My Top 7 Trundle Daybeds For Adults Under $300

Are Trundle Daybeds For Adults Comfortable? My Top 7 Recommendations

If you’ve ever owned a trundle daybed, you know how space-saving it can be. But when it comes to comfort, opinions are divided. So are trundle daybeds for adults really comfortable? 

Well, it only depends of the piece you’re choosing. Some have a great value for the price, while others are a big waste of money.

For this reason, here are the best 7 trundle daybeds for adults that I tried. Any of those 7 pieces are worth buying, but choosing the right one depends of what you need and what you wish for. 


7. Zinus Newport ($118.00)

Best For: People with a minimal budget, that need an occassional daybed and don’t care about its looks much

Though it looks pretty basic, Zinus’s daybed is a very good deal for the price. It has a quality fabric, it’s pretty sturdy and it only takes very little space.

In fact, it’s probably the thinnest daybed I ever came across, which is by no means a bad thing.

The trundle has the same structure as the daybed. What I personally like about it is that it’s not as heavy as the others. You wouldn’t say it’s made of steel.

If budget is the decisive factor for you, this Zinus daybed may be a great choice. It’s the cheapest piece from my list and one of the best daybeds under $150.


  • It’s made of a premium type of steel, so it feels really sturdy and resistant
  • Putting it together is pretty easy and you can do it alone in less than 2 hours. The instructions have numbers and photos, and you also receive a tool 
  • It takes very little space, so it works best for small rooms
  • It can hold 2 mattresses that are under 9 inch (they say under 9.5, but the ones over 9 can hardly fit it)
  • You get a 5 years warranty, which is more than other brands offer
  • Normally it should last in good shape for more than 5 years
  • The trundle is really light, so it’s pretty easy to pull out
  • It’s one of the cheapest trundle daybeds you can find
  • Overall, it’s a great deal for the money ($118)

  • It doesn’t look too elegant because it’s pretty basic (just several bars of steel put together)
  • I personally wish it was a few inches wider, so that it would hold 10 inches mattresses


6. DHP Crisscross ($148.99)

Are Trundle Daybeds For Adults Comfortable? My Top 7 Recommendations

Best For: People who have a small room and a budget under $200

Though it’s not my personal favorite in looks, DHP’s daybed really does its job. It’s extremely solid, as it can hold up to 400 lbs (which is pretty much for a daybed). 

Compared to Zinus’s daybed from above, I would say this one has a better look and it’s a bit more comfortable. Though it’s made of a similar type of steel, the edges don’t feel that heavy and sharp. I also love its polished look, even though I’m not a fan of simple steel daybeds. 

The trundle is also pretty light to pull, but to me it doesn’t feel as sturdy as the daybed. 


  • It’s pretty thin and doesn’t take much space
  • Unlike its look, it’s extremely sturdy and it can last up to 400 lbs (which is huge)
  • You can put it together alone, in less than one hour because the instructions are a piece of cake (besides, there’s not much work to do)
  • Though it’s very sturdy, it’s made of a steel that doesn’t feel too heavy. So you don’t risk to hurt your hands or legs while sleeping
  • The trundle is lighter than the bed, so you can pull it out without any difficulty
  • It comes with 2 locking devices for the front wheels, so the trundle stays fixed
  • For the features it comes with, it’s pretty cheap
  • It can hold 2 mattresses under 9 inches, just like most of the other daybeds

  • Though it looks better than Zinus’s former daybed, I still don’t like how it looks. It has a nicer pattern and a great polish, but its construction is pretty basic
  • There’s no warranty included. You have to pay a few extra dollars if you want one (about $5, but it’s still an additional tax)


5. DHP Manila ($156.05)

Are Trundle Daybeds For Adults Comfortable? My Top 7 Recommendations

Best For: People with a low budget but who still want a variety of colors to choose from

Though it’s very similar to the previous DHP model, the Manila piece comes with a better price and more options when it comes to colors. Besides, it also has a slightly better design, if you ask me.

But other than that, it has pretty much the same features as its Crisscross cousin. 

A light, easy to pull out trundle, a sturdy construction and a slim structure. A great advantage is that you can find this model in a full size, for only $30 more.

That’s what makes it one of the cheapest daybeds with a full construction. So if you’re looking for a good deal in daybeds, you surely have to check out DHP’s Manila model.


  • It looks pretty elegant for a steel daybed, thanks to its Victorian-like design
  • It’s one of the few daybeds that has several options when it comes to color
  • The trundle feels as light as in other DHP models, which makes this daybed suitable even for kids
  • Though it seems pretty thin, it’s sturdy enough to hod over 200 lbs
  • For an extra $30, you can get the full size daybed instead of the twin version (which means double space)
  • At $156 it’s still a pretty cheap option for a daybed with trundle

  • It can only hold a 8 inch mattress. I tried putting in a 8.5 and it fit in, but not very easily
  • I personally still don’t love its looks, though it’s better than the previous 2


4. Zinus Ironline ($169.00)

Are Trundle Daybeds For Adults Comfortable? My Top 7 Recommendations

Best For: People who want to use their daybed as an everyday bed and have a low budget

Unlike its previous sibling from Zinus, the Ironline looks much more professional. It’s still not incredibly elegant, but I believe it’s a level above the Newport model.

Though it’s more expensive than the former two, Ironline can only hold 2 mattresses of 6 inches at most. I tried to put a 7 one on the daybed and it did hold it, but I believe it was the maximum limit.

However, this daybed occupies the #4 because it makes a great everyday bed, not just an occasional one, as the previous three. So if you’re looking for a cheap bed, this is the best I’ve found so far. 


  • Once you add the mattress and the sheets, it looks just like a regular sleeping bed, not like a daybed
  • It’s sturdy enough to hold over 200 lbs 
  • Unlike most daybeds, it’s not made of steel or any kind of plastic but of a nice wooden fabric
  • It’s very easy to put it together alone, because there are quite a few pieces and most of them are large 
  • It makes the perfect sleeping bed, especially for guests or kids
  • It’s probably the cheapest daybed that can replace a regular bed. So I recommend it if you’re looking for a budget sleeping bed that would last

  • If you have a sensitive floor, the trundle wheels can scratch it (but if you pull it out carefully, this shouldn’t happen)
  • The trundle is heavier than the previous daybeds, but that’s because of the wooden fabric. However, this trundle also feels sturdier


3. Furniture Of America Modal ($228.79)

Are Trundle Daybeds For Adults Comfortable? My Top 7 Recommendations

Best For: People who need a very sturdy daybed or simply love classic pieces

In case you were looking for an elegant daybed, here it is. Furniture of America’s model has everything any daybed should have. A gorgeous look, a high level of comfort, sturdiness and last but not least, a decent price. 

Though it cost much more than the previous 4 pieces, it also brings much better features. And the best thing to start with is its design. The great quality of the wood is pretty easy to notice, so sturdiness shouldn’t be a problem for this model. 

Unlike most heavy daybeds, Modal’s trundle is pretty easy to pull out. Though it really feels sturdy and heavy, you don’t need much power to take it out.

So if you like wooden furniture, this daybed is the best you can get for the price. 


  • It has a gorgeous design, thanks to the polished wooden fabric (I would say it’s a $1000 piece judging after its looks)
  • It’s extremely sturdy and solid, so if you take good care of it, I believe it should last more than 10 years
  • The trundle is pretty sturdy too, but it’s not very hard to pull out
  • Though it’s heavy, it’s really comfortable even with low mattresses
  • The wood seems really quality
  • It’s not very cheap, but if you’re looking for an elegant wooden daybed, this is the best one you can get
  • You can use it as an everyday bed without any problems

  • It takes a longer time to put it together, because of the heavy pieces. Also, try to assemble it with at least one other person
  • It can only hold a 8.5 inches mattress, at most


2. Homelegance Adra ($277.57)

Are Trundle Daybeds For Adults Comfortable? My Top 7 Recommendations

Best For: People who want to use their daybed as en everyday sofa or bed

As much as I hate steel pieces, I absolutely love leather furniture. And Homelegance’s Adra model is one of the best examples of a gorgeous daybed. 

It occupies the #2 merely for its look and design, though it doesn’t have any bad features at all.

This piece makes a great sofa, a comfortable sleeping bed and a really beautiful daybed. The trundle is almost as sturdy as the daybed, which is a pretty rare thing. The good part is that it’s not hard to pull it out, which is even more surprising. 

Overall, this is a daybed that I really recommend you, but only if you like this kind of elegant furniture. If you don’t care much about the looks, you can get a steel daybed for $100 less.


  • It’s one of the most elegant daybeds I found, if not the most
  • The leather doesn’t scratch easily, so it’s not that kind of cheap leather that every sofa has
  • The instructions are pretty clear, so putting it together isn’t very complicated. There are photos and numbers, besides the additional texted notes
  • The trundle feels very sturdy, just like the daybed alone. Besides, it’s easy to pull out even by kids
  • You can use it as an everyday bed or as a living room sofa, it works great for both
  • It’s really comfortable, just like a regular bed
  • It’s pretty cheap for its look and features

  • It’s pretty large and heavy, so if you plan to move it around often, I wouldn’t recommend you this daybed
  • Just like other quality daybeds, it can’t hold more than an 8.5 inch mattress


1. DHP Sofia ($284.99)

Are Trundle Daybeds For Adults Comfortable? My Top 7 Recommendations

Best For: People who need a very elegant daybed that works as a 3-in-1 piece, but don’t want to pay much 

If I had to choose only one daybed with trundle, this would surely be my choice. DHP’s Sofia model is probably the most elegant trundle daybed I came across. That’s the reason why I placed it on top of my list. 

This daybed may not bring anything new when it comes to features. It’s another comfortable piece, sturdy enough for a larger person and cheap enough to make a good deal. But when it comes to looks, it’s definitely way above the others. At least, in me personal view.

So if you want a quality daybed that brings in elegance and style, this is my #1 recommendation. It even comes with a pretty good price, if you ask me. 


  • It’s the most beautiful trundle daybed I found 
  • You can choose from several colors, but the price may differ depending of the period 
  • It can hold more weight than most daybeds (400 lbs and 225 lbs for the trundle)
  • It feels extremely sturdy, because of the wooden frame from inside
  • The fabric is really soft and smooth, and it brings a stylish feeling to the room
  • The trundle comes out easily, even though it’s sturdier than in other daybeds
  • It’s not the cheapest daybed ever, but considering its elegant look, I believe it’s worth the money

  • It’s not very easy to put it together alone, as the pieces are smaller and need a lot of work. Assembling it with someone would be much better



So How Can You Choose The Right Trundle Daybed?

If it’s chosen correctly, a trundle daybed should be as comfortable as a bed. It should be sturdy enough to hold a 260 lbs person and soft enough to let you fall asleep easily.

If you want to use it as a double bed, it’s essential not to feel the separating line between the daybed and the trundle. That depends pretty much of the structure of the daybed.

If the trundle has a thicker bar, you will probably feel it. The fabric can also make a difference. Heavy daybeds tend to have larger pieces, so you might feel the bar if you’re sleeping right in the middle.

However, it’s the mattress that matters most. If you’re buying 2 different mattresses (one for the daybed and one for the trundle), make sure they have the same height at the end. Also, try to buy higher mattresses, if possible.


3 Things Any Good Trundle Daybed Needs

Though daybeds weren’t created for night sleeping, a good one should be able to replace a regular bed, at least for a while. If you’re choosing it right, you can easily use your daybed as a guest bed.

But how can you choose the right piece? What should a daybed have to make a good sleeping bed?


1. A Pop-Up Trundle

Are Trundle Daybeds For Adults Comfortable Enough To Be Guest Beds?

Things are simple when it comes to a daybed’s design. Trundle daybeds are 10 times better than the ones without a trundle, because they bring more space.

Regular daybeds are a bit wider in normal conditions, but in the end trundle daybeds still win at this chapter. 

So obviously, I recommend you to get a trundle daybed to a regular one. However, things aren’t that simple. There are 2 types of trundle daybeds: some with a pop-up trundle and some that have a fixed trundle.

As you probably guessed, the first ones are a bit better. Once you lift up the trundle, it reaches the normal level of the bed, which is really simple in this case.

However, most daybeds don’t have a lifting trundle. Why is this bad? Well, this means you will have to find the perfect mattress to keep both parts at the same height.


2. Sturdiness But Still Comfort

How comfortable should a daybed be? Well, a quality daybed should be as comfortable as a regular bed, no exceptions. If your daybed feels too light, you’ve probably chosen a bad product. 

Unfortunately, many daybeds are far from real beds. Some are either too light and give you the feeling that they can’t hold you. On the other hand, others are extremely harsh and far from comfortable. 

Well, that’s because of the growing popularity of daybeds. Companies no longer care about making quality daybeds, because they will sell out anyway.

For example, they use wood that has a superior quality for regular beds, but they use lighter fabrics for daybeds.

So that’s the reason why daybeds have a lower quality nowadays.

However, things are by no means that bad.

There are quality pieces even today, but you need to know where to look. A good daybed should be solid, sturdy but still comfortable. This kind of item could easily replace a regular bed, at least for a few nights.


3. A Quality Mattress

If there’s something that really matters for a trundle daybed, it’s surely its mattress. In fact, the mattress is even more important for a daybed than for a regular bed.

With trundle daybeds, you usually have to choose the mattress after your trundle’s height. Most of the times, you will even have to get 2 different mattresses. For this reason, it’s essential to choose a quality one. If possible, try to get a mattress with a taller base. 

If your trundle is a fixed one, our mattress will be even more important. That’s because you will have to make sure both the trundle and the daybed have the same height.

For example, if you get a 6 inch mattress for your daybed, you will have to get a 12 inch one for the trundle. In this way, they would have the same height. So instead of buying a larger mattress, you would have to buy 2 different ones: one for the daybed and one for the trundle.

Therefore, if you want a comfortable daybed, make sure you choose the right mattress. 


The Right Daybed Can Save You A Lot Of Money

As they are not considered regular beds, daybeds are usually much cheaper.

For example, you can find quality pieces between $300-$400. On the other hand, a quality bed costs over $1000 or even more. So from this point of view, daybeds are real bargains. 

Just imagine how much money you can save by getting a daybed in your guest room instead of a regular bed. Instead of paying over $1000, you’ll pay around $500, mattress included. That’s a really nice deal for everyone.

Another good news is that you can find daybeds around this price everywhere, both online and offline. It’s true that they are way cheaper online, but if you prefer to see with his own eyes, you have plenty of choices in every furniture shop.

So if budget is important for you, there is a significant amount of money you could save with a daybed. Keep this in mind.


My Final Verdict – So Can Daybeds Replace Regular Beds For Guests?

They may not be the best looking or the largest, but when it comes to the guest beds, daybeds can do their job for a few nights. 

If you choose the right daybed and the right mattress, your guests shouldn’t even tell any difference. And considering it would only be used for a few nights, it can easily replace a regular bed.

Now let me know your opinion. Would you get a trundle daybed for adults in your guest room? Or you would prefer to spend more on a regular bed?

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