My Review: Spiral 3 Light Chandelier by ET2


A few weeks ago I received a message from one of my readers, in which he asked me if I had tried the Spiral 3 Light Chandelier by ET2.

He told me he wanted to buy this gorgeous piece, but as it doesn’t have a really insignificant price, he wanted to get informed and make sure he’s not making a bad investment.

I realized I had seen this lighting fixture before but I didn’t remember it that well. So after taking a look in some of my files from the previous years, I found a small report I made for this ET2 Chandelier.

My Review- Spiral 3 Light Chandelier by ET2 (1)

It is indeed a very beautiful chandelier, made from a high-quality glass and crystals, that reminds me of those luxurious rooms that we see in some movies. The price matches its great quality, so you can’t really find it anywhere for less than $450.

But in case you haven’t heard about it before, let me tell you some things about it.

Product name :  E23139-10PC 3 Light Spiral Chandelier

Producer : ET2 Lighting

Price : $448.00   (At the time I’m writing this review)

Cheapest place to buy :  AMAZON (The price is quite the same everywhere, but for me Amazon was the most comfortable choice)

My rating : 8.50 / 10 

Worth buying? : Depending on your budget

Even though I can’t say I know too much about this lighting piece (as I normally do when I review something), I will try to show you what I liked and what I didn’t like about it.

There won’t be a lot of things because, as I said, I don’t claim to know this product very well, but I will tell you what I wrote about it in my report from a few years ago.


What I liked about it

  • It’s one of those chandeliers that look extremely elegant and that can turn a plain home into a palace. I think that’s because of the crystals that sparkle continuously
  • You can see that it’s a very expensive chandelier just by looking at it. So it’s not one of those lighting items that have a great quality and last a long time, but their appearance doesn’t show it (I’ve seen many chandeliers that did that, that’s why I’m saying)
  • It shines really nicely from any part of the room you looked (I guess one of the reasons is the polished Chrome finish it has)
  • There’s a 1 year warranty for this chandelier, which is enough because it has almost 0% chances to get broken after the first months (this warranty is rather in case you get a damaged piece, so that you can have it replaced; otherwise it’s almost impossible that it simply gets damaged without a reason, because it has a great quality)
  • You can use it in many different decors and styles. I mean, besides Rustic and a few other styles with fixed characteristics, I guess it could match any other decor. So it’s very versatile
  • On Amazon, the shipping is free within the US. I also checked some other sites, but many of them don’t offer fre shipping, so Amazon remains my recommendations in case you want to get it

Click here to get free shipping for this chandelier on Amazon


What I didn’t like about it

  • The price is definitely a downside for this chandelier. Even though it’s really worth a high amount of money, many people (and some of my clients too) couldn’t afford it easily
  • I haven’t seen any discounts for it, neither on Amazon nor on any other site or shop. So the $448 price is kind of the only one available at any time
  • It can only be delivered within the US
  • I also don’t like that it’s not a very popular product, so you can’t really find a lot of information about it on the Internet or in specialized shops (even Amazon doesn’t offer almost any details about it)


Now, let me give you some more details…

Just like I said in the beginning, I don’t know this chandelier so well to be able to answer all your questions and curiosities about it. But I do know a few things about it, things that I noticed when I ordered and used it for a client’s home.

So let me tell you what I do know about it, and if you have any questions at the end, you can leave a comment below. I can’t promise to give you the answer you need, but I will do my best. So let’s begin.


Opulence is the word that describes this item best

Your probably realized this yourself, after seeing the price of this chandelier. An item that costs $450 must be really luxurious, doesn’t it?

And in fact, this ET2 lighting piece was created especially for this purpose, to give regular or elegant rooms a touch of glamour. Personally, it reminds of the years ’60 trends, when luxury and shine were a must in the homes of rich people.

The K9 crystals this chandelier has make it unique both in pattern and style, so it could transmit this authenticity in your home, once it’s placed there. That’s only if you want an elegant home, because I know some people who prefer to stick with Bohemian or Rustic styles, which aren’t quite suitable for this piece.

So it’s all about opulence with the ET2 chandelier. You can see this just by taking a look at it, you’ll immediately feel like you were in a palace hall (that’s how I felt once I hanged it from the ceiling in my client’s house 😉 ).

Therefore, if you want to turn your home into a palace using just one furniture piece, I can pretty much say that this ET2 chandelier is one of the best items you could choose.


Shine, shine and once again, shine

In case you were wondering what exactly draws the attention in this chandelier, there answer is just above. 🙂

It has a great way of shining, not too bright but bright enough to catch your eye. That’s the only definition I could find. 😛

So “opulence” is the word that describes this chandelier best, but “shine” is the word that makes you understand what exactly it does. The crystals are very well placed on the metal support, which makes it look as shiny, no matter from what part of the room you looked at it.

Plus that this shine is perfect for many design styles like Art Deco, Vintage or in certain cases even Minimalism. So you can blend it with a lot of different furniture pieces from different styles. And that’s what I call a versatile lighting piece. 


So, should you buy it?

I don’t necessarily recommend you this chandelier. At least, not if you aren’t willing to spend a large amount of money on a collection piece (because after all, that’s what it actually is). 

If you only want an elegant chandelier with crystals and similar elements, I can recommend you a much more affordable one. But if you want a lighting fixture that would transform your home into a Hollywood villa and you afford paying more than for a regular chandelier, I do recommend you this piece. 

As I said before, I checked out several sites and shops, and they all have around the same price, $448. Discounts or sales aren’t something usual for this product, because every time I looked at it (and everywhere), the price remained unchanged. I blame its non-popularity for this, but…that’s it. 

My Review: Spiral 3 Light Chandelier by ET2

However, in certain shops I found out that the free shipping was included in the initial price, while others asked you to pay some extra dollars for the shipping. Of course that I suggest you to buy from the ones that offer the shipping for free (Amazon), it wouldn’t make sense otherwise. 😉

Anyway, to give you a short conclusion, this ET2 Lighting Piece isn’t for every budget, so don’t spend your money in vain if you don’t afford buying it. That’s my honest opinion, and it may sound a bit selfish, but it’t the best advice I could give you.

Besides, there are some other lighting fixtures that are extremely similar to this one (some made even by the same company) but with a much more affordable price.


This was my Spiral 3 Light Chandelier by ET2 review, I hope the information I offered were helpful and that they helped you understand more this product. As I said before, I don’t have a lot of experience with it, so I may have missed something in my review (I apologize for this) but I tried to show you my honest opinion about it.

If you have any questions, please let me know below and I will do my best to give you the answer you need. All the best,

Anne 😀

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