5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Wood Framed Mirrors In Your Bathroom


From all furniture pieces that I’ve analysed and reviewed in these months, mirrors are the ones that I talked about least. It’s true that mirrors aren’t classic furniture items, but they can fit in a more general category. So considering that we use them for similar purposes, they are still furniture pieces.

And today I want to talk about wood framed mirrors for bathroom, and to explain you why exactly I’m not a huge fan of these furniture pieces. I can’t say I absolutely hate them, but they’re definitely not some of the items I like.

Maybe you think like me, maybe you pretty much like mirrors with wooden frames or maybe you don’t really care. In any case, I will give you 5 reasons why it’s better to use classic or regular framed mirror instead of wooden ones.

My intention isn’t to convince you to give up wooden mirrors, it is simply to inform you why I don’t like to use too these furniture pieces too much. So I hope you enjoy reading my explanation. 🙂


1. They Aren’t Too Elegant

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Use Wood Framed Mirrors In Your BathroomThe first thing that crosses my mind when I think about wood framed mirrors is that they don’t have that glamorous, beautiful aspect, but they remind me rather of a mountain home.

I don’t know about you, but I always prefer elegant rooms rather than traditional ones, so in a room with an elegant decor wooden mirrors wouldn’t look amazing.

I can’t say that they would ruin the whole decor (this would be an exaggeration :P), but they will surely look like they don’t belong there.

So if you want to add a wood framed mirror in your modern bathroom, I say you should think about it twice.

Even though there are some wooden mirrors that have a pretty elegant aspect, most of them look rather traditional, and I don’t think that’s the furniture piece you want in a modern bathroom.


2. You Will Have To Match Your Mirror With The Vanity

An essential condition when it comes to wooden mirrors is that they should never be the only wooden piece from that bathroom.

In other words, you will have to go for the same fabric (at least a similar one) for the vanity, and by this I mean the same color, finish and even pattern. In case you have a plastic or glass vanity, then your wood framed mirror will definitely look a bit weird there. So in this case you would have to give up one of those 2 pieces: either the vanity or the mirror.

However, if you manage to get a similar material both in the vanity and in the mirror, you have very high chances of having a gorgeous bathroom. So you have some possibilities to be successful with a wood framed mirror.


3. They Will Make Your Bathroom Look Rustic

I don’t know if that’s necessarily a bad thing, but I haven’t seen a lot of Rustic bathrooms lately. I mean, people who go for Rustic style in their homes kind of avoid using it in their bathroom too.

So once you have a wood framed mirror in your bathroom, it pretty much looks Rustic.

Therefore, I would never advise you to add a wooden mirror in an elegant bathroom, unless it has a very modern design. Otherwise, your bathroom will partially lose its elegance and even though it won’t look 100% Rustic, it will have a pretty strong element of this style.

So try to avoid wood framed mirrors in modern bathrooms, as much as you can.


4. You Will Most Likely Get A Poor Wooden Fabric

Just like it happens when you buy regular wooden furniture, you have pretty high chances to get a mirror framed with a low quality wood.

This happens because authentic wood is usually pretty expensive, and you generally have to pay a lot for quality furniture. But at least you can notice if the wood is authentic or not in furniture pieces. However, it’s not the same in mirror frames’ case.

So you can imagine that manufacturers will always try to use the lowest quality wood when making mirror frames, simply because you can’t really check if it’s authentic or not. For this reason, don’t expect to find the highest quality of wood in your mirrors’ frames.



5. They’re Usually Larger Than Regular Mirrors

If you’ve taken a look at wood framed mirrors, you may have noticed that most of them are really large. I mean, larger than many regular mirrors that you might have in your bathroom.

That’s one of the biggest problems of wood framed mirrors: they usually come in large dimensions, so in case your bathroom is rather small, they would surely not look amazing there. 

A good solution for this problem would be to buy a simple mirror of the dimensions you need, and then manually add the wooden frames yourself.

Or you could also order a special wood framed mirror of certain dimensions, but that would cost a bit more than normal.


My Final Verdict

I’m not a huge fan of wood framed mirrors, not I would ever be one. But this doesn’t mean that you have to hate them too.

I tried to show you 5 of the reasons why I don’t like them too much, but if you have any other reasons (or if you don’t agree with one of the ones I presented here), let me know your opinion in one of the comment from below and I will be very glad to find out what you think about it.

So what do you think about wood framed mirrors for bathroom?

Would you use a wooden mirror in yours? Or you would prefer a classic one, made of glass or other fabrics?

Let me know your answer in a comment. Anne 😀

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