My Review: Coaster Storage Ottoman with Tufted Accents in Dark Brown Leather Like – Is It Worth All Those Praises?


Hey guys! In this post I want to review the Coaster Storage Ottoman with Tufted Accents in Dark Brown Leather Like, because it’s one of the ottomans that I recently tried and I know I promised to tell you my opinion about it.

I was telling you a few weeks ago that I’m pretty excited to try this furniture piece because most of the reviews that I read were positive, and most people were more than satisfied with it.

And honestly speaking, when more than 65% of the reviews for an item are positive…it pretty much turns out to be a good investment. At least that’s what I noticed.

So now I’m very curious…is it really as nice as all these reviews say? Or it’s just a coincidence that a lot of people praise it?

Well, all I can do is to tell you about my  own experience with this ottoman from Coaster.


So Let’s Get To The Review


Product name: Storage Ottoman with Tufted Accents in Dark Brown Leather Like

Producer:  Coaster Home Furnishings

Price:  $134.44 (At the time I published this article)

Cheapest place to buy:  AMAZON

My rating:   9.50 /10

Worth buying?: In my opinion yes


It Arrived Fast And…I Put It Together In 10 Minutes

I’m not sure if it’s relevant for you or not, but the first thing that impressed me about this Coaster ottoman was the fact that it was delivered extremely fast.

I ordered it in a Saturday, and to my huge surprise it arrived on Tuesday morning. I know it’s Amazon and that they work and ship their orders in weekends too, but I didn’t really expect to receive it so soon. I was expecting it somewhere at the end of the week, because that’s how long it usually takes when it comes to furniture.

So from this point of view, Amazon gave me a very nice surprise. 😀

But what surprised me even more was the assembly. Honestly, there wasn’t almost anything to do: the upper part was all put together, so the only thing left for you to do was to twist the legs into the 4 holes of the upper part.

I’m pretty sure a 10-year old kid could have done this too, as it was really really easy, so I guess this ottoman is one of my favorite items when it comes to assembly. I’m far from good at this, so it was easy for me, it definitely would be so for absolutely everyone. 😀


The Fabric Does Look Elegant In Reality Too

I admit that one of the main reasons why I chose this ottoman and not another one was because of its nice, elegant appearance. To me it looks like one of those furniture pieces you see in dinner salons palace halls. Well, maybe not 100%, but it is similar to those ones, do you agree?

So the reason why I bought it was that it looked great in pictures. But the problem was, would it look like this in reality too? And to my delight, it did.

I’m not really sure about the quality of the fabric, as I only bought it 3 weeks ago so I can’t have a good idea about it. It is really similar to leather, but I’m pretty sure that at this price, it can’t really be authentic leather.

Anyway, all I can say is that until now, the fabric is pretty okay, I mean it didn’t get scratched or broken or anything like this.

It’s also that kind of fabric that rarely gets stained, because it has some kind of protective polish on top of it (I apologize if my explanation sucks, but at least I hope you get my point :P). So that’s another thing I really love about it, because I’m that kind of person that always spills the coffee on furniture (lol). So you can imagine how much I need this kind of material…

But all in all, when it comes to elegance, I’m more than satisfied with this leather-like fabric. 😉


It’s Great As A Sitting Item

Okay, so I told you that it gets an A for the way it looks but…we shouldn’t forget we’re talking about an ottoman. And the main purpose of an ottoman is sitting, right?

I’m pretty sure you’re interested in this, as I also was before buying this furniture piece.

So when it comes to comfort, I’m 90% satisfied. It’s long enough to let you lounge on it, it doesn’t wobble at all and you can feel it’s sturdy enough, sturdier than many other ottomans.

The only thing that I didn’t like so much was that the fabric felt a bit harsh at the beginning, I mean you could notice this if you laid down on it in the first days. It didn’t feel as soft as I imagined, and this thing scared me a bit back then.

But after the first week it got much softer, so I believe it had the typical problem of many furniture pieces of this kind: you have to use it a few days until the material gets that soft constitution. In the beginning it will make you question whether it was worth buying it, but after a few weeks at most, you will notice that the fabric feels much softer.

I noticed this in many cases, so I think the fabric needs some time, just like people. 😀

So when it comes to this, I really love sitting on this ottoman. It feels both soft and sturdy at the same time, and it really makes me feel comfortable while sitting on it. And I’m not the only one who says this, you can ask many of my friends who saw it.


It Comes In A Pretty Good Price, I Can Say

I bought this ottoman about a month ago, and the place I chose was Amazon because they had several advantages: the smallest price I found online, free shipping even if I didn’t buy anything else and a lot of different sellers to choose from.

Of course that I chose the one from the main page because it was the cheapest, but you also have the possibility to choose between a new and a used piece (and the used ones are in pretty good shape too).

Anyway, Amazon is also the place I recommend you in case you decide to buy this ottoman. Just like I told you in the beginning, they delivered my item in just 3 days, which is amazing considering that I didn’t chose any special shipping offer.

My Review: Coaster Storage Ottoman with Tufted Accents in Dark Brown Leather Like - Is It Worth All Those Praises?

I don’t think $135 is too much for this furniture piece, especially because it looks more expensive than this. I can say this based on how it looks in reality, because it’s not very different of the official pictures, and that’s a very good thing.

So in comparison to other furniture pieces, I pretty much say this ottoman isn’t a bad choice.


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My Final Verdict – So Is It Worth All These Praises?

After having this ottoman for a few weeks and seeing how it is in reality, I would say that all those positive reviews weren’t just a coincidence.

The elegant look of this furniture piece is my #1 reason, and that’s because I’ve been looking for an ottoman with a more luxurious aspect for a while. When it comes to comfort, the leather like fabric will get much softer after a week, so don’t feel too disappointed if it feels a bit harsh at the beginning.

And last but not least, the price is actually really good, considering the quality. $135 is by no means much, especially if we’re talking about an ottoman. Plus that on Amazon, they ship it free and fast (I received it in 3 days :D). And if you’re worried about the assembly…well, don’t even consider this aspect, it’s one of the easiest I’ve seen.

So I say this Coaster Storage Ottoman with Tufted Accents in Dark Brown Leather Like is really worth the positive reviews, because it’s really that kind of piece that can’t really disappoint too many people. It didn’t disappoint me, at least. 🙂


Now tell me, what do you think about this ottoman? Would you buy it? If not, what other furniture piece would you choose instead?

Let me know your answers in a comment. Anne 😀

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2 Responses

  1. Yvonne says:

    I was about to ask whether it is genuine leather and then I saw that you mentioned that the material is leather like. It looks like a sturdy piece of furniture and the price is reasonable. The fact that delivery was fast and assembly was quick adds to the appeal.

    However, I would not buy an ottoman right now as I’m looking for other types of furniture namely dining chairs and single sized bed. Do you have a review for those?

    • Anne says:

      Hi Yvonne, thanks for reading my review 🙂

      I recently reviewed a furniture set which I absolutely loved, and as far as I know, they also allow you to buy the chairs separately too. That’s what I would choose if I had to buy some chairs. I know they have a really good quality and the price is also more than decent (a set of 2 is around $100). If you want to see them, here’s the link.

      Regarding the single bed, I have a pretty interesting “challenge” for you. There is a daybed that is among my favorite furniture pieces (ever) and you can anytime use that one as a single bed. It’s really comfortable and it’s a 2-in-1 furniture piece. If you want to read my review, there’s the link.

      Hope this things help you. If not, you can tell me more and I will try to find some items more similar to what you need. 🙂

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