My Review: Bobkona Austin 3 Piece Reversible Sectional With Ottoman Sofa Set, Charcoal – To Buy Or To Skip?


Today I decided to review the Bobkona Austin 3 Piece Reversible Sectional With Ottoman Sofa Set, Charcoal because I’ve seen a lot of people buying it and to be honest, I’m not really satisfied with this couch.

I’ve ordered it for one of my clients a few years ago, because it seemed a pretty good investment for the living room, considering the pretty low price it had. But the sofa turned out to be not as durable as I thought, so I haven’t ordered it ever since.

So in this review I want to tell you about my experience with this furniture piece and show you whether or not it would be worth buying for your own home. Stay tuned! 😉


Product name: 3-Piece Reversible Sectional with Ottoman Sofa Set, Charcoal

Producer:  Bobkona

Price:  $520.50 (At the time I published this article)

Cheapest place to buy:  AMAZON

My rating: 6.50 /10

Worth buying?: Not really

If I had to briefly summarize my opinion about this sofa, I would say it’s the kind of furniture piece that looks pretty good in the first months but once the time passes, it damages really bad. This kind of means low quality, in my view.

Anyway, I don’t want to make a drama out of this, as this Bobkona couch also has some good things about it. But the problem is that the downsides are way too many for a product that cost $500, that’s all.

So let me show you some of the things I still remember about it. 🙂


What I Liked About It

  • It’s larger than most living room sofas. I don’t know the exact dimensions, but they are stated on the official site. But comparing it to regular sofas, it is bigger for sure
  • When it comes to appearance, it doesn’t look as a cheap furniture piece. I can’t say it looks elegant or something like this, but it doesn’t look really bad either
  • The ottoman and chaise are included in the price, which is quite a rare situation. I don’t know too many sofas that have at least an ottoman included, as they usually ask you to pay a few extra hundreds for it
  • The assembly wasn’t the most complicated I’ve seen in a couch. I can’t say it was very simple because the pieces are very large and heavy, but the instructions were pretty straightforward
  • Considering the large dimensions and the ottoman included, I can’t say that price is too high. On the contrary, I think it’s quite affordable, especially for a sofa


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • The color is more of a brown in reality, even though in the official picture and description they say it’s “charcoal”, which is a dark grey. I don’t know about the others, but the one I ordered for my client was rather brown
  • It started to get damaged pretty fast, after about 6-7 months: you could feel the springs if you sat on some parts, the wooden frame began to lose its sturdiness and the couch started getting harsher (it was never soft, but…)
  • It didn’t feel too comfortable from the beginning, as I said before it was never very soft, but it started getting even worse with time
  • I remember very well that it smelled really bad when it was assembled. That’s not something very uncommon, as many furniture pieces have this toxic smell at the beginning. It disappeared after a few days, anyway
  • It came in 3 different boxes, but 2 of them were so big that it was really hard to carry them around. So if you buy this couch and you live at the 7th floor…all I can wish you is good luck 😛
  • The couch can’t be opened up, so it can’t be used for regular sleeping (just for a nap)
  • The fabric doesn’t feel too soft, like in most couches. It’s actually rather harsh, and you can even feel this by touching it. Plus that it gets stained easily and it’s not so simple to clean it up
  • It’s hard to keep the chaise and the sofa together, as the chaise always goes away. I guess it would need something to keep it tied of the sofa, but not too visible, of course


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Now Let’s Get To The Review


So my general opinion about this sofa is by no means great. And even though I usually review furniture pieces that I really liked and that I recommend to you too, this Bobkona piece is quite in the other category.

I can’t criticize it for the looks or for the price, that’s for sure. So I admit it has enough good points, but I would have expected a bit more from it, considering that $500 is still a pretty high amount of money. Even if we’re talking about a couch…

Now let me go deeper into my review, as these were just the main things I wanted you to know about this Bobkona sofa. So if you’re considering buying this product, I really think you should continue reading the next lines. 🙂


In The Beginning It Looked Pretty Nice…


I still remember that I first saw this couch online, probably on Amazon.

So I had no idea about it, I had never heard anyone talking about it and I really didn’t know if it had a good quality or not.

One of the things that convinced me to take it was its beautiful look and large dimensions. I mean, it was larger than most sofas we see in these days, and as my client had a spacious living room, a larger sofa was the best.

Plus that they also offered an ottoman and a chaise, both included in the price. And honestly, that sounded too good to be true. And it really was, but I realized it too late. 😛

Anyway, at the beginning I confess it didn’t look bad at all. From distance, the fabric seemed pretty soft (though it wasn’t soft at all), the pieces looked large and spacious, and the couch itself seemed a good investment. That, at first sight.

However, one thing I really didn’t like about it was the color. Everywhere I read that it was charcoal, which is a dark grey…

But when delivered, the couch looked rather brown than grey. So I don’t know if it was the same for the others, but this piece was by no means grey.

But anyway, all in all I can say I’m pretty satisfied with how it looks…At least when a guest sees it, he could say it has a low quality or that it cost so little. And that’s one of the few advantages of this Bobkona sofa.


…But It Started To Fall Apart After Less Than A Year


Considering the low price it had, I can’t say I was expecting from this couch to last more than 5 years. Price usually reflects quality, so it couldn’t be the most durable furniture piece at this cost.

But I didn’t believe it would get damaged to faster, by any means.
I kept in touch with the guy whose living room I decorated, so he told me all I needed to know about how it was. After about 6 months, the fabric started to fall apart in some places, but he managed to solve this with some glue…at least for some time.

Anyway, this was maybe the smallest problem. Two of the sofa’s springs must have got broken because you could feel them digging in your back if you sat in certain parts on the couch. And what could you do about this? Nothing, I guess…The fabric can be glued and put back together, but it’s not so simple when it comes to the springs. So this was a thing pretty hard to repair. 

Besides, even though the guy managed to glue the fabric back, he didn’t manage to keep it soft, as it was initially. Now, don’t imagine that it was really soft and it felt so nice, because this wasn’t the case even in the beginning. But after some months, it simply got worse.

It was pretty hard to clean it up in general, so this must have been an important factor too. Plus that my client’s small kids used to eat sitting on the couch sometimes, so you can imagine that it got stained pretty bad. And as cleaning it up was difficult, I guess the sofa looked pretty bad.

But even so, there’s still no reason that it got damaged so bad in less than a year. I understand it doesn’t have the highest quality and I didn’t even expect it, but I do believe it could have lasted at least one year in good conditions. So I’m really disappointed about it when it comes to durability. So disappointed that I can’t recommend it to you…


So To Buy Or To Skip? –This Is The Question


I can’t really tell you what to do, but if I could buy this Bobkona sofa again, I wouldn’t really do it.

It’s true that it has a really good price and that it also comes with an ottoman for free, but its quality is very poor and it will definitely start falling apart after one year. That if you take care of it, otherwise it may get damaged even before.

So I can’t really recommend it, because it’s not one of those products that are worth paying $500 for, in my opinion. This is quite an important amount of money, and even if this furniture piece sounds like a great deal at first sight, it’s definitely not so.

I have 2 suggestions for you: either you get a smaller but cheaper sofa for a certain period of time, or you invest some money into a more expensive one, that would last for at least 5 years.

It’s up to you what you choose, you can also buy this Bobkona sofa, but I’m pretty sure you won’t be too satisfied with it after several months. So it’s your choice. 🙂


Now tell me, what do you think about this Bobkona Austin 3 Piece Reversible Sectional With Ottoman Sofa Set, Charcoal?

Would you buy it? Or you would choose a better sofa instead?

Let me know your answer in one of the comments below. Anne 😀

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4 Responses

  1. jschicanha says:

    Thanks for giving your insight about this furniture piece, I found your review while looking for it on Google so I’m really glad I didn’t buy it before. I will try that smaller sofa from Bobkona, maybe that one is better.
    Thank you!

    • Anne says:

      Hey there, I’m very happy to be of use 🙂

      I think it’s better not to buy this sofa, if you want my honest opinion. You will probably regret buying it after a while, and $500 is still a pretty large amount so I believe there’s no point spending your money on something that won’t last in good shape more than 6 months (this was my case).

      A better alternative is this furniture piece from the same producer, that in case you don’t mind a smaller couch than this one.

      So I hope this helps 🙂

  2. Mike says:

    So glad I ran across your post! My wife and I are actually in the market for a new sectional sofa and this is one that we were considering. In fact, the Bobkona Austin 3 Piece Reversible Sectional With Ottoman Sofa Set, was in our top five. Even the color of Charcoal that you choose!

    After reading your post though I think we may want to go for another option instead.

    • Anne says:

      Hey Mike, I’m glad my post helped you.

      I don’t really recommend you this couch, considering that it has a pretty high price and the quality is really bad, honestly. So yeah, I think you and your wife should take a look at a different one because this one would most likely disappoint you.

      I don’t know exactly what kind of sofa you’re looking for, but if a smaller one would do for your home, you can try another one from Bobkona. This one is much better when it comes to quality, and even though I can’t say it’s really excellent, at least it has a pretty good price/quality ratio. So you may want to take a look at it.

      I hope this helps 🙂

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