How To Choose Quality Furniture – 7 Things Any Good Furniture Piece Should Have


As this month we’ve been talking about furniture, I reviewed a lot of dining sets and furniture pieces that I tried for me or for my clients. And one of the most important criteria I used in these reviews was quality, do you remember?

This is a top factor for me actually, because no matter how gorgeous and cheap an item is, if it has a low quality, you can definitely do without it.

But what I realized a few days ago was that I never actually explained you what ”high quality” means. I mean, I’m sure you understand this term and you know what I’m talking about but…do you know how exactly should be an item in order to call it “ of high quality”?

I admit I haven’t explained it in detail…L So that’s exactly what I want to do today, show you things you should look for in a piece, in order to see if it’s a high quality item or not. You may know some of them, but other could be new and it will do you a lot of good knowing them all, believe me.


1. It Both Looks And Feels Solid


That’s probably the most important thing when it comes to quality furniture, simply because it’s the most visible feature it has.

I’m sure anyone wouldn’t buy a furniture piece that looks really fragile and wobbles when you touch it. Do you agree? I would surely not buy it.

So when you’re in a furniture shop and you’re trying to figure out if you’re looking at a quality piece, the first thing you have to do is to touch it (they will let you do this, I tell you for sure 😛 ).

If it doesn’t feel very sturdy and you can easily waggle it, it’s definitely fake and it surely has a pretty bad quality. So you shouldn’t even consider it.

Another thing you can do is to look at the fabric. If you’re buying a table or a dining set, wood is probably the main fabric they should be made of, so if you see a hardwood material, everything is all right.



2. It Doesn’t Scratch Easily


One of the main features of low quality items is that they can get damaged easily, I mean damaged by someone not by time. 😛

But on the other hand, it’s pretty hard to damage a quality piece, because its fabric is strong and it won’t be so easy. And what’s the easiest was to damage a furniture piece? By scratching it, of course.

So please keep in mind that a quality item won’t get scratched by a metal vase or a fine item. At least, not easily…Because if you really wanted, I’m sure you could scratch even a quality piece. 😛

Joking apart, this is another criteria when it comes to choosing good furniture. If a piece scratches easily, from the first try, it’s definitely not what you need.


3. It Has Sturdy Legs


I’m not talking about certain pieces, but about furniture in general. And most furniture pieces have legs, so this could also be used as a rule.

High quality pieces will always have solid, strong legs, usually made of wood or any other sturdy material. If an item has a nice aspect but it doesn’t have sturdy legs, then I doubt it has a great quality…

Just think about it, how could an item be sturdy if its legs are fragile, thin or easy to break? Honestly, would you sit on a chair whose legs are in this way? I definitely wouldn’t.

So if you’re buying furniture, always remember to look at the legs of the items. This will tell you for sure if that product will last in good conditions or not.


4. It Lasts For More Than One Year


Here’s one of the expressions I use a lot in all of my reviews. 😀

In these years as an Interior Designer I learned that you should expect at least one year from every piece you buy. I hope you saw that “At least”.

In other words, the items you buy should last in good conditions for at least one year. If they have a high quality, they will definitely last for much more, but this is just the minimal period.

Of course that you can’t know how long they would last in the moment you buy them, but you can see it afterwards and then keep it in mind. If a piece you buy only lasts 7 months and then starts breaking, it was definitely not a quality one and you should never buy it again.

But if it lasts 1 year and then it starts getting damaged…in this case I would say it had a medium quality, which is still fine. The only thing is that it shouldn’t last less than a year, that’s the rule.


5. It doesn’t fall apart easily


Continuing the previous idea, in order to call an item “high quality”, you have to make sure it doesn’t break once you pull it.

Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t recommend you to pull your furniture pieces or not to take care of them…It’s just that it may happen to pull them sometimes, maybe by mistake, maybe on purpose. But the point is that they should stay firm and sturdy when this happens.

It may sound weird to you, but I came across enough items that fell apart when I unconsciously hit them, so it’s better to warn you. A quality item will never fall apart if you pull it easily, so if you’re the type of person that always hits the items (by mistake, of course :P), you should only get quality furniture! 😀


6. It Feels Comfortable


Worth Buying The Homelegance 4730nf Lift Top Storage Bench with Tufted Accents and Beige Fabric?Here I’m talking about chairs and sitting items rather than tables and stuff. You can really call a table “comfortable” because it doesn’t mean anything, so there’s no point talking about this.

Anyway, when it comes to dining chairs, many of them have a special seating (which I really love, by the way 😉 ).Well, if the chairs are quality pieces, that seating will always be made of soft, comfortable fabric, that feels really nice.

Obviously, there are a lot of quality chairs that don’t have a special seating and this doesn’t necessarily make the bad. In this case you should buy some good cushions, because they will make the difference.

Quality armchairs or inside benches will always feel really comfortable, so here it would be pretty easy to recognize quality pieces or useless ones. But generally speaking, all items tat have a high quality should also have a high level of comfort.


7. It Cleans Up Easily


This last criteria may sound a bit surprising, but actually, a furniture piece that isn’t easy to clean isn’t a very good one.

If your item stains easily and cleans up in a difficult way, things are pretty clear, aren’t they? On the other hand, high quality pieces should clean easily with regular products.

 The fabric plays a crucial part here, because it is the one that gets stained. So if the fabric is really cheap, it’s quite obvious that it won’t clean as easily as a more expensive one, right?

And as regular products are just fine for quality items (and for bad ones, not really…), you would also save some money here. Low quality pieces will probably clean easier with more expensive products, so if you have a bad armchair, what can you do? Of course that you would buy a more expensive cleaning solution than let it stained, do you agree?

So I guess you can see by yourself the difference. 🙂


So Now Do You Know What Makes Quality Furniture?


If you don’t, let me make a short summary. A good furniture piece should both look and feel solid, last for a year in good conditions (in the worst case) and clean up easily. Plus, if we’re talking about a chair or a sitting item, comfort should be one of the top qualities.

If you remembered all these 7 features, let me congratulate you. If not, well…they are always here and you can save this page and keep it at hand. I’m sure it will help you next time you want to buy some furniture. J


So tell me, do you think you can use these 7 tips when you want to buy a furniture piece? Or they’re too hard to apply?

Let me know your answer in a comment.

And if you have any other questions about furniture, please also leave a comment and I will gladly help you. Anne 😀

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2 Responses

  1. rina says:

    I truly agree with 7 characteristics that you mentioned here.
    My husband, especially, prefer to get furniture made from ‘solid wood’ and because it is very sturdy and long-lasting.
    Unfortunately, I feel that a lot of nowadays furniture is not built to last (well, at least when we compared with furnitures owned by our parents).
    Yes, they are cheap but not so high quality, so we need to be very picky to get a great-quality item.
    Thank you for sharing your insights in choosing a good quality furniture. This is really helpful!

    • Anne says:

      Hey Rina, thanks for your comment.

      Unfortunately I totally agree with you, the furniture pieces from these days don’t have the same quality as the ones from the past.

      And my personal opinion is that there’s a trick behind all this – the lower quality furniture sets have, the more often we have to buy them. So this means more money for these companies. That’s what my experience tells me…

      And yes, in this days it’s really hard to find furniture that lasts for more than 7 years let’s say. That’s how they’re made, to last as little as possible.

      Thank you for reading my post :

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