My Review: Daybed With Trundle By Poundex – The Best Daybed In The World?


In this post I want to review the Daybed With Trundle By Poundex, a furniture piece that seems really impressive at first sight. 

It has one of the smallest prices on the market and it doesn’t look bad at all. Besides, it can make a great bed anytime. But is it as perfect as it looks at first sight? 

If we dig deep into it, does it remain that perfect? Let me tell you about my whole story with this daybed.

Note: In order to create an authentic review, I tried out this daybed for some of my clients. So all the facts that I state below are based exclusively on my experience with it.


So Let’s Get To The Review

My Review: Daybed With Trundle In Espresso Faux Leather By Poundex - Too Good To Be True?Product name: Daybed with Trundle in Espresso Faux Leather

Producer:  Poundex

Price:  $342.54 (At the time I published this article)

Cheapest place to buy:  AMAZON

Worth buying?: Definitely

My rating: 9.60 /10


What I Liked About It

  • It makes a great sleeping bed for guests. In fact, it’s pretty much my top recommendation for this purpose, because it’s really practical
  • It’s hard to talk about comfort because it doesn’t come with a mattress included. But as far as sitting on the edges, there’s a padding on the inside, so it feels fine. However, they’re pretty thin so I wouldn’t recommend that to everyone
  • Putting it together wasn’t very complicated because the instructions had lots of explanations and several photos
  • When it comes to the fabric, this faux leather doesn’t rip off very easily. I even tried scratching it with my nails and unless you’re trying hard, you can’t leave any mark
  • I really love that it doesn’t wobble, it’s very solid and quite heavy to move around
  • It doesn’t cost much money at all, considering that it’s really massive and very sturdy. It really looks more expensive from any position you’re looking


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • The trundle doesn’t lift up, you can pull it out but it doesn’t lift up. So it’s hard to use it as a double bed, unless you’re sleeping horizontally, one person on the bed and the other on the trundle
  • Sleeping vertically is hard because you would need to match the mattresses perfectly if you want to feel comfortable
  • Obviously, there’s no mattress included
  • It’s not that kind of daybed you could place in the middle of the room, because it really looks out of nowhere
  • It has a pretty tall base, in my opinion. I haven’t found other people complaining of that, but I don’t think it feels right with a tall mattress. If you get a 12″ one, you have the feeling you’re sitting so high, at least that’s how I felt. For this reason, I recommend you to get a lower mattress


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How To Put It Together

Estimated Time: 1 hour for 2 persons

Before I bought this daybed, I tried to find several things about it from reviews, descriptions and forums. But there was one thing I never found anything about – assembly.

So how do you put this daybed together? It is easy, it is difficult? Can you do it alone or you need several persons? 

First of all, the package includes all the screws and hardware you need. I don’t remember what exactly it consists of, but I believe it was like in most furniture items: a screwdriver, several screws and maybe a few spare ones.

There’s also the instructions manual, that fortunately has a lot of text and each step is described thoroughly. There are also pictures for the most complicated parts, but even with text it would have been fine. 

What exactly you have to do: Basically, it’s all about placing the bars inside the daybed base. There are 12 bars made of metal, which aren’t extremely heavy, but I couldn’t call them light either. Then you can add the 2 edges and the back part of the daybed.

That’s really easy, because these 3 pieces come already assembled, plus that they are really big. So once you did this, it’s time insert the trundle under the base. The instructions tell you exactly how to do that, I couldn’t give you more details because I can’t tell for sure.

But overall, it’s really easy and it shouldn’t take you more than one hour. I suggest you to bring another person, because some pieces are heavy and 2 persons could do it easier. 

My Review: Daybed With Trundle By Poundex - The Best Daybed In The World?

That’s how it looks once you add the surrounding parts. The trundle is next


Tip – Leave More Space Than It Needs On Paper

That’s one tip that I really have to give you, because I saw a lot of other people complaining about it. 

According to the official description, this daybed is 44 inches wide. Let’s assume they made a mistake while measuring, and let’s say it has 45 inches. Well, if you already measured up a space and filled the surrounding corners, you will probably have a surprise with this daybed.

That’s because it’s a bit larger than the description says. Obviously, there’s no big difference, but I would say it has about 46-47 inches. Compared to 44″, it’s not really the same.

So if you already arranged your room, you might have to make some movements when you get this daybed. That’s not a big deal in a regular room, but if you have a very small space, it might be less pleasant. So keep this in mind before making the real purchase, and if you have the possibility to move stuff around, do it.

This daybed is really worth that space. 


I Tried To Test Its Sturdiness In 3 Ways

So now that the daybed was assembled, it was time to test it out. Some of the pieces were really heavy and at first sight, it really seemed solid. 

My Review: Daybed With Trundle In Espresso Faux Leather By Poundex - Too Good To Be True?I added 2 different mattresses, and everything was ready.

Test #1: For about 20 minutes, I tried several things by turn: sitting on it, standing on it, I even tried to jump on it 2-3 times. But in this case, it was rather testing out the mattress and that wasn’t my point. 

Test #2: Then I tried to sit on the right and on the left edge. They were pretty thin, so they weren’t extremely comfortable, despite having some padding inside. But that wasn’t the point.

What I wanted so see was if they could hold me normally, and they did. I could sit there for 30 minutes or as long as I could.

Test #3: Next, I tried to push the daybed from both sides, without trying to move it. I only wanted to see if it wobbled, especially because the trundle was on wheels. But no, there was no sign of wobbling. 

The floor from the room was also very straight, but if the wheels weren’t perfect, it could still wobble. Well, that wasn’t the case so my conclusion was very simple. 

This daybed was as sturdy as it seemed. It didn’t wobble randomly, it didn’t move easily and it could hold me forever. I checked the bars inside and they weren’t bent at all, so there isn’t anything I could complain about.

So when it comes to this, I have to say I’m impressed. It’s one of the sturdiest daybeds you can find at this price, if not the sturdiest. 


The Fabric Doesn’t Scratch That Easy

If you ask me, the fabric is one of the best things about this daybed. At least when it comes to looks – that’s what makes it look so glamorous. 

My Review: Daybed With Trundle In Espresso Faux Leather By Poundex - Too Good To Be True?

How do you know if a fake leather fabric is good? It has to imitate real leather as well as possible. 

Well, unless you’re an expert in that, I don’t think you can tell the difference in this daybed. At least, I couldn’t.

The fabric has the same polish as real leather, it feels very soft and the texture is almost identical everywhere. Maybe you can tell it’s not real if you look closely, because of those irregular lines.

But otherwise, you can call it real leather anytime. At least that’s what I would say, and I’m by no means expert in leather fabrics. 

When it comes to durability, I can’t complain. I tried to scratch the leather with a coin, but nothing happened. Then I tried to leave a mark with the nails, but I didn’t scratch as hard as I could. There was no mark either.

I didn’t go on with scratching, because I could have left a mark if I wanted, obviously. But what would have been the point? I got what I wanted to know – the fabric doesn’t scratch easily, only if you try harder. And I don’t know who would, so it’s great news. 


How To Make It A Real 2 Persons Bed, Vertically!

What do I want from a daybed? To feel as comfortable as a regular bed and to be able to use it as one. That’s what I would buy a daybed for.

Well, one of the reasons why I recommend this daybed is because you can use it as a sleeping bed anytime. In fact, not anytime but every time. You can sleep on it every night, without any reason to worry. That’s what the trundle is for. You can also use it for storage instead, but that’s another story.

But making it a real bed is not as easy as it seems. At least if you want a double bed. Otherwise, you can forget about the trundle.

The problem with the trundle is that you can’t lift it up. It’s not a pop-up trundle, but a pull-out one. So the top will be much taller than the trundle anyway.

So what can you do about it?

It doesn’t come with a mattress, so you have to buy one yourself. And as it’s pretty tall, I suggest you to buy a 6 inches mattress for the top. Yes, just for the top.

And for the trundle, just get a twin mattress. It makes sense: getting a twin mattress will bring the trundle at the same level with the top. So you’ll get a normal bed in this way.

What about the gap? Well, I can’t guarantee for that, but I suggest you one thing. Get both mattresses from the same brand. In case there are small differences from paper, there will be differences in both mattresses. So you would get the same height overall. 


My Review: Daybed With Trundle In Espresso Faux Leather By Poundex - Too Good To Be True?


It’s One Of The Cheapest Daybeds I Found

I am completely aware that cheaper products usually have a much lower quality, but in this case, that doesn’t seem to be true.

Poundex’s daybed is one of the cheapest ones I came across, at least for this value. Yes, you can find lots of daybeds for under $150, but they all look like nursery beds.

On the other hand, this one looks luxurious and expensive for $300.

But it’s not all about the price. I couldn’t praise it so much if it was just a piece of garbage, right? What if it started falling apart after 6 months? Would someone even consider it then?

So that’s the secret behind this daybed: the low price combined with some really good features – looks, sturdiness, quality. 

Compared to other daybeds, this sounds like heaven. So if you find a similar daybed for a lower price, please let me know because I want to buy one too. But so far, I haven’t found any other. 


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My Final Verdict – So Is It Too Good To Be True?

Well, it’s definitely not perfect, but it makes a really good product. Just like other furniture pieces, it has enough downsides, but its advantages totally compensate.

As a daybed, then it is almost too good to be true. It’s soft, yet sturdy, good-looking and it has a long quality and a great price.

It’s true that it’s a bit too tall for my own taste, but that’s so insignificant that I should even count it as a downside.

However, as a regular bed it’s not so amazing. The fact that the trundle doesn’t lift up makes it absolutely necessary to add a twin mattress. And not everyone can afford that, honestly speaking.

But as I bought and review it as a daybed, I don’t have too much to complain about it. It’s superior to most daybeds, and you probably agree with me here. 

So if you’re interested in it as a daybed, my advice is to go for it. You can’t find many pieces at its level, you’ve probably seen that yourself. 

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8 Responses

  1. Tugarcia says:

    Thanks for the review. This is a great looking daybed. The price isn’t bad either. It would go well with many decors. I appreciate the likes and dislikes you mention. I see that the mattress is not included. That can allow you to customize the daybed even more by getting a mattress that will suit you needs. It has a very clean appearance and looks really comfortable. Definitely something to consider. Thanks again.

    • Anne says:

      Hey Tugarcia, thanks for letting me know your opinion.

      Yes, these kind of furniture pieces usually don’t come with the mattress, especially for this reason. They want to let you choose the one you want, otherwise you can imagine that a lot of people would complain about the mattress and the general quality of the daybed would get lower.

      Anyway, I’m glad you liked this furniture piece, and thank you for reading my review :

  2. Fairweather Green says:

    Looks like a handy daybed to have to accommodate extra guests. We were looking for a sofa bed type but they seemed too complicated and therefore looked like the moving parts may break.

    This daybed looks like a simple but classy design. Do you know the dimensions for the mattress to be a good fit?

    • Anne says:

      Hey there, I’m glad my review helped you 🙂

      This daybed really helped me when I had guests and didn’t have enough space for them, especially because it can be opened and closed back. I never thought that these kind of furniture pieces could be too complicated, but that’s just how I see things 😉

      I don’t remember the exact dimensions of a good mattress for this daybed (I don’t have it anymore, I had it some time before) but from what I know, the best mattress for it would be a 6 inches one (for the top). And for the bottom, a twin one would be the best, so around 12 inches. That’s how mines were, and they fit in there perfectly.

      I hope this helps.

  3. Paul says:

    I like the look of this daybed, it’s not like others I’ve ever seen before. The price is reasonable too. The only part that concerns me some is the sturdiness. You mentioned that it is best to have up against a wall. Is it unusable if it isn’t on a wall? Other than that the price and look of it is great.
    BTW… Your review is AWESOME!

    • Anne says:

      Hey Paul, thanks for your words, I’m glad you enjoyed reading it 🙂

      Yes, this daybed feels much sturdier when it’s place near a wall because it can lean on it. There’s basically no difference in how solid it stays either it’s near a wall or not, but there’s a difference in how we feel it. That’s what I noticed.

      So it’s not usable near a wall, by any means. It just feels sturdier near a wall, but if you can’t place it near one, it’s totally fine, you will still be able to use it well enough.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  4. Lynn says:

    I found your review frustrating. There is no picture of the set up when you add the twin mattress to the trundle. The last trundle I had was intended for adults to sleep across the two mattresses (it had the lift) but you always felt the gap between the mattresses no matter what we tried. I was hoping you would address that. Did you sleep on it? Whats the noise and motion factor when you do? Thanks for taking the time to write this lengthy review I just think there is more to the story that needs to be told. ie bedding, ease to change it, can you feel the slats? is it better to sleep the short way so that you don’t feel the gap? is the “footboard” which is an armrest in the way if you do? Thanks!

    • Anne says:

      Hi there Lynn, I tried to update my review so that I cover several other points.
      First of all, I apologize for not having more real photos, but I simply did not take lots of them when I assembled this daybed. Just get a twin mattress that is twice as tall as the first mattress and place it on the trundle. The regular mattress is for the top part of the daybed.
      Regarding bedding, ease to change it, etc, these are all things related to the mattress you choose, so I couldn’t really answer that.
      Yes there’s a gap and you would always feel it in daybeds, no matter what daybed you have. It just can’t feel like there’s an even surface. But how much you feel it depends of the mattress.
      I did sleep on this daybed several times and it really felt like a regular bed. There was no difference. I didn’t even think mentioning noise, because I’ve rarely experienced that with quality beds. So no, there was no noise.
      And last but not least, if you felt the slats in any bed, I think there was a huge problem with the mattress. Normally, you should never ever feel the slats. That kind of bed would be a clear garbage, in my opinion.
      I hope I clarified some of your questions 🙂

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