7 Latest Trends In Bathroom Design And Furniture


These days I remembered I haven’t written anything about bathroom for a pretty long time, and I received a lot of messages from different people that were asking me to write a post about the most popular bathroom items, just like I did with about the balcony, living room and bedroom.

So today I will focus on the latest trends in bathroom design and furniture, but especially in furniture because that’s the topic I think you’re more interested in.

You know that trends change pretty often, so I will try to show you only the ones that have been the most popular in these last years. And in my opinion, these trends that I will show you are here to stay in the next years too.

So they are worth trying, because they’re not likely to go out of fashion too soon. 🙂


1. Natural Looks


In some of my previous posts, I talked a lot about the popularity of organic and eco-friendly furniture. In the last 3 years, people have been so interested in these kinds of pieces that they became one of the main trends in furniture and Interior Design.

Even though at first, organic furniture was used in the living rooms, now it started being popular in the other rooms of the house. And obviously that the bathroom will make no exception.

Therefore, green wall tiles, brown rugs, earthy wall colors, and many other elements of this type are really popular in bathrooms in this period. You may have seen them in magazines, on TV or maybe even in some of your friends’ homes.

If someone wanted to redecorate  their bathroom in this period and asked the advice of an Interior Designer, one of his recommendation would be a natural look, that’s for sure. And judging from people regard this trend, I don’t think we’ll see it go away very soon.


7 Latest Trends In Bathroom Design And Furniture

Photo by Axel Tregoning


2. Minimal Vanities


Bathrooms aren’t the largest rooms from the house, that’s for sure. And even though this is only generally speaking, usually there isn’t too much space in a bathroom.

That’s exactly the reason why small vanities started trending.

Everyone tries to save as much space as possible in the bathroom, so they go for minimal furniture pieces, smaller than normal. And if the bathroom is not very large, these pieces look just perfect there.

And that’s the case of smaller vanities. Companies have made them in more and more patterns and colors, taking advantage of the growing interest in these pieces of furniture. So it’s almost impossible that you can’t find one that suits your taste perfectly.

Considering that larger bathrooms aren’t extremely common for now, I don’t think that small vanities will go out of fashion too soon. There’s simply too much need of them around, so they can’t quickly disappear and leave your bathroom décor old-fashioned.


3. Accent Stripes in Walls


This element was pretty new a few years back, as the bathrooms that used it were considered so original and courageous. But things change, and so did people’s attitude for accent stripes.

In fact, it’s one of the most common features you can find in recently redecorated bathrooms. The purpose of accent stripes is visible right from their name. Bathrooms tend to have a pretty simple décor, as there is no room for decorations or DIY stuff.

So as accent pieces are hard to bring in a bathroom, the stripes solve this problem immediately.

It’s not hard to add an accent line, but you can’t do it by yourself (unless you’re really skillful, and I’m not really so…). It won’t even cost you too much, so I suggest you to try this trend if you feel that your bathroom is  a bit too dull.


4. Vanity Lights


Do you remember those task lights that I showed you some months ago? Well, it seems that they’re now present in so many bathrooms.

Vanity lights are the ones that make a difference between a well-lighted bathroom and an average one. They have the mission to illuminate the face, so they have to be placed on both sides of the mirror. At least, that’s where I like to place them because they illuminate the face best.

I’m sure you’ve seen vanity lights in many bathrooms, as they are really popular right now. And this means that people are more interested in lighting a bathroom correctly, which is a great thing actually.

So in my opinion, vanity lights are one of the trends that you could (and should) easily use in your own bathroom. They will make a difference.

7 Latest Trends In Bathroom Design And Furniture


5. Shower Seating

If you haven’t heard of shower seats before, then you really have to pay attention to the next few lines 😀

One of the newest trends in bathrooms are the seats made for showers: a small wooden sheet that is placed inside the shower, and that can be folded when not used. This sounds like a great invention, doesn’t it?

Well, it certainly is so. Just imagine, taking a shower when you’re half asleep might now be so annoying anymore. Sitting in the shower and washing at the same time sounds much better, at least for me.

So I’m by no means surprised there’s a growing interest in shower seats. I haven’t got one yet, but I surely will as soon as I can. 🙂


6. Scandinavian Elements


Scandinavian style is more and more popular in America in this period.  Decorating following this style’s characteristics is actually one of the main trends of this years, and bathrooms make no exception.

A bathroom that follows Scandinavian rules will be extremely clean, with nicely arranged pieces, light colors and a pretty simple aspect. Scandinavian is similar to Minimalist when it comes to features, but the last one is more strict with decorations and items.

But Scandinavian allows pieces that aren’t necessary, without exaggerating with them… that’s probably the biggest difference. So if you want a stylish bathroom with not too many unnecessary items around, you can give a try to Scandinavian style. It’s on fashion right now. 😉


7. Wooden fabrics

Although you may not have thought about it, wooden fabrics are back in business when it comes to bathrooms.

Shower seats, wall tiles, even some floorings that are made of wood started being more and more searched this year. And I can’t say I’m very surprised…

Wooden fabric is a natural one after all, and I told you just before that everything that is organic is popular. Plus that wood is such a comfortable fabric for decorating…It can be used for the floor, on the walls, some even use it as window blinds. So these the reason that lays behind the interest in wooden fabrics for bathroom.

Therefore, if you like the idea of having a “wooden” bathroom, you could seriously think about it. Considering  that it’s not very common so far, your bathroom will also be original.

Bathroom for suite - Paris Opera Cadet Hotel


So What Trend(s) Will You Follow?


I really hope that I gave you some inspirational ideas with this post, because these 7 trends that I presented here are by no means temporary. In fact, I pretty much think that I could write about many of them 5 years from now, as they would still stay around.

You may not be surprised to see wooden fabrics and vanity lights on this list, considering that I mentioned them before in many of my posts. But I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have expected to see shower seats or Scandinavian elements here.

So whether I surprised you or not, it doesn’t matter too much. What it does matter is that you use these ideas and follow the trends, because that’s what I wrote this post for. 🙂


Now tell me, which of these trends do you want to follow? Or there isn’t any and you prefer to keep your bathroom classic and beautiful, just like it was before?

Let me know your answer in a comment. Anne 😀

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  1. Barbara says:

    Hello Anne, I was very interested reading this post because my daughter moved recently into a new place and I was looking for ideas for helping to decorate her bathroom. Your post was wonderful to read and visually a treat. In fact, I got too many ideas! I said to myself that she has to be an interior decorator!!! Thanks for inspiring me and I plan to revisit again very soon for more ideas and your perspectives. How and why did you develop your interest interior design? Thanks again for a very eye catching peak into possibilities.

    • Anne says:

      Hey Barbara, thanks for all your kind words, I’m really glad that you found what you needed on my blog.

      I wrote more about me and about how I decided to become an Interior Designer here, but summing it up, I realized I could do a much better job decorating my home alone and not hiring any professional designers. I decided to give it a try and…here I am, making a living of this now 😀

      I usually focus more on furniture, but decorating ideas are also something I want to bring forward on my blog. So thanks for reading it, and I’m really glad it was of out.

      You’re always welcome back! :

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