6 Simple Minimalist Bedroom Tips


I know that minimalism is one of the most popular styles in these days, so more and more people go for this type of design in their bedroom. Although it seems very simple to decorate, actually there are 6  minimalist bedroom tips that you should consider, in order to have the perfect decor.


Minimalism could easily be called “the style of this century”, thanks to its simplicity and at the same time, modernism, things that make it the number one choice among the Interior Design styles from these days.

6 Minimalist bedroom tipsIt promotes giving up useless items and creating a spacious place, that would immediately get a much better aspect. For this reason, bedroom is usually the first room that owners choose for their new minimalist decor.

The explanation is very simple, bedrooms tend to be the most crowded room of the house, simply because there is never enough space in a bedroom, there are always things you could add and it always seems that there is something missing.

However, if you’re one of those people who are looking for ways to make their minimalist bedroom look perfect, there are a few minimalist bedroom tips that will help you a lot.



     1. Make sure your room is decluttered, especially when it comes to  floor

To start with the beginning, I know this is an advice I’ve been annoyingly repeating in many posts, but it’s actually the basic rule, not just for minimalist, but for any room that needs to be enlarged.

6 Minimalist bedroom tipsClear flooring is definitely the biggest step for a minimalist room, simply because minimalism promotes “giving up useless stuff”.

Just imagine, how would a bedroom look if it had all the characteristics of minimalism, but an overcrowded floor, full of things that don’t have anything to do there? I don’t know your answer, but believe me, it would look anything but good.

For this reason, the first thing you have to take care of in your minimalist bedroom is getting rid of the useless stuff. You may be aware of this rule and you might be already applying it in your bedroom, but in case you’re not, make sure your minimalist bedroom is properly decluttered, because this small thing could change a lot.

     2. Don’t forget about light. A lot of light

Illumination is extremely important for a room that has a lot of free space, and the lack of proper light could have serious effects on your bedroom’s appearance. 

Natural light is definitely the best thing you could choose when it comes to illumination, because it’s quite gentle and subtle, so it will make you bedroom look very fresh and natural.

For this reason, keep your windows covered by very light curtains, or if possible, don’t add any kind of drape. This will allow the light to penetrate your bedroom easily and warm up your minimalist decor.

However, there is also the possibility that your windows aren’t very large or that they simply don’t receive too much light. What should you do in this case?

Well, interior lights remain the best alternative in this case: add different kind of lights in the whole bedroom, from small nightstand lamps to decorative pendant lights, all placed in such a manner that would ensure a proper illumination.

In this way, light will stop being a problem and it will become a very useful ally for your minimalist bedroom.

     3. Solid colors are a must, and not just for furniture

You’ve probably heard about this rule, as solid colors are one of the most popular characteristics of minimalism. However, there is something more about this issue.

6 Minimalist bedroom tipsMany people run away of minimalism because they believe that light colors are the only shades they can choose. But this is definitely very far from the truth:
minimalism promotes solid colors
and there is a huge difference between solid colors and light ones.

It’s true that white, beige or brown are solid colors, but so are dark blue, red or black. As long as it’s not bright, any shade can be considered solid. The only criteria is that it doesn’t draw the attention immediately and that it doesn’t have a very high visual effect.

So if you’re one of those people who considered that minimalism only allows light colors, it’s time to change your opinion. And don’t forget that you have to go for these shades not just for the wall color, but also for the furniture pieces and decorations. The more subtle, the better.

But if a small accent is something that seems to be missing, the recommendation is right below.

     4. Accent colors or pieces are necessary sometimes

If you’ve applied all of these 3 tips I’ve mentioned before, it may seem to you that your bedroom look too pale and dull. This is actually a very common problem of minimalist rooms, that focus on quantity and subtility, instead on the decorative side.

6 Minimalist bedroom tipsFor this reason, many people have a very difficult time finding the right decorations, simply because they believe certain ones are too strong for their minimalist bedroom.

This is far from the truth, actually. Although minimalism promotes solid, neutral colors, it definitely allows an accent spot, like a focal point or a stronger color. It’s true that you shouldn’t exaggerate, but adding an accent is sometimes a must in minimalist bedrooms.

A bright orange bed cover, a colorful painting or even an animal print chair, all these could be used as an accent piece. In case you’re interested in animal print chairs, you may want to take a look at one of my previous posts, Animal print chairs for living room.

However, there is no certain rule about the accent piece you can choose, actually you can go for anything, as long as it looks good and it doesn’t see too much, it’s just perfect.

     5. Try to avoid patterned materials

That’s another thing you may have knows, but it never harms to repeat it. Patterned fabrics tend to draw the attention on them, working as an accent point, but the difference is that this accent point is way too much for a minimalist room.

6 Minimalist bedroom tipsOf course that there are many types of patterns, each of them different of the other: there are a lot of strong, complicated patterns, while there are some that are quite subtle and simple. The last category would probably not harm a minimalist decor, but I still prefer to avoid them in this case.

Maybe it’s just a personal opinion, but that’s what I believe.

For this reason, I can’t really advise you to go for patterned curtains, pillows or carpets in your minimalist bedroom, simply because it could be a bit risky.

However, as I said before, simple patterns could not harm to your decor too much, so if you want them really bad, give them a try, but only if you’re 100% sure it’s not too much.

     6. Keep the walls as empty as you can

Simplicity is the key word of minimalism, so walls are one of the elements that have to respect this rule. If possible, of course.

For this reason, try to give up all those paintings and photos you have hanged on your walls, and keep them as simple as you can. This will definitely add some extra points to your bedroom’s minimalist feeling.

6 Minimalist bedroom tipsHowever, I’ve met people that hated bare walls, although they were huge fan of minimalism. Although they agreed with all the rules of this style, they could simply not keep the walls free of decorations, just because it looked bad to them.

What’s to be done in this case? Well, the compromise I’ve done was to allow them put a larger painting on one of the walls, but that’s it, no other decoration or photos, just that painting. And as far as I’ve seen, this was the best alternative.

So, if you’re one of those people that absolutely need decorated walls, go for a larger painting, in strong or neutral colors, this is up to you, as a painting couldn’t influence that much the general atmosphere. 



As a conclusion to this post, remember that minimalism is a great style for a bedroom, and even it seems easy to decorate in a minimalist style, it’s actually important to pay attention to some small details that could make the difference between success and failure.

6 Minimalist bedroom tipsA clear floor is definitely the first step for a minimalist bedroom, and by “clear” I don’t mean immaculate (although this applies very well too), but rather bare.

Light has a very important role in a bedroom, especially if it’s a minimalist one, so make sure you have a proper illumination.

Solid colors should be the #1 choice, but accent pieces or colors can be necessary in some situations, so if this is your case, don’t worry to try a more daring approach.

Patterned fabrics aren’t something I usually recommend, so try to stay away of them and go for a large wall painting, if your rooms seems too empty.

If you follow these 6 minimalist bedroom tips, I’m sure you’ll have no problems making your bedroom a minimalist work of art. 😀


Doesn’t minimalism seem a great style for a bedroom? Would you choose it for your own bedroom?

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8 Responses

  1. Ed says:

    Hi Anne, just went through your site. I find your niche very interesting. Reason being my daughters think like you do and I see it makes a lot of sense. I have called it the utilitarian look but minimalist is a more apt description. Our house is somehwhat cluttered. But I like the look of a room with very minimal essentials and as you say, getting rid of things that aren’t useful. Your site is really informative. it got me to thinking. It is simple and yet well laid out. I feel you will do well in this niche!!

    • Anne says:

      Haha “the utilitarian look”, nice definition 😀

      Thank you so much, I’m very happy that you like my site 🙂

  2. Fabi says:

    Hi Anne,
    thank you for the post on minimalist bedrooms. Do you have experience in this niche? I like the style of the page and it was easy to read through, I certainly have learned a new thing. The pictures you have posted give a good idea of how a minimalist room can look like.
    Ciao, Fabi

    • Anne says:

      Hey Fabi, yeah, I kind of have experience in interior design, for about 5 years.

      Thanks for letting me know your opinion, I’m glad you enjoyed this article 🙂

  3. Ben says:


    Great post, I always try to keep my room in this style. It feels tidy but also very modern at the same time.

    I usually always have the lights low so the lighting tip is good for me, I try to keep things the same colour so maybe I’m doing something right.

    • Anne says:

      Hey Ben, thanks for reading my post 🙂

      Yeah, higher hanging lights do matter, even though you may not realize it from the first. It’s about the general aspect of the room, that’s what you have to look at, in order to notice what’s good and what’s wrong.

      Going for the similar shade in the whole room is something common for minimalism. Though I can’t say I’m a huge fan of this, it manages to look well even if there aren’t too many accent pieces. So yeah, what you’re doing is right 😀

  4. blubutterfly says:

    Wow, thanks for some great information here. We are currently in the process of renovating an older house that now looks very modern. My partner wanted to put carpet in the bedrooms and tiles in the kitchen, but I wanted everything the same. So we went with solid timber floor throughout the entire house with the addition of a rug for each room. We went with offwhite walls throughout, already this has made such a big difference. I think the less amount of stuff you have lying around the better personally, I feel like we are on the right track after reading your post, thank you 🙂

    • Anne says:

      Hi, thanks for your comment 🙂

      Wow, it seems that you unconsciously decorated in a Minimalist way, that’s great, it means you have inclination to Interior Design 🙂 I agree that in some cases, the less stuff you have in a room, the better it looks. And it’s also about personal preferences, if you like Minimalism then it’s probably perfect for you.

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