My Review: ACME 96045 Set of 2 Tavio Swivel Bar Chair, 29-Inch – A Worth Buying Stool Set?


Right now it’s time to review the ACME 96045 Set of 2 Tavio Swivel Bar Chair, 29-Inch, because at first sight it seems like a great purchase, in my opinion.

Considering that I’ve been reviewing a lot of kitchen furniture pieces in the last weeks and I can’t say I found one that I was fully satisfied with…this ACME set proved to have some better features than its previous contenders. So that really impressed me.

If I had to sum it up in just a few words, I would say it’s one of the best bar sets I’ve tried. The reason lies in its pretty high quality, quite surprising if you consider the really low price it has. It’s not all great about this set, but I would give it a pretty high mark on the whole.

Product name: Set of 2 Tavio Swivel Bar Chair, 29-Inch

Producer:  ACME

Price:  $81.55 (At the time I published this article)

Cheapest place to buy:  AMAZON

My rating:  9.20 /10

Worth buying?: In my opinion yes


What I Liked About This Set

  • Its structure is pretty sturdy and heavy, so it never wobbled when I sat on it
  • The seats are really wide and soft, in comparison to other sets. I was afraid they would be too small, because this is very common is bar stools, but they turned out to be pretty large and comfortable
  • Just like most bar stools, it swivels 😀 (I love this, I admit)
  • Just like I saw in the pictures, the back is pretty tall and large, so you can lean back on it comfortably, without getting back pains after half and hour
  • I didn’t like the metal fabric at first, but it lasted in pretty good conditions and it didn’t get damaged or scratched even after several months
  • All the pieces that had to be assembled were shipped together, in one box. This was great because I didn’t have to wait 2 other days to receive the other parts, in order to start assembling the chairs
  • The price of this set is really low, and the chairs look much more expensive than just $80
  • The shipping withing the US is free and you can also buy this set if you live abroad, as it ships internationally (for a higher price, obviously)


What I Didn’t Like About This Set

  • Its design is a bit too complicated in my opinion. I would have preferred something more simple, especially when it comes to the bottom part. I don’t think that all those complicated patterns are necessary
  • It’s made in China, which doesn’t sound too promising 😛
  • The instructions were very complicated and I didn’t like that they were mostly pictures and almost no written text. It was pretty hard to know what you have to do just by looking at a picture, so obviously that the assembly took more than normally
  • The chairs don’t have adjustable legs, which would have been very useful. Their height is perfect for regular counters (that have about 29 inches), but it would have been great if you could use them with a table, for example


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And Now Let’s Get To The Review


At first sight, the thing that grabbed my attention at this ACME set was its sophisticated design. I never liked it too much, for this very reason: it seemed way too complicated to me, I mean why couldn’t they make a normal, elegant bar stool, without adding all those twisted parts around the legs?

Anyway, that’s just my opinion, as many people buy this set especially for that design. And this doesn’t mean that it’s ugly or badly-made, just that I personally don’t like it.

So allow me to tell you more things and details about this ACME chair set.


The Assembly Instructions Were Horrible


In the last years I worked with a lot of products bought online (on Amazon and not only), and the reason why I still order a lot of items from online shops is that they usually have a really easy assembly (besides the much lower prices). You can imagine that I would prefer to buy them directly from a local store if the assembly wasn’t very easy.

So I like online shops because the furniture pieces come with very clear instructions, which make your work a lot easier than it already is.

However, this ACME chair set is a really bad exception…

I was surprised to see that the instruction book was full of pictures. There weren’t normal pictures as you probably think, but black and white schemes of the chairs where they showed you the next piece you had to put every time. The normal text was missing!

At first, I thought they had sent me a mistaken instructions book, but after checking out some reviews on Amazon, I noticed that there are a lot of people complaining about the same thing. The instructions were really hard to follow, as you had to assemble the chairs according to the pictures…and that wasn’t easy at all.

So when it comes to the assembly instructions, I’m really disappointed. It may not be a very important factor when you make a choice, but I can’t praise them at all. The assembly took much longer than usual (let’s say 1 hour is a regular time), and you had to make a lot of effort to add the right pieces in the right places.


The Back Is Tall And Really Comfortable


In one of my previous posts, I criticized bar chairs that have a really low back. In my opinion, that’s just a “decor back”, which means that it only has a decorative purpose and not a practical one. In fact, this kind of back would only give you pain after several minutes of leaning on it.

So I prefer backless stools than the ones with a decorative back, seriously. At least they don’t make your back hurt so badly. 😛

However, things are quite different when it comes to these ACME furniture pieces. Fortunately, the back is as tall in reality as in the pictures from the official site.

I’ve had a lot of bad experiences with bar stools when it comes to this, so you can imagine how happy I was when I saw that they had the same height as it was stated in the description.

And that’s not just in theory. Leaning back on these chairs is much better, as they are tall enough to allow you to lean about half of your back on them. And once this happens, the back pain won’t appear. 

So that’s exactly what I call a comfortable bar chair. Plus that the seats are also really soft and large, so I didn’t have the feeling of that the chair is too small. So I only have praises for this ACME furniture pieces when it comes to comfort. 😀


The Quality Managed To Surprise Me


When you’re buying an $80 chair set, you can’t really expect them to last forever, do you agree?

My Review: ACME 96045 Set of 2 Tavio Swivel Bar Chair, 29-Inch - A Worth Buying Stool Set?That’s exactly what I thought about this set, considering that I paid pretty little for it. So obviously, I didn’t believe the quality to be too superior.

However, it turned out to be better than I had initially expected. Why do I say this? Well, to be honest, at the beginning I really hated the metal fabric from the legs of the chairs because it seemed pretty cheap and poor. To me it looked like a classic “made in China product”. I could even see the legs all damaged in a few weeks.

So you can imagine how surprised I was to see that that ugly metal fabric didn’t get scratched or damaged even after several months. It remained pretty shiny (don’t imagine a gorgeous, polished shine because we’re still talking about a metal fabric) and it didn’t have any marks or faded spots. Big surprise, honestly…

That’s why I can say I was pretty surprised with the quality of the chairs. I admit I took a lot of care of them, so this may have been an important factor for their durability. They lasted about 2 years in really good conditions, and they started getting damaged gradually afterwards.

I think I kept them for 3 years-3 years and a half maybe. So considering that I only paid $80 for them, I can say that they lasted maybe twice than I expected. I really can’t complain about it.


Where To Get The Best Price


When I bought this furniture set a few years back, from what I remember I think I bought it from Walmart. They had the lowest price back then, about $80 if I remember well.

Anyway, things have changed a bit since then and right now Walmart sells this ACME set for $121, shipping included. It’s not a very high price, but I found a much better one on Amazon.

The full price there is $187.95 but they have a discount the moment I’m writing this review. So right now it’s nothing more than just $81.55, which is very similar to the price I bought it for, a few years ago.

Besides, Amazon also offers free shipping within the US and they give you the possibility to have this furniture set shipped internationally for a decent price (depending on the region, so I can’t tell you exactly how much it costs).

So my recommendation is to get it from Amazon because this deal is much better than any other I’ve found online. Plus that I don’t know any local shop that sells this stool set, so I believe Amazon remains the best solution. If you’re lucky, they will deliver it in a few days so it shouldn’t take too long until it arrives.


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My Final Verdict – So Have I Finally Found A Worth Buying Bar Stool Set?


Yes, I have! 😀 

Even though I can’t say I love the design of these chairs, nor that you can easily manage to assemble them without any help, this ACME set remains the best I found when it comes to bar stools. The great quality/price ratio, the sturdiness of the chairs and the high level of comfort, all these features make it one of my favorite stool sets.

So you can imagine that I really recommend you to buy it, considering that it’s almost a bargain. I would give 4,3 stars out of 5 for this set, so you can see that I have a pretty good opinion about it.

But does this mean that it would surely be the best stool set you could ever find? Not really.

If you’re looking for a furniture set with a simple, beautiful design, I wouldn’t really recommend you this one, unless you like its design. I told you before that I don’t, but you may like it, so in this case it wouldn’t be a bad choice at all.

Anyway, I won’t make it any longer because I could say hundreds other words about this ACME set, but I’ll try to stop here. 


So tell me, what do you think about this ACME 96045 Set of 2 Tavio Swivel Bar Chair, 29-Inch? Would you buy it? If not, what set would you choose instead?

Let me know your answer in a comment. Anne 😀

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