7 Advantages Of Linen Sofas And Loveseats – Why You Should Choose Furniture Pieces Made Of Linen


Hey everyone! In the last weeks I’ve been trying to look at different fabrics and make an idea about which are good for my clients and which are not. So in this post I want to talk about linen furniture… linen sofas and loveseats to be more precise. 😀

So what is so special about this linen?

Well, from all the fabrics I’ve been taking a look at lately, linen seems to be the most durable. At first I chose both linen and cotton as the winners of my “research”, but linen is a bit more resistant than cotton so I have to give it all the credits.

That’s exactly why I want to show you 7 reasons why you should (at least) try a linen furniture piece. Even though I can say I recently “rediscovered” it, this fabric is actually worth the money so that’s why I challenge you to give it a try.

At least, let me try to convince you why linen furniture pieces aren’t a bad investment at all. 😀

7 Advantages Of Linen Sofas And Loveseats - Why You Should Choose Furniture Pieces Made Of Linen


1. They’re Perfect For Daily Use

I already mentioned the high durability of linen furniture, right? Well, for me this is the main advantage of this fabric.

Who buys a sofa or a loveseat just to sit on it from time to time? Not too many people I guess…

These kind of furniture pieces are all made for daily use, but the problem is that certain fabrics are more resistant to damage factors, while others aren’t. This means that some materials will fade or get damaged sooner than other ones. And unfortunately, leather is one of these short-lasting fabrics, despite its gorgeous and elegant looks.

On the contrary, one of the most resistant fabrics I came across was linen. Yeah, you’re probably surprised to hear this, I was surprised too…I can honestly tell you that you can keep a linen sofa for many years, as this fabric lasts really well over time (assuming you’re using the sofa/loveseat daily, not weekly).

And even though it’s not necessarily a trend in furniture fabrics, I’m pretty sure linen will become more popular in the next couple of years.

So if you want to hear a good reason to get a linen sofa, here’s one: you can use this kind of furniture piece daily, without worrying that it could get overused. You may overuse it after several years, but it will last in pretty good shape until then. 😉


2. Scratching Won’t Be One Of Your Problems Anymore

If you’ve ever had a leather sofa, you definitely know what I’m talking about. 😛

Scratching is probably the biggest problem of leather fabrics, and personally, I haven’t found any solution to it. I’ve decorated a lot of homes with leather sofa, because that’s what my clients wanted and what I thought it was better (at that time). But I still didn’t manage to stop leather sofas from getting damaged.

However, things aren’t the same when it comes to linen furniture pieces.

Even though it’s not as elegant and beautiful as its contender, linen has a really huge advantage: it’s impossible to scratch it! You probably won’t even manage to get some weaves off, as you could if you had a cotton sofa. Linen pieces can’t really be damaged externally, or at least I can’t possibly imagine a way to damage them.

That’s a possible explanation for their durability: they last so long and in such good conditions because you can’t make them look bad or overused. And to be honest, linen is one of the very few fabrics that have this really cool feature. In my opinion, it’s a feature of quality furniture pieces, so I guess this says it all.

7 Advantages Of Linen Sofas And Loveseats - Why You Should Choose Furniture Pieces Made Of Linen

Photo by Design Folly


3. Cleaning Them Up Is So Easy

Wet cloths will be your best friend once you buy a linen furniture piece. 😛

And I’m not speaking ironically, I mean you won’t have to clean them up daily or every 2 days. I just meant that a wet cloth will be enough to clean the couch, in case it gets stained.

Assuming the stain isn’t too large, you won’t need sofa cleaning products or anything similar, as water will solve it. However, in case you spill some wine or ketchup on it, I don’t think the stains will go away just using a wet cloth.

Of course that it also depends of what kind of linen fabric your furniture piece has, but mainly you shouldn’t have any problems with cleaning it up, I say this based on my own experience. And when it comes to dust, a dry cloth would be perfect in this case.

I would say linen it’s almost as easy to clean as leather, which is the #1 in the top of fabrics that clean easily. So you can imagine you won’t have to worry about this aspect too much. 🙂


4. They Never Feel Cold

Once again, I have to compare linen to leather in order to make you get my point.

One of the most annoying things about leather sofas is that they feel extremely cold in the first moments you sit on them. It’s true that they absorb your body’s temperature in a few minutes, so they get warm pretty fast…but in the first 5 minutes, they feel really really cold.

And this may not sound too bad in the middle of August, but it won’t be that pleasant in December, right?

However, things are totally different when it comes to linen sofas, and I can only think about the couch I had a few years ago. It never felt cold in the winter, no matter when I sat on it. The fabric kept its temperature constant, so if there were about 68 F in my room, the sofa didn’t feel cold at all. And this wouldn’t have been the case if I had had a leather one, do you agree?

So if you’re one of those people that don’t like cold too much (like I am), linen furniture pieces probably sound much better now, right? 😉


5. You Can Find Matching Cushions Easily

A pretty common problem I had when buying sofas or loveseats was that they either didn’t come with cushions, or that I didn’t like the quality of the cushions.

You may think I’m weird (:P), but I came across a lot of sofa cushions that got overused pretty fast or faded away after a few months. And imagine that the sofas remained in good shape, only the cushions looked bad. So what is to be done in this case?

Getting other cushions is usually my favorite solution, but it’s not always that simple. You have to get cushions that have a similar color and shape with the couch, so if you have a leather sofa…it really won’t be that easy.

That’s another reason why I like linen fabrics when it comes to loveseats and couches: every time I had a furniture piece made of linen, finding the right cushions was so easy. I didn’t even spend too much time looking for them, because almost any cushion material looks good on linen.

So this fabric made my life a lot easier. 😛


6. They Will Never Look Boring

Linen fabrics are usually bright, colorful and full of life, so they will never make your room look plain or dull. 

I’ve seen a lot of sofas with a really unsuitable design, I mean they were too simple and had really light colors. Not that this would be a bad thing, but if the room has a neutral wall color and all the other furniture pieces are rather light, you can imagine that the room will give the feeling of boredom.

No offence to the ones that have a room like this, okay? I simply don’t like this exaggeration of light colors…

Getting back to my point, linen sofas are available in all kinds of colors, so if you choose one according to your room’s features, it will never look bad. Although I noticed lighter colors are more popular in linen pieces, there are a lot of options available if you need a brighter color, so nothing to worry about. 😀


7. They Don’t Cost That Much

Please don’t tell me you don’t care about the price because I know that’s not true at all. So the last reason that should make you give a try to linen furniture pieces is their price.

In comparison to leather sofas and loveseats (that don’t have a price affordable for everyone, let’s face it), linen furniture pieces cost considerably lower. For example, you can find a lot of linen sofas if you have a $400-$500 budget, but you can’t find any leather one at this price.

Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t want to criticize leather sofas because they are by far the most elegant choice you can make, but not everyone affords spending thousands of dollars on a real leather sofa.

So in this case, linen couches or loveseats are the best solution, in my opinion.


My Final Thoughts – Why Linen Isn’t A Bad Choice At All

So guys, I can’t say I always liked linen fabrics…In fact, I always preferred leather, just because it looked more luxurious and expensive. And at that point I thought it should be far superior to other fabrics in quality. But it’s not necessarily so…

Linen fabrics proved to be much closer to leather than I thought. And even though furniture pieces made of linen will never look as elegant as leather ones, they still have some really nice advantages over their contender:

  • They last a much longer period in good shape, so the time factor won’t be as visible on them as on leather pieces, that get damaged much faster and easier
  • It’s so easy to find matching cushions for a linen sofa, but it’s so hard to find some for a couch made of leather
  • The price is also in the favor of linen pieces, as they cost up to 3-4 times less than other kinds of items

So if these facts haven’t convinced you to give a try to linen fabrics…I don’t know what else I could tell you about this material. I’m its fan for some time, so I know enough about it to consider it a really good fabric. Whether you want to try it or not, it’s up to you. 🙂


Now tell me, what do you think about linen sofas and loveseats? Do you have any at home? And if you don’t, would you like to try a furniture piece made of this fabric?

Let me know your answer in the comments below. Anne 😀

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