Is Beach Furniture For Living Room A Good Idea?


Hey everyone! A few days ago I was asked what I believed about Coastal style, and whether it’s a good idea to use it in your home (assuming you don’t live in an exotic country). So that’s exactly what I’m going to talk about in this post, beach furniture for living room, more precisely.

I’m focusing on furniture on my blog, so I will give you 5 reasons why Beach or Coastal style isn’t as bad as it sounds at first. In fact, it could even look amazing, so get ready to be surprised. 😀


1. It Will Immediately Relieve Stress


If there is something that everyone knows about Coastal style, it’s definitely that it’s great for stress.

Beach furniture consists of a lot of white, thin curtains that are know to have a great effect on stressed people. Just imagine you were in a room full of light, with a lot of white curtains in front of the opened windows. The curtains are blowing in the wind and everything is so quiet…I only have to think about this and I start feeling more relaxed. 😀

So that’s one of the reasons why people choose this style in their homes, even if they don’t live somewhere on the seaside. Coastal decors are extremely peaceful and they can immediately change someone’s mood. I say this from my own experience.

You don’t even have to use this style for your entire home; you can always get some beach furniture pieces just for one room, to see if you like it or not. That very room can be enough to help you cope with stress, so it’s really worth trying.

Is Beach Furniture For Living Room A Good Idea?

Photo by Emily May


2. It Will Bring You Everyone’s Praises For Originality


Have you see Coastal style in all of your friends’ homes? I bet you haven’t…

Beach furniture is actually not very common in homes inside the continents. You can find a lot of Coastal homes near the sea, but that’s pretty much it. The reason? Well, many people are not aware of all the advantages it has. And if it’s not so common, it’s definitely original.

Just think about it, wouldn’t you love to see a living room decorated in a Coastal style in someone’s home? I would, that’s for sure. And I would regard it as very original and beautiful.

So that’s another pro of going for beach furniture in your home, especially if you like to be creative and special. Having a room decorated in Coastal style would definitely bring you everyone’s praises. That’s what happened to me, and it will definitely happen to you too. It’s impossible that someone hates a Coastal room, so you should never worry about this aspect.


3. It Always Looks Warm And Cozy


Another huge advantage of beach furniture is that it keeps the same atmosphere in your home, whether it’s summer or winter.

Coastal style is inspired from the sea, and when you think about the sea…you think about something nice and warm, right? That’s how I see it.

This means that a Coastal decorated room will never feel cold, no matter how cold it’s outside. The atmosphere will always be cozy and pleasant, which is exactly how a home should be. Besides, this kind of decor is always very welcoming, so it would be perfect for your guests. They’ll love it, believe me. 😉

Is Beach Furniture For Living Room A Good Idea?


4. It’s Pretty Cheap


Although you may haven’t thought about it, beach furniture doesn’t have a very high price.

The pieces and items that are specific for this style are pretty light and thin. The curtains and the rugs are all made of really light fabrics, the fabrics for furniture is usually a light wood, so you can imagine that they won’t cost a fortune. 😛 The materials used for sofas are also pretty soft and thin, which means that their prices are also affordable.

I can’t give you a certain amount of money you have to spend on a Coastal decor, because it depends of a lot of factors, like the dimensions of the room, the decorations you want to get or the quality of the furniture pieces you buy (a higher price means a higher quality).

But if you have a fixed budget, I believe that Coastal is one of those styles that offers you a pretty wide range of options, in order to fit in that budget. And that is great news, in my opinion.


5. It Will Never Go Out Of Fashion


Although I can’t say it’s one of the trends of this season, nor that it’s more and more popular with every year, beach furniture will never become old-fashioned, in my opinion.

As long as there will be beaches and coasts, this style will always remain there. And as a lot of people are trying to bring the sea atmosphere in their homes, I don’t think beach furniture will become less popular. On the contrary, my guess is that the interest in it will only grow, so I do expect to see it as one of the top trends in 7-8 years.

Until then, people who have a Coastal decorated home don’t have any reason to worry, when it comes to the popularity of this style. As long as it’s not so common, their home will be original. When it becomes more popular, they will have a fashionable home. So there are only advantages. 😀

Living room Germany 2006



So Do You Think Beach Furniture Is A Good Idea, After All?


I’m really curious to hear your opinion about this style, as I tried to give you my top 5 reasons why I think it would be a nice choice. I can’t say it’s one of my favorite styles or that I recommend it quite often, but it has its own advantages and benefits.

When it comes to relieving stress, I think it’s the best decorating style, because any other doesn’t have its power and fast effect on people. The price is also an important advantage of this style, as it’s one of the cheapest ones I tried.

Its originality may not be such a important thing for you, but it will definitely make your room unique and easy to remember. Plus that you will always feel like it’s warm and pleasant there, even if it’s a cold winter actually.

So in my opinion, beach furniture for living room (or for any other room of the house) is not such a bad idea as it may sound at first. It may not be your first option if you plan to redecorate your home, but I believe it’s worth considering, especially if you want to get rid of stress.


What do you think, would you decorate your living room with beach furniture? Or it’s not the most suitable style for your home? I’m really eager to find out your opinion in order to take a decision, if I should write some other posts about this style or not.

So I’d appreciate if you let me know your answer in a comment. Anne 😀

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