3 Stylish Modern Bathroom Lighting Fixtures Over Mirror


Choosing the right lighting for your bathroom was never easy, especially if you want to follow the trends. 

For this reason, today I want to show you 3 modern bathroom lighting fixtures over mirror that would make the best of your home. Besides being extremely stylish, they also have a great price/quality ratio. So you won’t be wasting any money in vain with these light,

Note: All the things I recommend below are products that I have tried myself. I only speak based on my experience with them


 1. Small Pendant Light – My Personal Choice

modern bathroom lighting fixtures over mirrorDo you know those small, barely hanging lights from luxury homes? You’ve surely seen them in movies, if not for real. Well, those are the lights I’m talking about

To me, they look like the most modern lights for a bathroom. And I’m not the only one who thinks so, because they are on the the most popular choices this year.

Best For: Beautiful and elegant bathrooms that aren’t necessarily luxurious. You don’t need to invest lots of money to get that look

Why Place Them Above The Mirror?

Obviously, the illumination reason is the first. But if you don’t care that much about this, here’s another one. Above the mirror is the place where they’re most visible. So if you want to have an elegant bathroom, you need them there.

Besides, their design is perfect for that spot. As they are hanging, they manage to illuminate a wider surface. So you will always have enough light on any side of the mirror.

Biggest Downside: They tend to be more expensive than regular lights. You can’t find many under $30


2. Retro Bulbs – They’re Coming Back

3 Stylish Modern Bathroom Lighting Fixtures Over MirrorI’m not talking about those regular bulbs that each of us has at home. In this case, it’s Retro bulbs.

In the past, you could only see them in theatres and studios. However, lots of people started to buy Retro bulb lights for their bathrooms. 

As Retro fashion is coming back, so are its elements. And what looks more specific that bulbs? For this reason, they became a very stylish choice today.

Best For: Fans of Retro style and people who want to have a special bathroom 

Why Place Them Above The Mirror?

Because of their look, not as much for lighting reasons. However, these kind of lights are placed not only above, but also around the mirror. So besides the appearance criteria, the illumination is also much better.

If you place the lights on both sides of the mirror, they will illuminate equally. 

That’s why, many people place Retro bulb lights both above and around the bathroom mirror. The bathroom looks both modern and stylish, and there’s enough light as well.

Biggest Downside: You can buy Retro bulbs alone, but you don’t have lots of choices. Instead, people usually buy ready-made mirrors that already have Retro bulbs on them.

That might sound like a good option, but you need to find a model that fits your bathroom perfectly, both in color and pattern. 


     3. Regular Leds – They’re Still In Fashion

modern bathroom lighting fixtures over mirror

If you are bored of basic light, you should give them a second chance. Common leds are stillamong the trends of this season when it comes to lights.

So despite the bad design, people continue to buy leds as much as before. And if you ask me, these regular leds aren’t going anywhere in the future. Instead, they proved that are here to stay. 

Best For: People who like classic piece or don’t have a very high budget

Why Place Them Above The Mirror?

Fortunately, with leds you don’t have many choices. They can only be placed somewhere on top, so that they can illuminate properly.

The best place is definitely above the mirror. That’s where they illuminate best. If you ever thought about placing them anywhere else, forget about it. A led isn’t very effective somewhere else and you can’t really change that.

Biggest Downside: Often times they don’t illuminate a large area, so you might need additional lights around. Obviously, that depends of how large is your bathroom


So What’s Your Favorite Lighting Fixture Over Mirror?

Leds may be an easy and modern pick, but they’re usually not powerful enough and may need some vanity lights besides.

Bulbs have a Retro feeling and usually cover a higher illumination surface, but they’re not great bathrooms decorated in Minimalism or Scandinavian style.

Pendant lights are probably the most beautiful, but they also cost more, compared to the others.

So it’s not easy to make a choice, but try to think at what your bathroom needs. It also depends on how much money you’re willing to spend on those lights. Consider every factor and make the best decision. 

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12 Responses

  1. Jeff says:

    My 1/2 bath has light bulbs above the mirror. And there is also a recessed light above the stool.

    I am not so much a “style” guy as much as a utilitarian. I like stuff that does what it’s supposed to do. Stuff that works.

    Although I do like style took, style takes a back seat to functionality.

    Having said that I do like the look (and functionality) of the bulbs over the mirror as well as on the sides.

    It seems like I would have to have an electrician come in an wire the sides of the mirror to accommodate those additional lights on the sides of the mirror if I wanted to go that way.

    Then I could have the best of both worlds, function and style.

    • Anne says:

      Hi Jeff,

      Yes, I understand what you mean, I know many people like you, who aren’t really preoccupied with the lights’ aspect, but rather with their utility. This isn’t a bad point of view at all, because sometimes focusing on lights that illuminate well also means getting a beautiful aspect.

      However, if you want to check out if you’ve chosen the proper lights when it comes to your bathroom’s appearance, you can always check these tips 🙂

  2. donald says:

    Thanks for that. I’m just planning to remodel my bathroom right now and I hadn’t really thought in any detail about lighting. Now I realise it makes a huge difference part and actually planned anything. Thanks your article lighting will be integral to my design. Lighting is often the last thing you think about and in some ways it should be the first.

    • Anne says:


      Yes, it’s true, many people don’t really care about lighting in the right way, I used to think the same many years ago, when I had no idea about interior design, but luckily there is available advice everywhere now. And this post offers only practical recommendations, which are quite simple to use, I believe.

      Thanks for reading my blog 🙂

  3. Pauline says:

    You’ve got some really varied options of bathroom lighting and I can see your point of having bathroom lighting over the mirror – firstly is the added reflection giving the effect of extra lighting and secondly having the mirror illuminated to help with shaving and applying make-up. It’s also very informative and well written

    • Anne says:

      Hi Pauline, thank you 🙂

      I’m glad you managed to see 2 important reasons by yourself, this means that decorating your home is something you’re pretty good at 🙂

      Yeah, that reflection of the light gives indeed the feeling that the room is better illuminated and once you have this feeling, everything seems more elegant and beautiful

  4. Travis Smithers says:

    I would say for me I prefer the small pendant lights as they will still give you plenty of light and tend to always look good in the bathroom when you match up designs.

    The other variations you show, make a lot of sense for giving appropriate lighting, but I find are just not my style.

    The important thing is to always have adequate lighting regardless of which style you may like.

    • Anne says:

      Hey, it’s great that you know what exactly you like and you don’t have to test it out in order to see it.

      Pendant lights are a very good option, they also make the bathroom look elegant and luxurious, besides lighting it properly.

      Thanks for your visit 😀

  5. Reinis Inkens says:

    Hey, thanks for the insight concerning lighting mirrors.
    I have one question regarding this topic – would you say that it is better to have a hard light or a soft light on top of the mirror? The hard light would illuminate any problem areas on the face more, but a soft light would be a more even light and better to see overall image.
    Also, considering LED’s and changing face colour – do you take into consideration CRI (colour rendering index)? If you get lights with a high CRI, it should be much less of a problem.

    • Anne says:

      Hi there, very good questions 😀

      So, regarding to the kind of light I prefer above the mirror…To tell you my opinion, I’m rather for the softer lights. But that’s just a personal preference, and let me tell you why.

      A hard light would be too strong for my eyes, and maybe not just for mines, but for eyes in general. That’s how I consider hard lights to be. Meanwhile, softer lights and more gentle and even though they don’t illuminate that well, as long as there are vanity lights on both sides of the mirror, the general illumination should be pretty good.

      Of course that I can’t always recommend softer lights to everyone, because the most important factor is the natural light any bathroom receives. If the bathroom is very dark and there’s little to no natural light, soft lights wouldn’t manage to illuminate well, even with the vanity lights. So in this case I would recommend a stronger light.

      And about the LEDs, yeah, the color rendering index is something I consider. Not always, but there are some cases when I take a look at the CRI, especially when I have to deal with bathrooms that are darker than most.

      Hope my answer helps :

  6. Jeanette says:

    Hi Anne! Thank you for this interesting post! I didn’t realize there were so much to lighting your bathroom. I do have the small pendant lights in my bathroom and I feel like they illuminate pretty well for me. But in the future if I remodel I might go for the retro style, really like that. Thank you again!

    • Anne says:

      Hey Jeanette!

      I’m glad you liked those ideas and that you’re thinking about using them in the future. Retro style would look great in a bathroom, especially if you take care to light it properly. But once you listen to these tips from my article, I’m sure you’ll do a great job. :

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