3 Easy Bedroom Wardrobes Designs For Small Bedrooms


Bedroom wardrobes designs for small bedroomsHaving a small bedroom isn’t the most pleasant thing in the world, especially when you have to place your furniture. Wardrobes are probably one of the most important pieces in every bedroom, so you’re probably wondering “Are there any wardrobes designs for small bedrooms?”.

The good news is that there are enough, so if you know where to look, you’ll surely find a wider range of options than you initially expected. That’s why, I want to show you several bedroom wardrobes designs, created for small bedrooms like yours.

Obviously, small wardrobes…What about storing?

That’s the first aspect we should talk about, as choosing a small wardrobe may get your some real problems.

Clearly, for a small bedroom you should never choose a large wardrobe, but what should you do with all the things you would normally place in the wardrobe? Now there isn’t too much space left for them…

Well, the good news is that there are many interesting alternatives these days, and the most popular example is that you could try to store some of your things in vertical storage spaces.

These are similar to wardrobe shelves, but they can be placed everywhere inside the room, so they are a great solution for a small room. And you shouldn’t worry about the appearance, as vertical shelves always look stylish and interesting.

In case you don’t like having shelves all over your room, placing storage boxes under your bed would be a great option. These are quite invisible, especially if you choose some boxes that have a similar color with your bed.

So, as you can see, there are enough alternatives if you can’t afford placing a large wardrobe in your bedroom, and some of them are actually really catchy and creative.

What kind of small wardrobes should you choose?

Alright, so now it’s clear that you have to give up the idea of a larger wardrobe and go for a lighter one instead, but even this isn’t as simple as you may think.

There are many types of small wardrobes, and not all of them are suitable for this kind of bedroom, so choosing the right style of wardrobe may require some work.

For this reason, up next I will show you the best designs of small wardrobes that fit to any kind of small bedroom, no matter what color, pattern or furniture the last one has. Let’s check them out.

  1. Sliding wardrobes 

Either because they manage to save a lot of space or because they make the room look more spacious, sliding wardrobes will always be my #1 recommendation for a small bedroom.

The reason is because sliding wardrobes have light, thin doors, that don’t open in a large angle, but horizontally. This will save so much space, and if it wasn’t enough, the horizontal doors will give the feeling of more space in the entire room.

Bedroom wardrobes designs for small bedrooms

Sliding wardrobes are also extremely modern and elegant, so having such a furniture piece in your bedroom will make it look very cool and fashionable, getting you a few extra points for general impression.

Anyway, elegance usually costs, so the biggest downside of these wardrobes with sliding doors is their high price. In comparison to other  similar small pieces, sliding wardrobes will require a larger amount of money, so if you’re not willing to pay it, maybe you should change your mind and go for a less expensive type.

All in all, sliding wardrobes are definitely a perfect choice for a small bedroom, as they won’t only save you some space, but they will also make your bedroom seem larger and less crowded. For me, they’re the first choice in a small bedroom.

2. Mirrored wardrobes

In case you don’t know for sure what this is, a mirrored wardrobe is the one with glass doors. I’m sure you’ve seen several types of mirrored wardrobes, they are pretty popular in every part of the world.

So what makes this type of wardrobe such a good choice for a small bedroom? The answer is simple: the glass doors.

Bedroom wardrobes designs for small bedrooms

These manage to reflect the bedroom’s image, creating the illusion of larger space. The light is also responsible for this, as the mirrored doors allow the light to penetrate the whole room easier, and more light means more space.

Another advantage mirrored wardrobes have is that they are available in many styles and patterns, which means that you won’t have a difficult time finding something suitable.

The prices aren’t very high either, on the contrary. Of course that it matters what kind of glass doors you want for your wardrobe, because full glass ones will be quite expensive, but overall I say they’re quite affordable for every type of budget, so a mirrored wardrobe might be a good option if you’re not willing to pay a lot for a bedroom wardrobe.

As a conclusion, mirrored wardrobes are great for small bedrooms, as they create light and more space, and they’re also pretty cheap compared to other types, so they’re definitely a kind of bedroom wardrobes to consider.

3. Floor-to-ceiling wardrobes

Although you would say a long wardrobe would never suit a small bedroom, in fact a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe is not only a great match for a narrow room, but it also manages to give the illusion of more space.

Weird, right? I totally agree, at the beginning I would never recommend this kind of wardrobe to anyone who had a small bedroom, but after some time I realized it can actually change the whole bedroom. And I’m not the only one who says that, you can check everywhere.

Bedroom wardrobes designs for small bedrooms

So what’s the secret? Well, as far as I’m concerned, I would say it’s about the top lines: in normal wardrobes, there is a long horizontal line at top of the wardrobe, which emphasizes the difference between the empty wall and the rest of the room.

But floor-to-ceiling wardrobes are as tall as the room, so this line doesn’t exist. Therefore, the difference between the walls and the room is invisible, and there appears the illusion of a larger room.

Interesting, isn’t it? That’s why a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe would be great for a small bedroom, it would make it feel more spacious and more uncommon, in the good way, of course.

However, floor-to-ceiling wardrobes don’t normally fit in the “small wardrobes” category and, even though we can use them as one of these, their price will probably be higher than the one of a normal wardrobe.

But all in all, I say a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe is a good investment for a small bedroom, especially if you don’t want a sophisticated wardrobe, like a sliding or mirrored one, because it manages to do the same thing, but with different ‘tools’.

So, which is the absolutely best wardrobe design for a small bedroom?

That’s the point I wanted to get to. After learning about how good these 3 designs of wardrobes all look, there remains one question: “Still, which of them should I choose? If I like them all, which would be the best option for my bedroom?”.

My answer is very simple: which could be the best these 3 if not a combination of all?

Bedroom wardrobes designs for small bedrooms

If you want the absolutely best wardrobe for a small bedroom, you should get a floor-to-ceiling sliding wardrobe, with glass doors. This furniture piece will totally transform your bedroom, making it look a lot more spacious and glamorous.

And as far as I’m concerned, it would be the best possible wardrobe for a small bedroom.

If, for various reasons, you can’t get such a wardrobe, I really advise you to stick to a combination of 2 of these designs. For example, a glass sliding wardrobe would be enough to create the illusion of more space, even if the wardrobe is not long to the ceiling.

Just in this way, you can combine two of the three wardrobe types and get an ideal result. Remember that it’s important that you like it first 🙂


When you want to find some bedroom wardrobes designs for small bedrooms, keep in mind that you don’t have to choose a large wardrobe, as this will take too much of that precious space. Go for smaller ones instead, and choose one of the best 3 types: sliding, glass doors or floor-to-ceiling.

If you want the perfect wardrobe for a small bedroom, you should consider looking for a combination between these 3 types, as this will definitely make your bedroom rock.

In case you have any questions about this subject, please let me know by typing a comment below. 🙂

What kind of wardrobe do you have in your bedroom? If you wanted to redecorate, which of these three types would you choose?

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10 Responses

  1. chrisleevella@gmail.com says:


    You seem very knowledgeable about this stuff. I wish I could hire you as my personal designer lol!

    I really like the idea of that corner shelf. I think it would look good in my bedroom.

    Also, I’m looking to paint my walls. Do you have any guides on color matching for bedroom walls?

    I love your blog. I look forward to reading more.

    • Anne says:

      Hey 🙂

      Haha well, if you need any advice about interior design you can ask me 😀

      I’m not sure I understand your question…I usually advise people to choose a wall color they like and match the decor elements according to it, not the opposite. That’s why I’m not very sure what you mean,as a color for bedroom you can choose any you want.

      If your bedroom is smaller I do recommend you a lighter color, because it would make it look larger, but if it’s normal or large you can go for whatever color you want. 🙂

  2. Alex says:

    Hi Anne! I love your ideas for small bedrooms!
    I have a real problem with all my wardrobes, because I have lowered ceilings everywhere, so I have lowered wardrobes as well! And that is a big problem!
    I have a kind of a little closet beside my bedroom with 5 narrow and low doors in a corner (not sliding), for all my stuff and my husband stuff! I even can’t open the doors at the same time! It is really tight. And the space inside the wardrobe is small as well!
    My bedroom is not big, and my bed is too big (200x200cm) and too high so I can’t place storages boxes under my bed, because it doesn’t fit there!
    Your post gave me some ideas. Maybe I can place a thin wardrobe beside de bed with sliding and glass doors. But it has to be really thin, about 40 cm deep and a floor to ceiling wardrobe.
    What do you think? Is it 40 cm deep enough or do you think it is not enough and it should be deeper?
    Thank you so much Anne

    • Anne says:

      Hey there Alex, I’m so happy you found useful tips here.

      So, from what you tell me, your bedroom is quite crowded, and that’s probably the main reason why it looks so small. Although there’s nothing you can do horizontally (where you have the lowered ceiling), you can work on it vertically.

      I’m really glad to see that you found the solution by yourself, that kind of wardrobe is actually the best thing you can do and it would have also been my recommendation.

      40 cm deep is enough as long as you manage to store your things in it. This would probably be the main problem. But regarding the appearance, a 40 cm deep wardrobe with sliding, glass doors would be more than perfect.

      So, if you find the perfect wardrobe like this and you have a problem with storing your stuff, you might consider using some storage boxes. Either you place them under your bed or in another room, they may come really in handy I believe.

      I really hopes this small advice helps you 🙂

  3. Evie says:

    There was some very good tips in this post for small bedrooms. Since I moved to an apartment I have found that my main bedroom is slightly smaller than I would have wanted – plus there is no wall that is long enough for a set of wardrobes (they either have floor to ceiling windows, radiators or a small alcove and extra doors on them). Therefore I set up all my wardrobes in my third bedroom and have gone for black mirrored glass.

    Also I find that sometimes you can split the inside of the wardrobe into two hanging sections – i have a hanging rail at the top for items and then another one further down for shorter items

    • Anne says:

      Hi Evie, from what you tell me you have one of those rare bedrooms where it’s very hard to place a wardrobe, because of the unsuitable architecture of the room. However, there are a few ideas here too:

      1. You can go for a wardrobe that is made of several pieces, that aren’t tied together, so they look more like closed shelves.

      2. A tall and thin wardrobe could also work, but the big downside would be the small space and the way it would look in your bedroom.

      So, maybe what you did was much better; after all, if you have the possibility to place a larger wardrobe in a different bedroom, you should really do it 😀 The mirrored glass would look great on a black wardrobe, following all the steps I mentioned here, about wardrobes for small bedrooms.

      And I really loved how you managed to split the wardrobe, in this way you’l definitely find enough space for everything 😀

      • Evie says:

        Hi thanks Anne
        Number 1 there sounds like another good idea I might use that when I go and expand out the wardrobe space in the spare bedroom – it needs shoe and boots areas

        • Anne says:

          You’re very welcome, Evie, I’m glad to hear this. In case you decide to try that wardrobe style, let me know if you like how it looks 🙂

  4. Travis Smithers says:

    All of the sliding doors and their design look pretty good. I noticed in all of the pictures that the closets were all two sets of double closet doors.

    I take it you can get and use them as just two panels to handle a regular double closet for most bedrooms?

    Also do you have suggestions for bedrooms in older homes that just use a single bi-fold door and not a double or the three quadruple as in your photos?

    • Anne says:

      Hi Travis, you’ve noticed it right, modern wardrobes tend to have double doors, so that’s the reason why you see this kind of closets everywhere (including my post).

      In case you don’t have a double doors closet and you don’t want to change it, there’s nothing to worry about. As long as a wardrobe has one of those features (mirrored or sliding doors, longer height ), it has all the chances to look great in a small bedroom.

      I hope this helps a bit 😀

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