ELK lighting Pendant Lights Review


I’ve heard a lot of things lately about ELK lighting, a brand whose products aren’t very hard to guess. Just like its name says, ELK lighting creates chandeliers, lamps and everything related to lighting. And from what I’ve seen, it’s a company really worth looking at.

I’ve tried several of these lights, few for me and most for my clients, so in this post I will present you my ELK Lighting pendant lights review, based on what I’ve seen from my experience since testing these lights and comparing them with other brands’ lights.


My experience with ELK Lighting pendant lights

 As an home decor obsessed as I was some years ago, I had many people asking for my recommendations for a lot of design items, and one of these were interior lights.

Obviously, I didn’t want to make them waste their money on lights that totally sucked, so I started researching the market, reading a lot of reviews and trying everything I considered worth buying.

ELK Lighting pendant lightsThat’s how I came across ELK Lighting. At that point I was interested especially in pendant lights, because I was thinking about redecorating my living room and I really wanted to try this kind of light.

I read a lot of stuff about this company’s products, from magazine articles to blog reviews, and the opinions were generally good so I thought “Oh, there’s nothing to lose trying it”, especially because my own living room was concerned, so I wasn’t worried about disappointing anyone.

I was particularly interested in a mini pendant light made of crystal, that impressed me from the first sight because of its gorgeous look.

You can see it in the picture, it looks like having water drops all over, and those were made in such a magnificent way that they almost look real. As I had a very small living room, this was perfect as a main light and also as a decoration, so I could use it as a 2-in-1 item.

The light I bought at that time is slightly different from the ones available right ow on the market, especially regarding the dimensions, as mine was a bit bigger (see the picture below). But I definitely prefer the smaller version, it looks much more charming, so if I had a choice, I would get the new version.

It was only around $100, so I made up my mind and ordered it. That’s one of the things I’ll never regret, because it made my really tiny living room look like a glamorous, elegant place. Imagine that I was living in a very small apartment back then, so having such a gorgeous living room was definitely something I was really proud of.

After seeing the high quality of my pretty cheap light, I started recommending ELK Lighting to people that were asking for my advice. Of course that I didn’t recommend them the same light that I had, but I showed them several options that would match their new decor.

You may not believe it, but until now, there wasn’t any of them who complained about the ELK lights I recommended. On the contrary,  some even told me that they’re really satisfied with them, because they look so beautiful and didn’t even cost very much.

So I still advise people to go for an ELK Lighting pendant light if they need something affordable, high quality and good-looking. There are thousands of options to choose from, and until now I have always found at least 2 products that would be to my clients’ taste.


Some of my frequent recommendations 

Although I’m a big fan of ELK Lighting products, there are some lights that I recommend very often and others that I don’t recommend at all, simply because I haven’t tried them yet and I don’t want to give my opinion about something I don’t know.

But from the ones I have tried, some are on top of my list of recommendations. These are the ones I usually advise people to buy, because I trust their quality and I know they’re a good investment.


Satin Nickel With Cream Speckled Glass Pendant Light ($108.40)

ELK Lighting Pendant lights

That’s usually my No. 1 recommendation for a kitchen.

Why do I recommend it? Because it has the perfect colors, a suitable shape and the design you need in a kitchen.

The neutral colors of this light blend very well with the stronger ones, red and black in this case, and this makes it a perfect match for any kitchen.

Why am I saying this? Because most kitchen are either neutral, light colored or have a brighter dominant color, so this kind of light would fit in each of these situations.

Also, each piece is hand made, so they won’t look exactly the same. But don’t worry, it won’t be very easy to see the difference, especially for your visitors that aren’t aware of this particularity.

The lights change their color when they’re turned on, becoming darker, something similar to the picture from below.

The dimensions aren’t very large, so if your kitchen is more spacious, you will probably need either a larger light or several pendant lights like this. In case you prefer the second option, I say 2 or 3 would be enough, depending on how much space you have.

All in all, this kind of light is everything you need in a kitchen in order to make it modern and stylish, but it’s also a great tool for lighting, after all it’s made of Satin Nickel. The hand made patterns make every piece unique and the lengthened shape gives a feeling of height, so it’s also suitable for a smaller kitchen.

Click here to see more details about this product


Autumn Breeze Collection 3 Light Pendant in Brushed Nickel ($212.5)

ELK Lighting pendant lights

Here’s another piece that I absolutely love!

Why do I recommend it? The reason why this pendant light is so suitable for any kind of room, from kitchen to bedroom, is the discreet, classic pattern and the dimensions it has.

The light is pretty large-sized, and its dimensions ensure a perfect illumination in the whole room. That’s why I like to call it “a small chandelier”, because it’s big enough to be illuminate an entire room, yet small enough to be considered a pendant light.

You could also save some money with this light, as it’s only $212, way less than any other “real” chandelier of these dimensions.

I’m also really in love with that amazing pattern, it impressed me from the first because it’s so simple and at the same time, so sophisticated. It can be placed it both in a small, modest room or in a very luxurious one, without fearing at all that wouldn’t blend with the decor.

All these things make it perfect for any type of room, that’s why I consider it a “multiple use” pendant light. And for just $212, believe me, it’s really worth getting. Only think that you would pay more than double for 2 lights designed for 2 different rooms, while you get one that can match both decors for a much lower price.

Click here to see more details about this product


Verona Pendant Light in Dark Rust Glass Type Espresso ($112)

ELK Lighting pendant lights

This gorgeous pendant light is everything you need for a room that wants to be highlighted!

Why do I recommend it? It’s simple: the bright colors and the innovative design make it a great decorative light, suitable for any kind of room.

Just like I said, I prefer to use this item as a decoration rather than use it as a main light. The reason is that those 3 small lights don’t have enough power to illuminate a larger area, so it’s quite useless to place it in the middle of a room, because it won’t get enough light anyway.

As a second light it works very well, because it manages to illuminate easily a smaller area or part of the room, this is why I really advise people to use it as a secondary light.

Besides, you can combine the lighting effect with one that works much better in this case: the decorative one. As a decoration, this pendant light could easily get the main role: just think about it, if you visited a room that had such an exotic decoration, wouldn’t it grab your attention immediately? Because mine it would definitely grab…

I love the fire pattern and I consider it the main responsible for “attention grabber” plus this light has. So if you’re looking for a 2-in-1- light and decoration, I think you’ve found the right one. 😀

Click here to see more details about this product


As I told you before, there are hundreds of options you can choose from, and although I can’t recommend them all (because I haven’t tried many), my general opinion about ELK Lighting remains very good. If you want to see some of they products, other than my recommendations, you can take a look on Amazon, at ELK Lighting Pendant Lights.


What is so special about ELK lighting pendant lights?

ELK lighting is everywhere now: on the Internet, on TV, I’ve even seen some of its ads in an Interior Design magazine. To me, this huge popularity means that it has high quality products, else I don’t think I would hear about it so much. But even so, why is it so popular? What does it have so special?

Well, to be honest, they’re not the most beautiful pendant lights I’ve seen in my life, they’re not the cheapest in the world either, but they definitely are something to consider if you’re looking for pendant lights.

Why is that? Well, there 3 CHARACTERISTICS that make ELK lighting pendant lights unique.


  • Versatility

ELK lighting pendant lights reviewThough most of us would be tempted to think that a pendant light should necessary be placed in the living room, many of them could actually fit very well in a kitchen or even in a modern bathroom. This is available for most ELK lighting pendant lights.

These pendant lights are so versatile thanks to the clever way in which they are designed: most have elements that would match a rustic, old decor but at the same time they would be perfect for a modern room. At the same time, they could easily blend in a kitchen and in a living room.

So imagine how amazing it would be to buy a pendant light for your living room and to be able to move it to your kitchen once you get bored of it, without fearing that it wouldn’t match.

I don’t know how this would be for you, but for me it would be more than great, really. To pay an average price for a light with multiple ways to use is just…

  • Variety

 Just like I said at the beginning, ELK lighting has a lot of different products you can choose from, and pendant lights are one of the top categories when it comes to this.

To give you an example, they have elegant, patterned pendant lights in brushed nickel, mini lights made from green glass and gorgeous, aged silver lights. And these are just some small examples, there are hundreds of options.

If you’re interested in classic pieces, ELK lighting is perfect for you, but the good news is that it’s also perfect for new, impressive pendant lights, and we will talk about this right below.

  • Creativity

 ELK lighting pendant lights reviewContinuing with the idea from the previous paragraph, you should know that ELK lighting is not only famous for its wide range of products and their versatile style, but also for its innovative pieces, that make the room unique and glamorous.

I’ve noticed that ELK lighting have a lot of creative pendant lights, with patterns that I haven’t seen before.

ELK lighting pendant lights reviewIt’s not like they are like those sophisticated, luxurious chandeliers we see in movies, no, they are simple pedant lights, but extremely beautiful and elegant. And believe me, they could easily be placed in any room, without being worried that they wouldn’t blend.

As I’m always looking for lighting pieces that aren’t copies and that have their own “personality”, how I like to call it, you can imagine why I like ELK lighting pieces so much.

So, if you want some authentic pendant lights, that will surely impress your visitors and create a unique atmosphere, remember to take a look at ELK Lighting. You may have a very pleasant surprise. 😀

Okay, they may be all these, but price? What about price?

You’re totally right to ask thins question, it’s one of the first I would ask too. If they are so gorgeous and high quality, are they at least…affordable?

The good answer is YES, they are really affordable for some pendant lights, and by this I don’t mean that all of them are a real bargain, as “bargains” usually have a disappointing quality.

On the contrary, all the pieces I’ve used or recommended lasted pretty long without breaking or scratching, so quality is a pro, in my opinion. I’ve give you more details about this at the beginning of this post, in “My experience with ELK Lighting pendant lights”, so you can read more about this subject there.

ELK lighting pendant lights reviewGetting back to our story, the prices vary according to each light’s aspect and dimensions. Let me give you some examples:

– You can find a Satin Nickel light, perfect for your kitchen, at just $75.

– There’s a gorgeous pendant piece that looks so much like a small chandelier at $212. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t found a similar light at the same price elsewhere.

– And if you’re interested in sophisticated pieces, you should know there is a gorgeous pendant chandelier, made of Oil Rubbed Bronze, for just $422. I guess I would normally pay around $1000 for it, so it’s a really great choice.

So, when it comes to me, ELK Lighting’s prices are more than affordable, and I say this because I haven’t found this type of lights at a better price on the market. And I have researched a lot, believe me.


To conclude

If you’re searching for some pendant lights for any of your rooms, I advise you to take a look at ELK Lighting products, as they have a huge range of choice at very good prices.

Either you’re interested in a kitchen light, a general one or a purely decorative lighting item, there are very high chances that you find something that suits your taste and your room, so give it a try, after all it’s only up to you. 😀

In case you need any advice about a certain piece or if you have any other questions, please leave a comment below and I’ll answer you as fast as I can. 😀

Have you ever heard of ELK Lighting? Have you tried any product from them?

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12 Responses

  1. Simone says:

    My husband and I are about start a kitchen/dining room renovation. We are starting to pick out things we like, including new lights. However, we cannot agree on any. I love the Elk Lighting pendant lights in this article.

    I think that the Autumn Breeze 3 light pendant would look amazing in our dining room. And the price is perfect. The few dining room lights we did agree we both liked are over $500. But that is not in our budget. We have put aside $300 max for a dining room light.

    I am going to show this to my husband tonight!


    • Anne says:

      Hey, I’m glad I helped 🙂

      Yes, that Autumn Breeze light is gorgeous and not expensive at all. I believe it’s a good choice for any room , especially because it has a light color and it can match almost anything. So I hope you make the right choice for your room 😀

  2. tatihden says:

    Wow ELK have some pretty unique designs. I will be moving into a new home soon and have been thinking a lot about decorations. Home decor is not my forte so I am so happy I came across you site. I will book mark this page for future reference. Thanks for the great post.

    • Anne says:

      Hey, that’s right, they’re definitely one of the best lighting companies I’ve seen so far.

      Thank you for your kind words 🙂

  3. Tammy says:

    I love the variety to chose from with the EKL pendant lights. I cannot figure out how to do my ceiling lights 🙁 We have an open floor plan that includes the living room, dining and then the kitchen that is 36 feet long and 20 ft wide. No walls between the sections.
    However, right down the length and the center of the rooms is ten foot tall flat ceilings that gradually falls to 8 ft ceiling. Its like half a barn ceiling is all i can explain it like. So the tall side would be great for pendant light but the slanted side I am not sure what to do.
    The worse part is the living room is half tall flat ceiling and half slanted side ceiling and so does the dining and kitchen. I am insane lol and completely lost on what to do. Should all the lights be the same style with pendant on tall (10 ft) and flush lighting on (9ft tall) slanted side?
    The lights electric runs down the center of the flat side and the center of the slanted side. There are six lights that i can get for the whole area.
    Also the house is completely surrounded by covered 12 ft porches so light from sun never comes through windows or doors. Please any advice and i will buy them all from you.
    Colors are not my choice but his and cabinets which are the whole 20 ft wide are bright green and the walls are light green. Everything else is dark wood trim. 2×6 beams run the width at every 8 ft break down the whole length too. Please some lights with character lol. The house is a cabin with lighter wood flooring. Sorry so long I just been crazy for about a yr now and terrified to make a choice on lights. If left up to him they will be deer horns lol

    • Anne says:

      ​Hi Tammy, so I’ve been thinking a lot about what would be best for your home. I understand what kind of ceiling you’re talking about, when I was little, we had a similar ceiling at home and only now I realize how hard it was to make it look good. But I think you have a great advatage with that ceiling, because it gives your home a great rustic feeling, that’s what it seems to me.

      So from what I understand, you have that unequal ceiling in all the 3 rooms, right?

      For the living room, choosing the right light isn’t very simple, but I would advise you to choose a pendant light for the center. A pendant light in the middle and flush lights in the lower part wouldn’t look too good, to be honest… It’s like overcrowding lights on the ceiling, though I know those lights are necessary to provide enough light, but when it comes to general aspect, it wouldn’t look that good.

      That’s why I was thinking about a pendant light as a central piece, but without flash lights on the same ceiling. However, not a regular, crystal pendant light, but one who is a bit longer than normal. This would make your ceiling look a bit more equal, and even though we can’t make it look plain, at least in this way we won’t emphasize the ceiling’s gradual fall, but the center of it, which is tall and will make your room look spacious.

      You said your house was surrounded by porches and you don’t get natural light, so this means a main pendant light won’t be enough to provide good lighting in each room. So we have to add extra, smaller lights in order to get enough light. I was thinking about led lights, they would ensure the necessary light and they seem less visible than larger lights. I say this because it wouldn’t look very good to have a large pendant light in the middle and then medium-sized lights at the edges, I mean it would look a bit too much, even though that light is really necessary.

      That’s why I was thinking about led lights on the edges, but as I’m not 100% sure how exactly is your house, I can only believe they would look good. I haven’t asked you, in what style is your house decorated? Is it Rustic or something more modern? Because that’s pretty important too.

      For the cabinets, I would go for flush lights. They’re a simple choice that would match any kind of kitchen. You said the main color in your kitchen is green, right? Well, green in a combination with dark wood is a pretty strong shade, I mean you don’t need any other accent decorations or pieces, and for this reason, I would choose simple lights instead of pendant ones, which tend to be more strong and decorative. A bigger flush light in the center and the some smaller ones (you can also choose leds) on the edges would look good.

      I’m not sure you understood everything I said but please write me again to talk about this more before you decide on a certain type of light 🙂

  4. Cris says:

    Hey Anne,

    First I wanna say that now I know where to get to when I’m looking for some information about interior design. I like your website because I also enjoy putting decoration and organize things in order inside my house. Impact I had made a nice shelves in my garage, paint the whole interior of my house, put some wall lamps, etc. I love your website I will read some more maybe I could get a better ideas from you. Keep it up.

    I really enjoyed your article about this pendant lights company, as I’m looking for some pendant lights for my living room. I quite liked the ones you presented here, and to me the prices seem quite good. Do you think that going for more expensive lights would make the room look better?

    • Anne says:

      Hi Chris, I’m so happy to hear this 🙂

      Yes, the prices for these ELK Lighting pendant lights are really affordable for any kind of budget. And regarding your question, I know many cases in which people bought rather cheap chandeliers and they made the whole room look expensive, so I don’t think a big price is a necessity in order to get a glamorous look. It is indeed a necessity if you want high quality, but for a nice aspect you can find many cheaper pieces that will give an expensive look.

      I hope my advice will be useful 🙂

  5. Brandy says:

    Wow. These are some beautiful pendant lights. They really can change the dynamic of a room. Beautiful choices!

    The mini pendant light made of crystal is gorgeous. I would never believe it’s only around $100. What would be beautiful in my living room.

    I’m also very interested in the Verona Pendant Light in Dark Rust Glass Type Espresso. We have a den that we converted in to a movie room, so the low light would be perfect and the colors of the glass would match our decor in there perfectly. I absolutely love this!

    Thank you so much for your reviews and sharing these beautiful pendant lights.

    • Anne says:

      Hi, thank you for reading my review 🙂

      I know what you mean about that crystal, mini pendant light, I wouldn’t have believed it was so cheap either.

      Yes, from what you tell me, that dark red shade of the Verona Light would be a very good choice for your movie room, in case you decide to buy it, please let me know how you like it 🙂

  6. Zarina says:

    Hi Anne,

    This is just what I needed!!
    Lovely website with great information.

    The thing is that it’s my mother’s birthday soon and I’ve been driving myself crazy to figure out what to get her as a gift.

    But now you’ve given me an idea – my mom loves all the lights, furniture and everything house-related, so I am going to check out every product and choose the best one that suits our home.

    Thanks for providing reviews on every product here – it definitely comes in handy!


    • Anne says:

      Hi Zarina, thank you 🙂

      Yeah, these lights could be the perfect gift for your mother, especially if you say she loves all this stuff related to home decor. I hope you make the best choice 😀

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