My Personal Comfort Bed Review – The #1 Alternative To Sleep Number


It’s time for my Personal Comfort Bed review, a mattress brand that I came across pretty recently. But there’s only one special thing about these mattresses. Personal Comfort has pretty much the same features as Sleep Number’s products, but it costs $1000 less.

If you never heard of Sleep Number, you should type their name in Google fast. They are the very top when it comes to mattresses. You can’t really sleep on a better mattress than those ones. 

The bad news their prices are absolutely huge. The worst mattress they have costs over $1000. 

However, I found a great alternative to Sleep Number in Personal Comfort’s products. They have almost the same features but Personal Comfort has much lower prices, because it’s not as popular. 

So if you’re not able to pay a fortune for Sleep Number, here’s your best alternative.


So Let’s Get To The Review

Product name: Number Beds From Personal Comfort

Category: Bed with mattress included

Price:  Starting from $499.99 (At the time I wrote this review)

Cheapest place to buy:  AMAZON

Best For: People who want a quality, personalized bed but don’t want to spend a fortune on an original Sleep Number product

Worth buying?: I really recommend it. I have a mattress from them in my home and it gives me the best sleep ever. I wouldn’t change it to Sleep Number.

My rating:  9.8 /10 (One of the few products I’ve rated that high)


Why I Like Personal Comfort Better Than The Others?

Call me bias if you want. but after trying out both beds, I realized there’s no difference between Sleep Number and Personal Comfort in features.

On the contrary, the beds from Personal Comfort are a bit better, if you ask me. They really look as they promised regarding the structure, but I can’t say the same about Sleep Number.

However, the only major difference between them is that Personal Comfort comes with much lower prices. You basically get the same (or even a better, in my opinion) mattress for up to $1000 less. 

The only downside is that you can’t brag about owning an original Sleep Number bed. So you can judge for yourself which one is more worth it. 



What I Liked About It

  • You can adjust the bed’s firmness or softness precisely and find your sleep number
  • When it comes to comfort, it’s above any other mattresses I tried (equal with Sleep Number)
  • The settings can be customized in detail using the touch screen remote
  • They have a smartphone app that allows you to control the bed right from your phone
  • Each mattress has 10 layers plus the bottom cover
  • My sleep is indeed better and waking up is rare now
  • FDA approved – It helps relieving chronic back pain from the first days(there are hundreds of testimonies on the Internet)
  • Heat retention never occurred in any of the models I own
  • My mattresses never deflated at all during night
  • Shipping and return costs are supported by them, so you can return the products for free
  • Very friendly staff no matter how many times I called them for questions
  • Price is much cheaper than its competitors (see Sleep Number) and the features and quality are the same


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • They don’t have any models under $500, so it’s still a big purchase (though they refund you for free if you request)
  • The mattresses aren’t as popular as Sleep Number’s, despite having the same quality and a lower price
  • No international shipping for now


Get UP TO 30% OFF for Personal Comfort mattresses



Choose Your Sleep Number – Mine Is 26

My Personal Comfort Bed Reviews - The Best Mattresses In The World?

My Sleep Number is 26. Yours?

Probably my favorite feature of Personal Comfort mattresses is the sleep number. This is a number from 0 to 100 related to firmness. 0 stands for very soft, while 100 is perfectly firm.

You can manually change the firmness of your mattress until it has the perfect firmness. Once you do this, you will see your sleep number, which is actually the grade of firmness you prefer.

I like softer beds much more than firm ones, so obviously my sleep number was rather soft – 26. But it really depends from person to person.

Back to the story, the mattress comes with a special, touch screen remote that you can use to change your mattress’s firmness. The great part about this remote is that it allows you to save not just one sleep number, but 2. I mean, 2 for each user because you will receive 2 remotes for a double bed.

So once you find out your sleep number, the bed will memorize the firmness and keep it. In case you want to change it for a few hours, no problem. The mattress will get back to its saved number, unless you change it. So all models are very easy to use and customize.


Comfort In Another Level

All Personal Comfort mattresses have the same construction technology. They have the bottom mattress cover plus 10 different layers.

My Personal Comfort Bed Reviews - The Best Mattresses In The World?

Foam, air chambers, bamboo panels are just a few of them and that’s actually what makes these mattresses so unique and comfortable.

Each part of the bed can be personalized according to your own wishes.

If you like a firmer bed, you can change the settings using the remote. If you want to lift the top in order to watch TV comfortably, this is also possible. You can actually find a lot more similar tips in the instructions manual that comes with the mattress. 

Compared to regular mattresses, Personal Comfort is much above. Even the cheaper models offer a higher level of comfort than average. The explanation is their 10 layer construction, that is made to suit every possible taste, from firm to very soft.

I can tell you honestly that Personal Comfort beds were around Sleep Number ones when it comes to comfort. Not under, but not above either. However, the difference in price was of $800 in the i8 model, despite having pretty much the same features.

So that’s the main reason why I would recommend Personal Comfort. There are other chapter where Sleep Number has several problems, but the price is the biggest downside.


They Promise Longer Sleep Without Pain

Surprisingly or not, Personal Comfort is the only mattress company approved by FDA. In case you don’t know what this means, their results in relieving back pain and improving sleep are recognized by FDA. In my opinion, this speaks for itself.

I didn’t have any back pain or anything like this, so this wasn’t a reason why I bought Personal Comfort’s mattresses. So I can’t tell you too many things about their ability to improve back pain. I can only say the things my clients told me.

Some Personal Comfort owners themselves, 3 of my previous clients told me about their moderate back pain and how these beds helped them sleep the whole night. They still woke up during the night, but not necessarily because of the pain. In fact, this was improved a lot, at least that’s what they said.

But if you want to hear other opinions as well, you can find many here

My Personal Comfort Bed Reviews – The Best Mattresses In The World?


They Pay The Return Fees

Probably the thing that surprised me most about Personal Comfort is that they allow you to return the products without paying yourself the shipping. And this doesn’t happen just with the most expensive models, but with all.

In other words, you’re not losing absolutely anything buying any of their mattresses. If you’re not satisfied, you contact them asking to return the product and they will pay the shipping themselves. Obviously, you will also be given the full refund. 

My Personal Comfort Bed Reviews – The Best Mattresses In The World?

But why are they doing this? Is it because they want to attract clients by any means?

Personally, I don’t think that’s the case because they wouldn’t make any profit in this situation. It seems to me that they received so good reviews from their customers and they are so sure of their products, that there are quite a few clients that request a return.

I actually read on their site that 92% of their customers were very happy with the products, around 5% had minor issues and received replacing parts and only the rest 3% were not satisfied. For such a big company, the per cent is quite low. 


Personal Comfort vs Sleep Number

You can’t understand the real value of these mattresses if you don’t compare them with their main competitor, the famous Sleep Number.

Basically, the 2 companies offer pretty much the same features: 

  • Adjustable firmness with finding your own sleep number
  • Touch screen remote that controls the settings
  • 10 layer construction and the best comfort on the market
  • Reducing back pain and improving sleep quality
  • Lifetime warranty

These are just a few of their common features, but if you analyze their products you will see most things are the same. 

However, there are a few chapter where Personal Comfort excels. And they’re not necessarily related to construction or technical details, but rather to their offers:

  • Prices up to 20% lower than Sleep Number 
  • The remotes can be controlled from the cellphone
  • Free returns in all cases (not just damaged items, like Sleep Number)
  • Air loss is not a frequent issue (in 98% cases)
  • According to their website, no customer complained of heat retention
  • The air pumps are very silent, unlike Sleep Number
  • Much nicer customer service


So Are Personal Comfort Beds Worth Buying?

If you want to invest in a quality mattress, that can be used for over 20 years, then Personal Comfort is the best choice on the market. Just like Sleep Number, their features and quality are the top ones, but the price is much lower. 

However, this doesn’t mean they are very cheap. In fact, the cheapest model is a bit over $500. So they’re not really bargains.

Therefore, if you want to invest in a mattress that would last a longer time, Personal Comfort is the best you can choose. However, if you’re not necessarily looking for a long term mattress, this is a better option for your case.

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