8 Reasons Why I Love White Furniture Pieces


Hey guys! A few days ago some of my readers asked me which was my favorite color when it comes to furniture and what kind of items I choose when someone lets me decorate their home however I want.

Well, as I couldn’t explain this in just a few lines, I decided to discuss this subject in today’s post. 

It’s not so easy to choose just one color for furniture, considering there are so many different pieces available in so many color. But if I had to pick up only one, it would probably be white.

Yes, I absolutely love white furniture, and that’s something I could have told you 5 years ago too. White furniture looks…just perfect, that’s what I think!

It’s the kind of furniture that has the biggest chances to look well in any kind of decor, so believe me, this is a great advantage.

Anyway, before telling you more about this, I’d like to show you 8 of the reasons why I like white furniture pieces so much. There may be some other too, but these 8 are the most important ones. And I’m pretty sure they will make you realize how much you love white furniture too. 😛


1. Elegant And Sophisticated

Have you ever entered a living room decorated with white furniture? If you have, I’m pretty sure it didn’t make a bad impression on you.

It may be the color of simplicity, but white is also the color of style and glamour. There are a lot of fashion icons that decorate their homes using white, simple furniture, that makes a great impression of visitors. Even though it may look simple when you think about it, it is actually extremely sophisticated and fashionable.

So even if it doesn’t seem so, white is a color that inspires elegance and glamour. And as I’m a huge fan of elegance (rather when it comes to clothes, but decor counts too :P), this color will always remain my favorite when it comes to furniture.


2. A Lot Of Fresh Air

8 Reasons Why I Love White Furniture PiecesEven though there’s basically no difference between dark and light furniture from this point of view…well, lighter furniture will always give the feeling that the room is fresher and cooler.

And this means a lot if you live in a warm area.

White furniture pieces have the tendency to make a room look emptier, so this also means that it will look fresher and airy.

Imagine how much this would help in a small, narrow room: it would not only make it look more spacious, but it will also give the feeling that it’s cool and fresh. Even though it actually isn’t. 😛

So from this point of view, white furniture pieces are a really good solution to the problem of crowded rooms.


3. They Usually Last…

…a lot. I remember in my previous apartment I had the living room decorated with white furniture. The pieces weren’t the most quality ones I could find, simply because at that time I really couldn’t afford it. But considering their price, they lasted more than I would have thought.

And many other white items that I worked with followed the same rules. So I kind of noticed that companies that make white furniture don’t necessarily choose cheap fabrics. Maybe a reason is the fact they’re light, so every scratch and little damage can be visible immediately. Or I don’t know…

But the most important part is that most of the white furniture pieces I came across had at least a medium quality. And this says a lot, I think. 


4. Not So Common

I don’t think you saw white furniture in all the homes you visited, right? Well, if you like to be a trendsetter, this color is definitely for you.

A lot of people avoid white furniture because it’s slightly more expensive and it gets dirtier much faster than darker one (or at least, you can see that it’s dirty :P). However, the advantages it brings are much more important, in my opinion.

And the originality is definitely one of them. So if you don’t like common furniture and you want something different than the rest of your friends and acquaintances, why not take a look at white furniture pieces? They won’t disappoint you, I’m pretty sure. 😉


5. They Expand The Room

It’s probably no surprise that white furniture pieces are the #1 recommendation in smaller living rooms, as that’s something I’ve been talking about on and on in my previous posts.

However, nothing actually changes in a room once you add white items. It’s only the general appearance of the room that changes. 

White is know to have an illumination effect, and that’s actually the main responsible for the larger appearance of the room. A lighter room is a bigger room, right? Or at least that’s how it will always seem.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a rapid way to make your room look bigger, white furniture pieces are one of the best things you can try.


6. Any Wall Color Is Good

If you always try to choose your furniture according to your wall color, well…I have a good news for you. White can match anything, so there’s no need to worry about the color of your wall. Everything will do!

Whether it’s red, green or violet, white furniture could match any of them. This is definitely a huge advantage if you only want to redecorate, without having to change the color of your walls.

So if you want a rapid change and you don’t have much time, white furniture is the easiest choice. It will blend anything, don’t worry. 😉


7. Easier To Clean Up

I know you will be very shocked to read this, but let me explain better what I meant with it.

I didn’t say white furniture gets dirty harder, I said it’s easier to clean up than darker one. What does this mean? Well, white fabrics are not so sensitive to bleach and other cleaning products, so you could use anything you want without worrying that it would damage them.

On the other hand, the darker the color, the higher the chances that it would fade away. So from this point of view, white furniture doesn’t seem so unattractive anymore, does it? 😉


8. Personal Factor

The last reason is probably the best explanation why I like white furniture. 🙂

No matter how elegant it looks, how easily it matches any kind of items or how spacious it makes any room look, I guess I like it so much just because…it’s my kind of furniture. It’s been my kind of furniture since always, since my childhood, when I wanted to have a bedroom all covered in white. And no, I don’t mean snow. 😛

So I guess the personal factor explains best of all why I like this kind of furniture so much and why I always prefer them to the ones in other colors. And I’m pretty sure that’s not a reason that can convince you to try this kind of furniture but…that’s how it is. 🙂


My Conclusion

For the ones who wanted to hear my opinion, they did now. 😀 White furniture is my personal favorite, and when I have a choice, it’s the one I usually pick up (with a few exceptions :P).

It has a lot of advantages and reasons why I like it, such as glamour and simplicity, but it can also make unbelievable miracles in a small or crowded room. 

So if you want my advice, I say you should try white furniture at least once in your life. After all, you don’t have anything to lose, do you? 😉


Now tell me, what do you think about white furniture pieces?

Have you ever tried this kind of furniture in your home? If not, would you try it now?

Let me know your answer in a comment. Anne 😀

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