Review: Fashion Bed Group’s Casey Daybed With Trundle – The #1 White Daybed With Trundle


Today it’s time to review the Fashion Bed Group’s Casey Daybed With Trundle, Soft White because it’s a piece that can anytime replace a regular bed.

Though it’s a bit large for a very small room, this daybed can help you more than you think – if unexpected guests come around or if you simply need an extra sleeping place.

I know it’s not the cheapest daybed you can find, but it’s my #1 option when it comes to quality and durability.


Let’s Get To The Review

Product name: Casey Daybed With Trundle, White

Producer:  Fashion Bed Group

Price:  $471.45 (At the time I published this article)

Cheapest place to buy:  AMAZON

My rating:   9.70 /10

Worth buying?: Oh yes


But Before That…Here’s The Summary 😉


  • Looks very elegant and simple, so it can match any furniture or colors
  • It’s larger than most daybeds, so it’s much more comfortable
  • It fits both a normal and a larger mattress (XL)
  • The trundle can be used both for storage or for a bigger bed
  • It’s really sturdy if you put it together correctly
  • Lasts in good condition for years (until now 3 years :D)
  • Can replace a regular bed easily
  • Mine arrived faster than I expected (3 days only)
  • The company offers a 10 years warranty


  • Doesn’t ship internationally
  • Takes more space than most daybeds, so it’s not really suitable for small spaces or tiny apartments
  • It’s pretty heavy, so hard to carry around


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Pretty Easy To Put Together

I received this daybed faster than I expected, considering that on Amazon they say it takes between 3-5 days to ship. And we all know what this means, at least 5.

But I received it after 3 days, which was a really nice surprise. 😀

I knew it was a heavy, solid furniture piece so I didn’t expect it would be easy to carry the boxes. And I was right, it wasn’t…

It arrived in 3 big boxes, to my huge relief (I thought they would deliver it in 1 or 2 boxes at most, because this happened to many furniture pieces which I considered heavy…).

As I expected, they were too heavy for me to carry but luckily I had some help (in assembling too :P).

Putting it together was easier than I thought, considering that all the tools needed were included in the package. I can’t say it was extremely simple, but the instructions were well made and easy to follow, so with the help of my friend, it took us about 1 hour and a half to put it all together.

And that was pretty good for a large and solid daybed.


This Daybed Is Wider Than Most…

I planned to get a daybed for my future guests room (which was still work in progress :P), because it thought this was a much cheaper option instead of buying a regular bed.

My Review: Fashion Bed Group's Casey Daybed With Trundle, Soft White - Is It Worth All These Money?However, I didn’t want to get the cheapest daybed I could find, because I knew very well the quality it would have. So after a lot of searches, I decided on this Casey daybed. It had a lot of very good reviews, so yeah, that’s what made me choose it, I admit. 🙂

I didn’t pay too much attention at the dimensions of this daybed when I bought it, because in the pictures it seemed like any other daybed (don’t laugh at me, but at that time I used to believe that all daybeds had exactly the same dimensions…that’s why they’re daybeds, right? :P).

Anyway, the thing that surprised me a bit at this Casey daybed was that it was visibly larger than other daybeds I’ve seen. I wasn’t really a specialist at that time, so if I noticed this all alone…it must have been so. 🙂

By larger I mean that it was much wider and not so much longer. Its dimensions are 45.5″ (H) x 81.5″ (W) x 41.75″ (L), so 81.5″ is a pretty large width, comparing to 75″ which I’ve seen in most daybeds (at most). And in this case, 6.5″ make a big difference.


…So A Bigger Mattress Is Perfect

If there’s something you have to know before buying this daybed, it’s definitely that it allows you to use a wider mattress (just for the top part, the trundle has enough space just for a regular mattress but it doesn’t matter that much).

My Review: Fashion Bed Group's Casey Daybed With Trundle, Soft White - Is It Worth All These Money?When I bought this furniture piece, I had no idea about this thing. I told you, I didn’t even know it was larger until I saw it in reality.

But the good news is that, as it has a bigger width, it will allow you to place a wider mattress on it too.

Now, on a regular daybed I would usually use a M or a X one at most. And if I want to use one of these on this Casey daybed, it’s totally fine. They would fit in there perfectly too.

So the fact that you can use an XL mattress is just an option, as a regular mattress would be perfect too.

I tell you this because that’s the kind of mattress I chose at first. It wasn’t even L, it was M and it felt comfortable enough for me at that time. But if I knew…I would have definitely got an XL one, because it would have been like I had a double bed.

So if you don’t want or need a bigger mattress, a regular one would do just fine. But if you want an XL mattress and you couldn’t find any daybed that would allow it…well, you’ve found the right one now.



This Daybed Can Easily Replace A Regular Bed

Before coming across this Casey daybed, I didn’t believe that a daybed can replace a normal bed. At least, not for more than a week because most daybeds have smaller dimensions than a regular bed.

And this may be okay for a few nights, but if it’s something that happens everyday…it’s not okay anymore.

But with this daybed it’s different. I said a few paragraphs above that it’s wider than most daybeds. Okay, but why is this an advantage? After all, it means that it occupies more space so it’s not such a big advantage…


Tell me, is there a difference between a single bed and a double bed? Of course it is. Why? They have the same length, but the double bed is wider and this makes a huge difference. It’s not the same thing to sleep in a single bed or to sleep in a double bed, right?

Well, it’s the same in this case. This Casey daybed can replace a regular bed because it is wider than others. I’m not saying it’s wider than a regular double bed, but it is wider than a regular single bed. So if you think it’s a daybed…I think this says it all.

So the difference in comfort is huge between this daybed and the majority of others. These 6.5 extra inches that it has make a really big difference, and they give an important advantage to this Casey daybed, in my opinion. Do you agree?


It’s Just Simple And Sturdy

I may not be the biggest fan of simple, white furniture pieces but I have to confess that this daybed looks absolutely beautiful.

The light, simple patterns make it look really elegant, and even if the room where I initially placed it wasn’t necessarily glamorous…it seemed to me that this daybed really improved its general appearance. It may have been just an impression, but it really seemed different. In the good way 🙂

When it comes to quality, in this case I have absolutely nothing to reproach to the company. There are usually some things that I don’t like about daybeds in general, but this item has such nice features that I can’t even say I’m not satisfied.

In fact, I could say that it’s sturdier even than many single beds I came across. I mean those pretty cheap items that cost under $800…If you ever had one of those beds, you probably know what I’m talking about.

But when it comes to quality, this Casey daybed is perfect: it really feels sturdy, it doesn’t wobble and it doesn’t get scratched or damaged easily. What else could I wish for, really?


The Price May Be Higher, But It’s Totally Worth It

I told you which was my first reaction when I saw the price of this Casey daybed: I wanted to hit the Back button, because that huge price made me think of a scam.

But luckily, those very good reviews convinced me. 🙂

Now after 3 years since I’ve had this daybed, I can honestly say that I’m not sorry for buying it at all. It was definitely not a waste of money, on the contrary, it was a great investment. I had no idea it would last so long and in such a good shape.
My Review: Fashion Bed Group's Casey Daybed With Trundle, Soft White - Is It Worth All These Money?

So I know that at first sight it seems way to expensive for what you planned to buy, it was exactly the same for me. But fortunately, I didn’t think just about the present. I asked myself if I wanted a daybed for just 6 months or if I wanted one for several years.

And this made the difference in my case.

So if you want to get a daybed that you can use 5 years from now, I really recommend you this furniture piece from Fashion Bed Group.

It may cost a bit more than you want to spend on a daybed, but instead of buying a cheaper one that wouldn’t last more than 2 years…I say it’s worth spending a bit more on one that can last a lifetime (the warranty the company offers is 10 years, so I guess this speaks for itself).


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My Final Verdict – So Is It Worth All Those Money?

If you read my entire review, I guess you already know the answer. 😉

Oh yes, it is worth all those money, I’m even surprised they sell it so cheaply…Because for all the great features it has, to me it really seems cheap. 

It’s very solid and larger than regular daybeds, which means that you can put a larger mattress on it and it becomes much more comfortable. It’s delivered fast and it’s pretty easy to put together. It has a very long warranty, which pretty much guarantees that it won’t fall apart after 3 years. 

And last but not least, you can anytime use it as a night bed. You won’t feel it’s not one, I tell you this from my own experience.

So I really don’t know what I could ask more from a daybed…

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This was my experience with Fashion Bed Group’s Casey Daybed With Trundle, Soft White. I really hope you found all the information you needed and that I answered the questions you had about this item.

In case I didn’t, feel free to write a comment about anything you want to know about it, and I will gladly answer you.

So tell me, would you buy this daybed? If not, what other daybed would you choose instead?

Let me know your answers in a comment. Anne 😀


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