6 “How To” Storage Box Tips – Choose The Best Storage Box


Now that it’s the Storage Box Month, it’s time to move aside from the reviews for a little bit and find out how you can choose the best storage box that would suit your needs.

I named this article “How to” Storage Box because the 6 things I will teach you here are quite equivalent to making your own storage box. Except the fact that you will actually get this deck box already made. 😉

It’s much easier in this way. Believe me, I’ve tried many times to make my own storage box (and I managed) but there’s a huge difference between a diy deck box and one that is ready-made.

6 "How To" Storage Box Tips - Choose The Best Storage Box

For this reason, in this article I won’t focus on how to make your own storage box, as I’m not very interested in this. If you are, you can see the steps here, but in this article I will insist on “real” storage boxes, that are actually the ones I recommend you to get.

Anyway, let’s not make it any longer and find out which are the most important things you should consider when you’re looking for a new storage box.



That’s a general truth that many of you may be aware of: no matter how cheap they are, wooden deck boxes will always last longer than plastic ones, that’s for sure.

Even if you paid $300 for a storage box made of plastic, it will always have much higher chances to get broken or damaged than a $80 wooden box.

That’s because, even though plastic is softer and easier to care, wood is definitely sturdier and harsher, which means that it’s also more likely to stand bad weather, heavy stuff and also… time. 🙂

6 "How To" Storage Box Tips - Choose The Best Storage Box

During that past 5 years, I came across some plastic storage boxes that were pretty good actually, and by this I mean that they were quite solid and resistant (you can see a very recent review of one right here).

But even so, I could never compare them with a wooden deck box. The storage boxes made of wood have a totally different behavior and durability, most of them are also waterproof or they have a special design that protects your stuff. So they do win when it comes to durability.

To sum it up, if you ever have to choose between a plastic deck box and a wooden one, go for the last one. You won’t have to buy another one too soon, so it will help you save a lot of time and money. 



I don’t know if you care about this too much, but I’m always extremely preoccupied about the waterproof design of a storage box.

Just think about it, many storage boxes will end up staying outside, right? So if you kept your storage box somewhere in your backyard, would you go and take it inside every time it seems to get cloudy outside? 

I bet you wouldn’t… At least I wouldn’t.

So what happened if your storage box wasn’t waterproof? 

I’ll tell you: the rain would get inside after a few minutes and it would make all your stuff look like it just came out of the washing machine. Your cushions, sports equipment, or even the old magazines you stored inside would get really wet in just a few moments.

I guess that’s not the most desirable thing in the world, is it? 🙁

6 "How To" Storage Box Tips - Choose The Best Storage Box

So what would change if you had a waterproof deck box?

Well, to begin with, the box’s design will prevent the rain from getting in and it will also maintain a non-humid atmosphere inside. The result? Your things will not only remain dry, but they won’t even absorb the moisture, which will keep them clean and damage-free.

However, there’s another alternative to a waterproof feature. There are certain storage boxes that have a so-called “stay dry design”. What does this mean? That despite the fact that it’s not 100% waterproof, it has a special design that protects the stuff inside from moisture and water.

In other words, it does pretty much the same thing as a waterproof deck box, only that it has a different name. 😀 I wrote a review of a “stay dry” deck box just a few days ago, so if you’re curious you can check it out here.



That’s something that I haven’t insisted on too much, not even in my previous reviews.

6 "How To" Storage Box Tips - Choose The Best Storage BoxLockable lids aren’t a very popular feature among deck boxes. In fact, up to 70% of the storage boxes out there on the market don’t provide security locks, simply because they’s not something requested by many buyers.

But why do I recommend you to choose a deck box that has a lockable lid?

Well, it’s quite simple.

Lockable lids mean security, and you never know when this could come in handy: if you have a waterproof storage box and you let it outside during a storm, it’s actually recommended to lock it up (and that’s not just my own invention).

Or imagine that you could store some equipment in your deck box, wouldn’t you feel better if you could keep it locked?

There are many other situations when a lockable lid could make a difference, so I really advise you to consider this feature when looking for a storage box. You know what they say, No worries, No problem!

Infact, the lack of lockable lids are one of the biggest downsides I can find in a storage box. No matter how great it is, if it doesn’t have a locking design, I can’t give it an A+. My last review is the best example.



I know that many of you will probably think “Does this thing really matter?”, as the assembly isn’t one of the defining things for a storage box.

However, from my own experience I can tell you to pay a lot of attention when you’re assembling a deck box, because in some cases, it could be much more complicated than it seems.

It’s true that many storage boxes have some clear assembly instructions, so the process itself isn’t a very difficult one. If you need an example, Suncast Storage Boxes usually belong to this category, as most boxes made by this brand have a very easy and fast assembly.

6 "How To" Storage Box Tips - Choose The Best Storage Box

However, unfortunately there are a lot others whose assembly could never be classified as “simple”…

Many deck boxes have assembly instructions that are totally a mess, so you can get to the point where you don’t even know what to begin with. Not to mention that the result is similar to the process. 🙁

Okay, so you know that it’s better to get a deck box that has an easy assembly. But now you’re probably thinking “Wait!…How do I know if a certain box has decent instructions or not?”. And you’re totally right asking this.

The truth is that you can’t know, but you can find out. Visit official websites, read reviews, opinions of different customers. Generally, a difficult assembly is something that people talk about, so if you stumble across a product with messy instructions, you’ll find out about this in people’s reviews.

I just hope that I managed to convince you about the importance of easy assembly, so hopefully next time you consider buying a certain storage box, you’ll check out this aspect too.



Quality storage boxes can be found almost anywhere now, you’ve probably seen this yourself.

This means that there’s no point paying an exaggerated price of $400 for what you would call a “high-quality storage box”.

6 "How To" Storage Box Tips - Choose The Best Storage BoxBelieve me, you could get the same “high-quality” product for much less. And what do you think of when you say “high-quality”?

You probably want a durable and solid storage box, am I right? That’s what most people are looking for.

We could also add the waterproof design, that could also make a difference between a high and low-quality item. 

But did you know that you could get all these for a much lower price? I reviewed a lot of storage boxes this month, and most of them have really decent prices. And even so, I couldn’t say that I was totally disappointed by any.

Therefore, my advice for you is not to pay higher than you afford for a deck box, especially if you already thought about a certain budget you are willing to spend. There’s no point to do this, and that high-quality isn’t guaranteed even for expensive stuff.

So try to stick to your budget and choose a deck box that has a decent price. It’s worth it, believe me.



Although that’s a rather decorative tip, you never know when it could come in handy. 🙂

Let’s say you bought a pretty good storage box a few years ago. As it’s a high-quality product, it lasted pretty well throughout the years and it’s still capable of storing your stuff properly and keeping it dry and safe.

6 "How To" Storage Box Tips - Choose The Best Storage BoxHowever, as it’s not a new product anymore, its exterior aspect may not be just as perfect as it was at the beginning. That’s where lining comes in the picture.

Lining a storage box actually means covering it (inside or outside) with specific fabrics, that would change its appearance and make it look more colorful or suitable to a decor.

Many people use lining to transform old deck boxes into fresh, innovative storage spaces.

There aren’t certain rules for lining a storage box, you can do it however you want as long as you get the desired result. Just play around with fabrics and textures until your storage box looks just the way you want it.

Lining is actually a great solution for old, slightly damaged storage boxes, but also for plain ones, that don’t have a very nice aspect. As long as you don’t lack some creativity, you can make anything of a deck box using this method. 😀



Now at the end, let me give you a very short revision of these 6 things that will help you choose the best storage box for your needs.

6 "How To" Storage Box Tips - Choose The Best Storage BoxBefore you buy anything, ask yourself if you really need a deck box made of plastic. Normally, you shouldn’t have any reason to get one, but if you do, read again the first tip. It will make you change your mind, believe me.

Getting a waterproof storage box is really important, so if the one you’re thinking at doesn’t have this feature, I say you should change your mind. You don’t want to have your stuff damp after just a few drops of rain.

In case you’re thinking about storing important stuff inside, lockable lids are a must, so don’t buy a box that doesn’t have this feature.

However, make sure the instructions it has are also straightforward, else you risk to end up with a bunch of extra pieces and an unfinished item.

No matter how high-quality you think it is, let go any storage box that has a very high price. Items of this type that cost over $350 can usually be found much cheaper in other places, so there’s no point spending more in vain.

And lastly, in case you’re not satisfied with your deck box’s appearance, try using colorful fabrics that would make it look nicer. You’ll get a really cool item in the end, together with everyone’s praises. 


I really hope you enjoyed my 5 “How To” Storage Box Tips and I wish you can use them in order to choose the right storage box for your home. 

Meanwhile, I’m very curious to hear, what kind of storage box do you prefer? Is it white, dark, plastic, wooden, waterproof, ready-decorated?

Let me know your opinion in the comments below. Anne 😀

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