Best 3 Kitchen Paint Color Ideas For Your Home


My purpose in this article is to show you the best 3 kitchen paint color ideas I’ve found and to help you choose the right color for your kitchen.

It was never easy to choose a color for your kitchen’s walls, given the fact that there are so many things to consider. The size of the room, the furniture you want to add, even the tiles could be an important factor in the choice of the right color.

Although there isn’t a certain rule to follow when picking a color for your kitchen’s walls, there are several tips you can use in order to choose the shade that would fit your kitchen best. Let me show you the most important.




 1. Strong colors usually don’t look very good in a kitchen

You may not have expected to hear this, but colors that have a strong visual impact aren’t the number 1 recommendation for a kitchen.

Either it’s a bright or a darker shade, a strong color tends to give a “heavy” feeling to a room. And even if that’s perfect in a living room or even in a bedroom, it’s far as perfect in a kitchen.

Just think about it, have you seen a lot of kitchens that had their walls painted in a color that would immediately grab the attention?

I haven’t, and I think you haven’t either. That’s because no one wants a kitchen that doesn’t feel like a kitchen.

I once read somewhere that “some colors just don’t go well with food”. Well, that’s exactly so. There are a lot of shades that would almost never look good in a kitchen.

To give you an example, have you seen a kitchen in dark brown? Or in bright violet? Because I don’t think I have…

Although these colors would make any living room extremely original, they would probably manage to make a kitchen look weird. And not in the good way.

So whenever you plan to redecorate or to change the color of your kitchen, remember not to choose a very strong color, because it will definitely hurt your kitchen’s general aspect.


     2. The wall color should blend well with everything

Just like I said in the beginning, when choosing a color for your kitchen walls, it’s important to take into consideration the other elements from your kitchen.

But let’s take each separately.

THE FURNITURE: Regarding the furniture, make sure your cabinets don’t have the exact shade of the walls. That’s important for the visual appearance of your kitchen, because too much of a single color would only overcrowd the room.

In this case, it’s better to choose your wall color according to the color of your furniture. If your furniture is very light, go for a stronger color (but not too strong, like I said before) and if your furniture is darker, then it’s the perfect time to go for a neutral shade for the walls.

Best 3 Kitchen Paint Color Ideas For Your Home

THE FLOOR: Here there isn’t a certain criteria to follow, it’s just important not to keep the same color for the walls. Just like the furniture, the floor can give the feeling of less space if it has a similar color to the walls.

That’s something unavoidable, that’s why my suggestion is to choose a shade that doesn’t have too much in common with the walls’ color. In case you need some ideas about this topic, you can read my post 5 Affordable Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas.

THE BACKSPLASH: There are a lot of thing to consider in order to make your backsplash look perfect, and one of these is the color of the walls. Either you go for tiles, marble, stone or any other fabric, make sure it goes well with the walls.

There isn’t a certain rule to tell this, but you can surely notice if the backsplash looks good or not in your kitchen. If you can’t tell, ask a visitor to tell you his opinion about the backsplash, and you’ll immediately find out.

In case you need some backsplash ideas, I recommend you to read my post 11 Modern kitchen backsplash ideas with pictures and you’ll find everything you need there.



Although you have very high chances to choose the perfect wall color for your kitchen once you follow the previous 2 tips, I’d like to show you the shades I usually go for, whenever I help someone with the interior design of the kitchen.

Of course that the most important factor are the preferences of the owners, so always choose a color scheme you like and that you would never get bored of. And if you want to see what I usually recommend, well… here it is. 😀


     1. Beige for the walls + Medium brown for the furniture

Best Kitchen Paint Color Ideas For Your Home

Although that’s a pretty classic approach, these kind of colors would always look great in a kitchen. I’m sure you’ve seen this color scheme many times, I personally have, and it always appeared very simplistic and elegant.

So, if you’re not a huge fan of modern, sophisticated shades and patterns, this kind of color scheme would be perfect for your kitchen.

Go for a medium brown for the furniture and floor, while keeping the walls close to light beige. However, try to avoid adding furniture that has a lighter color because the room risks to become dull and faded.

Another no would be the wall color, that shouldn’t get close to white. In this way, the room would lose a part of this elegant charm, and it could look like an old, countryside kitchen rather than an elegant one.


     2. Greenish yellow for the walls + White for the furniture

Best Kitchen Paint Color Ideas For Your Home

Even though I don’t personally recommend green as a kitchen wall color, this greenish yellow looks amazing in this kind of kitchen.

The combination between greenish yellow walls and white pieces of furniture may seem quite boring, and it would actually be so, but the dark floor has definitely the perfect color in order to make the whole kitchen seem livelier.

So in case you like this idea and you want to try it in your own kitchen, make sure you add an accent point (like the orange tile from the front wall) or the room has big chances to look dull, because of the light colors of the walls and furniture.


     3. Blue for the walls + White for the furniture

Best Kitchen Paint Color Ideas For Your Home

Even if blue might seem a bad choice for a kitchen, if combined with the proper colors for the furniture, it may become the perfect shade for such a room.

This kind of blue is a pretty strong color, which is actually the thing I recommended you to avoid in a kitchen. However, associated with really light, dull furniture (white in this case), it manages to be tamed and look softer.

Therefore, this kind of approach could be perfect if you want an original, unique kitchen but you’re afraid to go for something unusual. 



Once you understood the 2 tips from the beginnings, I can say that you can choose anything, as long as it meets those criteria. 

However, in case you don’t have any inspiration or you’re not sure what exactly you would like, you can go for a safe approach and choose a beige/brown color scheme. Greenish yellow and white is also a solution, but don’t forget to add an accent point in order to prevent the room from seeming boring.

And in case you want a more original kitchen, blue walls and white furniture would definitely make a great impression. 


These are my best 3 kitchen paint color ideas, so in case you have another one or you’re simply curious if your paint color idea would look good in your kitchen, please write a comment below and I will gladly help you.

What color would you choose for you kitchen’s walls?

Let me know your answer in the comments from below. Anne 😀

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2 Responses

  1. James S. Bowman says:

    Great tips for coloring the kitchen! I love mixing blue with white so that it’ll be my first choice to decorate my kitchen! The 2 colors give a nice and warm feeling!

    • Anne says:

      Hey James, it’s indeed a very welcoming combination for a kitchen.

      It’s also really relaxing, actually I recently used these colors for the kitchen of a client and the results were great. The shade of blue wasn’t really like the one from the picture, it was rather a darker blue. But it still looked really welcoming combined with white.

      When you decide to use these colors for your kitchen, send me a few pictures if it’s fine for you. I’m really curious to see how it looks like 🙂

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