My Review: South Shore Summer Breeze Collection 6 Drawer Double Dresser, Chocolate


Hey everyone! Right now it’s time to review the South Shore Summer Breeze Collection 6 Drawer Double Dresser, Chocolate shade, because it’s one of the furniture pieces that I’ve been asked about in the last months. So I guess it’s one of the items people really consider buying in this period.

For this reason, I want to show you my honest review about this furniture piece, because at first sight it really looks like a pretty high quality product. But if we dig into it…does it still have that high quality? That’s exactly what I want you to find out from my review.

So keep reading the following lines. 😀

Product name: Summer Breeze 6-Drawer Double Dresser

Producer:  South Shore

Price:  $189.99 (At the time I published this article)

Cheapest place to buy:  WALMART

My rating:  7.90 /10

Worth buying?: Depends on how skillful you are 🙂


What I Liked About It

  • I ordered it when decorating the home of one of my clients, so it wasn’t for my own home. However, I really like the way it looked, it was exactly what that room needed. I mean, I got exactly what I wanted and what I was hoping for, which was perfect
  • To me it looked pretty sturdy and big, considering that it didn’t wobble at all
  • I was a bit worried about the drawers, but they turned out to be really easy to pull in and out, much easier than I thought. 😀 Plus that they never slam shut, so they won’t really get damaged because of this
  • There are 4 different options when it comes to color, so matching shouldn’t be a problem (it wasn’t for me 🙂 )
  • In the official description they say it’s a kids’ drawer, but there is absolutely any reason why adults couldn’t use it. It’s large and spacious enough for a lot of clothes, so I wouldn’t recommend it necessarily as a kids’ drawer, but as a regular drawer. That’s what I order it for
  • Regarding the price, in my opinion it’s very good. I say this because, before coming across this furniture piece, I found a lot of similar items that had really huge prices (over $800). So $189 seems really low in comparison to these…
  • I ordered it from Walmart, and they offer the shipping for free. Plus that the item arrives pretty quickly, even with regular shipping (you can pay some extra dollars for faster shipping and you receive it in the next 2 days I think)
  • Overall, as a storage drawer I would say it’s okay, not too good but not too bad either


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • You have to be pretty skillful to put it together by yourself
  • The instructions were absolutely horrible. First of all, they were very badly written and they had a very complicated style, so it was hard to understand what you have to do and how exactly you have to put each piece. Besides, the pictures didn’t help too much either, because to me, they didn’t seem to match the structure of the item. So it was hard to figure it out
  • All pieces came in one box, which makes it really difficult for me to place them in the right order and to assemble the item correctly. I managed in the end, but it wasn’t easy at all
  • The quality isn’t really the best I could ask for. I noticed this right from the beginning, because some parts were hard to put together and they didn’t seem to match each other perfectly, which would be normal. By the way, pay attention to the screws and how you use them when assembling each part of the drawer
  • Regarding its look, be aware that it has a slightly unfinished look, which I wasn’t aware of when I ordered it. I can’t say it looks bad or that it doesn’t match the decor, but it would have looked better if it was exactly as in the pictures from the official site


Click here to see more details about this product on Walmart



And Now Let’s Get To The Review

So on the whole, I can’t say I was extremely delighted with this South Shore drawer. To be honest, it’s definitely not the best drawer I’ve tried, it’s not even in top 5.

However, if I had to judge after the price/quality ratio, I can’t say it’s a very bad investment. It cost less than $200 and it lasted for more than 2 years (that’s what my client told me about that piece I ordered for his bedroom), so these dates don’t sound too bad, do they?

Anyway, I can’t say I really recommend you this drawer, nor that I don’t recommend it. I can’t say this item is the best one you can get, because it has enough downsides. But it also has a lot of advantages, so it’s hard to take a decision. But first, let me tell you more about these reasons.


I Have To Praise The Shelves

Considering the small price of this furniture piece, I admit I was a bit afraid it would have a pretty low quality. And what would this mean?

Well, as this piece is a drawer, one of the most common problems of low quality drawers is that they open and close pretty hard. I mean, their shelves are usually hard to pull in and out, plus that in my cases they are pretty squeaky. So it’s not something you can easily solve.

That what I was afraid of when it comes to this South Shore drawer. But it wasn’t the case. 🙂

To my huge surprise, the shelves (I usually call them drawers, but I don’t want to get you confused so I’ll call them shelves :D) pull in and out really easily, so you don’t even have to push them too hard. But the thing that impressed me most was that they made absolutely no noise.

I even asked my client after a few months about the drawer, and he told me he didn’t have anything to criticize about it. It didn’t squeak at all, and the shelves worked perfectly, so he was satisfied at that point. So when it comes to the shelves, I can say I pretty much like them.

They are probably my favorite part of this drawer, so I can’t criticize them too much, I don’t have any reasons.


But The Assembly…It Was Horrible

I think it’s not the first time I mention how much I “liked” assembling this furniture piece, is it? Well, I can’t really help it… 😀

When I received the package of this drawer, I was a bit surprised to see that there was only one box. I mean, the drawer isn’t really small and it has a lot of pieces you have to put together. And despite this, all those pieces were crammed there together.

Anyway, I didn’t like this too much because it was pretty hard to get them out and put them in the right order, but I won’t insist too much on it. There was something else I wanted to tell you.

I don’t know if I have ever come across a furniture piece with such bad instructions…Seriously.

I’ve seen a lot of products whose instructions had a difficult language or weird photos, but these ones were by far the worst ones.

The language was pretty hard to understand (I think they were translated from another language, and the translator wasn’t the best one…), the steps you had to follow didn’t make any sense, and the pictures that were supposed to help you didn’t really match the real item. I mean, they showed me something in the picture and my item was a totally different thing in reality.

With the help of others, we managed to clarify things a bit and we assembled the drawer…but it wasn’t an easy job, by any means. I think it took us more than 2 hours to put it together, considering that the regular time for this kind of piece would be under an hour.

So I really hated this part because of those bad instructions. They ruined my day…:P


Is The Price So Bad?

Hmm, if I had to say something about the price, I would by no means say it’s bad. On the contrary, it seems pretty good to me.

Just think about it, you couldn’t find a lot of similar drawers for less than $700-$800. At least I haven’t, and I searched a lot, that’s for sure.

So judging after how this drawer looks and how much it costs, from this point of view it doesn’t really seem like a bad choice. I remember ordering it from Walmart because they had the lowest price at that point. At this moment, I noticed that the price is more or less the same in most online shops, so you can choose it from which one you want.

My Review: South Shore Summer Breeze Collection 6 Drawer Double Dresser, Chocolate

However, I still prefer Walmart for this item, because I noticed they have it on stock almost all the time. While on Amazon, it’s not always available and you have to wait several days (or weeks) until they receive it and then send it to you. So Walmart seems an easier and faster alternative to me.

The shipping is free on most online shops, so nothing to say about this. But once again, when it comes to the price it has, this South Shore drawer looks much more attractive. 😀


Click here to see more details about this product on Walmart



My Final Verdict – So Is It A Good Or A Bad Choice?

Now that we’re at the end of this review, you’re probably wondering if I recommend this drawer or not. I really criticized its instructions and assembly, but I really liked its look and its structure, plus that it’s a pretty cheap item in my opinion.

So if you’re really skillful when it comes to assembling stuff or if you’re simply not afraid to try it…I say you should go for it and try this drawer. Once you finish with this assembly part, you will most likely love it and be really satisfied about buying it.

However, if assembling things isn’t your strong point…you will probably have a really hard time assembling this drawer. And I know it sounds a bit silly not recommending this piece for this small reason, but putting it together is the most important step and if you don’t do it right, you will never be able to use the drawer.

Anyway, if you’re lucky enough to have it assembled by someone, then this assembly problem would go away. So it’s up to you what you decide. But if you can get over the assembly part, I think I recommend you this drawer, that’s my final thought. I’m pretty sure you would love it afterwards.


So what do you think about this South Shore Summer Breeze Collection 6 Drawer Double Dresser? Would you buy it despite the hard assembly? Or you would choose something easier to put together?

Let me know your answer in a comment. Anne 😀

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