Cheap wood garden furniture for a $200 budget


Garden is definitely a very important part of your home, and if you’re lucky to have one, do your best to make it look fantastic. I know that furnishing a garden isn’t the easiest thing in the world, because you need a lot of inspiration, ideas and last but not least, money.

Yes, money are really necessary when you want to furnish a garden, because all of these items tend to be more expensive when it comes to outdoors. That’s exactly why I’ve written this post, to show you where to get some good, cheap wood garden furniture, perfect for your outdoor decor.

Before we get started, I want to tell you that the purpose of this post is to give you several cheap wood garden furniture options for a $200 budget, so if you’re interested, don’t forget to take a look some paragraphs below.

Cheap wood garden furniture for a $200 budget


Best place to buy cheap wood garden furniture

If you’re looking all over the Internet, you will probably find a lot of specialized companies that offer beautiful, high quality garden furniture, but the problem is that prices are also very high. A lot of people are driven away by these prices, despite the numerous advantages a certain piece of furniture may have.

I’ve been doing some research and I was surprised to see that the best prices I’ve found online for wooden garden furniture were on Amazon. I mean, I knew they had really good prices there, but I didn’t know this was available for outdoor furniture.

Anyway, that’s good news after all, because these products are really easy to buy and there are high chances that you find something suitable for your garden.


What items belong to “garden furniture” category

Though we’ve been talking about this terms for some minutes, I haven’t really defined what “garden furniture” actually means.

Many of you are probably thinking about chairs, couch, table and so on, and guess what? You’re totally right, that’s exactly what garden furniture means. However, that’s not all because there are some other elements that don’t cross our mind so fast, but they’re usually associated with garden furniture.

So let’s not be too long about it and see the items that belong to “garden furniture” category:

  • Table and chairs: The first things that comes in everyone’s mind when they hear “garden furniture” are table and chairs. These are a necessary element for every outdoor furniture, because they represent the essence of garden furniture.


  • Sofa: It can replace the classic seats and offer a modern approach. The downside is that a sofa usually costs more than regular chairs, but if you want a more creative decor and you’re willing to pay a bit more, a sofa would be a great option for you.


  • Benches: They remind me of the gardens from the country, that are always full of life and joy. A bench is a pretty common furniture piece when it comes to garden, so it would definitely create a charming atmosphere in your garden too.


  • Bed: In case you’re wondering what I mean by this, try to remember those small, covered couches that you’ve surely seen on TV. You probably didn’t know how to call them, because I didn’t know either at the beginning. But the thing is that they’re a great type of garden piece of furniture, both elegant and stylish, that will definitely win everyone’s heart.


  • Cheap wood garden furniture for a $200 budgetSwing: Though officially it may not belong to this category, I believe we can place it here because it doesn’t only have a decorative purpose. A swing will definitely transform your garden, giving it a feeling of nature, wilderness and freedom. So if these features describe you, a swing is a must have in your garden. Believe me, I say this from my own experience.


Each of these elements can create a beautiful decor in your garden, so feel free to choose any of them, without fearing they might seem some pieces” for interior only”.


The budget you have

That’s probably the most important thing when buying anything, and garden furniture makes no exception.

For this reason, I will try to give you several cheap wood garden furniture options for a $200 budget, and you’ll see that you’ll get a gorgeous decor in your garden without spending more money than you want.

So, let’s get to work and check out some cheap wood garden furniture that will totally transform your garden. 😀



For a $200 budget, we don’t have to possibility to go for expensive items because it would be impossible to fit in this budget. However, I’ve selected some pieces that look very good for their price and also have a pretty high quality

These furniture pieces are quite simple and effective, so you shouldn’t worry about sophisticated furniture pieces, because these aren’t even available at these prices. Here are the items I’ve chosen for this option.


Bistro Table and Chair Set by Outdoor Basics ($104.92)

Cheap wood garden furniture

 This light, charming set is everything you need for a narrow spaced garden. A great thing about it is that it comes ready assembled, so you don’t have to worry about this aspect.

The quality is pretty good for that small price, but before buying it, you should know that the chairs are pretty light, so they may not be the best choice for someone with a big weight.

However, this set is the first item for a $200 budget, because it makes a beautiful, good quality table and chairs set at a really small price.

Click here to see more details about this product


Foldable Adirondack Chair by Merry Garden ($63.82)

Cheap wood garden furniture

 This great foldable chair is the perfect replacement for a more expensive bench or garden bed.

Its small price makes it a great option for a lower budget, so if you’re not willing to pay a lot for wooden furniture, this chair might be something worth looking at.

This chair’s weight is really light, so it won’t be difficult to move around. The assembly shouldn’t be a problem either, as it comes mainly assembled, you only have to do the minimal stuff.

Overall, I say it’s a product you should really consider for a $200 budget.

Click here to see more details about this product


Wooden Wagon Wheel by 1a2 ($26.70)

Cheap wood garden furniture

I couldn’t have given you any garden furniture option without adding any decoration, it would be too sober and it take away something from your garden’s charm.

Made of genuine wood, it’s easy to place anywhere, so if you want to draw the attention on your decorations, this product could be a good idea. I’ve seen many wooden wheels in home decor magazines lately, so this is definitely a new trend when it comes to outdoor decorations.

For this reason, keep this product in mind, it may be exactly the piece that makes the difference.

Click here to see more details about this product

TOTAL: $104.92 + $63. 82 + $26.70 = $195.44


Other options you have for a $200 budget:

American-Made 4′ Monet Bench by Tidewater Workshop ($95.00)

Cheap wood garden furniture A great choice if you want a bench in your garden decor.

This best-selling outdoor wooden bench has a 30 days return period, so in case you’re not satisfied with it, you can return in and get all your money back.

The good news is that this Monet-inspired is very likely to blend easily with any other garden furniture items, so it’s a “must see” product for a $200 budget.

Click here to see more details about this product


Monet Monet’s Garden Hardwood Oak Fan / Light Pull by Gotham Decor LLC ($7.99)

Cheap wood garden furniture

Here we have another interesting garden decoration, that would totally change the atmosphere, for an incredibly small price.

This small Oak fan is the perfect decoration for a joyful, fresh garden like yours should be, no to mention that the price is really good. In fact, there aren’t many decorative items for garden at such a good price, so keep this one in mind.

Click here to see more details about this product


To conclude

Cheap wood garden furniture is easy to find if you know where to look for it, this is why I usually recommend Amazon to my clients because it’s a very simple and popular way to search for what you desire.

In order to make things simple for you, I selected several pieces that I consider a great choice for a $200 budget. In case you don’t like a certain piece, I’ve also add some alternatives, so you’ll be able to choose exactly the ones on your own taste.


I really hope my post was of any use to you, so if you have any questions, please leave a comment below. I’ll be more than happy to answer. 😀

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12 Responses

  1. Paula says:

    Hi there, reading your article has got me looking forward to a sunny few months ahead. I really hope to spend plenty of quality time in the garden this year – especially since we have had such dreadful weather in the last few months.
    I love your idea of the garden bed. I can just imaging curling up in that during some long hot summer evenings.

  2. Dmitriy says:

    Hi Anne,

    A very nice idea! The summer is close and I really need some quality outdoor furniture at affordable prices. Will definitely use your post as a guide when the time for shopping comes.

    A full set of sitting places, a table and even wagon wheel for under $200 sounds really amazing! Thanks a lot!

  3. ZEGU says:

    Not many people are lucky to have gardens of their own. I agree with you that if much effort is put into looking after our gardens and furnishing them, gardens can turn out to be those places where people go to for relaxing and to escape the stress of life. I love the cheap wood garden furniture available at Amazon.I think the budget of $200 is good value for money.

    • Anne says:

      Hi, we definitely agree about this thing 🙂

      Yes, I’m also a fan of the garden furniture found on Amazon, at least the wooden one is pretty good for that price, from what I’ve seen in the past years.

  4. RuthM says:

    I would never have thought of buying garden furniture from Amazon, but i have to say, I buy MOST things from Amazon so I don’t know why I haven’t! (they have the best customer service ever)

    I absolutely love that bed cocoon thing. What an amazing garden setting that could provide. I would love to fall asleep in that on a summers day!

    • Anne says:

      Hey Ruth!

      Haha, you really have to include garden furniture on the list of things you buy from Amazon 😛

      Yeah, that bed would charm everyone… I can’t stop thinking it’s one of the most relaxing things a garden can have.

      Thanks for reading my blog 😀

  5. Jena says:

    I didn’t even know there was a whole separate category for garden furniture. I guess I just assumed it was anything weatherproof 🙂 I’m trying to redo my backyard and the bench would be a really good fit next to my roses. I also like the idea of a swing, but I might have to wait on that. Thanks for the post!

    • Anne says:

      Hello Jena, yeah, it seems there’s another category for garden furniture, and not only weather resistant stuff haha 😀

      I’m glad I gave you some nice ideas for your outdoors :

  6. DamronDuo says:

    I really like the antique look of wooden furniture outside over metal pieces. I really think it adds to the landscape and looks so much more natural. But it can also get so expensive. Thanks for pointing out cheaper ways to still get that wooden look. I’ve always wanted to find a swinging wooden bench. I noticed you mentioned it as a great option but didn’t see any among the under $200 options, is that because there aren’t? Thanks!

    • Anne says:

      Hey there, thanks for reading my post.

      Yeah, I didn’t manage to find any swinging wooden bench under $200, and the ones that were close to this price seemed pretty bad (according to the reviews). If you want to find out a good one, I really recommend you this swing from Mainstays. It’s not made of wood, but it’s just like it was. 😀

      Hope this helps. 🙂

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