Corner Vanities In Small Bathrooms – Are They A Solution To This Eternal Problem?


Hey everyone! In this post I want to talk about one of the most frequent problems I came across in my career as an Interior Designer – small bathrooms.

I know I discussed this subject a lot of times, as it’s really hard to furnish your bathroom properly when you don’t even have enough space to stay comfortably in there. But this post is different. Today I want to talk about one of the possible solutions for this problem – adding corner vanities in small bathrooms.

What do you think, would this work? If you replaced your regular vanity with a corner one, would it change anything? Would it make your bathroom more spacious? Or it will only add a few extra inches to it, which wouldn’t help much?

So in the following lines, I want to help you find out whether corner vanities would be a solution in small bathrooms or if they couldn’t change too much. Therefore, don’t miss the next paragraphs! 😀


1. They Do Make The Bathroom Look Larger

Just like they do in bedrooms, corner vanities can make miracles in a bathroom. At least, at first sight.

Corner furniture pieces can give the impression that they enlarge the room, even if they don’t actually. 😛 However, the essential thing is to make it look larger, not to make it be larger (which would be pretty impossible).

The mechanism is simple. Unlike a central vanity, that would occupy some important space in the middle of the wall (assuming it’s placed near a wall), corner vanities only take half of that space. As they are placed in the corner of the room, they give the feeling of less items and more free space. And that’s the secret that makes a bathroom feel larger.

So from this point of view, corner vanities are a credible solution for small bathroom, at least in my opinion.


2. Their Mirrors Will Reflect The Light Better

Once you have a vanity placed in the corner, you will most likely place the mirror above it, either on one side or on the other (never in the corner, as it wouldn’t make sense).

This would make it easier for the mirror to reflect the natural light or the main lighting source of the bathroom. And better light means more space. At least, that’s how it seems.

I told you in a previous post that if a bathroom is properly lightened, it will look larger than it is in reality. So this is one of the important tips you can use for a small bathroom, whether you’re using corner vanities or not.

However, this kind of vanities make it easier for the light to reflect in the mirror, and the result will be better than you think. Therefore, corner vanities are one of the secret tip you can use for a proper lighting. 😉


3. They Still Can’t Change The Reality

No matter if they make your bathroom look a bit more spacious than it actually is, even corner vanities can’t make miracles for a small room.

It’s true that you will get more space if you choose the right corner vanity…and if you place the mirror accordingly, your room will look even bigger. But this will only be an impression, as in reality there won’t be such a massive change. 

However, I personally tell you that usually, I only want to give the impression of a larger bathroom, not necessarily to make it larger because that’s very hard. Just think about it, if you have a bathroom of 6 feet x 6 feet, how on earth can you make it bigger? 

Yes, you can make it look bigger, which is a great thing. But you will never manage to gain a lot more space, unless you don’t need the shower or the sink. 😛


My Final Verdict – Corners Vanities Are A Good Solution, But…

…but don’t expect them to do miracles in a very small bathroom.

Just like I said before, they will never manage to make your extra small bathroom into a large one, not even into a medium one.

They will only give the appearance that it is larger than it seems, so if you’re okay with this, they are a great solution (I am okay with this, that’s why I recommend you to try it too). After all, you don’t have anything to lose if you try, just enough to gain.

Therefore, if you’re dealing with a very small bathroom and you don’t know what you could possibly try…corner vanities are something that will slightly improve your life. And when it comes to appearance, your bathroom will surely look at least a bit more spacious than it is now.

So I say it’s worth trying. What do you think? 


Tell me your opinion about corner vanities for small bathrooms. Do you believe they make a decent solution for this problem or now?

Let me know your answer in a comment. Anne 😀

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