My Review: Rowenta IS6200 Compact Valet Full Size Garment And Steamer, With Foot Operated Off Switch, 1500 Watt, Blue


Hey guys! Today I’m reviewing the Rowenta IS6200 Compact Valet Full Size Garment and Steamer, With Foot Operated Off Switch, 1500 Watt, Blue which is a really cool and modern cleaning tool.

Even though it’s not a furniture piece and it doesn’t have anything to do with furniture, I decided to make an exception and review it on my furniture blog, because I really had to tell you about it.

I bought it just a few weeks ago and I haven’t seen everything it can do yet, but after the things that I did see…I’m really in love with it! So I just couldn’t miss the boat and not tell you about it. 😀 But these being said…


Let’s get to the review


Product name:  IS6200 Compact Valet Full Size Garment Steamer

Producer:  Rowenta

Price:  $112.91 (At the time I published this article)

Cheapest place to buy:  AMAZON

My rating:   9.80 /10

Worth buying?: I really recommend it


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Why I Bought This Steamer


I’ve never been a huge fan of irons because it always seemed to me that it takes so long that I could do a lot more things in that time. So you can imagine how my clothes look a lot of times when I go out…especially when I’m in a hurry. 😛

And as I wasn’t interested in this subject, I had no idea about steamers and stuff, I thought there were only regular irons and if you don’t like those…that’s it, you go out with crumpled clothes. Until one friend told me about her new steamer, which she was really proud of.

She told me it made her work a lot easier and that she saved a lot of time with this tool. As I had no idea about what she was talking, I asked her more…until she convinced me I really had to try this thing.

But as I’m usually not that easy to convince, I wanted to see hers first and make sure she doesn’t exaggerate with praises (as she does sometimes :P).

Long story short, I pretty much liked the item because it kind of makes the wrinkles go away in just a few minutes, much less than regular irons, which take me about half an hour of my life. 😛 So my friend didn’t exaggerate at all…

That’s how I decided to try this Rowenta steamer. This happened less than 2 months ago I think, so I received the steamer a few weeks ago. And here comes the story…


Came Quickly And Assembled Quickly


These are the 3 brushes  you get

One of the things that I liked about this steamer is the fact that I didn’t have to wait a lot after it. I ordered it in the first week of October and it was delivered to my home about 3-4 days later.

Even though it’s not really a large product, I was expecting it took them longer to ship it, so I had a nice surprise from Amazon.

Anyway, another good news is that this steamer is really really easy to put together. Basically all you have to do is to put together a few larger pieces and then fill the tank with tap water (only top water, not regular water because it may broke down faster).

Once you finish with this, the steamer is ready to use. So it couldn’t be easier than this. 😉


It Really Does Its Job…And I Save Sooo Much Time


So the thing that you’re probably interested in is “Does it really does what it claims? Is it worth buying?”. And my answer is YES.

I’m really satisfied with what it does. Basically, all you have to do is to put the cloth you want to steam on the hanger, make sure you put the clips on it (so the cloth will remain in a fixed position), turn on the steamer and start steaming.

Once it’s turned on, the steamer makes a small noise that is pretty common for this kind of tools (that’s what my friend says, not I :P) so at least you know if you forget to turn it off.

Anyway, you just have to steam each part of the fabric, especially the one that has more wrinkles (that if you’re in a really really big hurry). I personally like to go from one end to the other, so I always make sure I cover all the fabric.

One thing that I really love about this steamer is that it keeps the clothes wrinkle free even after some time. Like, every time I ironed my clothes, after I finished with one part and moved to another part…the wrinkles came back. I don’t know, maybe I wasn’t ironing correctly (which is very possible :P) but I still don’t know how else I could do it.

But this thing doesn’t happen with this steamer. Once I finish with one part, it remains wrinkle free so I don’t have to do it again.

That’s why I say I save a lot of time with this steamer: what I did in 30 minutes with an regular iron, I do in 5 with this steamer. So I can finally afford to “iron” my clothes when I don’t have much time! And this for me means a lot, really.


A Really Good Offer Right Now…


A few weeks ago when I ordered this item, I chose Amazon because it had both the lowest price and best shipping. I know there was a pretty small sale, so I paid around $110 for this steamer, which seemed like really little even then.

However, as I checked it out today, I noticed they lowered the price a lot! Right now it’s just $75, with nothing less than 42% off!

Now I don’t know how long is going to last this great offer, but if you’re lucky enough to still find it available…I really advise you not to let it go away! $75 is really little for all the time you will save using this steamer, so don’t let this opportunity go away, really…

My Review: Rowenta IS6200 Compact Valet Full Size Garment And Steamer, With Foot Operated Off Switch, 1500 Watt, Blue


Click here to get 42% off for Rowenta’s steamer



A Short Summary


Things I liked about it:

  • It does its job really fast, you only have to steam each part of the cloth once and it’s enough
  • The fabric doesn’t get wrinkled soon after you finish steaming it
  • It’s really easy to put together
  • They have a great offer on Amazon, and they ship it free and pretty fast
  • It works 5 times faster than regular irons, so I really save a lot of time
  • It’s also available for international shipping

Things I didn’t like about it:

  • You have to use only that hanger, so you can’t steam several clothes at the same time
  • The clips don’t hold the clothes straight (depending on the fabric), so it’s hard to steam a certain item sometimes


So Would I Buy It Again?


I told you that since I got this steamer, I stopped having trouble with wrinkled clothes because this thing doesn’t take me 30 minutes anymore.

Before, I would prefer to go out with crumpled clothes simply because I could not afford spending so much time ironing them. So between going out with crumpled clothes and not going out at all…I used to choose the first.

However, since I started using Rowenta’s steamer…I no longer go out with crumpled clothes. 😛

So if you ask me whether I would buy it again or not…oh, I definitely would! Now that I got used to having all my clothes look perfect, I can’t imagine living without this steamer. I can’t even imagine getting back to my old iron, which wasn’t as old and low-quality as you may think.

This steamer really made my life much easier…and much more elegant. 😛

So if you ask me, I would definitely buy it again. That’s why I also recommend it to you, considering the low price it has and the “miracles” it made on my clothes. If you’re like me and you lose a lot of time with regular irons, this tool will be heaven on earth for you.

So in my opinion, it’s definitely a must-try item!

Click here to get 42% off for Rowenta’s steamer



Now tell me, what do you think about this Rowenta IS6200 Compact Valet Full Size Garment and Steamer, With Foot Operated Off Switch, 1500 Watt, Blue? 

Will you buy this steamer? Or if you already own it, what is your opinion about it?

Let me know your answer in a comment. Anne 😀

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4 Responses

  1. africanibal says:

    Hey Anne, I’m one of your constant readers and I must say that i really love your posts about furniture.

    I was actually looking for an iron in this period, so your review came at the perfect moment. You really convinced me this Rowenta steamer is worth giving a shot.

    So all these 3 brushes from the 3rd picture are included or you ordered them separately? Thanks.

    • Anne says:

      Hey, I”m so glad to hear this, it makes me really happy to know that all the stuff I write is being read by someone 🙂

      Yeah, in my opinion this steamer from Rowenta can anytime beat a regular iron, no matter how professional it is. A steamer is still much easier to use and it saves you a lot of time.

      About those brushes, I didn’t order them separately, they are included in the package. I think it’s written in the description of this steamer on Amazon. Anyway, they are offered in order to help you steam the clothes easier, depending on the fabric. I know I found a lot of stuff about each brush in the instructions, and there they said about each for what kind of fabric it’s better.

      So if you buy this steamer, let me know what you think about it in reality 🙂

  2. Matt's Mom says:

    You know the price is right, it is actually not super expensive for all that it does. Bye bye ironing board and iron. I like this, seems much easier, faster, and well kind of fun. I really like the price once I saw it is discounted. I have been meaning to buy an ironing board for sometime. Had renters in my house for a year, and I don’t know what they did with it. So I have been ironing on my dresser which is not super efficient. Now I will just skip right to the Rowenta!

    • Anne says:

      Hey there, I’m glad I gave you a new idea about ironing 🙂

      This item from Rowenta seems just like you would need right now, and believe me that it makes a big difference once you have it. I say this from my own experience 😉

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