10 Gorgeous Apartment Balcony Garden Design Ideas


Hey guys! In this post I want to show you 10 absolutely beautiful apartment balcony garden design ideas, that would make you crave for a garden right on your balcony!

Living in an apartment means giving up a lot of things you have while living in a house, and one of this is definitely the garden.

10 Apartment Balcony Garden Design IdeasI know so many people living in an apartment who would do anything for a green space where they could plant flowers and trees and where they could simply feel surrounded by nature. 

“But that’s quite impossible while living in an apartment”, that’s what most people would say, isn’t it right?

Well, I say everything is possible in our world, and an apartment garden is no exception. In case you’re not sure what I mean yet, I’ll give you a clue: balcony.

Yes, the balcony is the perfect place for a garden. Even though you may be a bit surprised at first, if you take a look at some apartment balcony garden design ideas, you’ll see that it could actually look amazing. And if you’ve always been a garden lover, this will be paradise for you.

So if these first few paragraphs made you believe it’s possible to have your own garden in your own apartment, I suggest you to pay attention to the following lines, because I will try to explain step by step how you can do this and I will also show you some apartment balcony garden design ideas, that you could use in decorating your future garden.

I say you should give it a try, after all there’s nothing to lose, but a lot to gain. Only think about that green space you’ve always dreamed about, right in your apartment! 😀


Good to know before starting

  • Check how much space you have: 

Apartment balcony garden design ideasThis is very important to know because it will help you get a good idea about what plants you can grow, how you can decorate or what type of style you can choose for your garden.

Obviously, a more spacious balcony automatically means that you have a wider range of options when it comes to garden stuff, but if this isn’t your case, make sure you know how much place you have for your green space.

  • Think about what you want in your garden: 

Apartment balcony garden design ideasThere are people who have a passion for growing plants, others that want just a vegetable garden and some that are only interested in having a green space on their balcony.

So before starting to make plans about your garden, decide what exactly you want. It could be one of the things I mentioned, there could be more or it could be something totally different, this is all up to you.

  • Make sure your garden won’t lack water:

Apartment balcony garden design ideasThat’s a very common problem many people forget about, and after setting up a beautiful garden, they realize their plants will still need water quite often.

So if you want to make sure you won’t get in a similar situation, I advise you to buy a watering can. As you live in an apartment, there aren’t many possibilities for a external water source, so watering your garden manually is usually the best solution.


Once you thought about these 3 things, you probably have a good idea about what exactly you want from your balcony garden and how exactly you want to arrange it. That’s why I want to tell you about each type of garden separately, focusing on the way you should organize it, the plants you could choose and the most suitable decorations.

If you want to create one of those types of garden it’s great, but you can also combine them, like having a garden where you grow both decorative plants or vegetables. It’s your choice. 🙂


1.  Ornamental plants garden 

This type of garden is probably the most common one, probably because it is very easy to take care of and it doesn’t require a very big space. On the contrary, even the smallest balcony would be a perfect place for an ornamental garden.

Apartment balcony garden design ideas


Apartment balcony garden design ideasWhen it comes to the plants, as your garden is located on the balcony, it is better that most them to be put in pots and containers. This will help you manage your space much better and it will also make your garden look well organized. Remember that you don’t want your garden to look like a jungle.

Another factor you should consider is that, at one point, you will have to move some of your plants, either because of the bad weather or because you simply want to reorganize your garden a bit. That’s another reason why you should place your plants in pots.

Apartment balcony garden design ideasHowever, a garden full of simply potted plants would not be a real garden, this is why I want to give you some great ideas of improvised pots. These could change your garden’s appearance completely, giving it a wild charm.

Hanging potted plants are definitely a hit when it comes to a garden’s design. You can actually use anything as a pot, from normal jars to metal boxes, as long as it looks natural it will also look unique.

Another interesting element that would make your garden unique are tall, layered pots, that will make your plants seem like they grew up one on top of each other. When I first saw this arrangement, I was totally in love with the idea, to me it seems amazing. 🙂


Now we have to talk about one of the most important aspects of the ornamental garden, and that it: what plants should you choose? My answer to this question is a very simple one, choose whatever you like and whatever you think it would look good, after all, you’re the one that has to like the garden first.

Apartment balcony garden design ideasHowever, try going for common ornamental plants, that grow well in your country’s climate, so that you won’t have any problems with them.

Imagine how it would be to choose placing a palm tree on your balcony when you’re living in New York. I definitely wouldn’t like to be in that palm tree’s shoes. 😛

A visit to one of the local plant shops would be a great thing in this case, as most of the plants you’ll find there are plants that grow well in that type of climate.


Apartment balcony garden design ideasAlthough your garden is all green now, full of different types of plants in different types of pots, there is still enough place for small decorations that will blend with the original decor, making it even more charming.

This is the best moment to go for some diy crafts, like a simple wooden vase or some painted empty pots, you can even let the watering can somewhere to be seen, as it matches the decor very well.

In this way, you will have a very original balcony garden, that will surely make you feel like you’re in the middle of nature. And in the end, that’s what you want, isn’t it? 🙂


2.  Vegetables garden

Many of you might be interested in this type of garden because it’s a great way to get organic food right from your home. Well, the good news is that it’s pretty simple to maintain a vegetables garden on your balcony and if you’re a gardening lover, you won’t even find it a laborious activity, on the contrary, you’ll love every minute of it.

Apartment balcony garden design ideas


Just like in a decorative plants garden, potted vegetables are the best option for you, especially because you live in an apartment and you can’t grow vegetables in normal soil. You can choose different types of containers, according to the plant’s dimensions.

Apartment balcony garden design ideasFor example, if you want to grow tomatoes, you won’t place them in the same pot you would use for growing peas, let’s say. So the container’s dimensions is something you have to think about before planting the seeds.

Another thing that is important for your plants’ health is making sure they receive enough light. The best thing you can do in this case is placing the potted plants somewhere in the sun, where they have enough light for the photosynthesis process.

Don’t forget to keep your garden well organized, knowing exactly where everything is and trying to make it look like a garden, not like a jungle. I’ve said this before, so try to remember it because it’s a key factor in your garden’s organization.


Apartment balcony garden design ideasThere isn’t much to say here, you can grow any vegetable you want as long as it’s suitable for your climate.

Anyway, a very important thing when it comes to growing vegetables is the soil they have. As your garden is located on the balcony, the best soil in this case is a synthetic one, as it is made especially for potted plants.You can find synthetic soils in most gardening shops, so you don’t have to worry about this aspect.

Also, make sure you water your plants every couple of days, if you could do it daily it would be even better, especially in the summer. If you live in a warmer climate, then watering your vegetables is very important, else you might see them starting to fade.


Apartment balcony garden design ideasThese aren’t a very important part when it comes to a vegetables garden, because your main purpose is growing vegetables you can eat, not really having an impressively decorated garden.

Apartment balcony garden design ideasHowever, if you want to add some decorative accents, you could go for some old wooden decorations, that will blend with your decor.

Anyway, you could actually choose anything as a decoration, so a good idea would be to look at all the useless items you have at home and take some on your balcony.

In this way, you’ll have a well decorated vegetable garden.


3.  Decorative green space garden

For those of you who really love nature and are really frustrated for having to stay inside, this type of balcony garden would be excellent. Your garden doesn’t have a certain purpose, like growing plants for food or for ornamental purpose, it’s just for having a space where you can simply enjoy nature.

This means that you have no limits when it comes to decorations and the plants you choose.

 Apartment balcony garden design ideas


As there are no limits, you can place your plants anywhere you want, as long as you keep them well arranged. Try to make your garden look natural, but not too wild.

And by this I mean that you should maintain a certain order, simply letting your plants grow the way they want would give the impression of an abandoned place.


Apartment balcony garden design ideasOnce again, you can choose anything you want, the more different your plants are, the better. In your case, you could go for both decorative plants and small trees or shrubs. Of course that your choices should base on the climate you live in, but the good thing is that you have such a wide range to choose from.

Some of your plants could be placed in containers, others could be hanged so that they could grow free, as I said there are no certain rules, it’s important to create a place you like and where you feel good.


Apartment balcony garden design ideasThis are a very important part of your project, so you have to pay a lot of attention to choose the right decorations. For example, if you have a lot of blooming plants, you will want to draw the attention on them, not on any artificial decoration.

Apartment balcony garden design ideasOn the other hand, if your garden mostly consists of herbs and green plants, extra decorations would be quite necessary for a more charming look. They don’t have to be many and very large, this will only make your garden over crowded, it’s important just to choose them well.

Butterfly ornaments, artificial flower arrangements, gardening crafts or painted old vases are just some ideas of decorations you could use, everything else is good as long as it matches the decor.



Whether you’re seriously planning to create a garden on your balcony or you’re just dreaming about it, these apartment balcony garden design ideas that you’ve just read will be a good source of inspiration for you, helping you create the green space you’ve always dreamed of, right in your apartment. 😀

An ornamental garden, a vegetable or even a decorative one would look great on a balcony, so if you’ve been thinking about this for a while, don’t wait any longer and start creating your own balcony garden now! 😀


In case you need any suggestions or if you have any questions about this subject, please don’t hesitate to contact me by writing a comment and I will gladly help you.

Meanwhile, I have a challenge for you. I’m trying to find out which is the best kind of garden for an apartment according to most people, because I want to write a more detailed article about it. I really need to find out different opinions, and a simple answer to my question would mean so much for me.

So which of the 3 types of garden would you like to have on your balcony?

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16 Responses

  1. Michelle says:

    You have inspired me with some wonderful ideas for my garden. I have a holiday apartment by the sea of which I would love to create a vegetable garden. I spend most weekends there so I will have plenty of time to care for my plants.

    Do vegetable gardens grow very well by the sea especially if they are in containers?

    Kind Regards


    • Anne says:

      Hey, I guess a vegetable garden on a balcony near the sea would look amazing! Just imagine the view, it would probably look like in movies.

      About your question, I don’t think there is a difference between how plants grow by the sea or in any other place. I mean, as long as plants grow in containers you shouldn’t have any problems with them.

      If you’re also referring to the climate, then maybe there would be some differences, but not necessarily that vegetables could grow better there or anywhere else. I think it matters a lot if you take care of them, like watering, making sure they have light,etc.

      Hope that helps. 😉

  2. Paula, says:

    I live in an apartment and I have a small balcony, so a garden was something I’ve always wanted. Now I just realized I could actually create one right in my apartment.

    I really love how those ornamental plants looks so I’d love such a garden, but I’d also like to grow some vegetables. Do you think I could do both in a small balcony garden?

    • Anne says:

      Hi Paula, I’m happy that this post was a source of inspiration for you 😉

      Yes, of course you can grow both vegetables and ornamental plants, I bet your garden will look great having these 2 types of plants.

  3. Shannon says:

    What a neat use of space! While we have a yard with a garden I was researching other ideas. The bunnies always seem to get in and eat everything! Putting plants up on our porch could help and keep the plants within easy reach. You’ve inspired me to create a small garden on our porch that my kids can take care of. I always seem to over or underwater – any tips?

    • Anne says:

      Hey Shannon, you’re really lucky to have a garden, but as you said, if bunnies do this, putting your plants on the porch would be better. All these ideas can easily apply to a porch instead of a balcony, so I’m sure yours will also look great.

      About the water problem, it actually depends on each plant how much water it needs, but it would be a tremendous work to water each after its needs, so I recommend you to try to water them every 2 days, at the beginning. There’s a great way to realize how your plants react to this, just by taking a look at how fast they absorb the water:

      -if it happens instantly, it means they’re thirsty and need more water, so you should water them more often

      -however, if the soil seems wet or they just don’t absorb the water too soon, it means they’re over watered, so you don’t have to water them so often

      That’s what I do when it comes to watering plants, and in my case it works great. I hope this helps 🙂

  4. Bimmerguy says:

    You provide such awesome options for creating a small garden on your apartment balcony. There are some really good ideas on here that I’ve never seen before. I’m certainly going to relay this information to some of my friends that live in the city and have complained about not having the ability to have any vegetation. Thanks so much for the great tips!

  5. Roope says:

    Wow, what an interesting idea! The pictures in this post are very inspiring and most of those balconies look very cool. I just wouldn’t put too much stuff on the balcony so I could move there myself also :D.

    I had one friend in Paris who had a lot of plants in his balcony because he wanted that his neighbors can’t see inside of his house.

    • Anne says:

      Haha I haven’t thought about that with people not being able to see in my house, but it’s an advantage of such a balcony 😉

      Thanks for reading my article, I’m glad you enjoyed it 😀

  6. Jenny says:

    Enjoyed reading about balcony garden ideas and I love the photos! They look amazing. And you have some good ideas.
    I have never lived anywhere with a balcony before. But it makes me want to emigrate to a hotter country with a nice balcony. Can imagine that with a nice glass of wine in the summer. Would definitely use some of your ideas to create a perfect balcony.

    • Anne says:

      Yesss, I’ve just imagined that too, it would be Heaven on Earth! 😀

      I’m really happy to hear you enjoyed this post 🙂

  7. Chris Towers says:

    What a great site and some excellent tips and ideas when it comes to making your balcony an extension of your home.

    I live in Greece and I have balconies all around my home but I have to be honest, they are a disgrace.

    They are plain with little going on in the way of imagination.

    I love the idea of the Ornamental plants garden, but not sure this kind of work would survive the heat here. What do you think?

    Really enjoyed your site and it has given me some inspiration and ideas to do something here!



    • Anne says:

      Hi Chris,

      Wow, I’ve never been to Greece but I heard a lot of great things about it, I have a lot of friends who visited it and they always recommend me to go there for a holiday.

      Haha, I can imagine the balconies, they’re probably without any plants or green stuff, that’s why they don’t look very good.

      Now I don’t know the plants that are specific for Greece, but as far as I know, it has a Mediterranean climate, so maybe a small olive or orange tree would look good there. I’m just saying, I don’t know for sure, and maybe these trees would end up growing too much for a balcony…

      I always advise people to visit a local plant store, because in this way they can find plants that grow well in that area, and in this case there wouldn’t be any problem when it comes to the climate. So that’s the best thing I believe you could do.

      I hope this helps 😀

  8. Bev. says:

    Wow, so many thoughts are going through my head after reading this (lol)…I don’t have an apartment but I can see adopting some of those ideas to use in the back area of my house.

    Also, most of my co-workers have apartments and would love to see this. My best buddy is into, anything that beautifies the atmosphere.

    We are always chatting about how to create “Paradise At Home” if that make any sense (lol). She is going to love me, when I send her an email of your amazing ideas and tips. You certainly know your stuff…I am so wanting to start the “decorative green space garden” because I love nature and a steamy cup of coffee or tea to watch.

    Enough said, but one question…For the sake, of my apt. buddies- So what’s a good thing to do when the plants outgrow their pots and you’re concerned with space issues? Just wondered, thanks for sharing the value.

    • Anne says:

      Hey Bev, thank you for reading my blog 😀

      Yeees, I totally understand what you’re thinking when you say “Paradise at Home”, nature is a “must” factor for this haha.

      To answer your question, if the plants outgrow their pots, you have 2 options:

      1. You change the pot and put them into a bigger one (but that’s only if the space allows it, and as we’re talking about a balcony, hmm…probably not)

      2. You can somehow cut some parts of the plants, in order to make them smaller (and also healthier in some cases). I don’t really know how to do this so I can’t really give you too many details, but I’ll try to find out more about this. I know something about this topic from a friend who used to do this in her real garden, so I believe it’s also possible in a balcony garden.

      Anyway, maybe the best solution of all would be to choose only plants that don’t tend to grow extremely tall and large, or even if they do, at least they don’t grow rapidly.

      I really hope my advice is useful for you. 🙂

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