8 Rustic Kitchen Lighting Ideas & Tips


Rustic style will always look attractive in any part of the house. But in my opinion, from all the rooms, the kitchen is the one that fits this style best of all.

It is never easy to light a Rustic room, because there are many things to consider and pay attention to. And it’s even more difficult if that room is the kitchen… So for those of you who have a gorgeous Rustic kitchen, in this post I want to show you 8 kitchen lighting ideas and tips that you can use for your home.


What kind of lights look best in a Rustic kitchen?

There isn’t a certain criteria when it comes to choosing the lighting fixtures for a Rustic decorated kitchen, simply because there isn’t a fixed type of lights that would look well in this style.

Just like many other styles, you can feel free to choose any kind of lighting fixture you want, as long as it matches the decor.

However, I do have a few recommendations for Rustic kitchens, based on my experience and on what I’ve seen that works best in this style.


#1. Pendant lights

If there are certain lights that would describe Rustic style best, these are definitely pendant lights.

I’m sure you’ve seen pendant lights in every magazine that talked about Rustic kitchens, they are one of the central elements of these rooms. Why?

It’s very simple: pendant lights tend to give any room a touch of style and become the focal point, which is so important in a kitchen (where there aren’t many central elements). Plus that pendant lights enlarge spaces, making every room look more spacious than it actually is.

Pendant lights are available in many patterns and sizes, which makes them the perfect choice for a Rustic kitchen, where obviously you can’t get any lighting fixture. You need something that would look old, elegant or simply…Rustic. So you can’t just go to the local shop and get the first pendant light you see.

Therefore, remember that probably the best choice when it comes to Rustic kitchen lighting remain the common pendant lights, but the ones with Rustic characteristics, of course. 🙂


#2. Small lighting

Although they could never light a room properly all by themselves, small lights remain a very common option in Rustic kitchens.

And there’s no surprise, as they inspire elegance and good taste. But even so, why do people like to add small lights in a Rustic kitchen, when they could easily add a large chandelier that would illuminate the whole room?

The reason that lays behind the small lights is that they never grab the attention. Now let me explain this better.

Imagine that you have a kitchen full of elegant, antique furniture pieces. As you spent so much on them and they look so good, you want to bring them forward and make them the central points of your kitchen.

Now let me ask you, how it would be easier to do that: with a large chandelier hanged in the middle of the ceiling, or with some really small lights spread all over the room?

You’re right, with the smaller lights. They would allow you to emphasize the furniture items you have in the kitchen, instead of becoming the focal point themselves.

That’s why you see these small lights in many Rustic kitchens, especially in the ones with luxurious furniture. It’s just a way to draw the attention on the furniture, not on the light.


#3. Decorative lamps

That’s a kind of lighting I’ve seen more and more often in Interior Design magazines and even in some more modern homes.

8 Rustic Kitchen Lighting Ideas & Tips

Decorative lamps can immediately transform even a regular kitchen into a Rustic one. This means that you don’t even have to have a lot of Rustic elements in your kitchen, because once you add these lighting lamps, they would change the decor straight away. So you’ll get a Rustic kitchen thanks to the Rustic lights.

I would recommend these kind of lights to people with a lower budget, or to those who don’t want to invest in many Rustic pieces. Even people who want a very simple Rustic decor belong to this category. What they have to do is to go for decorative lamps and place 2-3 of them in different parts of the kitchen.

The result will be fantastic, a kitchen with a Rustic decor without a lot of Rustic pieces. And sometimes this kind of kitchen looks much better than one full of expensive Rustic items, so…


#4. Farmhouse lights

I confess I didn’t really know how exactly I should call this kind of lights (I never knew actually, even though I’ve been working with them for a pretty long time…). So I simply called them “farmhouse lights”.

These are those harsh, heavy lighting fixtures that you see in farms, in all kinds of movies. After their description, you can guess that they could easily become a part of a Rustic decor.

I would actually say they are common for a Traditional Rustic style, rather than for the general Rustic one. In these days, the Rustic style has changed a lot and it adopted a lot of modern elements, which made the traditional ones fade away.

It’s true that there are a lot of Traditional Rustic kitchens even today, but this sub-style isn’t that popular anymore.

However, for Traditional Rustic kitchens, the farmhouse lights are by far the best choice. I say this because they can easily make all the other furniture pieces and items stick together and look like a perfect decor.

Not to mention that they let a mark on the room, which is quite impossible to get from something else.


Lighting Ideas For Rustic Kitchens

8 Rustic Kitchen Lighting Ideas & Tips

Just like you can see in this Rustic kitchen, pendant lights remain the simplest choice when it comes to lighting. Additional small lights may be necessary, either for decorative reasons or simply for a better illumination.

If you take a close look at this picture, you will notice that the room looks extremely tall. I won’t say that it’s just an impression (it really is tall…very tall 😛 ) but these 3 pendant lights contribute to this feeling of height from this kitchen. So they not only fit a Rustic decor, but they also enlarge the room.


This stone decorated kitchen is another example that Rustic style is one of the best when it comes to kitchen. 

You can notice the pendant lights that are placed right in the center of the room, in order to give the feeling of height, together with the small light spread all over the ceiling, that would also contribute at the illumination.

This is actually an example of a classic light placement in a Rustic kitchen: a triple pendant light in the middle, plus several small lights around the room.


8 Rustic Kitchen Lighting Ideas & Tips

These original lights could fit in the “decorative lamps” category, as they are lights that could easily transform a regular decor into a Rustic one.

If you take a look at this picture, you can notice that except the ceiling structure, the other elements aren’t the classic Rustic ones. And even so, the ceiling and the decorative lights are enough to create a countryside feeling in this kitchen.


The last picture I want to show you has a multitude of lighting fixtures, that could illuminate properly only together. 

The central pendant chandelier with the smaller pendant lights from the right side are in charge with the main illumination, while the small lights from the edges offer a plus of clarity.

With all these lights combined together, the final decor is more than beautiful: a Rustic kitchen with massive wooden furniture and stone fabric, properly illuminated by different lighting fixtures.


My final recommendations

When lighting a Rustic kitchen, you’re not forced to respect certain patterns and go for a fixed lighting fixture. You can choose anything as long as it looks well and it blends the other decor items. But if you want to be sure of your kitchen’s success, I have a few things I could recommend.

Pendant lights make the best lighting fixtures for Rustic kitchen, thanks to their ability to enlarge the room, but also to become its central and focal point. You can find them everywhere, in different types and colors, so they make the best solution for a Rustic kitchen.

Smaller lights are perfect for kitchens with expensive furniture, that needs to be brought ahead. This kind of lights are extremely “quiet” and they never come in front, so if you have furniture pieces you want to emphasize, small lights are perfect for you.

Decorative lights can immediately transform any kitchen into a Rustic one, so I recommend them to people who don’t have many original elements in their kitchen and need a rapid Rustic transformation. 

And not to forget the farmhouse lights, that are so common in Traditional Rustic homes, which they make so beautiful and stylish. They can also transform a room into a Rustic decor pretty fast, so that’s one of their biggest advantages.


So either you choose pendant, smaller, decorative, farmhouse or any other lights for your Rustic kitchen, make sure they blend well with the other furniture pieces and items, and don’t forget that good taste is more important than any other decor rule.

What kind of lights do you have in your kitchen?

Tell me your answer in the comments below. Anne 😀

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4 Responses

  1. Netta says:

    Hey Anne:

    What a lovely website! I like the way you’ve given a good overview of options when considering lighting for a rustic kitchen. The pictures are very nice and your comments show a lot of thought.

    As a residential property manager I’ve seen homes that are really lovely and others not so much. While I realize that folks are more likely to spend serious money on their own living quarters, I would be interested in knowing what you think about the possibilities for landlords decorating homes that are primarily intended as rentals.


    • Anne says:

      Hi Netta, I’m really glad to hear you like it 🙂

      I think that’s a pretty interesting idea. Decorating homes in different styles and then renting them may be a great business, now that I think about it. It would save a lot of time, and there are more and more people who are extremely busy in these days, so renting a home that is already decorated would seem like heaven on earth for them.

      Are you thinking about starting a business of this type or you were just curious?

      • Netta says:

        Just curious….I did think on it some more and am realizing that except for the very high-end places it is likely not to be a great business.

        Most of the homes that are lovely were once where the owners lived. Once they became rentals the owners lost interest in being very creative with them.

        We do have a large vacation rental market, however, and perhaps there are more opportunities there….

        • Anne says:

          Yeah, I understand what you mean…

          Well, on one hand you’re right about it, owners decide to rent the houses when they want to change residence or something of this type. So if we think about it in this way, we could say that they lose interest in the house.

          However, there is also the possibility that a certain person buys several houses with the intention of renting them all and making money of this. And in this case the situation would be different.

          But I think this depends very much of the place. For example, in a certain area the renting price may be pretty high so it’s really worth renting a home. On the other hand, if the rents are quite low then I believe it’s not even worth spending money on buying the home, if you won’t even get your money back within a few years.

          Anyway, it’s a long and complicated story with renting homes, so you probably know more about this than me. 🙂

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