My Review: Bronze Finish Scroll Back Adjustable Metal Swivel Counter Height Bar Stools, Set Of 2


Hey guys! As I’ve been recently comparing back stools with backless ones, now it’s time to review some furniture pieces of this type. And in this post it’s the turn of a really interesting set, called Bronze Finish Scroll Back Adjustable Metal Swivel Counter Height Bar Stools, Set Of 2.

I pretty much liked this chair set. I can’t really say that it’s one of my favorites when it comes to back bar stools for kitchen, but I’ve used it many times when decorating kitchens on a certain budget. 

So you can imagine that it doesn’t have a bad quality, if I’ve been using it in so many cases. But I can’t say that it’s perfect either. 😛 I’ll explain you more right below.

Product name: Bronze Finish Scroll Back Adjustable Metal Swivel Counter Height Bar Stools

Producer:  eHomeProducts

Price:  $92.50 (At the time I published this article)

Cheapest place to buy:  AMAZON

My rating: 8.00 /10

Worth buying?: More or less


Things That I Liked About It

  • The height of the chairs is adjustable, so you can change it pretty easily. There are two options available: 24″ or 29″ (counter or bar height)
  • The chairs are really easy to put together, I think I needed less than an hour for both and I told you I’m not an expert when it comes to assembling stuff
  • One of the things that I loved most about them is that they swivel. In case you’re a person that doesn’t like to get bored (like me :P), they’re the perfect choice for you
  • Although they don’t seem too sturdy, in reality they’re more solid than you would say. They don’t wobble at all, to my huge surprise
  • The package you receive includes all the necessary tools, several screws and bolts. So there’s no need to buy any other ones
  • I would say the quality is medium. It could have been higher, but considering the price it has, I can’t say it’s too low
  • The price is quite good in my opinion, considering that shipping is also included


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Things I Didn’t Like About It

  • The chair’s back isn’t very tall, and this makes it slightly uncomfortable for larger or taller people because they can’t lean back on it properly
  • I can’t say I loved the bronze finish of the chairs because the back is a bit too rigid. So when you lean back, it doesn’t feel too soft
  • The seating isn’t exactly my favorite because it doesn’t feel extremely comfortable, probably because of the cheap fabric it’s made of. Plus that it seemed a bit too small to me, like it didn’t cover the entire sitting part of the chair


And Now…Let’s Get To The Real Review

So as I told you before, this chair set isn’t really my personal favorite, but it has certain advantages that make it a pretty popular furniture piece. And if you’re trying to decorate your kitchen on a fixed, smaller budget…this set would be a pretty good option, I guess.

I worked with it several times, so these were enough to find out if it’s a piece that can be properly used or it’s just a decorative item. And fortunately, my opinion about it isn’t that bad, so it doesn’t have just a merely decorative purpose.

But let me give you more details about it now. 🙂


I Love The Adjustable Height Of These Chairs

I think that’s the main thing that convinced me about these chairs at first. Back then I had no idea whether they were good or not, but seeing that you can adjust their height was the factor that made me consider them.

So let me explain you how this goes.

When you receive the package, you also get 4 extendable legs, 2 for each chair. Normally, the chairs have about 24″, which is the counter height.

So they’re not really tall normally, which means that you can use them together with a regular table without any worries. This set is pretty versatile, that’s what I noticed. 😉

Anyway, if you want a different height…that’s what the extendable legs are for. The other height that is available has 29″, so it’s perfect for taller tables or counters. And bar tables, of course. 😛

So if you don’t necessarily want to use them as bar stools, you can keep them at their initial height and you can easily use them with any table. That’s a great advantage of this chairs, at least for me it was. 

The adjustable legs are really easy to use, so you can change them at any time. You won’t do it in one minute, but you’ll finish pretty fast, I promise. 😉


The Comfort Is Medium To Low

Although I really loved that you can adjust these chairs’ height and that they can swivel, I can’t say I really loved their quality. I wasn’t disappointed of it, but I couldn’t praise it either.

My Review: Bronze Finish Scroll Back Adjustable Metal Swivel Counter Height Bar Stools, Set Of 2

As you can see, the pattern from the back makes it be not that comfortable as I thought at first

I guess you can notice what quality these chairs have once you sit on one of them.

Okay, it feels pretty good, I can’t lie. But that’s only at first. The problem is how it feels when you lean back on it. After some time, you’ll feel the need to lean back, do you agree?

So why isn’t it that comfortable when you lean back? Well, the bronze fabric is pretty hard actually, so it wouldn’t feel too good leaning back on it for 30 minutes or more. I guess you know that feeling when you’re leaning back on something very rigid: your back hurts pretty bad after some time, so you can’t really call that piece comfortable.

A good solution would be to add a cushion between your back and that fabric, but this would be impossible on this chair, because of its really small back.

And that’s exactly what I want to talk about now. I thought the back would be a bit taller, but it turned out to be pretty small and low. So you can imagine that it’s not the most comfortable chair in the world…

Therefore, I can’t really call this furniture set comfortable. It’s not very bad either, but the low height of the back and its rigid fabric make it feel not so good.

So if I had to give it a mark, it would be around a C, not more.


The Price Isn’t As High As It Seems

Now that I told you the most important things about this chair set, it’s time to move to the most important factor (maybe :P) the price.

So tell me honestly, when you first saw the price of this chairs set, it did seem a bit too high, didn’t it? Everyone tells me it did. And it also seemed too high to me too.

However, it’s not really so…The set has 2 chairs, not just one. So judging after this, it would be around $45 per chair. Does this price still seem too high now? I don’t think it does…

I’ve seen a lot of chairs that cost $90 each, so paying this amount of money for 2 doesn’t seem that much to me. And their quality isn’t very bad either, except the low and uncomfortable back. So I would say the price is pretty much worth it.

My Review: Bronze Finish Scroll Back Adjustable Metal Swivel Counter Height Bar Stools, Set Of 2

I’m not saying that it’s the best choice you can make, but if you want to furnish your kitchen with a lower budget, this set doesn’t look like a bad investment at all. It lasts pretty well when it comes to time, especially if it’s properly taken care of. So it would help you save some good money.

The shipping is included in the price within the US, so you won’t have to pay anything extra if you get it from Amazon. From what I’ve seen, they have the lowest price for this chairs set, so that’s where I recommend you to get it from, in case you’re interested.

Click here to get free shipping for this product on Amazon



My Final Verdict – So, Is It Worth Buying?

Let me answer really clearly to the question:

  • YES, if you have a lower budget or if you don’t want to spend too much for some kitchen bar stools
  • YES, if you want a back bar stool
  • YES, if you want a set that can be adjusted and used as both regular and tall chairs
  • NO, if you want some comfortable kitchen chairs
  • NO, if you want a set of a very high quality

This chair set is definitely great when it comes to aspect, plus that it can swivel (which is a great thing for me, I admit it :P). It has a very good price and you can use it both as a regular chair and as a bar one. However, its comfort isn’t the best and the fabric is a bit too hard to be comfortable.

Overall, it’s a pretty interesting furniture piece, but you should consider both its advantages and downsides before you take a decision. You know better than anyone what kind of stools you want in your kitchen.

However, if you want my personal recommendation, I say you should take a look at this set. In my opinion, it’s a better choice than this one 😉


So what do you think about this Bronze Finish Scroll Back Adjustable Metal Swivel Counter Height Bar Stools, Set Of 2? 

Would you buy it? Or you would choose a more comfortable set instead?

Let me know your answer in a comment. Anne 😀

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2 Responses

  1. Regina says:

    I would get one to shoot videos with! Along with a high table. I can already imagine how classy my videos would look with me in long pants or dress, sitting there and talking about stuff to my audience. It’s not perfect but it’s enough for me.

    But i have little kids running around and too little storage space! I live in an apartment and i have enough things around the house.

    • Anne says:

      Hey Regina. Hahaha yesss, that would be a very good idea, I agree that the videos would look fabulous 😀

      Well, these kind of bar stools don’t necessarily require a lot of space, in fact I think they take less space than regular ones, because they have smaller dimensions after all. I don’t think kids could get hurt because of these chairs either, but I guess you know better in your case.

      Thanks for reading my review 🙂

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