My Favorite 4 Bohemian Wall Decorations


As this week we’re focusing on Bohemian homes, in this post I want to present you 4 really cool Bohemian wall decorations that will add a lot of personality to your already-original room.

So why should you place decorations on the walls? Wouldn’t it be better if you let them empty and not crowded with a lot of useless pieces?

Well, not really. We’re talking about Bohemian style, which is a synonym with creativity. In a Bohemian room, you should never stick to the essential or keep only what is important. On the contrary, this style encourages creativity and originality, so the more items you place everywhere, the better.

That’s where wall decorations come up. No matter how beautiful a Bohemian room would be, if they walls are completely empty, it will definitely not look like Bohemian anymore. To give you a better example, a Bohemian room with empty walls is like a home without a roof. No matter how lovely it would look, it immediately loses its charm because it’s not covered.

So I guess I convinced you of the great role that wall decorations have in Bohemian style. And if I made you curious about it, let me show you my favorite 4 wall decorations for Bohemian rooms. I used them when decorating different homes and they received a lot of praises from people, so you might find them attractive too. 😀




When you say Bohemian decorations, you say hanging dream catchers. These creative decorations were brought to fame by different artists and were immediately adopted by Bohemian lovers. Today, they make one of the most beautiful wall decorations for this style.

Although they have a pretty long history behind them, the hanging doilies are still a very original decoration for the walls, thanks to their versatility.

You can find thousands of styles of this decoration, smaller, larger, lighter, darker, or anything you want. Some are made of lace, others are decorated with beads, so there are a lot of different patterns.

How can I use this decoration?

If the doily you have is pretty white and simple, try adding some colorful fabrics to it. You don’t have to make it look perfect, as the secret of Bohemian style is exactly the imperfection. Just tie some bright, colorful threads to it, make it look messy, and add it to the wall.

This will make it look as a real Bohemian decoration. And as you can see, many times improvisations look much better than ready-made pieces when it comes to this style.

Where exactly should I use this decoration?

I love seeing dream catchers around me when I’m trying to relax, because they have a great effect in reducing stress and calming me down (it’s in their name, right? 😛 ). So I like to add a hanging doily in the bedroom, as it’s the perfect place for relaxing.

I actually advise you to do the same: a hanging doily will not only improve your Bohemian bedroom’s aspect, but it will also help you relax and bring in some fresh energy. And if you’re the kind of person that feels often stressed (as I do 🙁 ), this might help you a lot.

My favorite dream catcher: 

Handmade Traditional Dream Catcher by CaughtDreams ($19.99)

That’s definitely the dream catcher I used most when decorating Bohemian homes of different clients, and I don’t plan to change my option too soon. 😀

What does this CaughtDreams product have so special?

I think it’s the combination of vibrant colors that immediately catch the eye. And you know how important it is to have such a piece in a Bohemian decor.

Though they’re so different, these colors blends together really well and they give a gorgeous look to this dream catcher. I believe that’s what it makes it so original and appealing. 

Besides, it also has a really cool design: most hanging doilies are made of one central part and maybe some long strings that make it look prettier. But this CaughtDreams item is made of 5 parts, each of different sizes. And it has a lot of bright feathers, that help a lot when it comes to appearance.

In fact, you get 2 classic Bohemian decorations in one: the dream catcher, and the feathers (we’ll talk about this right below). That’s definitely something I try to find when choosing a dream catcher, but it’s not that easy actually. 🙁

Anyway, I really recommend you to try this dream catcher because from all the other ones I’ve seen, it seems to have the most beautiful design and the best colors. That’s why it’s one of my favorite pieces for a Bohemian decor. Plus that it doesn’t have a very high price ($20 is not that much for a hanging doily because some are pretty expensive) and it lasts many years. 

You can see this CaughtDreams item a few lines below, so if you’re interested to find out more details about it, just click on that link. For me it’s an indispensable Bohemian element, so I’m sure you would love it too! 🙂




Another classic option for a Bohemian room, feathers will always remain extremely original and exotic. There are a lot of decorations that use feathers, and they are all extremely popular and beautiful. And that’s not just my opinion. 😀

Feathers can give any room a wild touch, so they are absolutely perfect for Bohemian style. It’s no surprise that they’re one of the most popular elements in homes that follow this style. So if you decide on feathers for your Bohemian house, you will never have to fear about making a wrong choice.

How can I use this decoration?

The good part about feather decorations is that you can use them multiple times in the same room, without fearing that they could be too much. Of course that I don’t advise you to buy 3 exact pieces and add them in the same place…But having several, different wall decorations based on feathers wouldn’t look bad at all.

So you can use several kinds of feathers of different colors, you can even combine them in order to get something spectacular and exotic. In Bohemian style, you have absolutely no chance to get it wrong. 😀

Where can I use this decoration?

I like to impress with feathers, so I always try to place them in a part of the house that is always “in front”. The living room would probably be the most suitable, as that is the place with the biggest traffic from any house.

But this doesn’t prevent you to add feathers in the bedroom too. Just like I said before, you can even add more than just one pieces, especially if the ones you choose have different colors and shapes.

This kind of decoration is something you can trust when it comes to Bohemian style, so use it without any worries. 🙂




If I had to choose just one wall decoration for a Bohemian room, I would definitely pick a tapestry. It could immediately brighten the whole room and transform the entire decor into a new, authentic one.

I always had the feeling that adding a wall tapestry would give a lot of personality to a room, making it feel like the owner has a strong character and is a very open-minded person. That’s the impression I get when I enter a room decorated like this. It may be just my impression, I don’t know…But it’s a really cool to see a room with such a decor.

How can I use this decoration?

Even though we’re talking about a Bohemian room, where almost everything is allowed and there are not too many decorating restrictions, I suggest you not to exaggerate with very colorful tapestries. I mean, don’t add a dozen bright tapestries in one room, it wouldn’t look nice, even if it’s Bohemian.

Instead, try to make the tapestry one of the central points of the room. As it’s placed on the wall, it will be much easier because it will be in the direct view of everyone.

The more colorful the piece is, the faster it will become visible. So if the wall tapestry you have is colored in red, green and blue, it will surely become noticeable very fast.

On the other hand, if it has lighter, softer colors, you might want to emphasize it using other decorations, that have stronger shades. It’s not very difficult, and your own intuition will help you. If it seems too hard, you can write me a message or a comment and I will gladly help you with this. 🙂

Where can I use this decoration?

I would suggest the living room, because it can work as a focal point so the main room is probably the most suitable place for it. If you have very bright colors covering the walls, try to go for a lighter tapestry, because it will come forward as being “the softer shade from the stronger ones”.

It’s not forbidden to place it in the bedroom, just take care not to overcrowd the walls (assuming that you already have a lot of bright decorations; if that’s not the case, you can add a tapestry in strong colors anytime).

My favorite 4 Bohemian wall decorations

But all in all, I think it’s better to use it in the main rooms, where it can draw the attention on itself. I know this sounds pretty ironical, as we’re talking about Bohemian style, but even here some pieces manage to draw the attention more than others. Anyway, let’s me show you some of the tapestries I use often when decorating for different clients.

My favorite tapestry:

Tree Of Life And Elephant Tapestry by Marubhumi ($8.11)

If you’re looking for a unique tapestry that will transform your room into an exotic, magical place…then I think I have the right answer for you.

I’ve used this Marubhumi item (yeah, I know it has a name that’s impossible to pronunce…:P ) in a few homes I decorated, and the effect it had on each decor was amazing.

I actually remember a really impressive case, when I decorated a client’s living room in Boho style. I also used this tapestry, and the interesting part is that there was a huge difference between how the room looked without it (considering that it had all the other Bohemian decorations already at their place) and how it looked after I added the tapestry on one of the walls.

It felt like the room really was in a jungle, in the good way of course. 🙂 Because its background is black and the drawings have phosphorescent colors, it makes even the darkest room look like it had a lot of style. Even if it doesn’t 😛

It was around $10 when I last ordered it (the previous year I think), and I noticed that the price is even smaller now, just $8. So I really recommend you to try this tapestry, it’s extremely cheap and it’s almost impossible not to like it, seriously.

In a Bohemian room, there are zero chances that it wouldn’t look. On the contrary, I promise you that it will really beautify your room and it will give it a touch of great style. Because that’s what I can an original Bohemian wall decoration. 🙂

You can check it above in the list with the 4 decorations I recommend you. I used the other ones too and I loved each of them (else I wouldn’t have recommended them to you 😛 ), but this Marubhumi tapestry remains by far my favorite so it is the one I suggest you to try too. 




The last really cool decoration that I want to show you is actually the easiest to create, because it’s a diy stuff. You all know that Bohemian is famous for its creative, improvised decorations, so how could I skip these hand made crafts from my list? 😀

The good news about this type of items is that you can basically create anything you want, as long as it’s hand made and it can be hanged or placed on the walls. You can go for personal drawings that have natural elements and bright colors, improvised lighting fixtures, hanging plants placed in a painted pot…

You can even cut a larger curtain in 2 and hang half of it on the wall (gypsy curtains would have the best visual effect in this case). These are just a few ideas, you have hundreds of options to create different crafts, all you have to do is to let your creativity free. 🙂

How can I use this decoration?

As we’re talking about hand made decorations, there aren’t too many restrictions. When it comes to colors, you can use both bright and lighter pieces, because that’s actually the beauty of this kind of decor – combining strong colors with softer shades will lead to an original, exotic design in each room.

You will never have 2 rooms that look the same, so this is a great advantage of Bohemian style.

Where can I use this decoration?

I have some other great news here too. 🙂

Hand made crafts can be used from bedroom to bathroom, from kitchen to outdoors. They will always make any room look fresh and full or creativity, and they will bring in a part of the owner’s personality. So try to add at least 2 hand made decorations in any room, without fearing that they would be too much.

The larger a diy decoration is, the better it would look. But this doesn’t mean that smaller pieces aren’t worth having. On the contrary, placing a smaller decoration on the walls means you have more room for some others, so there’s more versatility.

Therefore, you can use different kinds of crafts in every room of the house. Either they’re larger or smaller, as long as they’re original and fresh, they will beautify your Bohemian decor even more. 🙂


A few conclusions about  these wall decorations


Having a room full of artistic and original items is a must in Bohemian style, so this explains why so many people are trying to get new ideas about all kinds of decorations. When it comes to decorating the walls, I tried to show you some really simple elements that could make the best of your Bohemian room.

I’m sure you’ve seen dream catchers in most of the Bohemian houses you visited, because they are one of the most popular decor ideas for this style. And classic never dies, so hanging doilies are always a very safe choice as a wall decoration, but also a very unique one. Two pieces will never look the same, so if you want originality, this element should always exist in your home.

Feathers are also a really cool decoration, especially because they remind everyone of wilderness and nature. And these are elements that have a very strong connection with Bohemian. Besides, the feathers make such beautiful decorations that you could even stare at them for hours. So I recommend you to get at least one feather decoration in your Bohemian home.

It’s not Bohemian if it doesn’t have a tapestry on the walls, isn’t this true? It surely is. 😉 This kind of decorations bring a lot of energy and color in any decor, so they’re an element that shouldn’t be skipped in any Bohemian home. Either they’re smaller or larger, tapestries are original and charming, plus that they give a personal note to any room.

And last but not least, make sure you have at least 2 hand made crafts in your home. They may not be the most beautiful decorations you’ve ever see, but they are surely very original. You can choose any craft you want, either done by yourself or ready made, the important thing is that it is manually created and will bring you some extra points for originality.

Therefore, make your walls reflect your home and add the proper decorations to make your room look original and full of positive energy! 

(P.S.: If you’re new to Bohemian and you want to find out how to transform your home with this style, you may want to read this article about the 10 steps to a Bohemian bedroom.)


I hope you enjoyed reading my recommendations for Bohemian wall decorations and that you can inspire from them and choose the best pieces for your home. If you need any advice or if you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will get in touch with you.

What is your favorite wall decoration for a Bohemian room?

Let me know your answer through a comment. Anne 😀

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  1. Matt's Mom says:

    These are all great ideas for those wanting the bohemian look. I personally did not know what that would look like until I read this post. I lived in Alaska for 22 years, and they are not the type to have Bohemian décor, but they do have a lot of dream catchers and feathers as you displayed. Very interesting ideas, and something I can make as well.

    • Anne says:

      Hi there 🙂

      Haha yes, I can imagine that people from Alaska aren’t huge fans of exotic or artistic decorations, so they won’t love Bohemian style. But I once heard before about dream catchers in Alaska…I thought it was just a story, but now that you confirmed it must be true.

      Well then I think there is some good taste in Alaska. Who knows, maybe many years from now we’ll see Art Nouveau and Boho Chic as something very common there.

      Thanks for reading my post about Bohemian wall decorations, I’m glad I gave you some ideas, that was my purpose 🙂

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