My Review: Rubbermaid Large Deck Box with Seat


As it’s “The Storage Box MONTH”, let me introduce you the Rubbermaid Large Deck Box with Seat, another serious aspirant for the title of Home Of Art’s Best Storage Box.

Rubbermaid may not be among the most popular storage item brands right now, but I’ve noticed that it has some products that are really worth (at least) checking out; and this Large Deck Box with Seat is definitely one of them.

My Review: Rubbermaid Large Deck Box with Seat


1. General Facts


Product name :  Deck Box with Seat

Producer :  Rubbermaid

Price : From $30 to $134, depending on the size you choose

Cheapest place to buy :  AMAZON

My rating :    8.70/10

Worth buying? : Yes, if you don’t necessarily need a waterproof deck box


2. PROs and CONs Summary

I know that the easiest way to understand the qualities and downsides of any product is by seeing a direct comparison between what it does and what it doesn’t. That’s why, in my reviews, I always try to choose this method in order to summarize the good and the bad about any item.

So here and the ones for the Rubbermaid Deck Box With Seat.


  • I would give it a high mark exclusively for storage, it’s really spacious and you can place a lot of stuff inside
  • You don’t have to stick to a certain size, there are 5 different boxes you can choose from, according to the size you need
  • Pretty solid and sturdy, so you could also use it as a sitting; however, it’s pretty light when you lift it so you can carry it around easily 
  • Even though it’s made of plastic, it has quite a nice aspect and you can also decorate it with lining, in case you want to make it look better
  • For these dimensions, the price is pretty suitable in my opinion
  • There are often times sales and discounts for this product, at the time I’m writing this article there’s a 17% sale but I’ve also seen 25% or 30% ones
  • The shipping within US is free for every size (except the smaller ones whose price is somewhere around $30 and $45 so they won’t offer you free shipping)


  • It doesn’t keep your stuff dry in rainy weather: the waterproof ability is almost absent so if you let it in the rain you have high chances to have your things wet
  • No weather resistance (snow could be included here 😛 )
  • It’s a pretty light piece, but you have to carry it when it’s empty, else it would be extremely difficult, considering that it has no handlers
  • International shipping isn’t available from every seller

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3. Some Words About The Dimensions


Now that you heard me praising this deck box so much, you’re probably wondering about its dimensions, how much stuff it can store inside, am I right?

I guess I am. 😛

On the official site, I’ve found this great picture that will allow you to compare 3 different sizes of this Rubbermaid Deck Box.

My Review: Rubbermaid Large Deck Box with Seat

As you can see, the dimensions of each are slightly different, but they could all store a pretty large quantity.

I tried to “translate” these dimensions into something we’re more familiar with, so I got these results:

  • The 10-Cubic Feet box has a capacity of 75 gallons
  • The 12-Cubic Feet box can store up to 90 gallons
  • And the 16-Cubic Feet one is the largest, that can store maximum 120 gallons

These are the “big” deck boxes. In case they are a bit too large, you have 2 other options:

  • The medium box has a capacity of 8-Cubic Feet (around 60 gallons)
  • The smallest one has 2.6-Cubic Feet, which is around 20 gallons

So as you can see, there are plenty of options for everyone. I cannot advise you to choose a certain deck box, simply because it’s all about the dimensions you need. There’s no point getting a large storage box if you only have a few things to store inside (and the opposite is also available 😛 ).

But all in all, I believe the wide range of options this deck box has make it a really good deal for every type of budget and needs.


4. Absolutely YES As A Sitting

Those of you who’ve been following my articles in this “Storage Box Month” may know that I tend to criticize every little aspect that I don’t like about a deck box.

You’ve probably seen this in my previous post, My Review Of Suncast 129 Gallon Deck Box, when I insisted a lot on the fact that the Suncast deck box promised to provide an additional sitting feature and it actually didn’t.

However, getting back to our Rubbermaid deck box, I’m extremely happy to tell you that you can actually use this item as a sitting. 😀

It’s true that the company does claim that it’s a “deck box with seat”, but lately I’ve seen so many similar cases that turned out to be lies that…I don’t believe anything before I try it myself.

Although this Rubbermaid box is also made of plastic (just like the Suncast one), it’s built in a much steadier manner, so that it feels extremely solid and comfortable, but most importantly, you never get the feeling that it couldn’t hold you. 

My Review: Rubbermaid Large Deck Box with Seat

In other words, it offers both physical and mental comfort. 😛

Ironically, the box’s weight is pretty light and you can actually lift and carry it around easily. This assuming that it’s empty. 

So when it comes to the sitting part, there’s no need to worry, the Rubbermaid deck box does provide the additional, solid sitting it claims. 😀


5. The Weather Resistance Is Close To Zero…


This is probably the biggest disadvantage I can find for the Rubbermaid storage box. And unfortunately it’s a really big one… 🙁

Review: Rubbermaid Large Deck Box With SeatWhat is weather resistance and what exactly do I mean when I say it’s close to 0?

Well, in this case I’m talking about rain, snow, storms and all the other weather phenomena. The Rubbermaid storage box doesn’t have a waterproof ability, so the things you store inside have high chances of getting wet.

It may be a design error or I don’t know the reason, but this storage box doesn’t manage to protect the stuff inside properly.

It has certain small spaces on its surface that would allow the water to enter in case of a blazing rain, snow could also get inside easily, not to mention that in case of a storm, things would get much worse.

I haven’t really found a viable solution to this problem, simply because I don’t know what could be done about it. I was once thinking about using a thicker fabric in order to create a lining around those small holes, but I don’t think this would last too much.

So in case you have any idea, please let me know. Any solution (even a temporary one) would be more than welcome; this storage box is really cool but it has this huge defect. 🙁


6. A Pretty Good Offer on Amazon


As I told you before, in the last months I’ve been checking the best deals in storage boxes so that I could recommend you the best place to get them, in case you decide to get any.

Anyway, just like in the previous cases, the best price I found was on Amazon.

There it costs about $90, so I checked many other sites that I believed to have a discount in this period, but the results weren’t really the ones I had expected. Some sold this item for a few dollars more, while others had a very different price, selling it for more than $120.

And there’s no point paying some extra cash for something that you can get much cheaper, isn’t it so?

Therefore, I concluded that the best price remains the $92 offer from Amazon, which also includes free shipping and a 17% discount.

My Review: Rubbermaid Large Deck Box with Seat

However, the not-so-good news is that you can’t really take advantage of the free shipping if you live outside the US. I’ve never understood this rule, but they probably have their own reasons, like the custom taxes or issues…

Anyway, there are several possibilities to have this deck box shipped abroad, but you can imagine that it will cost…enough. As far as I remember, there are around 2-3 sellers that ship this product internationally, so you can get it from them. It won’t get you bankrupt, but you’ll probably have to pay more than you would normally pay for a shipping.

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7. Conclusion – So, Worth Buying or Not?


My Review: Rubbermaid Large Deck Box with SeatNow that we’re at the end of this review, I will try to give you a brief conclusion about the Rubbermaind Deck Box.

It’s true that it has a some unique, great features, but it also has some pretty convincing downsides, so it’s not that easy to make a decision. 

However, let me tell you once again the main things you should know when considering about this product. 

I tried to sum everything up in the image from the right, so that you can save it and check it out whenever you’re thinking about buying this item.

I’m sure it will help you, it has helped me to get a better idea whether it’s worth buying or not, because having the pros and cons right in front of you would make a huge difference, believe me.

And the final verdict?

Well, if I had to score this deck box, I think I would give it an 8.70.

The great space, the variety of options and the good price make it a really desirable piece, but its non-waterproof design makes me forget about all its qualities. 🙁

However, if you don’t need a weather resistant deck box, then you really should take a look at this Rubbermaid piece, as it’s extremely useful for everything else. You’re not just spending your money in vain, trust me. 😉


Thank you for reading my Rubbermaid Large Deck Box Review, I really hope that you found the necessary info here and if you were looking for a specific thing that I didn’t cover, please leave a comment below and I will do my best to help you. 

What do you think about this Rubbermaid Deck Box? Would you buy it if you need a storage box?

Let me know your answer in a comment. Anne 😀

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2 Responses

  1. Tony says:

    Hei, good review on this storage box. It looks a lot smarter than some of the similar models I have seen around, so that is a big plus. While you mention it is not weatherproof, I am sure for storing kids outdoor toys, plastic stuff, etc it would be great. We had a similar model on our property but unfortunately we were in an extremely wind prone region which blew the lid off one day when we forgot to lock it down.

    • Anne says:

      Hi, thanks for your comment 🙂

      I agree, when it comes to appearance this deck box looks really elegant and professional, you wouldn’t say it has such a small price.

      It would be a great item to store things like those you mentioned, especially if you can place it in a place that is covered or at least partially covered. In this way the non-waterproof design won’t be a problem. That’s what I did personally 😉

      Fortunately this storage box also has a lockable lid, so if you lock it up there won’t be any problems. Just take care not to forget about it 😉

      I hope this helps. Thank you for reading my review.

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