How To Furnish Your Backyard In 7 Simple Steps


As I’ve been focusing on furniture in the last weeks, I realized I pretty much neglected the outdoor topics. So in this post I want to make it up to the ones of you that are interested in garden decor. For this reason, today I want to show you 7 steps that will help furnish your backyard correctly and transform it into the perfect green space.

Sounds really good, doesn’t it? 😀

But before I get started, let me tell you something from the beginning. All my recommendations are products that I’ve used for myself or for other people, so they are items that I trust and that I can guarantee for. However, this doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to choose them, nor that any other item isn’t suitable for your garden.

No, in fact you can choose any furniture piece that has similar features to the ones I recommend, it’s all up to you because it is your backyard. I just wanted to mention this so that you know it. 🙂

Anyway, let’s not make it any longer and start right with the first step.


1. Consider How Much Space You Have

This is an essential step for the beginning, because it’s extremely important to know what kind of furniture you have the possibility to use.

If your backyard is pretty narrow and small, you can imagine that you won’t have enough space for a 9-piece dining set. Or if you have a really large garden, a Bistro set with 3 pieces wouldn’t really be the best choice.

For this reason, try to examine closely your backyard and think about how much furniture space you would have. This would help you choose only the pieces that would be suitable for this space, and not all the ones that look “nice”. Although this step doesn’t sound like a big deal, it’s actually really useful, believe me.


2. Start With The Dining Set – Large, Medium Or Small?

Now that you know how much free space you have for the furniture pieces, it’s time to actually choose them. And what is the best to start with? Obviously, the dining set.

Believe it or not, the dining set is actually the main piece of any backyard decor, so it’s extremely important to choose a set that has the right dimensions. According to the free space your backyard has, the dining set you pick should match it as much as possible.

Just like I said before, if your backyard is really spacious and large, there’s no point choosing a very small dining set, unless you want to fill the space with other items. But otherwise, try to make your dining set the central point of your backyard, so make sure you choose its size according to the dimensions of your outdoors.


3. A Swing Or A Hammock Would Be Perfect

Okay, so once you have the dining set, you have the main furniture piece. And now it’s time for the others! 😀

Personally, after finishing with the dining set, I like to choose a garden swing or a hammock as a secondary piece. I do this because both of these items are really nice looking and suitable for an outdoor area, plus that they’re a great way to have fun and relax. So they’re somehow doing 2 things at the same time.

When it comes to garden swings, I can recommend you a pretty good one from Mainstays, which is made of canopy and has a pretty good price (around $200, depending on the period you’re buying it). It is actually a 2-in-1 swing and hammock, but I don’t really use it as a hammock because it’s not so good for this purpose (in my opinion). However, you may really like it as a hammock too, because I’m really sure you’ll love it as a swing.

If you want my advice for hammocks, this piece from Vivere remains my #1 choice in every case. I wrote a review of that hammock, and my good opinion about it hasn’t changed until now. 😀 So if you want to find out more about it, read my review by clicking right above.


4. Get The Right Decorations

Even though this may not sound so important, decorations are actually the unnoticeable feature that makes a garden look beautiful. You may not notice the decorations, but they play an important part in the general decor.

For this reason, try not to exaggerate with too many bright, colorful decorations but at the same time, don’t neglect them either. I mean, don’t forget about decorations because they could bring your backyard some extra points, believe me.

What does “right decorations” mean?  Well, this depends from garden to garden. For example, if your backyard is full of trees and green/colorful plants, then a lot of decorations won’t be necessary. So the right decorations in this case would be some light, small ones.

On the other hand, if your garden is pretty dull and there aren’t too many natural things, interesting decorations would come really in handy. They would make the whole place look more full of life, so considering that we’re talking about a garden, I’m pretty sure you want this, right? 🙂

The Best 10 Small Backyard/ Patio Ideas On A Budget


5. If Necessary, Try Some Additional Pieces For Impression

Here I was thinking about daybeds and wooden benches, as these are the furniture pieces that would grab my attention, assuming I was your visitor.

When it comes to daybeds, I reviewed some in the previous weeks and I got to the conclusion that most are too expensive for the quality the offer. However, a better alternative (and what I actually recommend everyone to do) would be to get an inside daybed instead of an outside one.

Inside daybeds are much less expensive and some of them have a really good quality. Plus that you can anytime bring and keep them outside, so they’re not just for inside use. So if you want to impress, get an inside daybed and you will have a really original decor in your backyard.


6. Don’t Forget About The Lights

Even though I’m talking about furniture in this post, I couldn’t help mentioning something about the lights.

You probably agree with me that a backyard that isn’t properly lighted won’t look that good as one that has the right lights in the right spots. I wrote an entire post about this topic, so if you want to find out more you can take a look at it.

But always remember that lighting a garden correctly is an essential step if you want a good looking home, no matter how gorgeous your furniture is. 😉


7. Take A Look At The Trends In Case You Want To Change It In Time

What is popular today may not be popular tomorrow too. Well, that’s not really the case in Interior Design, where trends tend to last several years, but if you ever feel the need to change something in your garden, it’s important to know where to search.

The trends in outdoor furniture can help you get an idea about what is in fashion and what isn’t, so in case you want to partially redecorate your backyard, I really recommend you to take a look at the trends for that year. You never know what idea you can get after checking out those lists. This always helps me, so I’m sure it would help you too.


So How Will You Furnish Your Garden Now?

So if you read all of these 7 steps, you probably have an idea about what items and furniture pieces you should add for the beginning. It’s true that improvisation can always look great, but if you have the basic decor, everything is more than great.

Now tell me, did this article help you understand how you have to furnish your backyard (at least a bit :D)?

Do you think it would be easier now to choose the right furniture pieces for your garden?

Or you still think it’s not so easy to furnish a backyard?

Whatever is your opinion, let me know it in one of the comments from below. I’m really eager to hear what you think about this topic.

And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me and I will gladly help you (if I can). Anne 😀

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