My GoPlus Patio Furniture Review – Or How I Got Amazed By A Cheap Set


It’s time for my GoPlus Patio Furniture review, one of the latest patio sets that I got my hands on. 

The set itself does have all it needs – comfort, good looks, sturdiness and a contemporary feel, thanks to the rattan fabric. But what about its really low price? $170 is a really small amount for any patio set right now.

That was the main reason why I did not have big expectations from this GoPlus set. However, that’s probably the first furniture piece that proved to be way cheaper than its real value. At least in my view.

So ladies and gentleman, let me tell you why I don’t regret picking up this GoPlus set.


With That, Let’s Get To The Review

Product name: 4 PC Rattan Patio Furniture

Producer:  GoPlus

Price:  $168.99 (At the time I wrote this review)

Cheapest place to buy:  AMAZON

My rating:  9.50  /10


What I Liked About It

  • Really nice rattan fabric with no broken parts on any piece
  • Though they are pretty light, the chairs are really comfortable and soft
  • It can hold up to 250 pounds (at least that’s the maximum I tested out)
  • The glass top of the table is really secure – kids can’t take it off by themselves
  • The rattan fabric is waterproof
  • You can put it together really easily, in less than 2 hours
  • Really simple instruction manual
  • One of the lowest prices in this kind of furniture


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • The cushions are plain white, so they get stained really easily. Plus they’re not very thick either, but personally that didn’t bother me too much
  • Maybe a bit too small for a very large backyard


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1. How To Put It Together

Surprisingly or not, GoPlus’s rattan set was way easier to put together than I expected. I simply followed the instructions and the set was ready in less than an hour.

Now here’s how to do the assembly.

Each of the 4 pieces (2 chairs, one table and one sofa) has 4 smaller parts. You have to put these parts together, using an Allen wrench. Just place the screws around the perimeter of each small piece, according to the instructions.

But pay attention – don’t tighten the screws all the way until you have them all partially in place. If you do this, you’ll have to untighten them again and that’s no easy job.

Instead, fit all the smaller pieces together into each main piece, and afterwards tighten the bolts. Each smaller piece has a number on it, so you can understand where it belongs.

Also, pay attention when assembling the 2 chairs, and don’t change the pieces between them. Otherwise, you may have a bad surprise and see that some pieces can’t be tightened well.

My GoPlus Furniture Review

As you can see, most of the small parts are really similar. But make sure to put them together as the instructions say


 2. It Doesn’t Look Perfect But It’s Pretty Close 😉

What impressed me most at GoPlus’s set is that it looked better than I expected. Way better, actually.

I read hundreds of good reviews about it, but I also came across some less positive ones. I read about thin cushions, damaged rattan and faded fabrics. So obviously I didn’t expect too much from this set. But things were far from bad, and it managed to surprise me very pleasantly.

This rattan fabric is exactly what I wanted, wild but luxurious at the same time. No damaged parts and absolutely no broken edges. I’m not saying it’s the highest quality rattan, but it definitely looks much more expensive than it is. And the rattan was in perfect condition, not as I read in those “reviews”.

Regarding fading, GoPlus states this set it’s waterproof and that letting it outside all the time is totally fine. So no fading.

And I tried this myself, though I only had this set for about 2 months. But the August Arizona sun didn’t seem to leave any marks on it. Both the fabric and the rattan look just as before.

The set also comes with white cushions, which are not as bad as I read in many reviews. I would rather say they’re average, but that’s the smallest problem you should have.

I got some really nice cushions at my local store, not because I didn’t like these ones. I simply wanted something more cheerful and bright, and for me it was really worth it. No one could ever tell my set was just $170. 

My GoPlus Furniture Review

That’s how my set looked like at the end. I would never tell this beauty cost me just $170…


3. Extra Weight Is Not An Issue

So honestly speaking, my rattan set looks incredible, way better than I was hoping. But it’s not all about the looks in furniture, right?

My GoPlus Furniture Review

Does this chiar really look that light? To me it doesn’t seem…

It’s more about the comfort, the sturdiness and the support they can offer. 

Now, I heard a lot of critics about this set, especially because of its lightweight. So I really wanted to see that by myself.

Yes, this set couldn’t really be descibed as “heavy”. It’s a rattan set after all, and you probably know that all outdoors fabrics are far from heavy. But there’s a big difference between a light set and a set that can’t hold many pounds.

So if you’re worried about this set’s support capacity, check this out: my 250 pounds friend had no problem sitting on one of these chairs last week.

Nor did my 220 pounds aunt. She didn’t complain about the chiar, she even told me it feels so comfortable. And I’ve read many other testimonies in reviews, so don’t bother too much about it.

Each of the sitting pieces is constructed to support weight, a lot of weight. So don’t imagine this could be an issue just because they have a light built. And if you want another proof, the set lays perfectly on my pation even in the windies days. If this doesn’t make them sturdy enough, what else does?


Final Thoughts – Is This Set Worth It?

I definitely don’t regret picking up GoPlus’s set. It looks really good for my standards, feels comfortable enough and it’s also really sturdy. And that with all its light weight and average dimensions.

$170 is actually the lowest I ever paid for a patio set. And surprisingly, it was also one of the best ones I came across. So if you’re looking for one, I really advise you to take a look at this set. For me it was a life and budget saver. 😉

I would actually recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on a patio set, but still wants a quality product. And unless you need a very large set for a very large space, this one should be perfect for you.

Besides, I paid less than $200 for it, so what else can you wish for?


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