9 Reasons To Use Traditional Furniture In Your Living Room


Hey guys! You know I’m not a huge fan of classic furniture and I usually don’t praise it too much, but today I decided to find some reasons why you should use traditional furniture in your living room.

You’re surprised, aren’t you? Well, so am I. 😀 Let me explain you the whole thing.

I usually criticize all the pieces I don’t like pretty harsh, too harsh I would say. So this week I’ve been trying the find a good part in all these things I don’t like…and it worked better than I had expected.

I managed to find a lot of advantages in some furniture pieces that I never imagined I would even stand, so this is a big progress that I’m really proud of. 😀

So as it was going so well, I thought about applying this strategy to some of my posts too. That’s how I remembered that I had never liked traditional furniture. And I guess it’s time for a change, isn’t it? 😉

Therefore, in this post I want to give you just 9 reasons why you (and I)  should try this kind of furniture. You can find more yourselves, I will only give you these 9 reasons why traditional furniture is not as bad as it seems.

9 Reasons To Use Traditional Furniture In Your Living Room



1. You Will Feel Like In A Palace

Honestly, I couldn’t think about traditional furniture without imagining a luxurious palace hall, full of collection pieces and elegant decorations.

It may not be as modern as Minimalist pieces, but traditional furniture looks and feels royal! So royal that you would always have the feeling to be in the past decades.

If you’re a fan of 1700s or 1800s, you would definitely be a fan of this kind of furniture too. The polished look and the elegant touch will make you wish you had tried classic furniture faster, because the feeling it gets to a room is really special.


2. It Has A Great Quality

Even if I haven’t praised traditional furniture too much, the thing I appreciate about it most is its flawless quality.

In my opinion, it’s somewhere on top when it comes to quality. 90% of classic pieces last for many years in good conditions, they don’t lose their shine, they don’t fall apart and if they’re properly taken care of, they hardly scratch or break.

So to be honest, there’s nothing I could criticize about traditional furniture when it comes to quality.

9 Reasons To Use Traditional Furniture In Your Living Room


3. You Can Sell It In Collection Shops Afterwards

That’s something a friend told me about, and it’s only available to some traditional pieces (around 70%).

As they are extremely durable and last in great conditions, nothing prevents you from selling them in antique shops once you get bored of them. The great thing about this is that you could get a big part of your money back, because these kind of pieces look as if they were new.

It’s a more complicated process actually, you have to know where exactly you should sell them in order to get the best price and a lot of other details. But simply knowing that you can resell it is a start.

So don’t worry if you’re not 100% sure you want a certain traditional piece. Unlike modern or regular furniture, you can get most of your money back after selling it.


4. It Will Last A Lifetime

That’s exactly what a durable piece means. And when it comes to traditional furniture, damages and scratches are something you’ll probably never deal with.

I know someone who has a traditional nightstand in his bedroom. It looks absolutely gorgeous, but that’s not what I want to talk about now. He’s been having that nightstand for at least 10 years…I say this without exaggerating.

I have to admit it, if I compared it with a picture from the beginning, I don’t think I could see any difference. So that’s 10 years later, at least. And I honestly think that it would last many more, because it doesn’t seem damaged or even old.

So if you want to buy some furniture and then never worry about it for the rest of your life, try traditional one.


Bedroom Suite (desk) by Mitchell & Rammelsberg Furniture Company, Cincinnati, c. 1880, maple, painted and gilt panels, ivory, onyx, mirror glass - Cincinnati Art Museum - DSC03131


5. You Can Redecorate Really Often

Versatility is another top feature of classic furniture, one that I really can’t overlook.

Now, it’s true that this kind of furniture would never fit a Minimalist decor, not even an Industrial one. But it wouldn’t have any problem matching a Rustic style, an Art Nouveau living room or a Victorian decor.

And if you prefer to combine more styles rather than following a certain one, then you could use the same tradition furniture pieces forever.

Without exaggerating, this kind of furniture could match a lot of different decors, no matter what color have the walls or what rug you add in that room. So you could redecorate every year, without fearing that you’ll have to change the furniture.


6. It Will Draw The Attention

Statement pieces always come in front, do you agree? That’s exactly the case of traditional furniture.

I once used this kind of items in a client’s home, as he wanted a very elegant decor and pretty much liked classic furniture. The result was impressive even for me, because the room didn’t even need another focal point: there was the furniture.

My client was also impressed, just like many of his guests. Of course that they didn’t know the theoretical aspects and why that furniture looked so good there, but the fact that they loved it said everything, in my opinion.

So having traditional furniture in the living room, for example, will instantly draw the attention, so you won’t need any other bright pieces for the decor.
Gaudi furniture


7. You Will Get An A For Originality

You can’t find too many traditional pieces around these days, do you?

Believe me, except making your room really luxurious, this kind of furniture would also make it unique. I mean, there won’t be too many similar homes in the area, I’m pretty sure. 😀

Although it’s really old, classic furniture is so original because it’s too expensive for many people, so you can’t find it in every home. It’s not one of those pieces that you can buy from your next salary (Please don’t feel offended, because I include myself here too).

So having this kind of elegant furniture will definitely bring you a reputation of a really creative and original person (and rich :P).


8. You Won’t Need Too Many Decorations

Another thing you should keep in mind about traditional furniture is that it looks so well in a room that it doesn’t need a lot of additional stuff.

I mean, once you have some classic pieces in your living room, you won’t feel the need to add some regular paintings, photo albums or DIY stuff on the walls. You can do it if you want, but it won’t be necessary because the room will already look great.

So in a room where there are elegant, traditional pieces, they tend to draw the attention on them and on nothing else. Decorations wouldn’t harm, because they wouldn’t be too noticeable, that’s the point.


9. “Style” Will Be The Word That Describes Your room Best

I began this list of reasons with the elegance of traditional pieces, and I will end it in a similar manner.

Elegance, glamour, luxury…all these words could be used for classic pieces, so any room that has these items will immediately become extremely stylish.

No matter if you have a regular carpet on the floor or pretty cheap curtains… Once you have traditional furniture pieces, they will make your room look so stylish and beautiful. So the word “style” will become something you’ll hear pretty often.

Bedroom Suite (bedstead, view 1) by Mitchell & Rammelsberg Furniture Company, Cincinnati, c. 1880, maple, painted and gilt panels, ivory, onyx, mirror glass - Cincinnati Art Museum - DSC03128



So, Have I Convinced You About The Advantages Of Traditional Furniture?

I really hope I have. Because otherwise, I will see this challenge as a failed one, and this wouldn’t be very good for my plans. 😛

Joking apart, even though I was never a fan of traditional furniture because of its expensive price…I admit there are a lot of things that make it amazing. Starting with the durability and ending with its gorgeous aspect, classic furniture will always beautify any room and transform it into a different one.

No matter if you only have a traditional dining table or a whole set, each classic piece will give your room a different feeling, of originality combined with elegance. And that is not so easy to find in these days.


Now tell me, would you use traditional furniture in your own living room? Or you would prefer regular furniture, that is much cheaper?

Let me know your answer in a comment. Anne 😀

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