My Review: Baxton Studio Modesto, Brown Modern Dry Bar Wine Cabinet – One Of The Best Wine Storage Cabinets Around


Hey guys! Last week you asked me about the best wine storage cabinets I know, so I decided not to answer your question as briefly as I could. 😉

Therefore, today I want to review the Baxton Studio Modesto Brown Modern Dry Bar Wine Cabinet, because for me it’s quite the #1 among its competitors.


So Let’s Get To The Review

Product name: Studio Modesto Modern Dry Bar and Wine Cabinet, Brown

Producer:  Baxton

Price:  $248.99 (At the time I published this article)

Cheapest place to buy:  AMAZON

My rating:   8.90 /10

Worth buying?: Pretty much


But Before We Get Started…Here’s A Little Preview 😀

Things I liked about it:

  • really nice, simply design, which is always very easy to use
  • 5 spaces for storage and a flexible mini-table available
  • a pretty good quality for the price
  • the color is really nice, it matches almost everything
  • pretty cheap, in comparison to other similar cabinets
  • doesn’t deteriorate in a few months

Things I didn’t like about it:

  • the instructions don’t have text, just drawings
  • the pieces don’t have numbers, as in the instructions manual
  • everything was delivered in just one box, which was extremely heavy


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It Has A Really Practical Design

The thing that made me choose this cabinet and not another one was definitely its nice, simple design. I saw a lot of bar cabinets with complicated forms and unusual shapes, and to be honest that just didn’t seem what my client needed in his living room.

This cabinet has a really minimal construction: there is the main storage space in the center, plus 4 other smaller storage parts on both sides (2 on each side, so 4 in total).

On top of the storage part, there is a flexible shelf, that can be used as a mini-table, in case you need it. Otherwise, you can also use that space from inside for storage too, if you have so many drinks. 😛

Anyway, back to the design, I wanted something with a simple construction, that would be really easy to use at any time. Like, I’m pretty sure no one would want to open 3 shelves just to put in a bottle of wine, right? Or to have to move aside 5 glasses in order to add something behind?

So from this point of view, this bar cabinet from Baxton is pretty much what my client needed. He even told me at the end how much he liked the simplicity of the cabinet. So I guess I had chosen wisely, right?

Therefore, when it comes to the design of the cabinet, I have a lot of praises for this company and for their great idea to make a minimal cabinet, when there are a lot of sophisticated schemes everywhere. Really, a lot of praises for them!


Everything Was Delivered In Just One Box…

No matter how much I would like its design and construction, I can’t get over the really difficult assembly process.

The first thing I want to let you know is that, in my case, all the pieces came together, in one box. And if I tell you that this cabinet is as sturdy as it seems…I guess you understand what I mean.

So the box was extremely heavy, and the delivery company simply let it as the door, as it usually happen when you buy something online. Anyway, the worst part was that it was absolutely impossible to bring that box inside, no matter how many people we were. It was rather high than wide, so it would be pretty hard for 3 people to lift it because they would simply not have enough place to hold it.

So the only solution was to bring in the parts piece by piece…Or pieces by pieces, whatever. 😛 They weren’t wrapped too well, so you could see exactly how many pieces you’re carrying.


Besides, The Assembly Is Really Frustrating

Once we finished with this, the assembly was next. But the bad part was that the instructions were pretty difficult, I mean they had no text, just some drawings that explained you where to put X and Y.

Now, that wasn’t a very bad thing itself, because I noticed it’s much easier to assemble any furniture piece using drawings than using just text. But the problem was that in the drawings, all the pieces had numbers on them so you could see which one you have to put here and which one you have to put there.

But in reality…surprise! There wasn’t any number on any piece. So you had to figure out which piece corresponded to each number, based on their shape and on your instinct…Yeah, more on your instinct.

I don’t want to exaggerate, but I think this assembly took us almost 4 hours. And we were 4 or 5, so my whole team worked on this thing. It’s true that it’s a bar cabinet and I wouldn’t have expected to finish in 45 minutes, but 4 hours is way too much, even for a cabinet…

So the conclusion is that the assembly itself isn’t as hard, but the problem was with the horrible instructions. If there were numbers on each piece, things would have gone much faster…and easier. Unfortunately, I don’t think the company will change this too soon. It’s too comfortable for them not to do anything…


The Quality Wasn’t Too Bad

Although I may not have expected the highest quality at this price, Baxton’s bar cabinet managed to surprise me a bit.

Don’t imagine that it has the best quality I’ve seen in furniture, because this is far from the truth. In fact, if I had to compare it with regular standards, I would say it has an average quality, by no means a superior one.

But considering it’s a cabinet and that it only costs $220, I really believe that it lasted in pretty good conditions.

One thing that I didn’t like about the wooden fabric was that it got scratched pretty easily. You just had to drag a sharp thing on it, and it got scratched…pretty badly actually. So that’s the only big downside when it comes to quality.

But on the other hand, the pieces remained in the good position once you placed them correctly and the cabinet looked like new after several months. It’s true that it remained there, it wasn’t exposed to sun or dirt, so there would be no reason to get damaged…But believe me, I’ve seen so many items that got broken without any reason that I expect everything now.

So all in all, I’m pretty satisfied with the quality of this cabinet, considering its small price. My client told me it can be used even now and it’s still in pretty good shape, so…you draw the conclusions. 🙂


But For This Price, It’s Really Not Expensive

When I was looking for bar cabinets for my client’s living room, I didn’t really have a fixed budget but he still couldn’t afford spending thousands of dollars on one.

And believe it or not, most of the cabinets I found weren’t very far from this price…

I found a lot of pieces that cost around $400-$500 and they had much smaller dimensions, like half of this Baxton cabinet. And from what I remember except this one, there weren’t any other at a similar price. It’s been a long time since then, that’s why I can’t remember so well, but I pretty much think it was so…

So from this point of view, it was the cheapest cabinet I could find and from what I saw, it wasn’t such a bad choice. I can’t complain about its quality because my client was pretty satisfied with it. For $300 (around the price it had at that point), I think it’s pretty worth buying, at least that’s my opinion about the one I received.

My Review: Baxton Studio Modesto, Brown Modern Dry Bar Wine Cabinet - One Of The Best Wine Storage Cabinets Around



My Final Verdict – It Remains A Pretty Good Investment Even Now

Baxton’s bar cabinet is one of the nicest ones I’ve tried, considering the price/quality ratio and its really practical design. The assembly is indeed very difficult, but once you finish with it, you will be able to enjoy this cabinet for a pretty long time.

If I needed a bar cabinet myself…yes, I would surely buy this one. It’s true that it wouldn’t last forever, but if you don’t want to spend a fortune on a very professional cabinet, I say it’s a great option. My client told me he’s happy with my choice, so that was enough for me to make an opinion about this cabinet.

So that’s my advice: if you don’t need a pro cabinet, this one from Baxton is a great choice for you. It will save you a lot of money, that’s the most important. 


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Now tell me, would you buy this Baxton Studio Modesto Brown Modern Dry Bar Wine Cabinet? Have you tried any other bar cabinet that you liked?

Let me know your answer in a comment. Anne 😀

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2 Responses

  1. Anastazja says:

    Thank you for your review of this dry bar. As it happens, we are in the process of refurnishing our great room. Presently, we have a large L shaped sectional and a western style buffet as a separation between our dining area and the family area. We are considering a smaller couch and recliners, but have not had any ideas on a new feature to separate the parts of the great room. This dry bar may fit the bill. It is just about the color of our dining room furniture. We do a great deal of entertaining so its function would be appreciated. As well, it is an attractive piece of furniture. I am not concerned about the weight of the package or the difficulty in assembly. I looked over the article and the link and could not find dimensions. We will certainly consider this piece as we move forward with decorating our great room.

    • Anne says:

      Hey Anastazja, thanks for reading my review 🙂

      If you “do a great deal of entertaining” as you said, I agree that this wine cabinet would be a good choice for your family. As you’re redecorating, I imagine you will still buy some sort of inside bar, so this one comes in a pretty good price in my opinion.

      Regarding the dimensions, I noticed they weren’t stated in the official description (at least I haven’t seen them). So I looked in the instruction manual (which I still have 😛 ) and there I found it is 13.5 x 32.2 x 37.3 inches. So maybe by this you can tell whether or not it would suit your living room.

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