My Review: Suncast 129 Gallon Deck Box Seat


Are you looking for a 2-in-1 bench and storage item? If you are, let me introduce you the  Suncast 129 Gallon Deck Box Seat, a product whose popularity has been increasing in the last months.

My Review: Suncast 129 Gallon Deck Box SeatYou can imagine that more and more people started asking me about it, so I decided to write a detailed review of this product, so that I can tell you if it’s worth buying or not.

Generally speaking, just like many products from Suncast, it brings together pretty good quality and small price, along with durability and versatility.

Of course that it also has enough downsides, just like any item of this price, but overall, I believe it’s a “worth checking” product.




Product name : DB9750 Extended Deck Box / Seat

Producer :  SUNCAST

Price :  $94.99 (At the time I published this article)

Cheapest place to buy :  AMAZON

My rating :   9.10 /10

Worth buying? : Depends of your needs 




Before I get into any detailed stuff, let me show you exactly the things that I liked about this Suncast deck box, along with the ones I didn’t. They will help you make a clear idea about what to expect from this storage item. And what not to expect from it. 😉


  • It’s a really large deck box when it comes to space, so I don’t think you would have any problems with your items not fitting in, as it happens with other storage boxes
  • They don’t claim it to be waterproof (just “stay dry design”), but in my case the items stored inside didn’t get wet, although it sometimes happened to leave the deck box in the rain for several minutes
  • The assembly was pretty easy (around 15 minutes from what I remember), and it can be done by one person alone
  • The price is really tempting, as this is probably one of the cheapest storage boxes of these dimensions
  • It can hold a person of average weight
  • When it comes to durability, the news are pretty good. If you take care of it, it can last up to several years in a very good condition
  • If you buy it on Amazon, you can get it shipped FOR FREE
  • Overall the offer for this Suncast Deck Box seems pretty attractive I would say, especially if you need a cheap, pretty resistant storage box


  • Unlike my expectations, it’s not as solid as they say. Just like I said before, it can normally hold a person of average weight, but not more than this (at least I wouldn’t try it). You risk to break or damage it if you try it
  • Also, the box doesn’t seem very tall, so it would be pretty uncomfortable to sit on it
  • The lid doesn’t lock properly unless you change it and buy one yourself
  • The fabric it’s made of isn’t wood or something like that, but plastic. I guess that says it all…
  • International shipping isn’t available from all sellers, and those who ship internationally have pretty high prices

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I don’t know if that’s available for you too, but in my case, one of the most important features a storage box should have is weather resistance.

My Review: Suncast 129 Gallon Deck Box SeatWhat exactly do I mean by this?

Well, I’ve come across many deck boxes that looked great and had a really large storage space, but they were totally incapable of protecting my stuff.

A few drops of rain were enough to make my things damp, which is something I was always trying to avoid.

Anyway, a thing that I love about this Suncast Deck Box is that it keeps my stuff dry even in some less fortunate situations (like when I forget the box outside in the rain 😛 ). And this did happen to me a few times lately.

As I usually keep the storage boxes outside in my backyard, you can imagine that I sometimes forget about them, so if there’s a sudden storm or rain, I would normally have some reasons to be worried.

But the Suncast Deck Box clears away all my worries, as it prevents the water from reaching the things inside, so they don’t even get damp.

Believe me, you would normally have to pay at least double for a waterproof storage box, and you get this one for just $95. A really spacious storage box, whose “stay dry” design also protects your stuff from rain, for just $95. Now tell me this isn’t a great deal.




I know you guys probably don’t expect to a very durable storage box at this price, but the news are actually pretty good.

I’ve had two Suncast 129 Gallon Deck Boxes in the last 3 years, and one of them is still in very good shape. The reason? I guess it’s partly because I took good care of it, but also because it’s not just a low-quality bargain.

I bought my first 129 Gallon Suncast Deck Box around 3 years ago, as I needed something large that would store some carpets and curtains while I was redecorating my home. I was extremely busy with the work inside the house, so I admit I didn’t pay too much attention to the deck box and I would always forget it to bring it inside while raining.

The results were visible in about 4 months: as my deck box was always outside in the rain, it started to get damaged and fade, so you can imagine that it also lost its “waterproof” ability. 

However, I decided to buy another piece because I was really satisfied with the price and with how spacious it was. I also decided to take better care of it (which I really did) and now I’ve had it for about 2 years and it still looks pretty good.

My Review: Suncast 129 Gallon Deck Box Seat

So what did I learn from this experience? 

That it can be a very durable storage box as long as you take decent care of it, and by this I mean that you don’t always leave it in the rain, as I did. If you can’t take it inside, try to keep it on your porch or balcony, or in any other place where it won’t get wet.

That would make a huge difference, and it would also save you some time and money, because this Suncast Deck Box has potential, it only needs a bit of care and it will store properly everything you need. 😉




I know I may be a bit harsh saying this, but the truth is that when it comes to the sitting part, this storage box doesn’t really do what it claims. 🙁

My Review: Suncast 129 Gallon Deck Box SeatAccording to the official description, the Suncast Deck Box can anytime provide an “additional sitting”, which means that you can frequently use it as a bench or sitting place. But that’s in theory.

Because practically, once you see and touch this deck box, you’ll immediately notice that it doesn’t seem capable of holding a bigger person than average. In fact, I can’t say I feel very comfortable while sitting on it, even if my weight is rather under average.

I guess there’s no point mentioning that it could never support 2 people, even if they’re both of average weight. It just doesn’t feel solid enough for this, I would always have the feeling that it would break if someone else sat on it.

Moreover, despite the fact that it’s officially “also a sitting item”, it doesn’t seem comfortable because of its low height.

Let me explain it, it’s like you sat on a chair that is really low, much lower than normal. Wouldn’t you have that weird feeling that you’re just a few inches above the ground? Because I do have it, and it’s not the most pleasant feeling you could have while sitting.

So to give you my honest opinion, as a sitting item it’s almost useless. That’s why I don’t really advise you to buy it exclusively for this feature, because you won’t be very satisfied with it. 🙁




If you read the paragraphs from above, you probably understood that I’m pretty satisfied with this deck box, at least when it comes to quality.

To tell you honestly, I didn’t expect too much at first, considering that it’s made of plastic. And everybody knows that plastic isn’t the most desired fabric for chests, on the contrary.

But its quality quite impressed me, I mean it lasted for much more than 3 months (as I thought in the beginning). So for a plastic box, I do believe that it has a pretty good quality.

My Review: Suncast 129 Gallon Deck Box Seat
I’m not saying that it’s the best deck box I’ve seen, but considering the fabric it’s made of and its price, I would say it’s a pretty “worth checking” product.




During the past months I’ve been asked several times about this Suncast Gallon Box, as many people choose it for its large dimensions and space.

For this reason, you can imagine that I did my best in order to find the biggest discounts and the cheapest place for this storage box, and until now, Amazon remains the #1 choice.

I noticed that Suncast has the best prices on Amazon, so I guess Amazon remains their #1 selling shop. If you read some of my other Suncast products reviews, you will see that all of the can be found for the lowest price on Amazon. That’s why I think Amazon is their “biggest dealer”. 😉

My Review: Suncast 129 Gallon Deck Box Seat

If you’re familiar with buying from Amazon, you probably know that they have a lot of sales and discounts very often, so many times you can get a product for an amazing price. The downside is that you can never know when these sales are going to appear, so you may buy something today and then see that it has 50% off tomorrow.

These things are very common in Amazon, so you have to take advantage every time you see a good discount.

At the time I’m writing this article, this Suncast Deck Box can be bought for just $95 from Amazon, with a sale of 41%. So far, this percent is the highest I’ve seen for this product, so I really recommend you to take advantage of it, in case it’s still available.

Comparing the offer for this storage box on Amazon with other sites, this remains the best price. On most of the other sites, the price is somewhere around $150 plus shipping (which isn’t free like on Amazon). So the $95 offer from Amazon is the cheapest price I’ve found.

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So now that we’re at the end of this review, you’re probably wondering “All right, I understood the pros and the cons of this deck box, but what now? Is it really worth buying?”.

Let me try to give you some recommendations.

You should buy the Suncast 129 Gallon Deck Box:

  • If you need a large deck box that would store a lot of stuff
  • If you don’t want to pay a huge amount of money for a storage box
  • If you don’t necessarily need a wooden storage chest
  • If you don’t plan to use it exclusively as a sitting item
  • If you need a waterproof chest

However, if these facts aren’t very clear to you and you’re not very sure whether this product would be good or not for you, I suggest you to read one of my previous articles, My Suncast Resin Wicker 73 Gallon Deck Box Review. It’s a review of a very similar deck box, made by the same company, but with some smaller dimensions.

That is definitely a product I will always recommend, so if you decide that the 73 gallon version would also suit your needs, I really advise you to get that one instead of the 120 gallon one. It’s much more practical and the downsides are almost insignificant.

So it’s your choice. 🙂

Thank you for reading My Suncast 120 Gallon Deck Box Review and i hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will do my best to give you the answer you need.


So what do you think about this Suncast storage box? Would you buy it? Or you would choose the 73 gallons version instead?

Let me know in a comment. Anne:D

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4 Responses

  1. Kylie says:

    I love your review, the pictures are so cool!

    I think I’ll order this Suncast deck box these days, I was looking for a large storage box for some time and this one seems perfect. I don’t plan to use it as a sitting, so I guess you recommend it then lol.

    I’ll tell you how I like it 🙂

    • Anne says:

      Hey Kylie, I’m really happy to hear this 🙂

      Hahaha, you’re right, if you don’t need this storage box as a sitting, then it’s absolutely perfect, especially if you need a spacious one. When it comes to space, I only have praises for it.

      Okay, I’ll wait for your answer. I’m really curious about your opinion 😀

  2. Justin says:

    This is exactly what I need for my deck chairs. I live at the shore and love spending time outside on a summer day. Lately I have been dragging the cushions in and out of my garage which is not very far but far enough! To have them right next to my deck chairs would be perfection. Does this box lock?

    • Anne says:

      Hey Justin, thanks for reading my review.

      From your description, I guess this deck box would be what you’re looking for, in order to keep your cushions and other stuff there. Yes, it has some special lids and it does lock, but I would advise you to change those original lids, as they’re not very resistant.

      Anyway, the good news is that you can lock it whenever you need it, so you shouldn’t worry about this. :

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