9 Unusual bathroom mirrors


Unusual bathroom mirrors

Mirrors have always been an indispensable object in every bathroom, so the mirror you choose for yours is extremely important. Though many people prefer to go for classic, regular mirrors, there’s a growing tendency when it comes to unusual bathroom mirrors.

What exactly are these? Well, this category could include any type of mirrors that are different from the usual pattern, and that would make a bathroom look pretty exotic and stylish.

In this post I want to show you 9 unusual bathroom mirrors divided in 3 types, pebble, royal and diy. Any of them will surely bring a feeling of innovation in your home, so if you want some fresh ideas, keep reading the following lines.


     1. Pebble mirrors

If creativity is one of the words that describe you best, you’ll definitely want to have a look at this mirror.

Made from hundreds of small pieces of glass put together in a very ingenious manner, this gorgeous creation is definitely a real piece of art that would immediately grab the attention, no matter where it would be placed. 

However, it would be more than great for a bathroom, especially if you don’t necessarily want a normal mirror, that would have a purely reflective purpose. This beautiful item is definitely a decoration first of all, only then a mirror.

The main characteristic of pebble mirrors is that they are made to shine, literally. Such an original piece will never remain in the shadow of anything else, so if you want to place it in your bathroom, make sure you transform it into the central accent point of the room.

As it belongs to the unusual bathroom mirrors category, it would probably be perfect for people who want an artistic, original bathroom, not a regular one.

I believe it would be a bit too much for a classic room, so pay attention to your bathroom’s style before deciding on such an accent piece. If this is your case, a more classic approach for a pebble mirror might suit your bathroom much better.

Take a look at this beautiful mirror, that has only the external part made of smaller pieces. Even so, it still remains an accent piece, but the difference is that the visual impact won’t be so high.

In other words, if you have a more traditional bathroom or if you simply prefer classic pieces, this kind of mirror could be a great solution for you, as it would still garb the attention, but without being too sophisticated.

However, if you’re ready to get a mirror that would impress everyone, an original pebble mirror is definitely a must see.


     2. Royal mirrors

Elegance and luxury, that’s exactly what royal mirrors are designed to bring in a bathroom, so if you’re a glamour lover, these mirrors are something really worth seeing.

Although the term “royal mirrors” might be a bit confusing, it’s not very hard to understand so let me try to clarify it. I call “royal” the mirrors that have a different, luxurious frame, that emphasizes them easily. In other words, they are the mirrors with a crystal or metal framing, that makes them look sophisticated, just like in royal residences.

There are thousands of different types of royal mirrors, from golden, simple framed to crystal, modern framed ones. The good thing is that you have a huge range to choose from, so it’s quite easy to find a suitable mirror.

Royal mirrors tend to give the feeling of opulence and luxury, so they are a great solution if you want to make your regular bathroom an elegant place.

This kind of piece could totally change the visual appearance of your bathroom, which means that it’s a pretty simple way to solve the possible lack of glamour.

Unusual bathroom mirrorsIn comparison to pebble mirrors, the royal ones don’t create such a powerful impression, which means that they are less striking in any kind of bathroom.

If pebble mirrors were perfect for rooms that were already decorated in an elegant manner, royal mirrors can be placed even in a less luxurious decor, because they will make it luxurious themselves.

In other words, royal mirrors are one of my top recommendations to people that want an easy way to change their bathroom’s general aspect, and make it elegant from plain.


     3. Diy mirrors

The good part about unusual bathroom mirrors is that they don’t have to follow a certain pattern, which means that you can even create them manually, with or without defects.

Actually, diy stuff seems to be more and more fashionable, and mirrors make no exception. This is because manually created mirrors have a different feeling, they seem both modern and sophisticated, even if they’re not made of expensive materials or in a perfect manner.

Defects are actually the things that show creativity, so don’t worry about placing a homemade mirror in your elegant bathroom, because it won’t steal away any of its glamour.

There are thousands of patterns for diy mirrors, but these are just the ones already created. In case you like to play with your imagination, you can try to create a mirror yourself, originality will always stay in fashion. 

From putting together several small pieces of glass of different dimensions, to adding some decorations around a circular glass, mirrors create by yourself can add a lot of character and personality to a bathroom, making it look very stylish and also giving it a personal note.

There isn’t much to say about diy mirrors, simply because there are no rules when it comes to handmade stuff, but all I can say is that any kind of well made mirror will definitely ornament a bathroom, no matter how plain or elegant this



If you’re looking for some unusual bathroom mirrors that would change the entire atmosphere from your bathroom and make it look really stylish and unique, pebble, royal or diy mirrors are definitely some of the best options.

If pebble mirrors are perfect for luxurious bathrooms, that need a touch of artistic feeling, royal mirrors can easily change any usual bathroom into an elegant one. Mirrors manually created are also a way to give your bathroom a personal, stylish note, so they’re not something to neglect.

Therefore, unusual bathroom mirrors are an easy way to add character and personality to a bathroom, so keep this in mind whenever you need a bit of charm in your bathroom.


There are many kinds of unusual bathroom mirrors, so if you have any questions about this subject, please leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help. 

Would you place an unusual mirror in your bathroom? 

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8 Responses

  1. fixitz.org says:

    Hi Anne, thank you so much for opening up my eyes to the world of mirrors. Those mirrors you have are elegant and eye catching.

    The only thing I am not sure is how practical are they especially the pebble mirrors? Do you think they are better off being decorative art rather than as a mirror?

    • Anne says:

      Hi, to be honest, yes, the pebble mirror would be much better as a decoration rather than as a mirror. This is because it’s not very easy to see the clear reflection in it, so I would recommend it for bathrooms which are already very luxurious and need another stylish decorative item.

      However, royal and some of the diy mirrors are very practical and could be used as a “real” mirror first, only then as a decoration.

      Thanks for reading my blog 🙂

  2. Kelly says:

    I loved those rock mirrors, I think they’re really cool. Thanks for the info!

  3. Vincent says:

    Lol I had no idea you could find such cool mirrors. Your article learned me some stuff I never would have found out before. Especially those pebble mirrors look amazing. Only worried a bit about the price, as they are indeed for more luxurious bathrooms. Ill check back here for more awesome pics and info.

    • Anne says:

      Hey, apparently there are such cool mirrors 😛 Haha, I’m glad you liked them 🙂

      Well, it depends from where you buy them, but yeah, they tend to be a little more expensive than regular mirrors, but the good thing is that they can totally transform your room, making it even luxurious.

      Thanks for visiting my site, and remember you’re always welcomed back 😀

  4. Ray says:

    Hi Anne,

    I love the pebble mirrors! They look fabulous and I hope (I’m sure) they’ll look great in our bathroom. I guess it will be a job to clean?

    How do we get these mirrors, are they pre-made in these shapes, or can the layout be customised? If they’re already stuck together but come in different sizes and layouts, it’ll be easy to buy and put straight up on the wall?

    Thanks for the beautiful collection of unusual mirrors.

    • Anne says:

      Hello Ray,

      Hahaha probably cleaning these mirrors up would be a bit more complicated than usual.

      All these mirrors of this kind that I ordered were pre-made in this way, I mean you didn’t receive several smaller pieces and you had to assemble them however you want. I don’t even think they sell them in pieces, because there’s no chance that they will look well at the end.

      But they do come in several sizes, so there are a lot of patterns to choose from when you want to buy a certain mirror. I haven’t had any problems with putting the on the wall, as all the pieces are tied together there shouldn’t be any.

      I hope this helps 😀

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