How To Light A Bedroom Correctly In 5 Steps


I’ve always considered the bedroom as “the heart of any home” and no matter whose house I decorated, I would always try to make it look as such. By far, one of the hardest steps in decorating a bedroom is lighting.

Though it doesn’t sound that important, lighting plays a major role in the appearance of a bedroom. It can actually make a difference between a gorgeous bedroom and an average one.

So in this post, I’ll show you how to light a bedroom correctly, so that it looks the way you’ve always wanted.

How To Light A Bedroom Correctly In 5 Steps

Lighting a room properly isn’t a very complicated process, but it depends from place to place. We will never manage to make the best of our bedroom lights if we use them just like we do in the kitchen.

Every room has different features and characteristics, so it’s important to consider them if we want a perfect lighting.

But now, let’s get back to our bedroom lights and find out the steps we should follow in order to get a perfect lighting in our bedroom!


1. Go for natural light…as much as you can


Although it may not seem so important, natural light is actually the #1 illumination source you should have (or try to have, if you know what I mean :P).

The first thing I do when decorating a bedroom is making sure that there is enough natural light to illuminate the biggest part of the room. Why?

How To Light A Bedroom Correctly In 5 Steps

Because no matter what other expensive lights you choose, natural light will be the only one to give your bedroom that “real” feeling, like it’s not a place from drawings or books. I think you get my point. No other artificial light can do this (though it would be great if it could).

That’s why, I always advise people that before the choose any lighting fixtures or chandeliers, they should check out if they can have natural light in their bedroom and how much they can have. This depends on the house/apartment’s position, the design of the windows, the room’s color, etc.

There are also less fortunate cases, where the natural light that can enter the bedroom is either very little or very weak, so the only solution is adding a lot of artificial lights.


2. Pendant chandeliers are the best choice


So now that you have some natural light as the basic lighting source, it’s time to get the main artificial light, which is usually a chandelier.

I’m quite a classical person when it comes to this, as I prefer to go for a chandelier when decorating a bedroom, instead of choosing a innovative lighting fixture. I believe a chandelier would always look great in any bedroom, while a “more modern” light may not blend that well with the other objects.

How To Light A Bedroom Correctly In 5 Steps

Anyway, just like you see in this image, what I suggest you to do is to get a pendant chandelier. Why?

  • First of all, a light that is “hanged” lower (but still on the ceiling) would manage to illuminate a much bigger area. That’s just physics. Think about it, why are pendant chandelier so popular nowadays and have been so for many years? Because they illuminate much better than regular ones, that are simply fixed to the ceiling.
  • Secondly, a pendant light looks really cool. Seriously, just compare a hanging lighting fixture with a plain one and you’ll immediately notice a big difference. Pendant lights are really glamorous and elegant, so they’re the best type of light for a bedroom.
  • Lastly, if you get a pendant light your bedroom will most likely catch the eye. Hanging chandeliers tend to stand out immediately (in the good way :P), so having this kind of light will definitely make the best of your bedroom.

Therefore, no matter what color or shape has the chandelier you choose, just make sure it’s a pendant one. 😉 If you need some suggestions, my post ELK Lighting Pendant Lights Review is probably a good place to find some.


3. The eternal reading lamps still work…but I would change them


I know that a lot of people simply can’t imagine a bedroom without the classic reading lamps placed on 2 nightstands near the bed…And that’s not a bad thing, as these reading lamps have an important part there, plus that they do their job really well.

Review: Mainstays Shelf Floor Lamp with Off White Shade, BlackBut…I’ve seen so many bedrooms that look so good without having those reading lamps that…I now believe that there is life after the reading lamps age.

I won’t insist on why I prefer to give up these lamps, it’s just that I’m a bit bored of seeing they became a pattern in every bedroom, so I just try to change this. And if I have clients that are willing to make this change, that’s great, if not, it doesn’t bother me to add them in their bedroom.

So what I recommend instead of reading lamps? It’s simple: original lighting.

And by this I mean lighting fixtures, lamps, or any other kind of lights that have a different shape and aspect. Just take a look at this picture, and tell me you don’t like it. I bet you can’t say this. Just imagine how this light would look in your own bedroom… Honestly, I’m sure it would change a lot there.

So my advice for you is:

  • If you want to try something new and different, go for other lights on your nightstand or in your room and you’ll immediately see a change. Here’s a good example.
  • If you’re satisfied with your reading lamps and don’t want to change them, it’s totally fine, you can move on to the next step without touching your nightstand lights.


4. Decorative lights are one of my small secrets


Right now I’ll show you this tip that helped me create the perfect bedroom in a few occasions: the decorative lights.

I know it sounds a bit confusing, so you’re probably wondering “What exactly are these?”.

Well, I call “decorative lights” those small bulbs tied together, just like you can see in this picture. You can add these lights in a certain part of your bedroom (usually the one that is illuminated the least) in order to create a really charming decor.

These decorative lights have an immediate effect on any bedroom’s appearance, as they manage to give in an original, fresh air.

You can actually use this tip in almost any bedroom, just take care not to exaggerate with it. If you have a lot of natural light all over your room, I would suggest you to forget about decorative lights or at most, to add them just in a small quantity.

Balance is always important, even when it comes to lighting, so it’s important to pay attention to this aspect. But otherwise, decorative lights are a secret that you can use anytime you need in order to give your bedroom that sparkle it needs. 😉


5. Don’t forget about taste


The last step I will mention is probably the most important one:

No matter how well-lightened your bedroom is in theory, if it just doesn’t look visually, it’s clear that this lightening isn’t the right one. 

In other words, the 4 steps I mentioned before should work for most bedrooms. But there are always exceptions, so sometimes it can happen that your bedroom simply doesn’t look good with those lights. Even if you follow these exact steps, there are (small) chances that this method isn’t the right one for your bedroom.

So what should you do then?

It’s very simple: the best thing you can do is trying to give up a certain light, and see how your bedroom looks without it. If it looks much better, you probably solved the problem.

If its appearance is still not the one you wanted, then the problem is with another light, so you should keep trying to remove each separately until you notice any difference.

Sometimes it may happen that several lighting fixtures don’t go well together, so then you’ll probably have to give up one of them (or even more). 

And if you try removing each of the lights and you still can’t find the responsible for the “imperfect” look of your bedroom, maybe the best would be to try a different approach for your bedroom’s lighting.


These 5 simple steps should bring in your bedroom’s shine


Now at the end of this article, I just want to sum up the most important things about each step.

– What I want you to remember first is that natural light the the key factor of any bedroom, so don’t try to go for large, sophisticated lighting fixtures instead of letting natural light enter your bedroom. 

The only thing you would do would be to transform your bedroom into a “heavy” room, which is the last thing you want, considering that we’re talking about a bedroom.

– When it comes to the chandelier, always try to pick a pendant, hanging one because it will make your room feel more spacious and elegant, besides illuminating much better.

– If you’re not a huge fan of classic arrangements, you might want to go for original lamps instead of the regular reading ones. This would give your bedroom an original touch and a really glamorous air.

– Whenever you feel like there’s still room for some lights, decorative lights are definitely a nice choice for every bedroom. If added in darker parts of the room, they manage to create a uniform illumination, that is so important in a bedroom.

– And last but not least, listen to your intuition if your bedroom’s lights don’t look the way you would like. Changing just one of them could change the whole look of your room, so don’t neglect this aspect.


I really hope that my post helped you understand how to light a bedroom correctly and if you have the possibility to try it, go ahead, there’s nothing to lose. 

I am waiting for your questions in the comments below, so if there’s anything you’re not sure about bedroom lights, please let me know.

What kind of lights do you have in your bedroom? Anne 😀

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