



I’m So Happy It Doesn’t Slam Shut

In case I haven’t told you before, it really doesn’t. 😀

The doors have a really nice fabric at the edges, so that’s why I think they close so gently. I’ve had a lot of bad experiences with wardrobes, so I was afraid this one would be the same. Luckily it wasn’t 😉

Besides, it’s not one of those kind of wardrobes whose doors always close if you let them half opened. You can actually let them in what position you want, even 2 inches opened, and they won’t come back unless you pull them.

Even though this sounds like a normal thing, I’ve seen a lot of wardrobes whose doors would never stay in one position so…I’m really glad when I find one who does.


The Cheapest Total Price Is On Amazon

I bought this wardrobe a long time ago, so I can’t really remember how much I paid for it or if it had a sale at that moment. However, I do remember buying it from Walmart.

So normally, my regular advice would have been to buy it from Walmart. But I decided to research a bit first…And here’s what I found out:

On Walmart, they sell it with about $210. Honestly, that’s by far the best price I found online but…there is a problem. They request $79.97 for shipping, in any part of the country. In my opinion, this is a big scam because shipping could never cost so much, even if it’s a large item. Just think about it, they ship a lot of furniture pieces for free and some are also large pieces. So they wouldn’t have any good reason to ask so much for the shipping of this wardrobe.

Summing up these things, the total price would be around $290, which seems much more than $210, doesn’t it? So it’s a big deception from Walmart, seriously.

However, it’s time to look on Amazon. Even though they usually have the lowest prices here, this offer isn’t so attractive, as they sell this wardrobe for $268 at this point. It’s not so much, but it’s a bit more expensive than Walmart, which is pretty weird. Anyway, they do have a 41% sale, so the value of this wardrobe is around $450. I guess this says it all.

My Review: SystemBuild Kendall 48" Wardrobe Storage Cabinet, White Stipple - Is It More Than A Good-Looking Piece?

Plus that they really help at shipping: you can have it shipped for free, just like any other furniture piece than costs more than $49. So the total price remains $268, which is better than Walmart.

The conclusion? If you want to get the cheapest price, choose Amazon. Their offer is constant, so I don’t think they will add any shipping tax in the nearest future. And until then, their price remains the smallest.


Click here to get 41% off for this wardrobe



My Final Verdict

I’ll try to be quite short this time: yes, I believe it’s a furniture piece worth buying, especially if you need a sturdy wardrobe with a (more than) affordable price.

You don’t have to worry about its quality, as it won’t get damaged too easily. I say this on mine, it’s pretty hard to move it around so damaging it would be hard too. And scratching isn’t a problem either…

I don’t think the price is extremely high, considering that it has a really solid wooden would normally cost $450, so you can imagine that it can’t be a bad furniture piece. You can’t really get a wardrobe of this type for less money, so I think the price and the 45% sale is more than decent.

So if I had the chance to buy it again, I think I would. It had the features I needed in a wardrobe, so I can’t say I wasn’t satisfied with it. That’s my opinion.


Now tell me, what do you think about this SystemBuild Kendall 48″ Wardrobe Storage Cabinet, White Stipple? Would you buy this furniture piece? If not, what other item would you choose instead?

Let me know your answer in a comment. Anne 😀

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2 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    This appears to be a decent product except for the lack of protective packaging and no instructions. The weight might be problem for some but because it seems rather heavy but maybe that means the quality is good. Glad to see this is cheaper on Amazon. This is a product I may consider one day. Cheers!

    • Anne says:

      Hey Mark, thanks for reading my review!

      Yes, I even read some opinions of certain people about this item, which were saying that theirs arrived damaged or scratched, probably because of the bad packaging. Of course that Amazon changed it and send them an undamaged one, but still…

      So that’s the only big downside I found in it.

      Yes, if you think about it in this way, heavy furniture usually means quality fabric and manufacturing, so that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Unless you have to carry it alone, of course. 😛

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