7 Current Trends In Furniture – Which Are The Most Popular Furniture Pieces In 2016?


Hey guys! As many of you have asked me about it in the last 2 months, I decided to insist on a topic that sounds really promising: the current trends in furniture for 2016. 

I know it’s a really interesting subject for everyone, because personally, I always try to buy furniture pieces that are in fashion. I do this because if a certain item is trending right now, chances are that it will not get old-fashioned in the next 5 years.

I say this from my experience, because I noticed that this is how trends in Interior Design work: what is trending now, will be also trending in the next years. Maybe it wouldn’t be that popular as it is now, but it will still be fashionable.

Anyway, long story short, let me show you which are 7 of the most popular furniture trends used in our country in the last 12 months (and not only :P).


1. Elegant Dining Sets

If you ever imagined that glamorous living rooms belonged exclusively to the past, you might have to reconsider this.

It’s no secret that ’60 decors are once again in fashion, so the popularity of elegant living rooms shouldn’t be a huge surprise for anyone. And we can’t have elegant living rooms without some appropriate dining sets, that are actually the main focal point of the room.

Therefore, the first trend that I want to present you today are luxurious dining sets, that are a must in a modern living room, that wants to keep up with the trends.7 Current Trends In Furniture - Which Are The Most Popular Furniture Pieces In 2016?There isn’t a standard look of a dining set elegant, but I can give you a few suggestions that will surely come in handy for your future purchases:

  • When it comes to fabric, I recommend you to go for wood. No matter if it’s oak, cherry or any other type, as long as it’s wood you can’t really make a bad choice for furniture
  • Try to get a dining set with at least 5 pieces, and by this I mean 4 chairs and the table. The sets that have less pieces don’t look so luxurious, unless you have a smaller room (in this case a set with 3 pieces would be totally fine)
  • Give up the cushions because chairs look much better without them. Instead, try to choose a set whose chairs have a fabric seating
  • And in the end, I want to give you a personal suggestion. That’s just something that I personally like, so it’s not a must: you can either consider it or not, it wouldn’t make your dining set less elegant. It’s about the tables: I prefer pieces that are round or at least the ones that aren’t completely square. It seems to me that round tables give an elegant touch to a room, so that’s why I always prefer them to square tables


2. Wicker And Rattan Fabrics

That’s actually quite a new trend, so you may not be very used to the 2 fabrics that I’m about to show you.

If you read my storage box review, you may remember about wicker. It’s a pretty interesting fabric, whose popularity increased a lot in the last years.

In fact, wicker is a fabric that you can now find in many outdoors furniture pieces, so a lot of people have items made of wicker in their backyard or patio. So how did this fabric become a living room trend?

Well, it’s quite simple. There is an increasing interest in decors and furniture that remainds of nature and the green world (we’ll talk more about this in the next trend). So what’s the most appropriate material to use for this kind of decor? Wicker, of course. 😀

Rattan is actually very similar, and a lot of people think it’s the same fabric but in a different texture. I won’t insist too much on this because I don’t consider it very important, so if you want to read more about the difference between rattan and wicker, you can find it here.

7 Current Trends In Furniture - Which Are The Most Popular Furniture Pieces In 2016?

So long story short, rattan and wicker are more and more popular as furniture materials, thanks to the growing interest in natural decors. And if want an eco-friendly home, you should really consider this furniture trend.


3. Organic And Green Pieces

Being eco-friendly is a trend, right? Then why we shouldn’t apply it to our homes too?

That was exactly how a lot of people thought a few years ago. Therefore, starting with 2015, we began to see more and more interest in organic furniture. This continued in 2016 too, so I guess I could definitely call it one of this year’s trends when it comes to furniture.

7 Current Trends In Furniture - Which Are The Most Popular Furniture Pieces In 2016?

So how should a furniture piece have in order to be called “organic”?

Well, it doesn’t have to be literally organic, because it’s hard to make a furniture item just from natural materials. In fact, when it comes to furniture, this term refers rather to items that remind of nature or that have some connection to it.

Green or brown colors, wicker fabrics, textures that look like tree bark, all these would been some excellent features of organic furniture. And it’s not only eco-friendly, it’s also extremely beautiful!

So if you’re a nature lover, this trend might be just what you’re looking for. It doesn’t seem to be going away in the next years, so you should keep it in mind. 🙂


4. A Touch Of Scandinavian

Have you guys heard of Scandinavian style? Well if you haven’t, you really have to read this. 😉

Scandinavian style is more and more popular in our country, and I had the opportunity to see a lot of homes that followed this style. For those of you who don’t know too much about it, Scandinavian is pretty similar to Minimalism, except that it’s not so strict when it comes to details.

In a Scandinavian room you can always add accessories, plants and all the other things that aren’t so common in Minimalism. But the colors do remain quite neutral and the fabrics pretty simple, so from this point of view we could say it’s close to Minimalism. Anyway, if you’re interested in this style, here are more details about it.

When it comes to furniture, Scandinavian goes for simple patterns and regular fabrics, usually wood. These simple pieces remain the most elegant ones, so Scandinavian style can’t really complain that it lacks good taste.

Anyway, the interest in Scandinavian style seems to be growing, so we can regard it as a 2016 trend. And  let’s face it, a little part of Scandinavian features would never harm our furniture, would it? 😀


5. Smaller Pieces For Living Room

If I think about how many times I mentioned this before, I don’t think you should be surprised to see smaller furniture pieces among my 7 trends. 😀

Joking aside, people buy more smaller pieces than they did in the last years, and that’s for 2 reasons:

  • They try to save as much space as they can, so obviously if the dimensions of the items aren’t that large, it’s much easier to do this
  • Smaller pieces are also cheaper. Let’s face it, price plays an important part when choosing any item, and furniture makes no exception. So getting pieces with smaller dimensions means spending less money

So are pieces of smaller dimensions the right choice for a living room? Oh yes, they definitely are so.

7 Current Trends In Furniture - Which Are The Most Popular Furniture Pieces In 2016?

In a large living room, they may not seem as the right choice, but there’s a secret actually. The more free space you leave in a room, the better it will look. And that’s available for any room, whether it’s bedroom, bathroom or balcony. Therefore, small furniture means more free space, and you know what this means.

When it comes to a smaller room, I guess there’s no point entering any particulars because it’s obvious that you won’t choose a dining set with 9 pieces. Small goes for small, so you know what kind of furniture you need in a small room. 😀


6. Leather Ottomans

Unlike some of the other trends that I presented so far, leather ottomans aren’t exactly new on the market.

However, even though everyone has been using ottomans for years, they haven’t necessarily got leather ones. That’s the difference. 😉

So why are ottomans made of authentic leather a trend? What’s the difference between leather and a regular fabric, when it comes to an ottoman?

Well, the answer is pretty simple: elegance. 

An ottoman with a cotton fabric (just giving an example 😛 ) will never compare with a leather one. That’s like comparing a tiger with a domestic cat (I love cats, so don’t get mad at me 😛 ).

Leather is a sign or glamour and elegance, so having this fabric on the ottoman will definitely change the look of your room. Even though it doesn’t seem such an obvious detail.

Therefore, if you want to get a recliner that will stay in fashion for the next 5 years (at least), leather should be your first choice as a fabric. It’s true that it’s a bit more expensive, but it looks 10 times better than a common fabric. And it’s also trending! 😉


7. Items With A Personal Touch

That’s my favorite trend for this year, and I’m 100% sure that you’ll love it too. 😀

I’ve seen that more and more Interior Designers encourage their clients to make each room from their home a personal place. In other words, to add something that represents them in each part of their home. Sounds interesting, right? 🙂

So how can this be done?

Well, there are no certain rules but it’s pretty simple: add some pictures with you and your family in the living room, place a handmade craft on the kitchen table, create a decoration and hang it in your bedroom.

There are thousands of ways in which you can give your home a personal air, the important thing is to use your creativity and you’ll surely get something interesting.

As this is more and more popular in a lot of homes, I decided it’s the best way to close our furniture trends list. It’s actually an advice that I always encourage you to use, not only for furniture, but for decor in general: use your own ideas and try to make your home personal, because in this way it will always feel like home. 🙂


And Now… Will You Follow The Trends?

So these are the most important 7 currents trends in furniture for this year, and I believe that any of them isn’t too complicated to follow, if you really want to do it.

To make a brief summary, the word that describes the 2016 furniture is “ELEGANCE”. Whether we’re talking about dining set, ottomans or simple furniture, the pieces have to be elegant and beautiful.

There is always place for eco-friendly materials like wicker or rattan, as they can also have some glamour touches, with a little bit of help. But don’t forget to leave your mark on each room of your house, and make it a personal, living member of your family.

It’s trending this year, remember? 😀


So what do you think about these 7 current trends in furniture, are they hard to follow? Will you use any of them or you don’t care too much about trends when it comes to your own living room?

Let me know your answers in the comments below. Anne 😀

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4 Responses

  1. Cat says:

    I just love the Scandinavian and Mid-Century Modern styles. The problem I have is my house is currently a whole mish-mash of different styles. Over the years, I have picked up freebies from friends and yard sale finds to add to my home. So now, I don’t have any style going on at all! I’m currently in the progress of remodeling my basement which will become my family room and will be focusing on the Scandinavian style. Thank you for the great ideas!

    • Anne says:

      Hey there, thank you for reading my blog!

      Yes, I know what you mean, many years ago I had a similar mixture of styles in some rooms. But this doesn’t necessarily look bad, especially if you know how to combine the elements, it can even look great.

      I’m really curious about your basement and hopefully, you’ll manage to decorate it the way you want. If you want to see some ideas about other styles you can try, I wrote an article about decorating styles so you can check it out.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  2. Dylan says:

    The Scandinavian style is great, I’ve always been a fan of the minimalistic look. Another look that I think has been trending a lot (especially where I live, in Alaska) is the older rustic look. In fact, I just recently built myself a dining room set with that style and it’s fantastic. Overall I love you website, keep it up!

    • Anne says:

      Hello 🙂

      Yes, there are more and more people interested in Minimalism and Scandinavian style because there is an increasing interest in apartments, and as space is quite a problem in many apartments, keeping just the essential stuff is a great solution.

      Hmm, I didn’t know Traditional Rustic was popular in Alaska. I knew you loved Rustic style there, but I definitely didn’t know you preferred the older one. Here Traditional Rustic isn’t as popular as regular Rustic, because the pieces are much more expensive (many are collection pieces) and the traditional one doesn’t blend so well with technology. And few people are willing to give up some of their gadgets and electronic stuff.

      But thanks for letting me know, I may write more about old Rustic style in the future. 🙂

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